Impact Wrestling meetings in UK, Former star in talks about a return

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling meetings in UK

Jeff Jarrett and Anthem’s Ed Nordholm met with ITV yesterday in the UK according to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. Jarrett and Nordholm, who are now effectively in charge of Impact Wrestling, were exploring the possibility of a deal where Anthem could buy into the promotion and have specific roles. While not confirmed, the goal appears to be to present the ITV World of Sport show outside of the UK.

Jarrett and Nordholm also took part in a Facebook Live on the Impact Wrestling UK page answering a number of questions. It was noted that plans were in the works for a streaming service in the US, that Impact Wrestling live events should be announced in the next 30 days and that a location for Bound for Glory has not been determined yet.

Former star in talks about a return

Nick “Magnus” Aldis reportedly received a contract offer from Impact Wrestling to return to the company according to a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online. Magnus parted ways with TNA as a full-time member of the roster in 2015 and affiliated himself with Jeff Jarrett’s upstart Global Force Wrestling promotion not long afterwards.