has an article up with TNA Knockout Christy Hemme. Here are some highlights.

On her injuries that have kept her away from TNA:
“Neck is feeling great. I haven?t wrestled since November and I just got back in the ring a few weeks ago and I don?t feel it at all. No numbness in the arms, nothing. It was just an accumulation over time. I was just running myself too hard. I honestly felt it and I was getting numbness in my arms four months before I actually got my MRI. They told me, no, you cannot wrestle right now, so I already knew what was going on.”

If she plans to return to the ring for TNA:
“Well I go get my second MRI this week and I go into TNA at the end of this month to start talking about things.”

On the differences between WWE and TNA:
“The biggest difference is the people you?re working around and the synergy between them. In WWE everyone is pretty much an independent contractor. Everybody is really working for that spot and the company really pushes people to be afraid of losing their spot and to push for that spot which means you have to stab people in the back along the way. In TNA there’s really no difference between office and crew and wrestlers. Everybody is synergistically working together for a common goal and that’s to make the company bigger and better. There’s not a huge turnover in TNA. A lot of people have been there since the beginning. It’s just a good company to work for.”

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