TNA Tag Team Championships Match
James Storm and Gunner (c’s) vs. The BroMans

“Mr. Olympia” Phil Heath is out with The BroMans at ringside tonight. James Storm and Gunner toss Robbie E into Jessie early on. Gunner and Jessie get things going as Gunner levels Jessie with a quick shoulder block. Gunner launches Jessie to the corner and gets in a few chops. Tag to Robbie E who gets help from Jessie to launch Gunner in the corner and Robbie mounts Gunner dropping some big rights. Quick tag to Jessie near the corner as Jessie gets in a few shots. Tag back to Robbie who applies a quick headlock. Gunner attempts a backslide and Jessie runs in connecting with a dropkick to the head of Gunner to break it up. Tag back to Jessie who keeps Gunner grounded with big kicks. Gunner responds with a big fallaway slam on Jessie from the second rope. Hot tag to Storm. Storm unloads on Robbie and Jessie ending with a big superkick on Jessie. Storm with a big kick to the head on Robbie in the corner and follows with a neckbreaker. Gunner with an electric chair on Robbie and Storm with a front suplex dropping Jessie over Robbie. Storm off the top with a flying elbow, hooks the leg on Robbie and Robbie kicks out. Jessie immediately jumps in with kicks. Gunner takes out Jessie. Robbie with a quick russian leg sweep on Gunner. Storm has a big cut on his leg. Robbie counters an Eye of the Storm and connects with a DDT on Storm, hooks the leg and Storm kicks out. Gunner with a backbreaker across the knee on Robbie. Gunner levels Jessie with a clothesline, plants Robbie with a powerbomb, lifts him up and Storm with a backcracker. Jessie breaks up the pinfall.

Crowd can’t believe that the pinfall got broken up. Storm with a Codebreaker on Jessie. We can see a shot of Robbie tossing one of the tag belts in the ring. The referee sees this and tosses it out. Robbie with a clothesline to the back of the head on Storm. Jessie then lifts up Storm, Robbie comes off the ropes and catches Storm with a big clothesline. Robbie covers Storm and gets the pinfall. Crowd can’t believe it.

Winners and new TNA Tag Team Champions: The BroMans

After the match, The BroMans celebrate the big title win with “Mr. Olympia” Phil Heath.

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