5/2 TNA Results: Huntington, WV

TNA House Show Results – 5/2/09
Location: Huntington, West Virginia

Jeremy Samples sent this report in:

“Showtime” Eric Young vs. Kiyoshi

Eric Young was majorly over in Huntington. While Kiyoshi had major heat…this would be a trend that would continue throughout the night. They put on a great match, that consisted of many near-falls and reversals. Eric then his his finisher for ‘tonight’. Really good choice to put on first for the crowd, and to get them going.

Brutus Magnus Open Challenge

Brutus Magnus came out and did a typical anti-USA promo. He told us to stand for his country’s anthem, and BG James interrupted it. BG came out and told him that he had no opponent for tonight. As he was leaving, Brutus attacked him. BG then retaliated and cleared the ring of Magnus.

Angelina Love vs. ODB

Angelina Love made an appearance earlier in the day, so she was over with a few parts of the crowd. Nice match, ODB just didn’t come off right here in Huntington. Angel worked the match, well, and made it a great story to where she had to use a sneak finisher to keep her title from ODB. She played the Beautiful People angle into it very well, also. Angel is such a great worker.


Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Creed came out to his house show music, “Living In America”. Nice traditional USA vs. Iran match. Crowd was very vocal in their support of Creed. Bashir played off of this very well, and made it seem like a huge deal when Creed was able to hit the CreeDDT.

Abyss vs. Kip James

Kip also appeared earlier in the day, so he had a few niche fans. Abyss was majorly over, though…and the majority of people in the crowd wanted to see Kip get killed. This match seemed to stall in the 2nd half, however, there were many comedy spots with Kip getting away from Abyss. Also, a spot that JB brought up on TNAOnline. Kip confronted JB about his computer being at ringside. Where he twitters is right next to the ring bell during the action. There was another spot where Kip played with the bell keeper, and JB took off his jacket to help defend him. Kip eventually got back in the ring, and Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for the win.

Jeff Jarrett & Team 3D vs. Booker T & Beer Money, Inc.

Crowd chanted for tables much tonight. However, Team 3D did a great job having this continue throughout the 20 minute match..and for the big payoff with the table spot. The crowd was chanting ‘TNA’ and Bubba told them to chant ‘Brokeback Mountain’ at Beer Money, Storm and Roode played very well with this…Jarrett had many spots within the match with James Storm. Storm is such a good worker, really shines in the ring with anyone…especially Jarrett. Booker also had great spots with Jarrett, nice to see both out at a house show. Beer Money & Booker had great teamwork, which really showed in distractions and taking advantage of those distractions. There was also a funny spot in this match where Storm attacked Earl Hebner who called for the DQ. Hebner then took off his referee shirt and Bubba put it on. This created a new match with Jeff Jarrett, Early Hebner, and D-Von versus the heels. Hebner then got ready to take on Storm, they cleared the ring of the heels…and Bubba then did a Spin-A-Rooni. The match then restarted and Team 3D finished with the 3D through a table.

After the show, they did the usual…bring backstage out the fans. Abyss, ODB, Eric Young signed for fans. Team 3D was doing the picture for $20. I met them at Booker’s Fanfest, so it wasn’t worth it. Was hoping that it would have been Jarrett.

Overall, a great show for TNA in a very loud arena. The attendance was probably around 1,000. It was also interesting that they had the arena cut in half, and they were using the other half for a prom. During the night, TNA made fun of a prom being next door. Interesting environment, as outside before the show half were dressed in tuxes and dresses with “the wrestling fans”…TNA really hit a homerun, though, throughout this whole day in Huntington…I would definitely expect them to put this down for a comeback…