Sacrifice PPV Results – 5/24/09

The Amazing Red defeated Kiyoshi during the 30 minute TNA Sacrifice preshow.

TNA Sacrifice PPV Results – 5/24/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

– The TNA promo hits.

– We then see footage from earlier today of Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Kurt Angle and TNA World Champion Mick Foley arriving to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.

– A video package airs focusing on Mick Foley, Sting, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.

– A graphic opening hits welcoming us to TNA Sacrifice. We then go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando where a series of pyro goes off in the entrance area.

– The Motor City Machineguns are out to kick off the show.

IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machineguns & Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Lethal Consequences & Eric Young

We start with Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal. Lots of countering between the two. Lethal takes out Sabin with a quick dropkick. Tag to Eric Young who drops over the arm of Sabin. Sabin with a knee to Young, snapmare takedown into a follup for a two count. Tag to Alex Shelley who is face planted by Young. Young drops a few knees over Shelley and a splash from the top turnbuckle. Tag to Consequences Creed who hits Shelley with a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Creed with a jawbreaker to Shelley, but Shelley comes back with an elbow. Creed with a dropkick to the knees of Shelley and then drops an elbow over his lower back. Cover and Shelley kicks out quickly. Shelley with a leg sweep and kick to the head on Creed. Tag to Sheik Abdul Bashir who has some good heat with the Orlando crowd. Creed takes out Bashir with a big right hand after a counter. Creed with a rolling clothesline on Bashir, cover and Bashir kicks out. Bashir with a jawbreaker to Creed and big forearm to the back. Tag to Sabin who throws Creed face first into the corner and then chokes him with his boot. Sabin hits the corner after attempting an irish whip and we get a tag to Lethal. Lethal with some jabs and elbow to Sabin’s head. Tag to Creed and they double team Sabin with a russian leg sweep, camel clutch by Lethal and dropkick to the face by Creed.

Creed works on Sabin’s arm. Creed knocks Bashir off the ring apron after Bashir got in a cheap shot. Bashir trips up Creed as he hits the ropes and Sabin dropkicks Creed in the face. Shelley with a big lifting knee to Creed who was trying to recover on the ring apron sending Creed into the steel guard railing. Sabin tosses Creed to the corner and tags in Bashir. Bashir with a big shot to Creed in the corner leading to a snapmare and dropkick to the back of the head. Quick tag back to Sabin. Sabin tries to ground Creed with a wristlock. Shelley runs in and takes out Lethal and Young on the ring apron. Creed fights out and kicks Shelley in the face and throws Sabin away. Bashir comes in and gets hit by The Guns by mistake. Bashir yells at them and knocks Creed away. Creed kicks Bashir right in the face in return. Tag to Lethal who dropkicks The Guns away. Lethal with running clotheslines to Bashir. Lethal with a tilt-a-whirl takedown on Bashir. Lethal with a hip toss takeover into a dropkick on Bashir that results in a two count. Lethal tries to flip up against the ropes, but The Guns grab his arms and he falls back down. Eric Young finally gets involved and he hits a suicide dive with Creed to take out The Guns. In the ring, Lethal drives Bashir down in a face plant, covers and gets a close two count.

Lethal is up top. Shelley trips him up crotching him on the top turnbuckle. Shelley with a brainbuster on Lethal. Shelley goes up top, Creed grabs his boot, Lethal stands up and chops Shelley. Lethal goes up top with Shelley. Shelley punches him away. Creed springboards off the top rope pulling Shelley into Lethal who hits a Lethal Combo. Action is literally all over the place. The Guns are back in and they take out Young. The Guns double team Lethal in the corner, but Lethal explodes and takes out Bashir with a big running clothesline. The Guns get Lethal up, Young clotheslines Sabin away and Lethal with an overhead suplex on Shelley. Creed plants Bashir with a DDT, Lethal covers and Bashir kicks out. Lethal has Bashir up top. Shelley walks up and kicks Lethal. Shelley sends Creed into the corner and then takes out Young. Sabin with a dropkick into Lethal and Creed in the corner with Bashir still up top. The Guns plant Young allowing Bashir to hit a frog splash on Young off the top rope. The Guns have Lethal up and plant him. Bashir covers Lethal and Lethal somehow kicks out. Bashir hits the WMD Driver on Lethal, but the pinfall gets broken up by Creed. Creed with a big kick on Bashir that knocks him out. The Guns with big kicks to Creed to take him out. The Guns double team Young, but Young pushes Sabin into Shelley.

Young gets Sabin and Shelley on his shoulders and hits a double Death Valley Driver. Bashir then throws Young out. Lethal hits a sunset flip from the ring apron on Bashir, Bashir holds onto the ropes, the referee kicks Bashir’s arms away and Lethal gets the rollup for the pinfall.

Winners: Lethal Consequences & Eric Young

After the match, Don West yells at what the referee just did. Eric Young doesn’t appear to like what he saw either and doesn’t celebrate with Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Young doesn’t look happy.

– We go to ringside with Mike Tenay and Don West as the rundown the rest of the card tonight on PPV.

– Footage is shown from earlier today of some young TNA wrestlers in the X Division (Lethal, Creed, Amazing Red) shaking hands with Sting. They push that tonight could be Sting’s final pro wrestling match if he is pinned.

– A video package runs highlighting the Monster’s Ball match in TNA and how tonight it will be done for the first time ever with Knockouts Taylor Wilde and Daffney.

First Ever Knockouts Monster’s Ball Match
Daffney w/ Abyss & Dr. Stevie vs. Taylor Wilde

The bell rings and Daffney goes right after Taylor Wilde. Wilde drops Daffney with a quick spinning heel kick with a few elbow drops. Cover and Daffney kicks out after two. Wilde leaves the ring and starts throwing weapons inside. Daffney cracks a sign over the head of Wilde. Daffney then scoop slams Wilde over some of the weapons. Daffney drives Wilde into the corner and hits a big chop. Daffney then yells at Wilde as she chokes her in the corner. Daffney then chokes Wilde up in the middle rope. Daffney with a big clothesline in the corner on Wilde. Wilde catches Daffney with some boots, floats over and throws Daffney head first into a trash can. Wilde grabs a cooking pan and cracks it over the head of Daffney a few times. Wilde then puts a trash can over the head of Daffney and hits it a few times with a hockey stick and follows it up with a dropkick to the face. Daffney then kicks Wilde in the face as she walks forward. Wilde then hits a death valley driver on Daffney onto a trash can, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

After the match, Dr. Stevie gets in the ring and gets in Taylor Wilde’s face. Daffney then runs up and takes out Wilde. Dr. Stevie rolls up his sleeves as he stops Daffney from using two weapons on Wilde. Dr. Stevie then pulls out a black bag and pours tacks across the ring. Abyss sees this and gets up on the ring apron. Dr. Steve tells Abyss to get in the ring as Daffney holds Wilde back. Dr. Stevie then yells at Abyss to pick up Wilde and slam her into the tacks. Abyss says no and Dr. Stevie slaps him in the face a few times. Dr. Stevie then takes his belt off and threatens to hit Abyss with it when Abyss grabs Wilde. Abyss gets Wilde up for a chokeslam when Lauren runs down to stop him. Abyss puts Wilde down and then Dr. Stevie pie faces Lauren pushing her down. Abyss picks up Wilde again and then tosses her away. Abyss grabs Dr. Stevie and then chokeslams him over the tacks! We see a close up shot of the blood appearing on the back of Dr. Stevie after being thrown into the tacks.

– A video package airs focusing on Jeff Jarrett.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash reveals that this Thursday on Impact will appear. They will be two former World Heavyweight Champions and the newest edition to the TNA Knockouts. Borash then transitions and is joined by Jeff Jarrett and how he has everything on the line tonight. Jarrett said it all comes down to tonight and the Sacrifice main event. He said he can’t make a single mistake because if he does it will cost him everything he has worked for his entire life. Jarrett said as long as Mick Foley is TNA Champion then this company will continue to take steps backwards.

TNA Mobile: Raven, Shane Douglas and former WWE Diva Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) will be on Impact this Thursday night.

– A video package airs focusing on how various X Division stars were accusing Daniels of being Suicide and how this led into their X Division Championship match tonight.

TNA X Division Championship Match
Suicide (c) vs. Daniels

The bell rings and both shake hands. Lock up and Suicide pushes Daniels to the corner. Suicide with a snapmare and kick to the back of Daniels. Suicide with a suplex into a pinfall that Daniels breaks up. Daniels with a shoulder block, arm drag and side headlock on Suicide. Daniels with a headlock takeover on Suicide. Suicide with a neckbreaker and big dropkick on Daniels. Daniels rolls out of the ring to regain some composure. Suicide jumps off the ring apron and takes out Daniels with a big flip. Suicide tosses Daniels back in the ring, connects with a hip toss, leg drop, cover and Daniels kicks out. Suicide attempts another hip toss, but Daniels counters into an abdominal stretch. Suicide fights out and finally hits the hip toss and then drives his face down over the ribs of Daniels. Suicide with some forearm shots to the back of Daniels. Daniels with a big side heel kick on Suicide as Suicide came off the ropes. Daniels with three headbutts to Suicide. Daniels into a cover and Suicide quickly kicks out. Daniels with the BME (Best Moonsault Ever) and Suicide kicks out after a pinfall attempt. Daniels with a snapmare on Suicide into a reverse chinlock. Suicide with elbows to Daniels, hits the ropes and Daniels takes out Suicide with a big clothesline.

Suicide comes back with some clotheslines and a quick leg drop. Daniels sends Suicide into the corner, he bounces off and Daniels levels Suicide with a big kick to the head. Daniels with a big spin kick on Suicide. Daniels with a suplex into a bridge and Suicide kicks out. Daniels with some chops to Suicide in the corner. Suicide breaks that, gets in a few shots, misses a body splash and Daniels plants Suicide near the corner. Suicide moves dodging another BME from Daniels. Daniels takes out Suicide against the ropes sending Suicide to the outside. Daniels attempts a springboard moonsault, but Suicide gets his knees up as Daniels comes down over his body. Suicide and Daniels brawl up the ring apron. Daniels elevates Suicide over his head and Suicide crashes over the ramp. Daniels attempts a clothesline, Suicide ducks, gets Daniels up on his shoulders and hits a flip dive over the body of Daniels. In the ring, the referee starts the count. Both near the ring and get back in at 9. Daniels springboards in, but Suicide kicks out after a pinfall attempt. Suicide with a shoulder block sending Daniels out of the ring. Chris Sabin walks down and distracts the referee allowing Alex Shelley to run in and take out Suicide with a face driver into his knees.

Daniels chases Sabin away, returns to the ring and rolls up Suicide to get the pinfall.

Winner & NEW TNA X Division Champion: Daniels

After the match, Daniels is handed the TNA X Division Championship and celebrates. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Daniels sees the replay on the screen and grabs a mic. Daniels said as bad as he wants to be champion, he doesn’t want to win like that and apologizes to Suicide. Daniels asks the referee for five more minutes to restart the match. The referee asks Suicide to agree and he does.

TNA X Division Championship – Five Minute Overtime
Suicide (c) vs. Daniels

The bell rings and we restart the match. Suicide trips up Daniels, hits the ropes, ducks an attack from Daniels, Daniels rolls up Suicide, Daniels flips away and throws Suicide back to the mat. Suicide kicks Daniels in the face, rolls him up and Daniels kicks out after two. Suicide with a big russian leg sweep, cover and Daniels kicks out. Suicide dodges Daniels in the corner, goes up top, jumps and comes down rolling up Daniels. Daniels kicks out and then locks a clutch submission on Suicide. Suicide rolls out and Daniels plants him with a big death valley driver. Cover by Daniels and Suicide kicks out after two. We are approaching two minutes left of the match. Daniels puts Suicide up top, Suicide kicks Daniels away, jumps over him and then dropkicks Daniels with force into the corner. Cover by Suicide and Daniels kicks out. Daniels with tons of shots to Suicide. Suicide takes out Daniels with a big left hook, Daniels goes down, Suicide covers and Daniels kick out. We have 1 minute left. Rollup by Daniels and Suicide kicks out. Daniels plants Suicide near the corner with 30 seconds left. Suicide stands up and counters a BME from Daniels. 15 seconds left as Daniels gets to his feet. Suicide hits a facedriver on Daniels in the corner, covers, but the time expires.

Winner & STILL TNA X Division Champion: Suicide

After the match, Daniels grabs the TNA X Division Championship and hands it to Suicide putting it over his shoulder. They shake hands and Daniels raises the arm of Suicide.

– Backstage, we see a shot of Kurt Angle warming up for tonight’s main event.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between Angelina Love and Awesome Kong leading into tonight’s TNA Knockouts Championship match.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Angelina Love (c) vs. Awesome Kong

The bell rings and Awesome Kong moves towards Angelina Love. Love backs into the corner and the referee backs Kong away. Kong moves forward and flips Love to the other corner with force. Love dodges a body splash attempt by Kong into the corner. Love rolls out of the ring, runs away and ends up running right into Kong. Love bails over the ring barricade and Kong pulls her back in. Kong drops Love with a double chop to the sides of the head. Kong grabs Love and continues to throw her against the ring barricade area in the ringside area. One shot into the ring barricade looked brutal. Kong with chops to Love and sent her into the ring barricade some more. Love stood up near the steel ring post, Kong went for a spinning back fist, Love ducked and Kong hit her hand hard on the post. Love then pushes Kong face first into the steel ring post and returns to the ring telling the referee to start the count. Kong eventually gets back in the ring and Love kicks Kong right in the head as she gets in. Love with some quick offense on Kong in the corner. Kong gets to her feet and Love tries to hit some boots, but they don’t do anything to Kong. Kong then grabs Love and Love runs away rolling out of the ring. Love said she is done when she backs into Raisha Saeed. Kong runs out and plants Love over the ramp with force. Kong tosses Love back in the ring, drops a leg and said she isn’t done yet breaking the pinfall. Kong goes up top, jumps and Love moves out of the way and goes back outside the ring. Love grabs a bottle of spray from under the ring, but Saeed sees it and tries to take it away. Kong ends up running into Saeed sending Saeed off the ring apron. Love then sprays it in the face of Kong, rolls up Kong and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

After the match, Angelina Love celebrates her win. Awesome Kong then grabs Angelina Love and gives her a huge Implant Buster! Kong grabs Love and gives her a second Implant Buster. TNA referees and officials hit the ring to try and stop her from doing more.

– A video package focusing on Sting airs.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Sting talking about the sacrifice he is putting up tonight in the main event where he will retire if he is pinned. Sting said sooner or later he will retire, but doesn’t plan on that happening tonight. He said he isn’t done yet, but was willing to put this on the line to prove something. Sting said he will retire on his terms and his terms tonight is that he will continue on as he always has and that is going after Mick Foley and the TNA World Title.

– A video package airs highlighting tonight’s Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash match tonight.

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash

The bell rings, both lock up and Kevin Nash pushes Samoa Joe to the corner. Nash with some big shots to Joe in the corner. Nash with some lifting knees to Joe in the opposite corner. Nash starts choking Joe with his boot. Nash drops an elbow over the back of Joe’s neck. Nash with a big boot to Joe as Joe came off the ropes. Nash goes for a Jacknife Powerbomb early, but Joe counters into a knee bar. Joe with some big rights to Nash in the corner after Nash broke up the submission attempt. Joe with a running elbow and big kick to Nash in the corner. This sends Nash to the outside. Joe follows and sends Nash right into the ring barricade. Joe with a big right hand to Nash on the outside. Nash rakes the eyes of Joe as he moves forward and then sends him into the ring barricade. Joe avoids a shot with a steel chair from Nash and then uses it against Nash. Joe then grabs Nash and sends him into the steel ring steps. The referee gets in Joe’s face and then backs off when Joe gets in his face. Nash is busted open at this point with Joe lighting up him with some stiff right hands. Joe rolls in the ring to break up the referee’s count. Joe tosses Nash back in the ring. Nash rakes the eyes of Joe when Joe walks forward. Nash with some rights to Joe in the corner. Joe with a big kick to the head of Nash.

Joe attempts his rear naked choke, but Nash pushes Joe into the corner to break it up. Nash with a right hand that drops Joe, cover and Joe kicks out. Joe catches Nash with an elbow and boot in the corner when he runs forward. Joe with a huge kick to the head on Nash coming off the top rope. Cover by Joe, Nash kicks out and Joe is surprised. Joe takes the back of Nash attempting a rear naked choke. Nash reaches out and gets the ropes to break it up. Nash with a low blow using his boot to Joe when Joe wouldn’t break the rear naked choke. The blood is pouring down on Nash’s face as he picks up Joe and hits a big side slam. Nash covers and Joe kicks out after two. Joe is trying to pump himself up as Nash hits some rights to Joe. Joe with some rights, hits the ropes and hits Nash with a big kick. Joe with a big body splash over Nash, covers and Nash gets a shoulder up after two. Joe attempts his rear naked choke once more, but Nash reaches out for the ropes. Joe pulls Nash’s arm back to prevent him from getting to the ropes, Joe falls back wrenching back in the rear naked choke and Nash taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Samoa Joe stands over Kevin Nash and throws the referee away out of the ring. Joe locks the left arm of Nash on the mat and drives his elbow into the sides of Nash. TNA security hits the ring trying to break it up and Joe punches them out. Joe mounts Nash and gets in some more rights. Joe spits on Nash, backs off and leaves the ring. Joe stares down Nash in the ring and smiles as he heads up the ramp. Scott Steiner runs down and checks on a bloody Nash.

– A video package airs highlighting the start of the Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament where the finals take place tonight between Beer Money, Inc. and The British Invasion.

– Backstage, Lauren is with Team 3D. Brother Devon thanks TNA for showcasing the tag team division and how TNA has the greatest tag team division in this business. He said it is only right that the best enter this tournament and it is only right that Team 3D give back to this business by allowing it to take place. Brother Ray speaks on Beer Money saying that next to them they are probably one of the greatest tag teams on the planet today. He said as far as The British Invasion is concenred, if they wanted their attention, they got it and talked about their attack on Team 3D on Impact. Ray said the biggest mistake they made was not finishing what they started. He hopes Beer Money kicks their royal British asses.

Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament – Finals Match
Beer Money, Inc. vs. The British Invasion

Don West has been pretty entertaining tonight. Team 3D were out first joining West and Tenay on commentary. West asked if they were really coming down there. When 3D arrived, West said it was great they came out and was great to see them.

The bell rings and we start with Robert Roode and Doug Williams. The fans start a loud “USA!” chant. Lock up and Williams takes the arm of Roode. Roode counters and does the same. Williams rolls through and gets the back of Roode pushing him to the corner. This is broken up by the referee when Roode gets the ropes. Williams throws Roode down to the mat. Roode slaps Williams. Williams with some uppercuts on Roode. Williams hits a big spinning shoulder block on Roode. Roode is right back on him with a clothesline. Roode with some big chops to Williams in the corner. Roode with a blockbuster on Williams and tag to Storm. Some double teaming by Beer Money with Storm finishing Williams off with a russian leg sweep. Tag to Brutus Magnus who takes a few clotheslines from Storm. Storm with a swinging neckbreaker on Magnus, cover and Magnus kicks out after two. Storm charges at Magnus, goes over the top, holds on, Roode pours beer in his mouth, Storm hulks up, flips back over and spits the beer in Magnus’ face. Beer Money then double team Williams with a big suplex. They do the “BEER!” and “MONEY!” routine and the fans cheer loudly. Storm takes out Magnus and Williams with a big plancha over the top rope. Storm is back in the ring with Magnus hitting him with a big right hand.

Storm catches Magnus with a big boot in the corner, but Williams knocks Storm off the top. On the outside, Williams gets in some cheap shots on Storm. Williams gets the tag and works on Storm in the ring. Williams has a headlock applied when Storm fights to his feet, floats over and hits a backcracker on Williams. Magnus gets into the ring, knocks Roode off the ring apron and then pulls Storm back to their corner. Tag to Magnus who chokes Storm against the middle rope. Great line by West who said the winners won’t really get the $100,000 since it will only be $50,000 after taxes. Brother Ray just went, “Okay, shutup.” In the ring, Storm sends Williams into the crotch of Magnus. Hot tag to Roode who takes out Williams with a high back body drop, levels Magnus and then hits a spinebuster on Williams. The cover is broken up. Rob Terry then grabs Storm and throws him into the ring. Roode then takes Terry out with a dropkick sending Terry into the ring barricade. In the ring, Williams drops Roode with a lifting uppercut, covers and Roode somehow kicks out. Beer Money break up a finisher attempt by Magnus and Williams. Roode tosses Magnus over the top rope. Storm is up top and hits a huracanrana on Williams. Roode comes off the other corner with a frog splash, covers and Terry pulls the referee out.

The referee then sends Terry to the back. In the ring, Magnus and Williams attack Roode sending him to the outside. Williams with a running knee to Storm. Williams grabs a Feast or Fired case and goes to hit Storm with it. Roode is in, takes it from Williams, Storm superkicks Williams, Williams walks into the case and Roode gets the pinfall.

Winners of the Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament: Beer Money, Inc.

After the match, Team 3D enter the ring and shake the hands of Beer Money. They raise their hands and Tenay mentions that the trophy presentation will take place this Thursday night on Impact.

– A video package focusing on Kurt Angle airs.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and mentions the sacrifice he is putting up tonight in the main event where he will give up his leadership role of the Main Event Mafia. Angle said that isn’t going to happen since he likes to control things and he is in control of his own destiny. He said it is time for the Main Event Mafia to start dominating TNA once again and it starts tonight.

– A video package airs highlighting the events between AJ Styles and Booker T leading into tonight’s I Quit match for the TNA Legends Championship.

TNA Legends Championship – I Quit Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Booker T

The bell rings and both circle each other. Styles works for a takedown, but backs off when Booker grabs the ropes. Lock up and Booker pushes Styles to the corner. Styles pushes off and pushes for a takedown that Booker shoves away. Lock up and Booker hits a knee to the gut. Booker with chops to Styles, misses a side kick and Styles comes back with some big right hands. Styles with a big kick to the back of Booker. The referee asks Booker if he wants to quit. Booker says, “Hell no man!” That was awesome. Booker pushes Styles to the corner and connects with a big right that drops Styles. Booker then kicks Styles on the mat. Booker with a big side kick that sends Styles down. Styles counters a suplex from Booker, attempts one of his own and is able to hit it quickly. Styles drops an elbow over the back of Booker, applies an indian deathlock and pulls Booker in with a reverse chinlock. The referee puts the mic in Booker’s face and Booker screams “No!” when asked. Styles works on the left leg of Booker hitting a few kicks and then dropping his body across it. Styles dodges a flying side kick from Booker and hits some big rights along with some body kicks. The referee asks Booker again and Booker responds, “Hell no!” Styles props Booker up in the corner and hits a few chops and rights.

Styles attempts a suplex on Booker. Booker blocks it, attempts a suplex on Styles, but Styles floats over and pushes Booker back to the corner. Styles with an overhand right on Booker. Styles tries to springboard from the ring apron to the top rope, but as he comes up Booker trips him up and Styles crashes over the top rope. Styles falls to the outside falling into the ring barricade. Booker goes outside and drops Styles throat first over the ring barricade. The referee puts the mic in Styles’ face and Styles screams, “No!” Booker tosses Styles back in the ring and levels him with a high knee to the chest. Booker applies a clinch on Styles and throws some high knees to the body of Styles. Booker chokes Styles down on the mat and the referee puts the mic in his face. The referee backs off as Booker lifts a knee to the head of Styles across the top rope area. Styles falls off the ring apron and lands on the mat around the ring. The referee again puts the mic in Styles’ face and Styles will not say I Quit yet. He then tells the referee to get away from him. Styles crawls back in the ring and Booker follows. Styles hits the ropes and Booker cuts him off with a flying forearm. Booker does the spinarooni and then drops down applying a key lock/wrist lock on Styles. Styles screams out in pain.

Styles continues to yell he isn’t going to quit. Styles lifts Booker to his shoulders and drops him down trying to break the submission, but Booker holds on and keeps it locked on. Styles breaks it up and favors his wrist in pain. Booker and Styles start exchanging right hands. Styles starts getting the better of Booker and then hits Booker with the Pele Kick. Styles mounts Booker and starts hitting him with some big right hands. Styles tells the referee to ask him. Booker refuses. Booker with a big spinebuster on Styles. Booker mounts Styles and hits some right hands of his own. Styles fights to his feet and Booker rocks him with a big chest chop. Booker misses a heel kick and crotches himself on the top rope. Styles then knocks Booker off the top rope sending Booker to the mat on the outside. Styles launches himself over the top rope and takes out Booker on the outside. The referee asks Booker and Booker says no. Styles moves when Booker attempts a big left and Booker hits the steel ring post. Styles sends Booker back inside the ring. He again says no when asked by the referee. Sharmell then walks down the ramp as Styles comes off the top with a big flying forearm. Sharmell yells at Booker not to quit. Styles has Booker ready for the Styles Clash when Sharmell jumps up on the ring apron.

Booker almost runs into her when he breaks the Styles Clash attempt. Styles then jumps up and gets Booker locked in a flying armbar. Booker screams out in pain, but refuses to say he quits. Jenna then runs down to the ring and throws a towel in the ring. The referee sees this and calls for the bell.

Winner & STILL TNA Legends Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Jenna and Sharmell argue. AJ Styles is handed the TNA Legends Championship as he celebrates. We then see a shot of Booker T leaving the ring favoring his arm in pain.

– A video package focusing on TNA World Champion Mick Foley airs.

– Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA World Champion Mick Foley and how he will sacrifice his TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight in the main event. Foley said everyone is sacrificing something tonight and he would love to end Sting’s career, become the new leader of the Main Event Mafia pinning Kurt Angle or pin Jeff Jarrett to win his remaining shares in TNA, but the most important thing to him is retaining his TNA World Title since he doesn’t want to think of a world when he doesn’t hold this belt.

Four Way Match
TNA World Champion Mick Foley vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett.

Each competitor will sacrifice the following if pinned:
* Mick Foley will sacrifice his TNA World Championship
* Sting will sacrifice his career
* Kurt Angle will sacrifice his leadership role of the Main Event Mafia
* Jeff Jarrett will sacrifice his shares of TNA Wrestling

Jeremy Borash did ring introductions for the challengers Sting, Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett and the champion Mick Foley.

The bell rings and here we go. Sting goes after Mick Foley, while Jeff Jarrett goes after Kurt Angle. Sting with some big kicks that sends Foley to the outside. Jarrett takes a big uppercut from Angle after Angle floated over. Sting sends Foley right into the ring barricade head first. In the ring, Jarrett drops his body over the back of Angle against the middle rope. Jarrett counters an Angle Slam attempt into a DDT, cover and Angle kicks out. Jarrett and Angle brawl to the outside as Sting and Foley fight back in. Jarrett with an uppercut to Angle on the outside. Sting with a takedown on Foley in the ring, attempts a Scorpion Deathlock and Foley rolls through. Jarrett tosses Angle back in the ring and Angle sends Jarrett off face first into the ring barricade. Sting grabs Foley, sends him out and over the ring barricade into the crowd. Jarrett is sent on top of the announce table by Angle and then drives him right back inside the ring. We now get a two camera shot of the action taking place. In the ring, Angle with a big suplex on Jarrett as Sting brawls with Foley into the crowd in the Impact zone. Angle with rights to Jarrett in the ring, while Sting sends Foley head first into the wall of the Impact Zone. In the ring, Jarrett has the Figure Four locked on Angle.

Sting and Foley brawl back to the ringside area and Foley gives Sting a piledriver over the entrance ramp! In the ring, Angle has the Ankle Lock applied on Jarrett. Foley is in, has Mr. Socko on, hits the ropes and applies it on Jarrett who is still in the Ankle Lock. Angle then breaks the hold and kicks Foley in the head. Angle kicks Foley out of the ring with force. Jarrett with some big right hands on Angle fighting back. Angle with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Jarrett. Two quick covers and Jarrett kicks out of each. Foley is now joining Tenay and West on commentary saying he wants to take a little rest. In the ring, Jarrett takes out Angle with two clotheslines and a modified Pedigree. Cover by Jarrett and Angle kicks out. Angle catches Jarrett with an elbow, goes up top, Jarrett cuts him off, goes up top with Angle, hooks the arm and Jarrett gives Angle a huge suplerplex off the top. Jarrett covers and Sting jumps in to break up the pinfall. Foley is still on commentary. Sting and Angle take turns hitting Jarrett with right hands. Angle props Jarrett up in the corner, hits a few shoulder charges and then Sting hits two big Stinger Splashes. Angle then levels Sting with a clothesline that he intended for Jarrett. Angle with a series of german suplexes on Jarrett.

Sting walks up and gets in Angle’s face pushing him away. Angle then grabs Sting and hits a big german suplex. Angle then leaves the ring and sees Foley sitting at the announcers table. Angle runs towards the table and flips over it taking out Foley! Angle grabs Foley and tosses him back in the ring. Angle grabs a steel chair and tosses it in. Jarrett with a Stroke on Foley, cover and Angle breaks it up. Angle with an Angle Slam on Jarrett. Angle drops the straps. Sting pushes Angle down and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock. Jarrett breaks it up rolling up Sting and getting a close two count. Sting and Jarrett collide in the ring and Sting falls face first crotching Jarrett. Foley puts socks on both of his hands and applies the mandiable claw on both Jarrett and Sting. Jarrett and Sting break it up, but Foley gets the mandiable claw appplied on both this time. Angle with the Ankle Lock on Foley. Foley rolls through and Angle takes out the referee. Sting with the Scorpion Deathdrop on Angle. Jarrett cracks his guitar over Sting. Jarrett covers and the referee is out. Foley has a steel chair and cracks it over the head of Jarrett. Foley covers Jarrett…1…2…Jarrett gets a shoulder up. Angle with a splash off the top rope…1…2…Foley kicks out! Sting knocks Foley out of the ring to the ring apron.

Foley rolls back in and rakes the eyes of Sting. Angle runs up and hits Foley with a big knee. Jarrett grabs Angle, attempts a powerbomb, rolls through, Angle gets an Ankle Lock on Jarrett, Sting walks up, Angle takes Sting down and double Ankle Lock on Jarrett and Sting. Foley breaks this up. Foley with a double arm DDT on Angle, cover and Sting breaks it up. Sting kicks Foley out of the ring and follows. Sting gives Foley a suplex on the crete on the outside. In the ring, Jarrett sets a chair up, has Angle up top and gives Angle a Stroke off the top rope onto the chair! Sting then runs into the ring quickly, covers Angle and gets the pinfall!

Winner & the new leader of the Main Event Mafia: Sting

After the match, Jeff Jarrett can’t believe it as Sting gets to his feet. Mick Foley is smiling as he grabs the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and crawls up the ramp. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Kurt Angle is just starting to recover as he realizes what just happened. Jarrett walks to the back as we see a shot of Foley clutching the TNA World Title.

– A promo for TNA Slammiversary on June 21 airs.