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PPV: TNA Victory Road (July 19)
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo
Predictions by: staff and readers

Hello class! I hope you have enjoyed this long extensive break at predicting pay-per-view or spending almost forty bucks a PPV. I know I did. Well, it is time to exercise our minds yet again as this is the first predictions piece since ?The Bash?. Today, the faculty decided to pay for a tour bus (one of the private bathrooms I think) and travel the Victory Road route?TNA’s Victory Road at that! So far, unless TNA adds another match (which might be likely), we have nine exciting (maybe eight) contests for your entertainment and your 30 US dollars!

As always, the greatest columnists (or professors in this case) professional wrestling has to offer will provide the latest predictions for your entertainment and we ask all of you to provide yours simply by e-mailing Mr. V at

Well, things are getting hotter in the dean’s chair this week. For almost every PPV, The Casa’s own Joe Baiamonte has claimed the Dean’s Chair. However for the past six PPVs, a new challenger is set to dethrone this dynasty. Mr. TNA himself, Josh Boutwell, is within striking distance of claiming sole position of the chair. But both will have to be careful for another week, as the likes of David Stephens and the WrestleView Students are reading to pounce the moment one of them has a bad record.

Before we present the WrestleView Students our selections for Victory Road, I think it is fair to show everyone where the record stands as of The Bash.

Faculty Standings as of June 28, 2009 (The Bash picks in Parentheses)

1) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)…..50-32 (3-4) (Present)
2) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza! and TNA Recapper)…..50-32 (5-2) (Present)
3) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap! and ECW Recapper)…..47-35 (3-4)
4) WrestleView Students (Our loyal readers)…..45-37 (3-4) (Present)
5) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V.)…..44-38 (4-3) (Present)
6) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)…..43-39 (1-6) (Present)
7) Matt O?Brien (Notes from the Nosebleeds)…..39-28 (3-4) (Present)
8) Phil Chroniger (On Second Thought?)…..39-31 (4-3) (Present)
9) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)…..34-28 (3-4) (Present)
10) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)…..23-24 (2-5) (Present)
11) Chris Kelly (Emergency Columnist)…..21-11 (5-2) (Present)
12) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)…..17-18 (4-3) (Present)
13) Mike Tedesco (WWE S.S. and Smackdown Recapper)…..8-7 (3-4)
14) Ryan Droste (Ask WV)…..4-4 (0-0)
15) Mike Klubnik (Stylin? and Profilin?)…..3-5 (0-0) (Present)

So, the challenge is on?.who will be the winner of tonight’s PPV? Who will become out latest Dean of WrestleView? Perhaps all will be answered after tonight’s results from the PPV. Well, let’s go on because I am sure you are all tired of see me type down all these words.

So, Let’s Begin!

*** Non-Title Matches ***

Sharmell (w/Sojo Bolt) vs. Jenna Morasca (w/Awesome Kong)

Joe B. – Who the . is Jenna Morasca? Erm… I’ll pick SHARMELL because I know who she is.

Josh B. – SHARMELL. Jenna gets kicked to the curb and Kong kills everybody. This will suck.

David S. – JENNA MORASCA – why does this match get to be on PPV when Bonaduce’s wasn’t? I was at least slightly interested in that one.

Anthony V. – This match is going to be fantastic, high-energy, and full of?.ok I am not going to lie on this one. This match is going to be terrible. One of Booker T vs. Shane Sewell proportions. I have no interest in this, none at all. This is the first time I will say NO CONTEST, as honestly I see Kong de Awesome just destroying all of them anyway.

Jose M. – Does anyone even care about this? Since I have to pick a winner I might as well pick JENNA simply because she has Kong in her corner.

Matt O. – JENNA.


Josh P. – I honestly don’t really care about this match. This sounds like it can be a pre-show match more than anything. I’m going to throw a dart here and just say Jenna Morasca. JENNA MORASCA.

Doug L. – SHARMELL via Nash’s open casting call. With Nash definitely playing a part in this match in some form and holding auditions for a new valet, logic wins out.

Chris K. – Just a time filler IMO, I think SHARMELL will go over just because she is the bigger name and also co runs a wrestling school with booker.


Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.


Consensus – Well, Mr. V still stands by making this a no contest, since I only predict matches that are at least ?watchable?. However, my other members have made their selections and though unaminous that no one really cares about this match, Jenna will not be the Survivor in this Amazon that is TNA. SHARMELLE is the predicted winner, but it was very, very close by the faculty.

RESULTS: SHARMELL 6, Jenna Morasca 5, No Contest 1.

Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie

Joe B. – ABYSS.

Josh B. – STEVIE. I don’t see this ending so early.

David S. – Stevie should do a nice “job” of continuing ABYSS’s momentum

Anthony V. – I was always a Stevie Richards fan, don?t get me wrong. I just think we need closure in one of the worst storylines in professional wrestling today. Abyss needs the fire back because quite frankly, he needs it. In the end, I see Lauren being the X factor in this match. For good or bad, I see Lauren messing this one up for Abyss and DR. STEVIE just escaping this contest.

Jose M. – Another feud I have lost interest in. I am going to give it to Dr. STEVIE simply because I think if it ends here TNA has no idea what to do with Abyss right after.

Matt O. – ABYSS.

Phil C. – ABYSS

Josh P. – For some reason, I can’t see Abyss losing to Dr. Stevie. Unless they want to continue the storyline, I’d say that Abyss will go over here. ABYSS.

Doug L. – DR. STEVIE via who the hell cares. Watching ‘As the Abyss Turns’ I believe has now been characterized by Homeland Security as akin to waterboarding… just end this now.

Chris K. – This storyline has become very stale and it needs to end. ABYSS to go over so he can go into a different storyline.

Sean H. – DR. STEVIE

Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.

Mike K. – ABYSS (pinfall).

Consensus – Well, well looks like the faculty had a tough time predicting this match as well. And who can blame us? This storylines has taken more turns than a model on the catwalk (on that catwalk yeah I do my little turn on the catwalk!!) Well, to make a long story short Abyss is tired of Dr. Stevie’s sessions and his prescriptions. Last Thursday, Abyss says he is done with the doctor appointments and done with therapy (as he jabbed tacks on his arms, causing Lauren to fake cry once again). The Faculty made their picks and most agree that this will probably by the last doctor’s visit by ABYSS.

RESULTS: ABYSS 7, Dr. Stevie 5

Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

Joe B. – No idea here. I’m going for DANIELS.

Josh B. – DANIELS. Interesting match that could be boring or really good.

David S. – This one is tougher than first glance would suggest. There are pros and cons to each, but I’m going to give it to DANIELS and send him on the path to the X-Division Title, hopefully

Anthony V. – I think Matt Morgan really needs this win. Matt wants to be in the mafia?but the question is will the MEM help him in this match? I don?t see it happening. Though Morgan dominates this match, DANIELS finishes it with the B.M.E. and continues to be unbeaten in TNA PPVs.

Jose M. – This whole deal with Matt Morgan and the MEM is going to last for a little while and I wouldnt be surprised if the whole thing ends with a babyface Matt Morgan. In order for that to happen though Morgan has to be successful in doing what was asked of him at least for the time being. So I am going to give this one to MATT MORGAN.

Matt O. – DANIELS.

Phil C. – DANIELS.

Josh P. – This seems like a throw-away match here for me. While I would love Daniels to win, I just have feeling that Matt Morgan will get the victory here in this one. MATT MORGAN.

Doug L. – MORGAN via reasoning for Daniels to go on the IR. Another logical pick so that Daniels can go under the knife and Morgan can be pushed as the mercenary of MEM.

Chris K. – I haven?t really followed this storyline but I think MATT MORGAN will go over as he pushes to join the MEM.

Sean H. – MORGAN.

Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.


Consensus – Another one that is too close. This time it was so close that we could not agree on a predicted winner. Expect this match either way tonight. That is all we can say here.

RESULTS: Daniels and Matt Morgan share the vote at 6.

Samoa Joe vs. Sting

Joe B. – SAMOA JOE. He needs the victory like Sting needs a new pair of knees

Josh B. – JOE. Joe murders Sting when Taz shows up.

David S. – There has been so much build up with JOE and Taz that if it doesn’t come to fruition tonight than I’m going to be left in complete bemusement, or just accept the fact that I’m watching TNA, one or the other

Anthony V. – The worst kept secret will finally be told, Taz is Joe’s guidance. Taz makes Joe tick and it is not good for Sting. However, I think STING will end up the winner, but by way of DQ. Still, sad to say, Joe will kill Sting tonight.

Jose M. – Time for Sting to do the honors here and return the favor from Bound for Glory give this one to JOE.

Matt O. – SAMOA JOE.

Phil C. – STING by DQ or something, Joe lays in the beatdown.

Josh P. – This one seems to be a given with Samoa Joe taking the win. While Joe and Sting, wrestling-wise, should be left alone, Taz will debut here as it has been eluded to for so long. If not, you know Kurt Angle will end up getting involved somehow. SAMOA JOE.

Doug L. – STING via Joe/Taz mind.. For some odd reason, I don’t see Taz coming out in this PPV. I only see a video playing but instead of Joe being the beneficiary of the jump-cut, I see Sting. But of course, I went 2-5 last PPV so what the hell do I know.

Chris K. – Following the events that went down on Impact, I think JOE will go over. Sting will have Joe in the deathlock. Then the music will hit as Taz walks down the ramp distraction Sting allowing Joe to get the win

Sean H. – SAMOA JOE.

Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.

Mike K. – JOE (submission).

Consensus – What I am hearing coming from some diehard fans?Is that ?Joe is gonna kill you??? I am not sure, but if it is, then it is bad news for The Icon tonight. Also, in another prediction, I am sure all of us think that TAZ is Sting’s advisor. However, we only predicted the match in hand. The ones that predicted Sting thinks there will be head games or he will be winning by disqualification. The ones that picked SAMOA JOE are pretty confident that Sting is either going to pass out or tap out. Either way, the faculty this night picks Joe to come out on top.


*** Championship Title Matches ***

New Japan Tag Team Championship
Team 3D (champions) vs. The British Invasion

Joe B. – Erm… I’ll be patriotic and go with THE BRITISH INVASION.

Josh B. – TEAM 3D. I don’t think New Japan would be too happy about 3D droppin their World Tag Titles on a TNA show.

David S. – Since no one is sure whether New Japan would recognize The British Invasion if they won, and keeping in mind that they’ve never wrestled for the promotion as a team, I’m going with TEAM 3D

Anthony V. – Let’s see, this is for a Japanese championship. I remember Jose saying that 3D has never lost a match in Japan (I may be wrong), so this is going to be an easy one. TEAM 3D wins this one, but it should be interesting.

Jose M. – I dont think New Japan would want the British Invasion winning its titles on a TNA show. However it wouldnt be the first time Vince Russo switched a New Japan title without getting permission even still I am going to give this one to TEAM 3D.



Josh P. – This one seems a little unorthodox to have the NJPW Tag Titles defended on TNA. I don’t know what the boys across the pond have in mind, but I would think that Team 3D would end up retaining in this one. TEAM 3D.

Doug L. – TEAM 3D via logic prevailing. A US team competing against a British team for a Japanese belt… yuh huh…

Chris K. – England Vs US for a Japanese title? ummm as much as i want my boys to win, I?m going for TEAM 3D.

Sean H. – TEAM 3D

Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.

Mike K. – TEAM 3D (pinfall)

Consensus – As Professors Lackey and Kelly mentioned this battle is between ?a US team vs. a British team for a Japanese belt?. Most of us don?t know if New Japan even sanctioned this match. If they did however, the faculty for the most part does not believe there will be a tag title change here. So the faculty predicts a successful title victory for TEAM 3D. Still, we question why the this match is taking place.

RESULTS: TEAM 3D 9, British Invasion 3

TNA Knockout’s Division Championship
Victor..I mean Tara (champion) vs. Angelina Love

Joe B. – TARA? I’ll go with her. She sounds mysterious.

Josh B. – TARA. Waaaaaay too soon to take the strap off of the former Victoria. Should be very good.

David S. – TARA shall be the victor who receives the spoils

Anthony V. – I really hope that Angelina does not re-capture the title. For that alone, I am predicting that TARA (still Victoria in my heart) will win this match and successfully defend her title.

Jose M. – If you were going to switch this title for free on TV why even have this match on the PPV? Give it to TARA.

Matt O. – TARA.

Phil C. – TARA.

Josh P. – Well, last time, I said Love would retain since TNA may not place the title on a former WWE talent, but here we are. I believe Angelina Love will not get her title back here. TARA.

Doug L. – LOVE via ‘Spider Killer’. I feel like an ending that’s reminiscent of Martel’s ‘arrogance’. What’s more, they need to continue this… it’s just sad and amazing to think that the only reason I’ve been watching ‘wrestling’ on TNA is because of the Knockouts.

Chris K. – As we just saw a title change, I don?t think TARA will drop the belt this soon as it allows them to carry on with the feud until the next ppv.

Sean H. – LOVE.

Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.

Mike K. – TARA (pinfall)

Consensus – Once again, another successful title defense according to the faculty’s predictions. Other than Professors Lackey and Hurley predicting the challenger, the majority predicts that TARA (or as some readers call The Artist Formerly Known as Victoria) uses the power of ?Poison? to chase away The Beautiful People and will be able to hit the Widow’s Peak (best women’s finisher in my opinion) to come out on top for the first time in a TNA PPV.

RESULTS: TARA (OR VICTORIA) 10, Angelina Love 2

TNA Legend’s Championship
AJ Styles (champion) vs. Kevin Nash

Joe B. – I’ve got a feeling Nash will take this. But it’s a risk putting a Title on somebody so injury prone. But yeah… Big Sexay (KEVIN NASH) takes it. Then gets injured again.

Josh B. – AJ STYLES. Yet another interesting matchup but i see the Phenomenal One continuing his Legend reign.

David S. – Well I’m shocked someone else other than Booker or Styles cares about this belt, but nonetheless STYLES shall prevail.

Anthony V. – AJ needs to drop this title, but I wish it does not go to Nash. Sure, Nash is a legend and all. But is he durable enough to defend that title every month? I say no. I have to go with the heart and say AJ STYLES defends this title, only to drop it to Scott Steiner and finally go after the title that matters in this company.

Jose M. – KEVIN NASH should get the win here. AJ Styles is going to at some point get another shot at Kurt Angle maybe even at Bound for Glory and well if you are going to make him the lead guy he needs to let go of that Legends title so that he can make his pursuit of the world title.

Matt O. – NASH.

Phil C. – AJ STYLES.

Josh P. – Ugh.. do I even need to justify my pick for this one? AJ STYLES.

Doug L. – NASH via AJ doing all the work… Although Nash is about as mobile as a silo, he’ll still come out on top. That and I’m anticipating a push for AJ to the World strap, why else would he have such an over-the-top intro?

Chris K. – The Legends belt is a joke and needs someone that is a true Legend. I think NASH wins and this allows AJ to go up to the main event.

Sean H. – STYLES.

Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.

Mike K. – NASH (pinfall).

Consensus – A very interesting predicament we have here once again, huh class? No one truly knows who will come out on top. Will AJ continue has dominance in the Legend’s Division? Or will AJ drop the belt to a 50-something year old wrestler and go on to fighting for the TNA World Title? That remains to be seen, as the Faculty for the second time is split and can not predict a winner in this championship bout.

RESULTS: AJ Styles and Kevin Nash both spilt the vote with 6 each.

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Beer Money, Inc. vs. Booker T and Scott Steiner (Team MEM)

Joe B. – I’ll go with STEINER AND BOOKER to take the Tag Titles.

Josh B. – BEER MONEY. Another interesting matchup that could be very good or very bad. Steiner & Booker have worked well together thus far.

David S. – When I think of Booker T and Steiner as a tag team, my immediate thought goes to the episode of Charmed that they appeared on. So I’m going to say BEER MONEY goes the route of the Halliwell sisters and vanquishes these demons. Wow, did I really just go there? Yes, yes I did. (Mr. V Note: I hate to interrupt, but I too remember that Charmed episode. It’s one of my wife’s favorite shows, just to let you know that I too have seen that one.)

Anthony V. – Again, I am going with the heart and saying that BEER MONEY defends the title. I would not mind MEM winning it and all, but that would destroy my whole Scotty-wins-Legend’s Belt prediction saved for next month. Plus, I know many others will say it but Beer Money is the best tag team in American wrestling today! You can?t have them win it and drop it one month later. That would be stupid?of course it IS TNA booking this match.

Jose M. – BEER MONEY INC. They didnt win the titles to lose them this quickly.


Phil C. – The I.N.C….BEER! MONEY!

Josh P. – Half and Half sound like a great idea, but, again, Beer Money is TNA’s meal ticket in the tag team division and unless another team comes along that is properly built up as a legitimate threat, those belts aren’t going anywhere. BEER MONEY.

Doug L. – MEM (BOOKER T AND STEINER) via the inevitable… why not predict that MEM will grab all the gold?

Chris K. – I’m going to flip a coin. BOOKER T AND SCOTT STEINER.


Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.


Consensus – Another close prediction here. TNA might be doing something right, as we don?t know exactly who will win each contest. Some of us wonder if TNA’s Creative Team will pull the trigger on the MEM dominating the championships. On the other hand, the slight majority of the faculty say ‘strike while the iron is hot?! BEER MONEY is arguably the best tag team in the professional wrestling and they deserve to hold the titles for longer than a few weeks. So with that, the faculty decided to go with Storm and Roode to successfully defend the tag titles, but it will be close.

RESULTS: BEER MONEY INC. 7, Booker and Scott 5

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle (champion) vs. Mick Foley

Joe B. – ANGLE.

Josh B. – ANGLE. Come on, seriously? Angle retains.

David S. – This is going to be an awful match. ANGLE retains.

Anthony V. – In my mid-year column (coming soon), I will state one thing (unless this PPV changes it) SPOILER ALERT: I will say this with 100% confidence?Kurt Angle will keep the title for the rest of the year. The only threats to Kurt’s title would either be AJ or Lashley. I don?t see the title (or any TNA title) change hands this PPV. I am going to the Hometown Hero KURT ANGLE to defend the TNA Title.

Jose M. – How come no one brings up that this is a first time ever meeting? You want to know what is wrong with TNA? It is things like that. If this was a WWE PPV we would have heard that about a million times already. KURT gets the win here simply because I dont want to see another Foley title reign.

Matt O. – ANGLE.


Josh P. – See above comment about Nash/Styles. Foley should disappear from the title picture. Go away! Shoo! KURT ANGLE.

Doug L. – ANGLE via Foley/Lashley mind…. regardless if Lashley shows up or not, I figure another promo video airing, Foley trying to take advantage but Angle regrouping and keeping the strap. MEM gets all the gold, Angle gets called the boss, and then we’ll all be treated to more misery…

Chris K. – I think Bobby Lashley will appear at the top of the ramp, Angle will be looking at the ramp cheering on Lashley and MICK FOLEY will get a roll up.

Sean H. – ANGLE.

Mike T. – ABSENT.

Ryan D. – ABSENT.

Mike K. – ANGLE (pinfall after some ridiculous interference).

Consensus – I almost had to play Vince McMahon’s theme music, but Professor Kelly senses a swerve in regards to the TNA World Title. However, a large majority predict that the boss of the MEM will find a way (or get a ?little? help) to take out The Hardcore Legend. The faculty also in unison go with KURT ANGLE to defend his newly won TNA World Championship in what some call a ?lackluster? main event.

RESULTS: KURT ANGLE 11, Mick Foley 1

Well Class, the faculty has spoken! Be Gone and consider these predictions as you watch TNA’s latest Pay Per View offering (or just read Adam Martin’s Victory Road recaps as Mr. V and other faculty members do). Also if you would like to chime in on your predictions and be a part of the ?WrestleView Students?, you can do so by e-mailing me personally at

On behalf of the WrestleView Faculty, this is WrestleView’s resident teacher Anthony J. Valvo saying good bye and enjoy the rest of the weekend (for crying out loud go outside and get off the computer if it is nice outside). You are all…DISMISSED!

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As always the Faculty thanks you for reading our selections.

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