Mick Foley has a new blog up on his official MySpace page discussing his upcoming TNA World Heavyweight Championship match with Kurt Angle at the Victory Road PPV this Sunday. Here is what Foley had to say.

“Yes, it doesn’t get any bigger for me than this match with Kurt Angle on Sunday. I guess I’ve known since signing with TNA that this match would one day come – but nonetheless, I’m not sure I’m comletely ready for it. I’ve had some big matches over the last few years, but there was always some kind of security blanket for me – thumb tacks, barbed wire, camera man I could drop kick, etc. This time it’s just me and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time; no gimmicks, no tricks. Kurt still wrestles each match as if Olympic gold is on the line, which leads to some really high standards. Hopefully, I can live up to those standards.

Expect to see a few things you haven’t seen from me in a while – like in more than ten years. Every once in a while, I need to go back into the Foley vault, especially from my independent days in ’94 and ’95, and remind myself that I can do more than throw the forearms in the corner and pull the sock out of my shorts. Not that I won’t do them both on Sunday, but I plan on making my offensive game a little more balanced.”

To check out the full blog, click here.

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