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The TNA “Cross the Line” Promo is shown then the TNA Epics logo hits and we are shown clips of superstars that have made an appearance in TNA with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, The Road Warriors, Roddy Piper, Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy and his impressive Swanton from the entrance ramp onto Abyss all shown.

We are welcome to the show by TNA world Champ and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley. He informs us that tonight’s show is about the best X Division bouts in TNA history.

Four-Way Double Elimination match from June 26, 2002 to crown the first-ever X Division Champion (AJ Styles vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Psicosis).

The rules are as follow: Two wrestler start off with two on the outside,When one wrestler is pinned he leaves and is replaced by one wrestler from the outside. A wrestler is Eliminated when he is pinned twice

AJ and Psicosis start off with a lock up with AJ turning it into a headlock, Psicosis irish whips AJ into the ropes which results in a shoulder knockdown by styles followed by chops to the chest of Psicosis. Psicosis irish whips AJ into the ropes with AJ attemping a Facebuster which is reversed into a sitdown facebuster by Psicosis. AJ goes for a Hiptoss,reversed by Psicosis into a Monkey Flip and AJ lands on his feet as Psicosis walks straight into a super kick! Following a knockdown, Psicosis went uptop and hit a Flying leg drop into AJ for a 2 count. Psicosis picks AJ up and Irish Whips him into the rope and attempts a Hurricanrana which AJ reverses into the Styles Clash for the 3 count!

Psicosis leaves the ring.

Straight away Low Ki jumps in the ring and kicked AJ in the chest twice and AJ looks out of it! Out of Nowhere AJ nips up and catches Low Ki with a Hurricanana to send him down to the mat.Low Ki backs AJ into the corner and hits a few Chops before irish whiping him into the corner and charging at him and attempting a Monkey Flip which AJ turns into a Powerbomb attempt as Low Ki attempts to reverse into a Hurricanrana! This leads to AJ attempting the styles Clash and as it looks like he is about to hit it,Low Ki flips back up onto AJ shoulders,jumping down behind AJ and kicking him in the back,AJ rush at Low Ki, who chucks him over head onto the ropes before going up top as well and applyin a Dragon Sleeper hold which has to be broken since they are in the ropes. Low Ki climbs to the top rope and goes for a Corkscrew Moonsault but lands on his feet as AJ rolls out of the way and attempts a clotheslines which is blocked by Low Ki who kicked AJ in the stomach but still ends up getting a mega clotheslines for his efforts! AJ picks Low Ki up and hits a German Suplex followed by a Front Face Buster for the 3 count

Low Ki leaves the ring.

Jerry Lynn runs in and hits AJ with a massive clothesline, icks him up and hits the Pile driver and gets the 3 count.

AJ Styles leaves the ring.

Psicosis climbs the ropes and dropkicks Lynn in the back. Psicosis goes for a hurricanrana but is caught by Lynn who attempts a powerbomb over the top rope but ends up being sent over the rope by Psicosis. Psicosis then drives through the ropes and connects with a Senton dive into lynn. Back in the ring goes Lynn as Psicosis climbs to the top rope again and goes for a Missle Drop Kick but is stoped in midair as Lynn does a Drop Kick of his own! Lynn picks Psicosis up and hits another Pile Driver for the 3 count

Psicosis is Eliminated.

Low Ki enters the ring and starts kicking a grounded Lynn. After fighting back,Lynn gets Low Ki in a Piledriver but as he goes to finish the move,Low Ki grabs the Arm of Lynn and turns it into a Armbar Submission! Lynn somehow manages to pick up Low Ki with one arm before slamming him back first into the mat for a close 2 count. Lynn goes for a brainbuster but is it blocked as Low Ki picks Lynn up to do one of his own only for Lynn to counter with a massive DDT. Jerry picks Low Ki up and hits the Pile driver for the 3 count

Low Ki is Eliminated.

AJ runs back in the ring and hits Lynn with a massive Clothesline for a two count and looks to be fired up as the crowd cheer him on and only get louder when he signals for the Styles clash! He sets Lynn up for the clash but Lynn uses the Hurricanrana to get out of the move
Lynn Attempts to Suplex AJ but the attempt is blocked and hits a Neck Breaker for a 2 count. Lynn picks AJ up for a pile driver which is reversed into a Back Body Drop by AJ. AJ picks Jerry up and hits him with the Styles Clash, 1-2-3.

Special guest ref Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat steps into the ring for the last pinfall of this match. AJ attempts a quick pin and gets a two count before both wrestler get the same idea and hit a double clothesline. Jerry Lynn then puts Styles in a Sleeper hold and as AJ appears to start falling to sleep,he suddenly gets a rush of energy and gets out of the Sleeper with a Jaw Breaker which sends Lynn to the Matt as Styles climbs the turnbuckle but is meet by a big right hand from Lynn who starts teeing off right hands to the skull of AJ as he in stuck on the top rope. Lynn climbs to the top rope and delivers a Superplex from the top rope to AJ which both men feel the effect of as they lay on the Matt with very little movement from Styles as Lynn lays on top of him which only gets a 2 count from Ricky Steamboat! Lynn picks up AJ and places him back on the top turnbuckle who manages to punch Lynn away and down onto the mat and hits an AWESOME Corkscrew Moonsault for the three count! wow what a match!

Your winner and The first ever X Division Champion AJ Styles!

Mick Foley welcomes us back to TNA Epics, “The highflying stars of TNA’s X division has taken professional wrestling to a new level” says Foley,the likes of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe,Christopher Daniels and SHARK BOY?. After a pause,Mick corrects himself by saying “Okay not so much Shark Boy,Sorry about that Sharky” Next up is one a match that is considered one of the best matches in Professional Wrestling.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels for the X Division Championship at Unbreakable 2005

AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe are in the ring as we get the Championship match introduction. Straight away AJ runs into Joe who Over-Head Suplexes him into the turnbuckle. The fights goes to the outside as Daniels hits an Springboard Moonsault onto Samoa Joe and they are soon joined by AJ who hits an Shooting Star Press onto both of them.

Back in the ring Daniels attempts to Irish Whip Joe into AJ(who is in the turnbuckle) but it is reversed by Joe who send Daniels running into AJ but as they meet, Daniels jumps onto AJ and hits a Monkey Flip and this send AJ flying into the arms of Joe and somehow AJ uses him momentum to Hurricanrana Joe!

Later on in the match, Joe catches Daniels and applies a sleeperhold submission to the Fallen Angel who begins to weaken! As it looks like hes about to tap,AJ appears from out of nowhere and hits a Corkscrew Moonsault to break the hold. Back outside the ring after counting each others Springboard attempts, AJ and Daniels try to slug it out with a fist fight but this is stopped by a airborn Joe who crashes into them!. The three climb to the top rope as Daniels and AJ try a double team move to send the Samoan crashing down into the mat but this is in vein as Joe hits a Double Back Body Drop!

Following a kick to the back of the head of Joe, AJ picks him up and applies the Tourture Rack into a side walk slam. With Joe down, Daniels irish whips AJ into the rope who turns a schoolboy pin into the Styles Clash which only gets a two count! Daniels attempts the Angel Wings but this is reversed into a Bridge Pin by AJ who gets the 3 count!

Winner and New X Divison Champion AJ Styles!

AJ Styles struggles to his feet using the ropes,belt in his hands as the crowd stands and claps all three wrestlers as Don west says,”It was a Phenomenal effort by all three competitor”. AJ lifts the belt as we faded to the TNA Cross The Line logo.

Show Thoughts

Wow what a show case of the awesomeness that the X Division wrestlers and belt can bring to TNA if it was used like it was. Tonight showed what the fans of the old TNA fell in love with as it is a total 180 of WWE wrestling and literally makes you say “wow” when you see them doing insane spots and moves like shown tonight. This is what made TNA grow and become big and in my personal opinion,if this was the style of today’s wrestling it would attract more fans to watch.

The wrestler that stood out was AJ Styles as he was featured in both of the nights matches. AJ was Phenomenal (pun intended) and truly displayed why some people call him “Mr. TNA”. His fast paced style of wrestling has cemented his place in TNA management and fans hearts alike. Unfortunately, as TNA has grown it appears like he has been pushed down the “ladder” of the roster by the new “bigger names” in TNA.

I really feel he is not being use to his full potential like he once was. It’s a shame to see his work at a slower pace and I feel a weird array of emotions when I watch the multiple time Triple Crown winner being held back

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