Jeff Jarrett on Slammiversary, 7 years has an interview up with TNA’s Jeff Jarrett. Here are some of the highlights.

On the growth of TNA over the last 7 years:
“In an interview I did years and years back, and found by our production team, I said, “It started as a dream, the dream became a reality and the reality is becoming a phenomenon.” For me to say that I knew it would grow to where it is now?I always had very high aspirations and expectations that one day we would get there, but for me to say that I knew we’d be here after seven years, I’m not too sure I could say that. Just from all aspects of our business. How we’ve not just become a domestic or even a North American company, but we’re truly an international presence. With all of our great licensees and the fan base that we’ve built, it’s nothing short of a phenomenon.”

On what the “Cross The Line” campaign by TNA means:
“‘Cross the Line’ has several meanings. I guess the first one that comes to my head is a fan crossing the line to take a view at our product. We’re a different wrestling organization from top to bottom and all throughout. We like to be innovative. We don’t like to sit back and do things that they’ve been doing, whether it’s last year, five years ago, ten or twenty years ago. Our business is built on the fundamentals of professional wrestling, but we’ve always tried to be innovative and we want the viewer to know that. That we’re gonna do things differently. That we’re gonna surprise you at times. We’re gonna do things more creatively. But cross the line, first and foremost, means you the viewer giving us an opportunity. And once you sit down and watch a little bit of TNA, you won’t be able to get enough of TNA.”

On what the theme of Slammiversary really is:
“Without a doubt, it’s a time for celebration. This is our seventh year. Lucky seven. We had our critics, and we still have our critics, and we’ll always have our critics ? but a lot of guys said we wouldn’t make it through our first year and here we are celebrating our seven year anniversary. That says a lot right there. It’s about celebration. It’s about the King of the Mountain ? our annual marquee match. And this year’s a little unique in that not only are we having one King of the Mountain match, but we’re also having a King of the Mountain match for the X Division Title. And we’ve also got stars now, with us being in business for seven years, we have the opportunity to go back and revisit some of the stars who helped us get to where we are today. Raven. Shane Douglas. So, yes it’s a time of reflection, but we’re also not going to stray far from our theme of Total Nonstop Action.”

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