Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Early takedowns between the two to kick off the match. Roode with an armbar takedown attempting a Crossface when Angle counters out and bails. Roode yells out at Angle, “That close!” Angle returns to the ring, gets an Ankle Lock applied and Roode counters sending Angle to the outside. They exchange shots at ringside with Roode getting in a knee and sending Angle face first into the ring apron. Angle with a big shoulder block from the ring apron when Roode returns and runs in with a big charge. Roode rakes the eyes and drops Angle’s jaw off the top rope. Roode drops an elbow over the neck of Angle and then applies pressure using his boot back in the ring continuing to focus on the neck. Roode with a quick neckbreaker. Roode continues to work on the neck. Big comeback from Angle with clotheslines, german suplex hanging on, second german suplex with Angle hanging on, Roode with elbows and Angle with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle with a third german suplex with a release getting a two count. Roode responds with a big spinebuster. Angle counters Roode and gets the Ankle Lock applied. Roode powers out, sends Angle shoulder first into the steel ring post and then executes a dropping armbar. Roode gets the Crossface applied. Angle fights out and misses a moonsault when Roode rolls out of the way. Roode goes back to the Crossface. Angle reaches out, grabs Roode’s ankle and gets a Key Lock/Ankle Lock applied. Roode is reaching for the bottom rope. Roode flips forward and gets the Crossface locked on.

Angle counters into a pinfall. Roode kicks out. Roode attempts one of his own. Angle kicks out. Roode gets Angle back down in the Crossface. Angle rolls out and gets the Angle Slam on Roode. Angle hooks the leg and gets a close two count. Roode gets in a low blow on Angle when the referee didn’t see. Roode has Angle up in a fireman’s carry and plants him with a Death Valley Driver/cutter modified move. Angle kicks out. Angle gets the Ankle Lock applied again on Roode. Roode rolls to his back, tries to power out, but Angle hangs on and keeps it applied. Angle drops down and applies more pressure. Roode is trying to fight his way to the ropes. Roode appears to pass out. The referee raises his hand and when it drops down his hand falls on the bottom rope. The referee forces Angle to break the Ankle Lock. The crowd in San Diego starts to chant “BULLSH*T.” Angle picks up Roode and places him up on the top turnbuckle. Angle with big rights to Roode and climbs up to the second rope with Roode. Angle gets up on the top turnbuckle, puts Roode on his shoulders and falls back with an Angle Slam from the top turnbuckle. The referee starts the count with both men down. Roode is up at the 9 count. Roode falls back over Angle and Roode gets the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Roode

After the match, Tenay and Taz talk about Kurt Angle not moving after he hit the ring with the Angle Slam off the top turnbuckle on Bobby Roode. TNA officials and referees are now in the ring. They put a neckbrace on Angle and then put him on a stretcher. Angle removes the neckbrace as they place him on a stretcher at ringside. Angle gets off the stretcher and heads to the back.

We go back to Bound for Glory 2009 when AJ Styles defeated Sting to retain the TNA Championship in the main event.

Backstage, we see a shot of AJ Styles getting his gear on.

Backstage, TNA Champion Bully Ray is giving a speech about how tonight is “all about our colors, our championship and our creed. When you ride with the Aces and Eights, you never walk alone.”

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