According to a new report by, although Roxxi posted on her official Twitter page wishing TNA the best of luck, various company sources are stating she was actually released by the company and did not request her release.

As reported on yesterday, there was said to be lots of heat on Rhaka Khan over the Roxxi release as an incident between the two sparked the 60 day suspension given to Roxxi. Khan was reportedly upset that she wasn’t given enough to do in a battle royal at a TV taping and during the match caught Roxxi with a series of stiff shots. Roxxi then in return gave Khan some stiff shots with her forearm that caught Khan on the nose causing Khan to drop to her knees and scream, something that was edited off the Impact broadcast. Khan then headed backstage and complained loudly about the stiff shot from Roxxi and that other Knockouts didn’t like her. Roxxi reportedly tried to approach Khan to apologize, but Khan wanted nothing to do with it.

Khan, who had been dating Kurt Angle at one point, was overheard in the past complaining to Angle about the way she was treated by other Knockouts in TNA and accused them of stealing her clothes and other things including a laptop computer. Khan and Roxxi later made peace, although neither were brought back to TV and Roxxi was then released by the company. Khan is said to have been flying herself to TNA events in recent weeks. One source joked why Khan would complain about people stealing herself when no one would ever want to wear her clothes. The general feeling is that Roxxi would more than likely still be on the roster if not for the actions of Khan with many feeling Roxxi got the raw end of the deal.