Impact Results – 4/16/09

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
April 16, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens up with a preview of what we will see tonight including Mick Foley interviewing Cactus Jack (you read that right) and a former TNA Champion returns tonight to face Kevin Nash! The opening hits and then the pyro goes off and it’s time to cross the line!

AJ Styles? music hits and ?The Phenomenal One? makes his way out to the ring, I don?t think they?re going to make us wait very long before we find out who the secret member is! AJ says a few weeks ago he lost a match to Scott Steiner due to a miscue from Jeff Jarrett and they talked about it so it’s water under the bridge, but it’s the rumors that are going around in the back that he can?t get out of his head. He says he’s not accusing Jeff of anything but he wants to make sure they?re on the same page. This brings Mr. Founder out to the ring. AJ tells Jeff that he knows Jeff is under a lot of pressure and that any decision that Jeff makes could make or break TNA, but when they?re inside that cage together he needs to know that Jeff will be on his side. Jeff says that he’s insulted that AJ would even ask that question and it was him that named AJ team captain before he turned it back over to him. He asks AJ if he would?ve done that if he was going to turn on him, but AJ says he never implied that but Jeff just did. Jeff gets pissed and says that’s exactly what’s wrong with the young generation of wrestlers, there is no trust. Jeff tells AJ that he has given him every opportunity to further his career and to become a man in the business. He says AJ has a lot of balls to question his integrity 3 days before Lockdown. AJ starts to apologize but Jeff says he doesn?t want to hear an apology. Jeff tells AJ that he will find out how dedicated he is tonight when he reveals the final member to their team and that brings out the Main Event Mafia minus Sting. They get in the ring and Kurt tells Jeff that he realizes that he’s going through a lot lately and he can sympathizes with him. Kurt says Kevin Nash can?t wrestle tonight because the doctors won?t clear him until Sunday to wrestle so he asks Jeff if he can take Nash’s place tonight. AJ calls bullcrap and says that’s Kevin Nash’s problem and they should forfeit the match. Kurt says he didn?t know AJ was in charge this week and of course that riles up Jeff. Jeff says that he will allow Kurt to take Nash’s place tonight and later he will announce who his opponent will. West says that Jarrett didn?t even put up a fight over Angle’s demand.


A nice video package highlighting Suicide is shown, he defends the X-Division Title this Sunday in X-Division Xscape. In the back Sheik Bashir, Kiyoshi, and No Limit are with Lauren. She talks about Bashir putting together a group of foreigners but he says they volunteered to join his ?cause? because they?re tired of playing the victims in the United States. Bashir says this Sunday everyone will take them seriously when they bring the blood and the pain.

Triple Threat Match
Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley vs. Homicide w/Hernandez vs. Tetsuya Naito w/Yujiro, Kiyoshi, & Bashir

This is a preview for the Three Way IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Titles Match this Sunday at Lockdown. Naito and Sabin attack Homicide at the bell and beat him down in the corner. They whip Homicide into the corner and then Sabin whips Naito into the corner at Homicide, but he gets a boot up to the face of Naito. Sabin then charges Homicide but eats a back elbow. Homicide climbs to the top and goes for a Tornado DDT on Sabin but he throws Homicide off. Naito puts Homicide in a camel clutch and then Sabin hits a sliding dropkick to the face of Homicide. Sabin then puts Homicide in a camel clutch and telsl Naito to hit a dropkick but as Naito came off the ropes Sabin leveled with a clothesline. Sabin picks Naito up but he kicks Sabin in the gut and then comes off the ropes but Sabin hits him with a running knee strike to the corner. Sabin whips Naito into the ropes but Naito hits a flying shoulder block taking Sabin down. Homicide whips Naito into the ropes and hits a back elbow but Naito comes back with a knife edge chop. Naito goes for another one but Homicide blocks it and hits a T-Bone Suplex! Naito bails out to the floor and Sabin attacks Homicide from behind. Sabin whips Homicide in the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Homicide ducks and then hits the tope con hilo through the ropes onto No Limit and Kiyoshi on the floor! Homicide actually bounced off of them over the guard rail and right into a wall! In the ring Sabin whips Naito into the corner but he springboards to the top and hits a Corkscrew Moonsault followed by a German Suplex into a bridge! 1?2..NO Sabin kicks out! Naito knocks Homicide off the apron and then Sabin & Naito trade waistlocks until Sabin hits him with a dropkick to the knees. Sabin with a bulldog for a nearfall and then dropkicks Homicide off the apron again. Sabin whips Naito into the corner and hits a flying elbow and then goes for the Cradle Shock but Naito blocks it. Naito & Sabin trade punches and forearms as Homicide climbs to the top and hits a double Missile Dropkick! Homicide with a clothesline on Sabin in corner and then one on Naito in the other corner. Homicide then hits a monkey toss but he lands on his feet and Naito hits him with a dropkick. Homicide with a jawbreaker followed by a neckbreaker on Naito and then a Tiger Bomb on Sabin! 1?2?NO Sabin kicks out! Naito goes for a scoop slam on Homicide but he blocks it and goes for the Gringo Killa! Sabin charges at Homicide but he blocks the punch and goes for the Gringo Cutta, but Sabin blocks it and goes for the Cradle Shock but Naito kicks him in the gut! Naito attempts to whip Sabin into the corner but he blocks it and then hits the Tornado DDT on Naito and an Enziguri on Homicide at the same time! 1..2..NO Naito kicks out! Sabin whips Naito into the corner and hits a running Yakuza Kick in the corner. Sabin sets Naito up on the top rope and climbs up with him but Homicide knocks Sabin off the top crashing into the guard rail on the floor! Homicide climbs up and hits the Gringo Cutt off the top! 1?2?3 and Homicide gets the win!

Winner: Homicide via pinfall (Gringo Cutta)

In the parking lot Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) and Balls Mahoney are shown pulling up in a taxi! What the hell?!


In the back Abyss is in Jim Cornette’s office complaining about something when ODB and her redneck come in and she’s pissed that she’s in Queen of the Cage Sunday. She says she hasn?t even had a match in several weeks and she’s expected to get in the cage. Cornette says Abyss can find a girl and ODB can find a guy and they?ll have a Mixed Tag Match. Cody Deaner says he?ll be her partner, he says he throws down at Family Reunions. Just wow.

A sitdown interview between Jeff Jarrett and Mike Tenay are shown. Jarrett says that Foley was brought into TNA and it was a dream to work with him. Tenay asks Jeff about Foley hitting Sting with the chair and he says they won the match but at a high cost because now Sting is still with the Mafia. They talk about a match that’s on the new Jeff Jarrett DVD between he and Cactus Jack. He says he doesn?t know from one day to the next if Mick Foley, the TNA shareholder, is going to show up or Cactus Jack is going to show up. Tenay asks Jarrett about his relationship with Scott Steiner and he says he’s gone way back with Scott and the business has driven a wedge between them in the past. He says he’s done a lot of soul searching and there comes a time when he has to look in the mirror and say he’s got to take care of Jeff Jarrett.


In the back JB is with the Main Event Mafia and talks about the match tonight. Kurt says he doesn?t know who his opponent is but he does care how important this match is tonight because of how important the man advantage in Lethal Lockdown is.

A video package highlighting the Beautiful People is shown.

Taylor Wilde, Raisha Saeed, & Awesome Kong vs. The Beautiful People (Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, & Velvet Sky)

Kong, Saeed, and Taylor attack BP on the ramp and then beat them into the ring. Kong is beating the hell out of Angelina in the corner and Saeed and Wilde throw the other girls out. Kong whips Angelina into the corner and goes for a corner splash but Angelina moves and hits two Bicycle Kicks on Kong. on the outside Raisha scoop slams Velvet on the floor. In the ring Kong hits the Implant Buster on Angelina! 1?2?3 and she gets the dominating win!

Winners: Taylor, Raisha, & Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster)

After the match Kong goes to cut Angelina’s hair but Velvet & Madison attack her from behind and choke her in the corner. Velvet places the Knockouts Title on the top rope and then they Snake Eyes Raisha onto it! They then do the same to Taylor but Kong takes out both Madison & Velvet. Angelina then sprays hairspray in Kong’s eyes and nails Kong with the title! The Beautiful People finally got the dreadlocks of Kong!


In the back Kong is going nuts throwing stuff around and hitting lockers. The monster is pissed! West even says he has to question why in the hell you would want to get her that mad.

TNA Rough Cut w/ Team 3D
3D puts over how serious wrestling is taken in Japan and to hold the IWGP Tag Titles is a very big deal. He puts over how they are only the 2nd set of Americans to win those titles in the last 15 years. They talk about Lockdown and what it means for it to be in Philly and how this is the first time the IWGP Tag Titles will be defended on American soil. Bubba says the fans in Philly will want Beer Money’s blood splattered across the arena and he’s worried about what will happen to them if they don?t splatter Beer Money’s blood all over the arena.

In the back Lauren is with 3D and he once again puts over the importance of their match this Sunday is with both the IWGP Tag Titles and the TNA Tag Titles are on the line when Brother Runt walks in. Runt says he has another surprise for them and Balls Mahoney walks in! Balls says they?re just there to wish them luck this Sunday and puts over how they?re going ?home? this weekend. He says they?re ALL (Raven, Dreamer, Sandman, Tazz) behind them. Bubba asks about Heyman but they all laugh. Bubba asks if they?re going to hang out but they say they have an INDY show to go to.

Mixed Tag Team Match
ODB & Cody Deaner vs. ?The Monster? Abyss & Daffney

West says Cody is just an idiot, I must agree Mr. West. Daffney got the psycho look going again. Daffney mocks ODB and then chest bumps her but ODB chest bumps her and knocks her down. Daffney goes for a clothesline but ODB blocks it and then throws Daffney into the corner. Daffney comes back with knife edge chops. ODB chops Daffney herself and then hits a scoop slam. ODB goes for an elbow drop but Daffney moves and then flips over into a pin for a one count. Daffney attempts to whip ODB into the corner but she reverses it and then charges at Daffney, but she moves and hits a huge spinning heel kick! Daffney then whips ODB into the corner and charges but ODB moves and Daffney tags Abyss in. Cody doesn?t want any part of Abyss but the referee says he has to get into the ring. Cody starts to get his confidence up as the fans get behind him and fires himself up but Abyss just looks at him crazy when Deaner slaps him. Deaner throws a punch and the fans chant one more time at him. Deaner turns his hat around and Abyss hits him with a right hand that knocks the hat off his head and sends Deaner crashing to the floor. Abyss knocks him down again and the fans chant ?you got bitch slapped.? Cody tries to tag out but eats the Black Hole Slam instead. 1?2?3 and he’s dead.

Winners: Abyss & Daffney via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Matt Morgan runs out and attacks Abyss from behind. Abyss fights back but Matt hits the Carbon Footprint to take Abyss down. Morgan leaves and Abyss is left fuming in the ring.


In the back JB is with Scott Steiner and asks him what he and Jeff has talked about in private but Scott says it’s personal and it will remain between he and Jeff.

Cactus Jack vs. Mick Foley

Mick Foley’s music hits and it’s time for the interview with Cactus Jack? There are two chairs set up in the ring for Mick and Cactus. Mick is talking normal and talks about getting busted open last week and how crazy things will get this Sunday when he and Sting are locked inside the cage. He says what he thought he would do in between is sit back and interview Cactus Jack! He even introduces Cactus and then he changes his tone and asks ?Mick? if he thinks this is a joke. He tells Mick to shut his mouth and says he knows that the fans know he and Mick share the same lungs, mouth, legs, etc. but they are very distinct differences between he and Mick. He says Mick has no heart, no guts, and no spine and then he turns back to Mick and says he lost an ear in Germany and continued to wrestle. He switches back and says he’s not talking to that guy because that guy is he. Cactus says he’s calling the shots and asks Mick where he was on the night of July 27, 2007 and he says he was at a ComicCon signing autographs trying to get a buzz for his next sellout. He says he was eating dinner that night and saw two thieves running out of a store and he just let them run by without trying to help and asked why. He turns back to Mick but before he can answer Cactus cuts him off again and says he lost his heart, guts, and desire a long time ago. He says he is so tired of cashing the checks he earned and Mick writing books on the life he lived. He says Mick’s days wrestling in the ring are over and when they?re locked inside the six sides of steel he’s lacing up the leopard skin boots and putting on the Cactus Jack tights because he will not let Mick have his moment of glory when he vanquishes his greatest rival. Mick cuts him off but Cactus yells at him to shutup again and starts punching himself in the head over and over! Oh my god, this guy is insane! Finally Sting’s music cuts him off and he walks out to the ring. Mick actually busted his own damn head open. Sting tells Mick that he’s turning a 20 year friendship into an out of control three ring circus. Sting says he cannot believe what he just witnessed and he cannot believe that Mick believes what he just did. Cactus is laughing and Sting asks him if he lost his mind or is this just an act. Sting says he’s convinced he believes what he just did but he will not be intimidated. Sting tells Mick to bring chairs, tables, ladders, barbed wire baseball bats, it doesn?t matter to him. Cactus jumps up and knocks his chair over and tells Sting that’s the Sting he wants to see because he was never intimidated by him before. He says when other people had the sense to run away from him, Sting was never afraid. He says the first time he heard a Cactus Jack chant, he may have not been scared but he was sure as hell concerned. He acts Sting what he’s going to do when 7 or 8,000 fans in Philly are chanting ?Cactus Jack? inside of that cage. The Mafia’s music plays and Sting is wondering what’s going on but nobody comes out and Cactus attacks Sting from behind! Cactus says that’s what Sting gets as he continues to beatdown Sting. Cactus picks up the chair and drops it on Sting! Cactus says he can hit any music he wants because he runs that place. He then tells the back to play Curry Man’s music and then he drops an Elbow Drop on Sting and tells them to play Shark Boy’s music as West says Foley has lost his damn mind. Foley then tells them to play Sting’s music as he goes to the floor and breaks out the barbed wire bat! Foley kicks Sting and then tells Sting he can do anything he wants and at Lockdown he wants to tear Sting apart! Foley celebrates over a prone Sting holding the barbed wire bat up!


In the back Beer Money break bottles over Brother Runt & Balls Mahoney’s heads! They beat the hell out of them and then drag them towards the stage. They throw Balls into the ring and Balls comes back on Roode until Storm attacks him from behind but Balls fights back on him until Roode destroys Balls with a chair! Balls is busted WIDE open! Storm hangs Runt upside down from the top rope and nails him with a chair! Security tries to stop them but they take them out too. Roode just absolutely kills Balls with more chair shots as Storm hits nasty right hands on Runt and then hits a Hanging Spike DDT on Runt onto a chair. He’s busted open now. My god, these chair shots are disgusting! Roode hits a Powerbomb off the top rope on Runt through at table which is the same move that 3D did for years when they would put people through a table! Finally 3D runs out and chases Beer Money off but the damage has been done! I don?t think I?ve seen more vicious chair shots back to back ever and I?ve seen numerous Masato Tanaka matches!


Brother Ray is pissed as EMT’s are helping Runt & Balls out. They call Beer Money back out and they show up on the ramp as Ray asks them why they did it. Roode says they did it because they can and he says they hate them like they hate 3D. Bubba wants to make the match at Lockdown a Philadelphia Street Fight inside the cage! That means the cage door will be unlocked and they can take it all around the arena!

Tenay & West run down the Lockdown the card for this Sunday and then cut to the back where AJ is with Lauren. AJ says he has no idea what’s going through Jeff’s mind because sometimes it seems like he’s with them and sometimes he seems like he’s not. He says he can?t just believe Jeff will be on his side, he has to KNOW.


Jeff Jarrett Announces the Final Team Jarrett Member

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring first as he will have to face whoever Jarrett picks and then he his followed by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says he’s given a lot of thought over the last several weeks over who he would name the final team member of Team Jarrett and he realizes there has been some doubts about where his loyalty lies. He says he knew that this decision had to prove where his loyalties lie and he knows it’s more about AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, the Front Line, and the fans more than about him. He says being the founder of TNA makes him make a lot of touch decisions but tonight it was an easy one. The final member to Team Jarrett is?CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! AJ Styles goes crazy (happy) over the decision in the back as Daniels new remixed theme hits and the Fallen Angel returns! Kurt Angle can?t believe what he’s seeing.

Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge
Kurt Angle vs. ?Fallen Angel? Christopher Daniels

Daniels screams into the camera ?I NEVER LEFT!? Daniels has new ring gear and a goatee as the fans chant ?welcome back? at Daniels. Daniels & Angle don?t waste anytime as they lock up in this first time EVER one-on-one match up (I think)! Angle with a waistlock and then a suplex but Daniels counters into a hammerlock. Angle is able to drag Daniels to the ropes and break the hold. Daniels and Angle lock up again this time with Angle getting the advantage with a side headlock but Daniels pushes him off and Angle hits a big shoulder block followed by side headlock takeover. Daniels reverses it into a side headlock of his own but Angle pushes him off and Daniels hits a shoulder block of his own. Daniels comes off the ropes but Angle trips Daniels and then Daniels pushes Angle through the ropes to the floor. Daniels then hits the split legged moonsault off the top onto Angle on the floor as the fans are going nuts! Daniels throws Angle back into the ring and gets a nearfall. Daniels throws Angle headfirst into the top turnbuckle and then whips Angle into the ropes as the fans chant ?Fallen Angel? now. Angle holds onto the ropes and then Daniels charges at him, but Angle hits a belly-to-belly overhead suplex over the top rope sending Daniels crashing to the arena floor!


Back from commercials Angle hits a snap suplex for a nearfall and then they show replay of the suplex before the break. Angle puts Daniels in a side headlock but Daniels gets out of it and comes off the ropes only to eat a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then puts Daniels back in a headlock as the fans chant ?Fallen Angel? again. Angel whips Daniels into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Daniels ducks and then Angel goes for a back elbow but Daniels ducks again and they collide into each other as they both go for clotheslines! Both men are down now! They both get to their feet and Daniels hits a clothesline followed by 2 more and then the STO! Daniels mounts Angle and throws repeated rights and lefts before! Daniels is fired up and he pulls off his shirt and throws it into the crowd. Daniels whips Angle into the ropes and hits a sitout Blue Thunder Bomb! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Daniels sets Angle up on the top rope and goes for an Open Hand Palm thrust but Angle avoids it and punches Daniels in the back of the head. Angle then charges him but Daniels nails him with a huge clothesline! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Angle comes right back with a DDT! 1?2?NO Daniels kicks out! The fans are really into the match as Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Daniels counters with an arm drag and then a stepup Enziguri! Daniels grabs Angle and hits an inverted suplex where he actually had Angle’s arm trapped underneath his own leg! I have no clue what that suplex is called. 1?2?NO Daniels kicks out! Daniels goes for the BME but Angle moves and Daniels lands on his feet! Daniels goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks and hits the German Suplex! Angle then hits a 2nd Suplex and hits the 3rd releasing him this time! 1?2..NO Daniels still kicks out and Angle shows the frustration now. Angle with a big European Uppercut and then another and goes for a third but Daniels avoids it, grabs Angle’s arm, and hits a backslide! 1?.2?NO Angle still kicks out! Angle gets to his feet and hits the Angle Slam out of nowhere! 1?2?NO Daniels was still able to kick out and Angle can?t believe it! Angle pulls down the straps and locks on the Ankle Lock! Daniels is able to kick him off and then Angle goes for the Angle Slam again, but Daniels counters into a weird rollup that had Angle hooked! 1?2?3 Daniels wins! AJ Styles runs out and celebrates with his friend as Team Jarrett as the man advantage and Angle is arguing with the referee! Jim Cornette runs out and tells Angle to calm down. Angle is arguing that his shoulder was up and Cornette says he may have a different vantage point from the referee. Angle demands that they reverse the decision and calls Cornette a ‘stupid son of a b*tch? and then spits on Cornette! Cornette says the decision stands! Angle goes after Cornette and the referees hold him back and he screams for Jarrett to come to the ring. Tenay says that word from the back is Jarrett is walking into the TNA Production Truck.


Angle screams for Jarrett to come out and make things right. Jarrett’s music hits and he walks down to the ring. West says Jarrett needs to ?man up? and make the right advantage. Jarrett says he just watched the replay from several different angles and then they show a replay of the pin. They show Daniels rolling Angle up but both men’s shoulders were on the mat and Angle was able to get his shoulder up a split, I mean a SPLIT second before the 3. Jarrett says this is one of those tough decisions he has to make and he declares Angle the winner!

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (getting his shoulder up before Daniels)

Main Event Mafia celebrate as AJ and Daniels argue with Jarrett about reversing the decision. Even Cornette argues with Jarrett about it. Then, Joe’s music hits and he point at Jarrett as the Mafia laugh at Jarrett fixing to get his ass whipped. Joe runs down to the ring as we fade to black!

Final Thoughts

Wow, what a crazy ride that was tonight! Ever single match at Lockdown was hyped up tonight and in my opinion this is what a ?go-home? show should be. Build every single thing and of course put major emphasis on your main events. Both were definitely the spotlight of the show.

The opening segment between Jeff, Kurt, and AJ was done very nicely. Kurt still playing mind games with Jeff and AJ trying to get Jeff on the same page as he and Joe (well maybe not Joe, ha). I cannot stress just how far AJ Styles has come on the microphone over the last several years.

The three way between Homicide, Sabin, and Naito was really great and a wonderful preview for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Title Match at Lockdown.

The sitdown interview was nice and it put over not only his match at Lockdown but the Sting/Mick match and even his DVD.

The Knockouts tag was okay for what it was I guess. They finally cut Kong’s hair and she will be ultra pissed this weekend.

Good Rough Cut segment with 3D again and nice to see them bring Runt and Balls, guys from 3D’s past, to put over the importance of the match, and then Beer Money get into 3D’s heads by putting the ultimate beat down on them. I mean those chair shots were vicious, absolutely vicious. The Street Fight element is going to give this match something a little different as it’s never been done and you have to give the Philly crowd at least one match where it goes into the crowd. That is a must, hopefully, it will add something nice to a match that’s already hyped up pretty good.

It was good to see Daffney back as Daffney and she looked good in the ring too. Deaner was actually pretty funny and the fans wanted to see him get his a** whooped. Abyss obliged them too. Matt Morgan came out and hyped up their match by once again sneak attacking the Monster.

Wow, that Foley segment was incredible. That dude has lost his damn mind and it makes for great TV! The look on Sting’s face was priceless too. Foley transitioning from Foley to Cactus in a blink of the eye was great and I promise you this match will be entertaining as hell. Mick and Sting are both willing to bleed buckets to get a match over and you know Mick is going to take at least one sickening bump in the match. I?m really, really looking forward to it.

The final match was just great, absolutely great. The fans were really into this match 100% and behind Daniels the whole way. They seemed genuinely happy to see him back and I?m sure 99% of the fans were including me. He looked great in the ring and the whole thing was done nicely. The finish was done perfect with the controversy and Cornette said the referee’s decision was final only to have Jarrett reverse it. So Jarrett gets AJ’s trust one minute and then he loses the next. Joe came out and looked like he was about ready to kill Jeff. They left us hanging and wanting to see what’s going to happen this Sunday. That is exactly what you are supposed to do before a PPV. I?m really looking forward to it and remember Adam Martin has the best play-by-play (FREE) on the internet here at

Segment of the Night: Mick Foley vs. Cactus Jack Promo
Match of the Night: Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle (***)
Final Grade: A

Final Lockdown Lineup:
– Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan
– Queen of the Cage Match: ODB vs. Sojournar Bolt vs. Daffney vs. Madison Rayne
– TNA Knockouts Title Triple Threat: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde
– TNA X-Division Title Xscape Match: Suicide (c) vs. Kiyoshi vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal
– IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Titles Triple Threat: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. L.A.X. vs. No Limit
– Title vs. Title Street Fight: TNA Tag Champs: Beer Money vs. IWGP Tag Champs: Team 3D
– Lethal Lockdown: Team Jarrett (Jarrett, Joe, AJ, & Daniels) vs. Team Angle (Angle, Steiner, Booker, & Nash)
– TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. ?Cactus Jack? Mick Foley