Although this topic seems to come up every single year as we approach October and TNA’s annual Bound For Glory PPV, there is said to be lots of talk regarding Sting and his possible retirement from wrestling this year reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Sting, who turned 50 this year, seems to indicate every year around this time that it will be his last year and every year TNA President Dixie Carter gives him a good deal and talks him into signing another year. The belief is that it will most likely happen this year once again considering the schedule for TNA.

This includes taping TV three or four days in a row once a month along with a monthly PPV date either in Orlando or in another city. Plus, Sting doesn’t do house shows or foreign tours. So at a guaranteed $500,000 a year, the general feeling is that he will always be on top, can take time off through angles and can easily handle the schedule considering the amount he would be getting. If he doesn’t go forward with staying then Bound For Glory has been targeted as when they would do a retirement angle.