According to a new report by Mike Johnson of PWInsider, it has been confirmed that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle are indeed romantically involved and have been for some time now. Kurt Angle was said to be aware about the relationship dating back to last fall when he was feuding with Jarrett.

Another new development is that while it was reported yesterday by various wrestling media sources that TNA President Dixie Carter ordered Jarrett to take a leave of absence from the company, it is now being reported that it was Jarrett’s decision instead to take time off and was not something forced on him by Carter.

A decision was reportedly made by Jarrett to remove himself from TNA for the time being when custody issues arose between Kurt and Karen Angle regarding their children in hopes to remove himself from the ongoing situation. Until this point both Jarrett and Angle were described as being able to co-exist backstage. TNA sources have also shot down the idea that Angle would ever take over Jarrett’s role in the company as head of creative despite what Angle may have said to other talent as there is said to be no major push for a new creative direction or the team at this time in TNA. There are still many in the company who would love to find out who called the “Bubba the Love Sponge” radio show last week and made the situation public, while others believe the entire situation was staged from the beginning to out the issues within the company. We reported earlier this morning that a clip of the segment on Bubba’s show is now online and can be heard at this link.

Update (July 22, 2009:
Since the release of this report, PWInsider has since retracted previous statements and as originally reported it was TNA President Dixie Carter’s decision to remove Jarrett from TNA for the time being.

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