Jeremy Samples sent this report in:

TNA Impact Tapings from Wednesday, May 27:

In the opening match, Elijah Burke debuted against Gavin Spears. There was a decent crowd reaction to Burke’s debut. Elijah won the match, and seemed to soak in the TNA Impact Zone after his win.

The start of a Night in Nation of Violence Match, which was two consecutive First Blood matches that pitted Samoa Joe, first against Scott Steiner then against Booker T. The stipulation was that if he won the first First Bood match against Steiner, he would get to face Booker. Seems to be continuing the storyline of taking out the Mafia until Kurt is left. He won both matches via using some sort of weapon that appeared to be a lead pipe.

Victoria defeated Madison Rayne via the Widows Peak.

In between two Knockouts matches, they finally taped the opening of the start of Impact to use for all four weeks. It was a startling explosing to those in attendance.

Raisha Saed back in character, after having an off-weak as Melissa Anderson or Cheerleader Melissa in previous weeks, defeated SoJo Bolt.

A “welcome back” party took place for Jeff Jarrett. I supposed on the third week of Impact, Jarrett is absent from the episde. The crowd played along with chants of “welcome back”. There was a banner that said Welcome Back Jeffrey. A rental-clown as Yurple was busy. It had balloons. The ring was also decorated around the ropes. Mick Foley said that Earl Hebener was getting back to 100% health, and may be able to referee again. Mick brought AJ, Joe, Kurt and finally Jarrett out. A situation played out between Foley and Jarrett, welcoming Jeff back after a week off. Jeff says that Mick has lost his mind. Mick also has everybody say Jeffrey and confetti burst out into the ring. The segment continues on until Mick wants everyone in the ring to go in for a team handshake. Joe is reluctant to go in with it, and finally relents…however, he attacks Kurt instead.

A Clockwork Orange “House of Fun” match takes place in Raven’s debut against Jethro Holliday. The match consisted of a two-sides of steel with Kendo sticks hanging from both ends. A few other weapons were used, but the fnish came as Raven took Holliday through one side of the cage, making the side collapse and go out onto the floor. After the match, Raven and his group of Dr. Stevie and Daffney bring Holliday into the ring and start to put him in the straight jacket. Out comes Abyss and he makes the save.

Matt Morgan cuts a promo against Sting. He says that Sting is always wanting respect, however he hasn’t done anything to deserve it especially with the way he has been handling things with the Mafia, as of late. They make a match for Slammiversary, Matt Morgan vs. Sting. If Morgan wins, he gets Sting’s spot as leader of the Mafia.

Angelina Love & Daffney vs. Awesome Kong & Taylor Wilde ends as The Beautiful People are attacking Wilde. Victoria comes out and makes the save.

A Team 3D-Beer Money promo takes place backstage with SoCalVal interviewing. I believe this was her first interview, and she did a great job. They fight backstage and Lethal Consequences/Motor City celebrate in the ring, as if they have won. Beer Money and 3D are still fighting as they come to the ring. Team 3D wins the match.

Kurt Angle/Sting vs. Jarrett/Foley vs. AJ Styles/Joe takes place. Foley does commentary on/off during this match. Joe hits the muscle buster.

In what I believed to be TNA WebMatch or Xploion matches, Velvet Sky lost to ODB & British Invasion lost to Rhino & Jesse. Both weren’t very good, as neither Jesse nor ODB can wrestle…so when there’s a vital link missing, it makes it look sloppy.

In between these two matches, Abyss filmed a new Stacker 2 commercial. TNA has started partnership with Stacker 2, as of yesterday. The commercial taping consisted of Abyss bringing out cans of Stacker 2 and drinking them as Beer Money does beer, while plugging the product.