Mick Foley has a new blog up on his official MySpace page at thislink where he gives thoughts on TNA Knockout Daffney and her improvement in the company.

In regards to Daffney, Foley added, “Daffney’s got it going on. That’s what I think whenever I see her on TV, doing promos, in the ring, etc. Which is my way of saying that she’s really hit her stride; everything seems to be coming together simultaneously. I’ve always thought that anything that’s different is good, and man is this chick different. I try to give feedback when I see something I like, and it seems that I’m always saying something to her about what I see. “I love the outfit, Daffney, it’s creepy, it’s you.” Or, “great promo, I like how calm you are.” She slithers like a snake, she’s got a cool walk, all her stuff in the ring looks good, and like all good characters, she makes you wonder where the character ends/where the person begins. I’ve been around her for a while now, and I don’t really have a clue. Plus, she’s read one of my novels like 4 times, and that’s a little scary.”