Mick Foley has a new blog up on his official MySpace page. Here are a few highlights of what Foley had to say.

“I was very happy with the match at “Sacrifice”, even if my back has been feeling the effects of that Angle Slam on the concrete for the past five days. Quite possibly, this is Mother Nature’s way of telling me that 44 years + 300 pounds + concrete is not a winning equation. Looking at the match on television, I saw a number of places where I could improve, most notably in my conditioning. Probably need to drop another 20 big ones if I want to live up to what fans expect from their main event wrestlers.

Now it’s on to “King of the Mountain”. I haven’t seen the promo I did for last night’s Impact, but I know I felt a little funny about it while it was taking place. I know I had alot going on in one interview , and I’m sure that many fans won’t like the idea of a champion publicly admititting that he won’t be able to hold onto a chapionship very long unless he defends it pretty rarely. The truth is, no one really knows what works unless they try it, and the lasat thing I want to do is go out on TV every week and play it safe, sticking to the same cliches, catch phrases and subjects that have been relied on in the past. People can say what they want about my title run, but when it’s over (two years from now, maybe three) they won’t be able to say it was predictable.”

To check out the full blog, click here.