Tim Baines of The Ottawa Sun has an interview up with TNA’s Kurt Angle over on Slam Wrestling. Here are some of the highlights.

On the “King of the Mountain” match tomorrow at Slammiversary:
“I’m excited about the (King of the Mountain) match. There’s been a lot of preparation, a lot of ideas thrown around. But it’s been kept quiet. The bookers, the writers are not telling anyone who the winner is going to be. As wrestlers we usually know well ahead of time, a month ahead of time.”

On the concept of the “King of the Mountain” match:
“We’ve got to be careful not to hurt five of the company’s top athletes. But as men and wrestlers, we will end up doing some crazy stuff. This match is so innovative. You have to be a rocket scientist or adamant TNA fan to understand it.”

What he sees the outcome being:
“I’ve always been for the underdog. I like to see talent become superstars. Would I bet on Kurt Angle? Well, I haven’t won (the title) in awhile. Do I need it? Not necessarily. When I win, it’s not necessarily to get myself over. It’s usually to hand it over to the next guy. I believe the business will get stronger the more superstars we create. I’ve won a gold medal, I don’t need to win a 13th (title) for my ego. I’m a team player. I’ve always been unselfish. I’m not afraid to lose.”

On creating new stars in pro wrestling today:
“The business goes up and down. Who would have ever thought John Cena would be in his position? He’s got a great look and he talks pretty well, but he’s an average wrestler. A lot of the top wrestlers now are great wrestlers. You look at Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, A.J. Styles, Booker T, Samoa Joe … It’s not about the gimmick now, it’s about being able to produce as a wrestler.”

On still speaking with UFC President Dana White:
“Then in 2006, I had a choice to make,” he says. “I met with TNA and I met with (UFC boss) Dana White. I had thought about doing both and Dana said I couldn’t. Dana and I talked again this year. He’s been really good to me. He told me that whenever I decide to retire from wrestling, to give him a call. He does not want you to be at any risk unless it’s in the Octagon. I’m not ready to retire yet.”

To check out the full interview, click here.