SEGMENT: 2013 TNA Hall of Fame ceremony

2013 TNA Hall of Fame Ceremony with inductee Kurt Angle

Sting is out first. Sting talks about Angle’s winning a gold medal in the Olympics for the United States of America. He talks about Angle transitioning to the world of pro wrestling and his quick success that followed. Sting introduces Kurt Angle. Big reaction for Angle in San Diego. Angle thanks God, his family and the fans. Very brief speech by Angle saying he can’t even describe in words what it means. Sting says he is pretty lonely in the TNA Hall of Fame and hands Angle a box. Angle opens it up and inside is a watch. Sting leads the crowd in a chant for Angle. An emotional Angle takes the mic and says, “The truth is – I’ve let myself, my family and my peers down without living up to my real potential and the standard you (Sting) have set for the Hall of Fame. Which is why, I’m going to respectfully decline this Hall of Fame induction. I’m going to set a new standard for myself, for this company, for the industry – everything I’ve accomplished in the past is going to mean nothing to what I accomplish in the future.” Angle said when he feels worthy, he will join him in the Hall of Fame.

We go back to September 20, 2009 when AJ Styles become the new TNA Champion at No Surrender 2009.

Backstage, TNA President Dixie Carter greets Ethan Carter III. She tells Ethan she has hand picked an opponent for him tonight. They say a motto – “The world needs us, we’re the Carter’s” to close the segment.

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