According to various wrestling media sources, Jeff Jarrett was not at last night’s TNA Victory Road PPV in Orlando and is not scheduled for the Impact TV tapings this week as well. According to TNA employees, Jarrett will be taking time off from the company in what was described as “personal reasons.” The word in the TNA locker room is that Jarrett has been removed from television indefinitely.

PWInsider is reporting that the TNA office was informed on either Thursday or Friday of last week that Jarrett would be taking time off from the company and that Jarrett would not be at the PPV and TV tapings this week in Orlando. Jarrett was scheduled at one point to take part in pre-taped backstage promos to air on last night’s Victory Road PPV. Dutch Mantel, Jim Cornette, Terry Taylor and Vince Russo ran the backstage duties at the PPV in Jarrett’s absence. is also reporting that TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was overheard grumbling backstage to friends this weekend about Jarrett and openly stated that Jarrett had been pulled from television. Angle reportedly made it clear to people that he was not happy with Jarrett. The timing also seems to be quite interesting as an incident went down over at the “Bubba The Love Sponge” radio show recently where a caller claiming to be a former TNA employee claimed that Kurt Angle’s ex-wife Karen was now involved with Jarrett and that the two were allegedly living together. TNA sources declined to comment on the rumor when contacted, but confirmed it has made the rounds among staff in the last few months. Jarrett missing last night’s PPV was a hot topic backstage last night as it was believed to be the first TNA PPV in years that he didn’t run or at least attend.

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