ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke (TNA Knockouts Title)

TNA Knockouts Championship – Triple Threat Match
ODB (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke

ODB levels Brooke and Gail Kim early on. ODB with a fallaway slam on Brooke. Brooke with big kicks to the lower back of ODB and follows with more stomps. Gail attempts a series of roll ups on ODB and Brooke that result in two counts. Brooke with a facebuster from the corner on ODB. Brooke with a swinging neckbreaker on ODB. Gail trips up Brooke from the ropes and locks on a Figure Four against the steel ring post on her. ODB gets a single leg Boston Crab applies on Brooke. Brooke starts crawling and ODB pulls her back out to the center. Gail with a quick shot to Brooke and then a kick to ODB to break it up. Brooke and Gail are brawling near the top turnbuckle. ODB jumps up, hooks the heads of both, but they push her off. Gail with a big dropkick to ODB. Brooke off the top with a flying elbow. ODB with shoulder blocks and then a double clothesline to both Brooke and Gail. ODB has Gail up in a vertical suplex and then back down. Referee bump with ODB splashing him in the corner. Gail follows with a dropkick that takes out the referee as well falling out of the ring. ODB puts Brooke up on the top turnbuckle, puts Gail on her shoulders, grabs Brooke and puts her on top of Gail, Brooke falls off, Gail kicks Brooke and then ODB drops Gail over Brooke. ODB covers both girls when Lei’D Tapa walks out. ODB takes a drink from her flask, runs up, gets in a few elbows, runs back and Tapa drops her with a big kick. Brooke jumps off the top turnbuckle, Tapa catches her and powerbombs her back in the ring. Gail crawls over and gets the pinfall.

Winner and new TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

After the match, Lei’D Tapa grabs the TNA Knockouts Championship, picks up Gail Kim and hands it to her. Tapa raises her arm and they hug. Tapa puts Kim on her shoulder as they celebrate some more.

Backstage, we see a shot of The BroMans celebrating winning the TNA Tag Team Championships with “Mr. Olympia” Phil Heath. They celebrate by spraying protein shakes.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Bobby Roode. Roode mocks Angle turning down the Hall of Fame tonight.

A video package runs hyping Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode tonight.

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