Jeff Jarrett is featuring a lengthy interview with Jeff Jarrett and Anthem’s Ed Nordholm discussing Anthem’s acquisition of Impact Wrestling at the beginning of 2017. The article looked at former TNA President Dixie Carter experiencing a myriad of financial issues in 2016 including legal issues with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Jarrett, who returned to the promotion this year and is now in a behind-the-scenes role working with Nordholm, is now pushing a “let’s make Impact great again” message and was quick to address the serious financial issues the company went through last year.

“It was a black-eye on the industry. It wasn’t fruitful for anyone—whether you’re a fan of, a wrestler, an employee. It was a really ugly, unfortunate situation. It wasn’t good for the industry.”

The article noted that the upcoming Pop TV tapings in early March will be the first official tapings under this newly relaunched Jarrett regime, with Jarrett quickly stating that viewers shouldn’t expect a drastic reboot right away.

“Do you know what the definition of insanity is? But we are going to, to use a baseball analogy, hit some singles, doubles and swing for the fences. The effort is going to be there. Just recently we struck up a relationship with [Japan’s] Pro Wrestling Noah. It’s obvious with [independent tag team] The Young Bucks and [Impact’s] The Hardys, there’s some unique stuff being developed—that’s another extension of promotions working together. Part of the vision is to work within the wrestling community. That’s what fans want—dream match-ups. Let’s make Impact great again.”