Impact Results – 4/9/09

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
April 09, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens up with a video package hyping up Lockdown and what we will see tonight, saying it may ‘shock you.?

The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and they come to the ring with their security in toe. They?re putting over how Sharmell and Booker T. aren?t coming out with them and Sharmell being taken away by Samoa Joe last week. Sting calls out Jeff Jarrett and he says that Jeff owes him some answers, but he doesn?t want it to be behind closed doors. Jarrett doesn?t make him wait and he comes straight to the ring. The Stinger is not happy this week. Jarrett says he has business to take care of but Sting says it can wait. He asks Jarrett why Foley was allowed to book him in a match against Samoa Joe last week and wants to know who’s running the company: Jarrett or Foley. Jarrett says it’s all a big misunderstanding but Sting says he sees it clear as day and Mick pulled rank on Jarrett at Sting’s expense. Sting tells Jarrett that he wants to know what he’s going to do about it and Jarrett asks him ?or what?? Jarrett says he’s knee deep in ?B.S.? right now and the last thing he needs is Sting getting in his face. Sting tells Jarrett that he needs to make it public that Foley is running the show and Jarrett tells him that he still calls the shots in TNA. Sting says if that’s the case, he thinks Mick Foley needs a Lockdown warmup since Mick gave Sting one last week. Sting says if Jarrett is still running the company then that shouldn?t be a problem. Jarrett asks Sting what gives him the right to question his authority. Sting says 23 years ago when he first met Jarrett he was way down on the totem pole. Sting says he’s the TNA World Champion so he has stroke and he isn?t asking Jeff to book the match, he’s telling him to book it! Sting gets in Jarrett’s face and Steiner grabs the mic and tells Sting to back off. Steiner tells Jarrett that he’s loosing control of the company. Steiner says it shouldn?t be this way and there is an easier road he could go down, and Jeff tells him that’s not even an option. Steiner says he’s throwing away everything he worked for by putting his company in the hands of a bunch of punks. Steiner tells Jarrett that he and Jeff need to go to the back and talk. Then, the Motor City Machine Guns music hits and they walk out to the ring fresh off their successful IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Title defense against Prince Devitt and Ryusuke Taguchi this weekend in Japan. Shelley drops a couple of video game namedrops and he says it wasn?t fair that Sting should wrestled Joe last week and Foley just sat back with the night off. Shelley then said that that’s what happens when Foley is the boss and then looked at Jarrett. Shelley says if Jarrett wants to make things right they are a Tag Team for hire this week. Shelley says last Thanksgiving was the worst night of his life because he was humiliated when he had to wear the Turkey suit and sucker punched by Foley. Shelley says he’s been waiting for a chance to get back at Foley and he suggests them against Foley in a Handicap Match! Shelley questions whether Jarrett is still the right guy to come to for this and Jarrett agrees to make the match! Angle is shown smiling behind Sting, he didn?t say a word the whole promo though.

In the back JB asks Foley about what we just saw. Foley makes a joke about KC & The Sunshine Band (yeah, I have no clue who they are either) and laughs about Jarrett taking control again. Foley says he’s thrilled to face those ?babyfaces? and he’s going to ?tweak? the match a little bit and then walks off.


Man, why in the hell did Dana White bring on Junie Browning’s brother onto the show? You know damn well he is going to be just as big as an a** that Junie was. I digress. The only thing good you could say about that kid is that every week you hoped someone would smash his face in.

TNA thanks us again onscreen for making last week another record breaking show. In the back JB is with Jeff and Foley. Foley applauds Jeff making the Main Event and cracks some more jokes while Jeff allows him to ?tweak? the match if he wants. JB tells Jarrett that he doesn?t seem to be himself as Steiner walks into the room and he makes JB and the camera crew leave.

Non-Title Match
Sheik Abdul Bashir w/Kiyoshi & No Limit vs. Suicide

All 5 of these men out here will be involved in Title Matches at Lockdown. Suicide will be defending the X-Division Title in X-Division Xscape which Bashir and Kiyoshi will be apart of while No Limit will get another chance at the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles. Suicide & Bashir lockup and Suicide charges him into the corner with the referee pulling him off. Bashir then tries to jump Suicide but blocks the right hand and knocks Bashir back again. Suicide whips Bashir into the ropes and then hits a hiptoss followed by a huge running dropkick that sends Bashir into the turnbuckles! Suicide then goes for a snapmare but Bashir pushes him off as the fans chant ?Fallen Angel? at Suicide. Bashir bails out to the outside and Suicide tries to drag him back in but Bashir stuns Suicide over the top rope! Back in the ring Bashir puts to the boots to Suicide and then attempts to whip him into the opposite corner, but Suicide blocks it and hits a forearm to the face. Suicide throws repeated clotheslines in the corner and then hits a front suplex followed by a leg drop. Suicide goes for that running Snapmare Driver into the corner again but Bashir shoves him into the turnbuckles and then throws him to the floor. As Bashir distracts the referee No Limit puts the boots to Suicide and then throws him back into the ring. Bashir hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on Suicide for a nearfall and then slams Suicide into the corner again. Bashir with repeated shoulder blocks and then whips Suicide into the opposite corner. Bashir with a snapmare takeover and then locks Suicide in a sleeper as Tenay & West argue whether Bashir is a victim. West says that we don?t see Bashir as an American, instead as a Middle-Easterner. Suicide fights to his feet but Bashir cuts him off again and hits a back suplex. Bashir climbs to the top rope but Suicide cuts him off and tosses him off the top followed by a clothesline and then a running leg kick. Suicide picks Bashir up and hits that running fireman’s carry slam! Yujiro gets up on the ring apron but Suicide knocks him down. When Suicide turns around Bashir kicks him in the gut and hits a Back to Belly Piledriver! 1?2?NO Suicide kicks out! Yujiro distracts the referee and Naito hands Bashir the X-Title! Bashir tries to hit Suicide with the belt but Suicide kicks it into his face! Suicide then attempts to hit a move on Bashir but before he can Kiyoshi runs in and hits a big roundhouse kick to the side of Suicide’s head! Bashir then drops Suicide with the WMD onto the belt! 1?2?3! Of course West claimed that Bashir hit the WMD on the mat, not the belt.

Winner: Bashir via pinfall (WMD)

Bashir and Kiyoshi/No Limit celebrate over the prone body of Suicide and then the lights cut off and when they come back on Suicide is gone!

Smashing Pumpkins ?Lockdown? hype video plays again. The Beautiful People are shown walking around backstage with a pair of scissors.


In the back Lauren is with Rhino and the Navy guy that was a special ring announcer at Destination X. Rhino puts over the troops and he says at DX he had a chance to sit down with Officer Neal. He says that he was giving him a chance to tell his story to America. He talks about when he first started out in the Navy him and his mentor there had a mutual love for professional wrestling. He says that one day they were attacked and he was injured, but his friend was killed. He says that day a part of him died too. Rhino says that it would be his honor to train him to be a wrestler to live their dream for his buddy. Neal thanks him and Lauren congratulates him. Tenay says that the U.S.S. Cole was attacked and 17 sailors were killed. I?m aware that this a real bombing that occurred but I truly hope this kid isn?t just somebody using that as a gimmick, and he really was in the Navy because if this is just a gimmick then that is really, really uncalled for.

In the back the Beautiful People are attacking Raisha Saeed! They unmasked her (she covered her face with a towel) and then cut her hair! Security runs in to stop them as Tenay puts over how pissed Awesome Kong is going to be.


They show a replay of BP cutting Raisha’s hair.

TNA Rough Cut w/ Team 3D:
They talk about opening up their wrestling school, Team 3D Wrestling Academy. Devon says when they left WWE they went out to the INDY shows and were horrified by the lack of respect the new guys showed and how a lot of them were trained by people who had no business opening a wrestling school. Bubba Ray talks about taking pride in training great young wrestlers and says joining the Front Line was kind of like being an instructor, but those guys are far from being students. He says it’s just the passing down the knowledge and advice rather than training them how to wrestle. Devon talks about a lot of veterans like MEM not wanting to pass the torch. Bubba says that the guys on the Front Line are just as tough as the MEM members but aren?t experienced enough yet.

A sitdown interview between Sting (minus face paint) and Mike Tenay is shown. Mike says he didn?t see the chair shot from Foley coming and Sting says he was too because of their 20 year friendship. He talks about the matches they had all over the world and he says Mick is not a dummy. He says he knows that Foley will start at the top, the World Champion, and right now he’s Champion. Tenay asks Sting what he thinks is going through Foley’s mind but Sting says you would have to be a Pschytsophrenic to get inside Mick’s head. He says he knows better what Mick Foley will do from one moment to the next than what Mick will do. Tenay moves to retirement and asks Sting if at Lockdown it’s more about his well being than wins and losses. Sting says in 1990 he had reconstructive knee surgery and came back in 5 months, but if that happens to him now there is no coming back (interesting since he is supposedly having knee problems at this point). He says going into this match he’s reminded of 1994 when in Germany he saw Cactus Jack (Foley) wrestle Vader. He talks about how Gary Copetta (the ring announcer) came to the backstage holding a piece of a ear and told Sting that he thought he had Cactus? ear. Sting said that Foley walked to the back and pulled back his hair and Sting asked if he was okay which Foley responded with (Sting claims this is a quote) ?I think I lost my freakin? ear, BANG BANG!? with a big smile on his face. He says that sums up who his opponent is and that he’s out of his mind which means he?ll be in ?his? zone because it’s inside of a cage in front of a Philly crowd. Sting says it very well could be his last match because of how physical it will be. That was an awesome segment and an awesome story from Sting.


Earlier today Lauren yells at Abyss about what Dr. Stevie did to him last week and not taking her calls because of it. Lauren says he abused him in front of the whole world and Abyss says that they have a special relationship. Lauren threatens to report him to the Board of Health but Abyss begs her not to. She says that his next session she will be there.

Mick Foley is on his way out to the ring to ?tweak? his match tonight. Foley says he has decided to tweak the match because of what is inside the notebook that he’s holding which contains the notes for his newest book that he’s writing, ?Crossing The Line.? Mick says a few months ago he was at his son, Dewey’s, basketball game and he told his wife how ridiculous his son’s haircut looked. He then says he saw a birthday card on his refrigerator that he had that had a drawing of the Guns on it and said ?MSMG 24/7..365.? He said he asked his son about it and his son told him that his son told him that it was the reason he worse his hair like that, because the Guns were his favorite wrestlers. He then shows a picture of his son and then shows another picture of his son with the Alex Shelley haircut on the big screen. He says his son told him he wanted to look like Alex Shelley too. Mick says they could have a great match tonight but he wants to change it to a First Blood Match! He also wants to make Sting the special guest enforcer and he wants Jarrett at ringside too! He says he tried hard to make his home a Machine Gun-free home and when he’s done with them tonight no child will ever want to look like Alex Shelley again! He says he’s going to carve him up like a Thanksgiving turkey!

In the back JB is with Booker and Angle and JB asks Booker about Joe dragging Sharmell off last week. Booker says normally he’s laughing and joking but this is serious. He says he’s an entertainer but last week what happened had nothing to do with entertainment, and his wife hasn?t been the same since last week. He says he can?t get one word out of her. He says he’s going to leave what’s going to happen to Joe tonight up to his imagination and then walks off. Angle says tonight has nothing to do with gaining the advantage at Lockdown and he’s coming with Book tonight. He says if he wants to unleash his Nation of Violence then unleash it on him and see what happens.


During the break AJ Styles approached Samoa Joe and said that if Kurt was walking out with Booker then he’s walking out there with Joe, but Joe tells him that his Nation of Violence is a Nation of ONE. AJ mocked him when he walked off saying ?really??

Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge
Round 2
Booker T. w/Kurt Angle vs. ?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe

Joe storms the ring and goes right at Booker with repeated jabs and then chokes Booker. The referee stops Joe (and he doesn?t attack the referee this week, thankfully) and then Joe puts the boots to Booker. ?Joe’s gonna kill you? chants start as Joe chokes Booker on the ropes again and then stares at Angle. This gives Book a chance to come back with a big knee followed by repeated knee strikes. Booker whips Joe into the corner and then charges at him, but Joe moves and then hits a jumping Enziguri! Joe comes off the ropes but Angle tripped him as the referee checked on Book. Book then throws more knee strikes to Joe’s head and Angle hands Booker a chair, but the referee warns Book if he uses it then he?ll be disqualified. AJ Styles then runs in and snatches the chair from Booker! Angle and AJ go at it with AJ getting the best of Kurt! In the ring Joe attacks Booker from behind! Joe tries to whip Booker into the ropes but Booker reveres it into a knee to the gut and then goes for the Axe Kick, but Joe catches him in midmove with the snap powerslam! 1…2?3 and Joe wins! That means the Lockdown Challenge is tied 1-1 with the deciding match taking place next week.

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall (Powerslam)

After the match Joe is pissed about AJ coming down to help him and they get in each other’s faces.


Tenay and West hype up the card for Lockdown going over all the matches. ODB and Cody Deaner are shown at Universal Studios and they go to see Woody Woodpecker (and ODB of course says she’s met the ?pecker? a few times). Well, that was pretty useless. We don?t all look like that in Alabama, thank God!

TNA Rough Cut Pt. 2 w/ Team 3D:
3D talks about how they feel honored about being mentioned in the same breath as some of the greatest tag teams in history. Devon says as time goes on they will continue to be successful. Bubba says if there was a major Tag Team Title other there, they won it and he says being a World Tag Champ carries a lot of responsibility.


During the break Kevin Nash was with the Survivor chick. Lauren is in the backstage area with the Guns. Shelley says that legends start off as mediocre stories and then snowball into glorifiedness and that’s true about Mick except his snowball is wrapped in barbed wire. Shelley says his ?legacy? might be fine to tell his kids or put on his myspace fans site but when he was building that legacy 20 years ago they were playing Donkey Kong (and training to be the super athletes of tomorrow). He says they are so confident that they can beat Foley tonight they will let Foley have their titles and take them back to Japan for him. Sabin says they wouldn?t challenge Foley if they didn?t know they could beat him. Sabin says Mick can barely get out of bed in the morning let alone wrestle. He says at Mick’s expense they?ll make a name for themselves.

?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner w/Kevin Nash vs. ?Cowboy? James Storm w/Robert Roode

3D come to the announce table for guest commentary for this match and James Storm is all business tonight, no Boozer Cruizer. Before the initial lockup Nash hits Storm in the ankle with Steiner’s pipe and Steiner attacks Storm! Steiner whips Storm into the ropes and hits a big back elbow on Storm to take him down and then throws Storm headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Steiner hits Storm with a big chop and then a scoop slam as Steiner is dominating the early going. Steiner tries to throw Storm over the top but he channels Shawn Michaels and skins the cat back into the ring! Storm ducks a clothesline and then slides between Steiner’s legs and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker! 1?2?NO Steiner kicks out! Storm comes off the ropes again but Steiner catches him and hits the overhead belly-to-belly suplex as Bubba Ray puts over how Beer Money will react when they walk into Philly and the fans start to chant ?we want blood? at them. Steiner chops Storm again and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Storm ducks and then goes for one of his own, but Steiner ducks and hits a Steinerline. Steiner whips Storm into the ropes and nails him with another Steinerline and then drops the Elbow on him. 1?and Steiner starts taunting Storm with pushups. Steiner chops Storm and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Storm kicks him in the face and hits several right hands. Storm goes for a clothesline but Steiner catches his arm and hits the STO! 1?2?NO Storm kicks out! Steiner puts Storm in a rear chinlock as the fans are getting behind Storm. Storm fights to his feet and Steiner attempts to slam him headfirst into the top turnbuckle, but Storm blocks it and then slams Steiner into it! Storm with right hands and then whips Steiner into the corner! Storm charges Steiner but he backdrops Storm over the top rope onto the ring apron! Storm then hits the leaping Enziguri over the top rope to the back of Steiner’s head! Storm then hits the Backcracker! 1?2?NO Steiner kicks out! Storm tries to whip Steiner into the corner again but Steiner reverses it and charges at Storm, but he gets a boot up and then goes for a running clothesline. Steiner blocks it and goes for the STO again, but Storm counters with back elbows to the side of the head and then a one man Beer Money Suplex! Storm sets up for the Last Call but Nash hits him with the pipe from the outside causing the disqualification. Roode comes into the ring but Nash tossed Steiner the pipe and he nails Roode with it. 3D then charges the ring and Steiner and Nash retreat!

Winner: James Storm via DQ

West says he was happy that 3D left the announce table because they were pissing him off and Tenay finds it funny that West found some ?bass? in his voice as soon as 3D left. In the ring 3D hand the TNA Tag Titles back to Beer Money and they stare each other down again. They toast each other with their title belts (which was pretty cool).


In the back JB says that he has news about a major ?wrestling personality? that’s in a major ?wrestling promotion? making his way to TNA (Tazz?) and you can learn who it is (doubtful) on TNA Mobile. He approaches the Beautiful People and talks about the ?makeovers? they?ve been giving out. Angelina says they did all those ‘skanks? a favor and she says she wants the TNA Knockouts Title and she?ll get it at any cost. She says when they first started in TNA they would cleanse the world one ugly person at a time and that’s what they?re doing. Angelina says Raisha won?t make it tonight because they left her in a pool of her own blood, hair, & vomit. She says they?re going to give her a ?makeover? which she says is long overdue.

Handicap Match
Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne w/Angelina Love

Kong looks none too happy as she comes to the ring. Boy, is Madison Rayne an upgrade to look at instead of Kip James coming to the ring with BP. Rayne & Sky jump Kong at the bell and whip her into the ropes and go for a double clothesline, but Kong runs right through it. Kong goes for a double clothesline of her own but they duck down and then kick Kong in the gut. Velvet & Rayne put Kong in a double wristlock and she attempts to slam them into each other, but they are able to avoid each other and hit a doubleteam straightjacket slam on Kong! Velvet & Madison then put the boots to her and then Velvet climbs to the top and goes for a Tornado DDT, but Kong blocks it and grabs her by the throat! Velvet hits several back elbows to break the choke and then pushes Kong right into a Missile Dropkick from Madison! It doesn?t affect Kong though as she gets right back up and hits a big double clothesline on them! Kong then picks Velvet up and goes for the Awesome Bomb but Madison pushes her into a seated pin on Kong! 1?2?NO Kong reveres it into a pin of her own as Madison celebrated in the corner! 1?2?3 and Kong wins!

Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (rollup)

After the match the BP attack Kong from behind and triple team her. Angelina pulls out the scissors but Taylor Wilde runs out and runs them off. Kong looks shocked at Taylor.


In the back JB is with the founder of TNA (you know who). JB congratulates Jeff Jarrett on his new DVD in stores and then asks Jeff about his conversation with Scotty earlier, but Jeff says he’s not talking about it. He says next week he will be announcing the 4th member of his team for Lethal Lockdown and that ?former champion in TNA? will be facing Kevin Nash in the finals of the Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge! You guys need to watch next week, I don?t usually read spoilers, but I was told I needed to check them out and it won?t disappoint any TNA fans!

First Blood Handicap Match
?Hardcore Legend? Mick Foley vs. Motor City Machine Guns
Special Enforcer: Sting

Tenay says Jarrett has turned down Foley’s invitation to come to ringside. Shelley starts the match off for the Guns and Foley shoots in for the collar and elbow tieup, but Shelley ducks him and then starts doing jumping jacks mocking Mick. They do finally lockup and Shelley pushes Mick off and then taunts him again. Shelley puts Foley in a side headlock but Foley pushes him off and hits a back elbow. Foley puts the beatdown on Shelley and chokes him in the middle rope. Foley goes for a Vertical Suplex on Shelley but he blocks it and puts Foley in a waistlock. Foley reverses the waistlock into one of his own and then Shelley reverses it right back! Foley then scrambles towards the ropes and dives through them bringing Shelley crashing to the floor with him! Foley then slams Shelley into the guard rail as Sabin hits a nasty hesitation dropkick off the ring apron sending Foley slamming into the concrete! Shelley then slams Foley into the guard rail and the Guns slide back into the ring. They then hit a double suicide dive through the ropes onto Foley right into the guardrail and that looked freaking sick!


Back from commercials Foley has taken back the advantage with big right hands on Sabin and then whips him into the corner and charges, but Sabin moves and Foley slams into the ring post! Shelley tagged in and he whips Sabin into Foley with a Flying Forearm and then he kneels down and Shelley hits a running forearm off the back of Sabin! Shelley grabs Foley and hits him with an STO as Sabin comes off the top at the same time with a Missile Dropkick! Sabin with a spinning back kick to the gut of Foley. Shelley follows up with a Superkick to the side of the head that hits flush! Shelley then hits another Superkick as Sabin hits an Enziguri at the same time! That whole sequence is the ASCS Rush! Sabin points at Sting and does his yell and then beats his chest mocking Sting. Sting then drags Sabin out to the floor and hits him with the Scorpion Death Drop! That distracted Shelley allowing Foley to hit a running forearm and then the Double Arm DDT! Foley pulls out Socko and puts Shelley in the Mandible Claw and flings Shelley to the floor! The referee sees blood on Foley’s hand and goes to call the match but Foley stops him and says it’s not over. Foley then hits a suplex on Shelley onto the concrete! Foley grabs the microphone and says the blood on the sock is not what he promised, he told them he would bust somebody wide open and not a little ?half a thimble of a blood.? Foley then tells Shelley he’s going to make him suffer. Foley pulls out the barbed wire bat! Shelley pulls himself up and starts to grate it over Shelley’s face when Sting nails him out of nowhere with a chair! The referee looks at Foley and calls for the bell!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns via Foley bleeding

Foley and Sting go at it on the floor after the match! They fight until security runs out and then they break away from security and go at it as the fans erupt!

Final Thoughts

Well, tonight as a stand alone show was only average but they did a great job of building towards Lockdown. All the major feuds as well as the undercard matches were built towards which is something TNA has failed to do in the past. A major factor in that is for the first time in months they have announced the full lineup for the PPV several weeks in advance instead of waiting to the very last week to add most of the matches. That said, they are doing too much of that and not enough wrestling in the first hour (and for the second hour usually). They need to work more on balancing that out because some weeks it’s almost all wrestling, no storyline development and then the next it’s all promos/segments, no wrestling.

All the 3D/Beer Money stuff was top notch again this week including the Steiner vs. Storm match which was very entertaining and Steiner put Storm over as a top guy. I got a feeling this ?mutual respect? stuff is going to end pretty quick between Beer Money & 3D though.

Suicide vs. Bashir was decent and that belly-to-back piledriver was nasty, I?ve never seen Bashir hit that move and that should be his finisher rather than the WMD.

The opening segment between Sting and Jarrett was very well done and Shelley did a good job too. They all did great with the manipulation of Jarrett into doing what they wanted.

I?m really liking the Beautiful People’s attacks on everybody and it looks like they may be teasing a face turn for Kong which would be different to say the least. Taylor looked fine with the shortened hair and I doubt we?ll see a difference with Riasha since she wears the mask every week.

At least they let Joe actually work an actual match this week, though it was too short too.

The Main Event was solid but it would?ve made Shelley look stronger if it was just a singles match instead of a handicap match, but they hit their usual great offense. Foley looked about 10 times better than he has previously in TNA in the ring with them so that is a positive sign.

The fans are really into this Sting/Foley feud and in my opinion this is the hottest feud they?ve had in a long, long time. They really work well together and both are willing to spill buckets of blood at Lockdown which I fully expect. It was a solid show due to the build for Lockdown which I am really, really looking forward to. TNA has a big opportunity with their viewership growing each week, they can really go for a homerun if they go all out at Lockdown and really put on a classic show considering how disappointing WWE’s ?Wrestlemania? was this year (minus the amazing HBK/Taker match, and I emphasize AMAZING).

Match of the Night: Foley vs. Machine Guns (**)
Segment/Promo of the Night: Opening Segment
Overall Grade: B ?

Schedule for Next Week:
– Lockdown Preview #1: Beautiful People vs. Awesome Kong & Taylor Wilde
– Lockdown Preview #2: Homicide vs. Chris Sabin vs. Naito
– Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge Round 3: Kevin Nash vs. MYSTERY OPPONENT
– Mick Foley interviews CACTUS JACK

Lockdown Lineup:
– Queen of the Cage: ODB vs. Madison Rayne vs. Daffney vs. Sojournar Bolt
– IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. No Limit vs. L.A.X.
– TNA Knockouts Title Three Way: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love
– TNA X-Division Title Xscape Match: Suicide (c) vs. Kiyoshi vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
– Title vs. Title: TNA Tag Champs: Beer Money vs. IWGP Tag Champs: Team 3D
– Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle (Angle, Nash, Steiner, & Booker) vs. Team Jarrett (Jarrett, Joe, Styles, & ???)
– TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. Mick Foley