TNA House Show Results – 7/10/09
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Devin Cutting sent this in report in:

Total Nonstop Action
Friday, July 10th, 2009
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Eric Young beat Suicide by pinfall. After the match, Young pinned Earl Hebner.

Angelina Love beat Taylor Wilde by pinfall.

Homicide beat Consequences Creed by pinfall.

AJ Styles & Daniels beat Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe. The match ended with Styles pinning Angle.

Jay Lethal beat Sheik Abdul Bashir by pinfall.

Beer Money beat Team 3D to retain the Tag Team Championship. The match ended with Bashir interfering & James Storm pinning Brother Ray. After the match, Bashir tried to celebrate with Beer Money, but Beer Money threw him back into the ring & Team 3D put him through a table.

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Mark Holdsworth sent this report in:

TNA Results, Hamilton, Ontario Canada – Copps Coliseum
July 10, 2009 – 7:30 pm Bell Time (first TNA House Show in Hamilton)
Confirmed attendance by Copps Box Office – 1,211 ppl

Eric Young def. Suicide
-Young played Canadian baby face

Angelina Love def. Taylor Wilde

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TNA X-Division Championship Match
Homicide (c) def. Consequences Creed
-Creed played American heel

AJ Styles and Daniels def. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle
-AJ with the pin on Angle via the Styles Clash


“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal def. Sheik Abdul Bashier

Beer Money Inc. def. Team 3D
-after match Bashier came down to congratulate Beer Money, but they threw him in the ring instead and 3D put him through the table. Brother Ray appear to hurt himself during this spot.
-in a nice gesture Team 3D brought a child in the ring after the match and gave him a piece of the table and autographed it for him.

Biggest Pops

-AJ Styles
-Kurt Angle (surprisingly being he is an American, but the Canadian fans really respect him)
-Samoa Joe
-Team 3D
-Jay Lethal

No real heat tonight, except on Earl Hepner, with the usual “you screwed Bret chants”. I believe he has learned to embrace this and enjoy the heckles and give it right back to the fans.

Match of the Night:

AJ/Daniels vs. Angle/Joe
-Originally they were to be separate matches (AJ vs. Angle and Joe vs. Daniels), but it appears they put it on as a tag match to rest up Joe’s injuries, yet still have him there for the fans to see. Quick match all things considering (about 15 mins), but these 4 can really go. Their passion and talent shines through more then anyone on the roster. These 4 are the reason I watch TNA, to me they are my “TNA 4 Horsemen”.

-only complaint about the show was that TNA continues to use arena’s that are way too big. They need to do their research and find smaller venues that are under at least 5,000 capacity. The Copps Coliseum where the show was held tonight holds over 19,000 ppl, so when their is only 1,211 ppl in attendance the atmosphere is not the greatest. Chant’s sound very quite, and you feel like there is no one there, even though they had a decent house show crowd. There are many minor league hockey venues in the area (OHL) that would have been a more suitable venue and I would imagine A LOT more cheaper then Copps Coliseum.

-on a interesting note, WWE will be at the same venue later this year for Smackdown, where WWE normally gets around 11,000 ppl for a television event.

GO TNA GO… keep growing.

Reported by: Mark Holdsworth “your loyal TNA Fanatic”

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