To follow up on our earlier report regarding Jeff Jarrett being pulled from TNA television, some new details have been released regarding Jarrett’s status with the company and Kurt Angle.

The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online is reporting that ever since the situation went down on “Bubba The Love Sponge” where a mystery person called the show claiming to be a former TNA employee stating that Jarrett and Karen Angle were an item and now living together, TNA President Dixie Carter ordered Jarrett to go home in something that has been described publicly as him agreeing to take a leave of absence. Believe it or not, Angle was overhead telling people on Saturday night at TNA’s event in Winston-Salem, NC that he was going to end up with booking control of the company that Jarrett held and that he wouldn’t sign a new contract with TNA if Jarrett remains in power.

Where things go within the company from here is said to be anyone’s guess at this point. As noted earlier, Jarrett was booked in segments on last night’s PPV and they were either changed or completely removed. It should be noted that the booking direction for last night was planned before any of this went down as TV tapings for next month were already written before the Bubba The Love Sponge incident. Anything involving Jarrett however obviously had to be changed or removed. Most of the wrestlers in TNA are said to be sympathetic to Kurt Angle in this situation with the exception of those who have always been classified as “Jarrett allies” in the company. There are also said to be many within TNA listening to the tape from Bubba’s show trying to figure out who the person was as they disguised his voice.

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