Bobby Lashley didn’t sign a contract last week with TNA and wasn’t brought to the last set of TV tapings reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The belief at this point is that unless they were to get him to sign and bring him to Nashville to cut some new promos to insert into Impact over the next few weeks, he won’t be making another appearance for the company until the Sacrifice PPV at the very earliest. His PPV appearance isn’t even confirmed either as the Sacrifice PPV is two days after his next MMA fight.

TNA made a decision following the Impact tapings after Lockdown that they wouldn’t use Lashley on TV until he signed because that was not good business, which asks the question why use him in the first place if he wasn’t signed? If your head hurts it is okay. So at this point they started a storyline following Lockdown that they will not follow up on over the next two weeks on Impact unless something changes between now and the PPV.

Lashley stated recently that he was busy trying to work out schedule issues with TNA while maintaining his MMA career and that he would be doing no more than four days a month with TNA and wouldn’t do any pro wrestling matches within a few weeks of fights due to the injury risk. He also added during a recent appearance on “Inside MMA” on HDNet that most hardcore pro wrestling fans seem to like that he is doing MMA and support him in it, but hardcore MMA fans hate that he is still involved in pro wrestling. MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who was also a guest on the panel and is the host of the popular “Bully Beatdown” show on MTV, added quote, “A large section of MMA fans are morons.” Any storylines regarding Lashley and TNA appear to be on hold until he signs a deal.