Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
April 02, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens highlighting Samoa Joe’s return to TNA and asking the question who will lead Joe’s team at Lethal Lockdown. Cool little hype video has Sting and Foley face to face inside a cage and then we cut to the Impact intro.

We kick tonight off with Tenay hyping up the show and then Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and the TNA founder is on his way to the ring guitar and microphone in hand! Wow, they even have ?TNA Founder? underneath his name on the graphic as he comes to the ring now. Why they won?t just call him the owner is beyond me. Jarrett talks about Angle and Joe winning the rights to be the Captains for their respective teams at Lockdown and says that the plan was for them to pick their teams as the weeks led up to Lockdown and those members would face each other in one-on-one competition. The team that gets 2 wins first would win the advantage for the Lockdown match (meaning they get the 2-on-1 advantage in the match when the first man comes out to the ring at Lethal Lockdown). Jarrett says that plan sounded good on paper but Joe has no interest in being the team captain or even picking the team (though he will be a part of the team). He says as TNA founder he decided he would choose the captain of the team and it didn?t take him long to decide it: AJ STYLES! AJ comes to the ring as Tenay puts over all of AJ’s accomplishments. Jarrett says it was with great pride that he chose AJ as the captain and tells him that Joe is already a part of the team but over the next few weeks he has to choose 2 more members for the team. Jarrett wishes AJ good luck and AJ tells him that he’s honored, but he declines the offer to captain the team as well with Jarrett looking shocked. AJ says he’s not qualified to be the captain and says that he’s let Jarrett down as the fans chant ?AJ? at him. AJ says that it was Jeff 7 years ago that started TNA putting everything he had on the line and putting everything on a bunch of nobody, independent wrestlers. He says he took a chance on guys like him, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels (which got a HUGE pop). He says he will be on the team but he thinks Jeff should be the captain! AJ says that they won?t let JJ down this time if he captains the team. Jarrett shakes AJ’s hand and hugs him apparently accepting! Scott Steiner’s music hits and the genetic freak makes his way out to the ring alone. Steiner says that Jarrett needs to listen to AJ because he’s telling the truth. He says that 7 years ago when Jarrett started the company it was filled with nobodies and wannabes and now, except for the Mafia, the rosters still filled with wannabes and nobodies. Scott says he didn?t come out there as Big Poppa Pump, he came out there as Jarrett’s friend for 20 years. He puts over how they broke into the business at the same time and traveled the road together (which I was unaware of) attempting to make a name for themselves. He says that he and Jeff are just the same and that he is the same as the Main Event Mafia. He says Jeff is desperate now because Mick Foley has lost his mind but he can?t trust to put the future of TNA in the hands of those ?punks? in TNA. He says over 20 years ago he not only met Jeff but he met his wife Jill and he respected and loved her. He says one of the last things Jill told him was ?help Jeff please take care of my kids.? Scott says that Jill trusted him and he’s asking Jeff to trust him and he needs to trust the future of TNA with the Main Event Mafia. Steiner says he was there when all of his kids were born and if there was an emergency who would he trust with his girls. He says he doesn?t want Jeff to answer it, he wants him to ask his kids. Scott says he has always had Jeff’s best interests at heart and he needs to come back home with him. AJ says if he wants to talk about trust then there is a locker room full of guys in the back to trust and it doesn?t include the Mafia. AJ says for Jeff to trust his heart and have faith in the ?originals.? AJ says he should do what’s right and what’s right is Jeff make the first match in the series to see who gets the advantage for Lockdown be Steiner vs. AJ tonight! Steiner accepts the challenge!

We cut to the back with JB walking into the Main Event Mafia locker room and asking Kurt how he feels about Steiner inviting Jarrett to join the Mafia. Angle says it took a few weeks for the chips to fall into place but now it’s clear. He says the landscape in TNA has changed all because Mick hit Sting with the chair a few weeks ago. He says now it’s time for the Mafia to go to work. Kurt says that Mick and Jeff’s plan was for them to sway Sting to their side, but then Mick went into business for himself and Jeff is on an island alone. Kurt says the Mafia is a place where Jeff belongs. Kurt puts over Sting stopping Jeff from hitting him with the guitar and says that he now knows Sting is Mafia through and through. Kurt says he will issue a public apology to Sting tonight and he tells Kevin to charm Jenna to get her money for the Mafia.


In the back Sheik Abdul Bashir is with Lauren and he says TNA management’s problem is a lot worse than just the Middle Eastern Nightmare. At that point Kiyoshi walks up and Bashir says day-by-day it’s getting worse as No Limit walks up. He says their plan will start tonight and continue through Lockdown. Bashir says that united they stand and divided the United States will fall! Looks like an international stable is brewing!

8-Man Tag Team Match
Lethal Consequences & L.A.X. vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, & No Limit

Boy, does this match have some talent involved. Homicide & Hernandez are still carrying their Feast or Fired briefcases. Throw Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams and possibly a luchadore in this little stable and we could have something pretty cool on our hands. Bashir kicks the match off with Homicide and he goes right at him with forearms and then throws Homicide into the top turnbuckle and puts the beatdown on the Notorious 1-8-7. Bashir attempts to whip Homicide into the ropes but he reverses it and then hits a belly-to-belly overheard release suplex. Homicide tags Hernandez in and they whip Bashir into the corner and then hit a running shoulderblock/clothesline combo in the corner! Homicide whips Bashir into a shoulder block from Hernandez for a nearfall. Hernandez picks Bashir up and puts him on his shoulder as he tags in Lethal. Lethal climbs to the top and hits an axe handle as Hernandez held Bashir up on his shoulder! Lethal throws Bashir headfirst into the corner and lays in repeated jabs at Bashir and then attempts to whip him into the ropes but Bashir reverses it. Bashir charges at Lethal in the corner but Lethal hits a back elbow and then climbs to the top, but Bashir pulls Lethal off the top by his legs. Bashir drags Lethal to the corner and tags Yujiro and he puts the boots to Lethal. Naito comes in and they whip lethal into the ropes and then hit a double hip toss followed by a sliding dropkick from Naito and then a leg from Yujiro! No Limit taunts the crowd and Naito chokes Lethal. Yujiro with a big right hand and then tags Kiyoshi back in. Yujiro holds Lethal as Kiyoshi comes off the top with a chop to the head of Lethal for a nearfall. Kiyoshi puts the boots to Lethal as the fans get behind Lethal. Kiyoshi goes for a back suplex but Lethal lands on his feet and then slides between his legs and tags Creed in! As Creed comes in Tenay reveals that X-Division Xscape returns this year as Suicide will put the X-Division Title on the line in the match against Creed, Lethal, Kiyoshi, & Bashir. Creed with big right hands and then attempts to whip Kiyoshi into the corner but he reverses it and Creed springs to the top rope into a springboard cross body on Kiyoshi! No Limit then trip Creed from the outside and pull him to the floor! Homicide and Lethal then hit sliding dropkicks to No Limit on the outside and then both hit dives through the ropes onto No Limit on the floor! Homicide with the tope conhilo and Lethal with the tope suicida. Hernandez comes to the floor now as they are putting the beat down on No Limit & Kiyoshi. Back in the ring Bashir has Creed in waist lock but Creed turns into a DVD attempt! Bashir rakes the eyes of Creed and then hits the WMD for the pin!

Winners: Bashir, Kiyoshi, & No Limit via pinfall (WMD)

After the match Homicide argues with the referee that Bashir wasn?t the legal man (which he wasn?t, Kiyoshi was) as they show replay revealing that in fact Bashir had blind tagged Kiyoshi without anyone other the referee noticing. Nice catch from the camera man as I missed that myself.

In the back JB questions the Mafia offering Jeff the spot in the Mafia and Mick interrupts him saying that you can?t find logic in an illogical business. He says the only thing to do is have fun and Jeff yells at him to get out of his chair and asks him what the hell is wrong with him. He says he never thought he would see the day that he would regret letting Mick buy into the company and says that Scott Steiner makes more sense than Mick these days. Jeff says that maybe he should?ve joined the Mafia and Mick cracks another joke with Jeff again asking him what the hell is wrong with him. Jeff asks Mick why he hit Sting with that chair and Mick says it’s years of repressed memories coming out. Mick mocks Jeff asking him if he really wanted people to turn on the show and here ?TNA presents big guys getting along? and he says they need the Mafia. Jeff says Mick doesn?t seem to be cut to be a leader and Mick says he has a big decision he’s going to make tonight to show Jeff that he is cut out to be a leader.


Back from commercials 3D are in Cornette’s office and they ask Cornette if he is going to honor the favor he promised them. Cornette reveals that he promised 3D a few weeks ago that if 3D kept the Mafia from ringside during the Jarrett/Foley vs. Sting/Angle match that he would give them a favor they wanted. Bubba begins to tell him what they want when the Mafia security comes into the office and they?re pissed off about 3D getting involved in the match a few weeks ago. They want a match with 3D tonight and Bubba and D-Von bust out laughing at the challenge. Bubba asks who they even are and the big guy says they?re the two guys that are going to kick their asses tonight.

Tenay puts over the remainder of the card tonight including Angle’s apology to Sting, Madison vs. Taylor, and Round 1 of the Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge. The Beautiful People come out and interrupt Tenay. Velvet says that the fans sound like a bunch of perverts wishing that they had a chance with them, but she calls the fans ?marks? and says they?ll never have a chance. She says we should be happy we?re allowed to even breath the same air as them. Angelina says that tonight Taylor gets her hair cut Beautiful People-style! Damn, they?re sexy. They show another Lockdown video package.


Back from commercial we are shown a sitdown interview between Mick Foley and Mike Tenay. Tenay discusses the plan that Jarrett and Foley to bring Sting over to the good guys until the infamous chair shot. Mick says that it had been building up in the ?inner resources? of his mind for awhile and he says Sting is smug, arrogant, and condescending. He says Sting yelling that Mick had had enough in the match is probably what caused him to snap but after it was done he felt a certain pride and freedom in his actions. Tenay says that this is the same guy that Mick had given credit for making his career and Mick says he may have been giving Sting way too much credit. Mick says he was selling himself short too when he said that elbow he dropped on Sting that night in WCW was his greatest because his career isn?t over yet. He says in Philly he intends to hit the perfect elbow from a very high height. Tenay asks Mick if he can look him in the eyes and say 6 months he didn?t have this plan in the back of his mind, and he says he didn?t because he had become a settler in life. Mike asks Foley about winning the TNA Title and he screams at Mike, ?why the hell not?!? Mick is really straddling on the fence between sane Mick, Mankind, and Cactus Jack right now.

We get another segment between Abyss and Dr. Stevie. Abyss starts talking about octa-mom and Stevie says he told Abyss not to use anymore weapons. Abyss says he is better but Stevie asks him why he missed their last two sessions. Abyss says he was with his family but Stevie says Abyss has no family. Stevie says he told Abyss not to use weapons but he obeyed him and Abyss says he has accepted a Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match against Matt Morgan at Lockdown! Holy crap, that match is going to be freaking violent. This is the first of that match type since Hard Justice in ?07 which was a 6-man tag I believe. Dr. Stevie stands up and closes the door and slaps the hell out of Abyss and screams at him repeatedly punching him asking him why he did that. Stevie screams at Abyss to commit no more violence and then sits back down. Abyss just got made to look like a punk.


TNA Rough Cut w/ Team 3D

Bubba says that being hardcore is a state of mind, not how tough you are. D-Von talks about the toll it takes on your body and Bubba says he’s on his 8th concussion and talks about all the other injuries he’s suffered. D-Von says that he would love for all the people that say what they do is fake to get in the ring with them and show them how fake it is. Bubba says that they thrive in the hardcore style matches and D-Von says he loves the Six Sides of Steel because they?re can?t be any interference, it’s just you and the guy you hate in there.

MEM Security (Big Rocco & Sal E. Boy) vs. Team 3D

As 3D comes down to the ring we see a shot of Beer Money sitting behind Tenay and West. Roode & Storm say they?re just going to watch. MEM Security jump 3D from behind and start tossing them around ringside. Rocco rolls Bubba into the ring and puts the boots to him. Sal tags in and hits right hands on Bubba and then chokes him on the middle rope. Bubba comes back with rights and lefts but Sal pokes him in the eyes and tags Rocco back in. Sal holds Bubba down as Rocco hits a big splash and then hits repeated right hands on Bubba. Rocco whips Bubba into the corner and then puts the boots to him again. Rocco tags Sal back in and throws more right hands, that all these guys can do? Sal comes off the ropes with a clothesline attempt but Bubba catches him and hits a Rock Bottom! Bubba tags D-Von in and he knocks Rocco off the apron and then throws rights at Sal and then a spinning back elbow followed by a swinging neckbreaker! 1?2?NO Rocco comes in to break it up with an elbow, but Devon moves and Rocco nails Sal! D-Von with a shoulder block on Rocco and then Sal cheap shots D-Von and goes for a splash, but D-Von moves and this a clothesline for a one count before Rocco breaks it up. Rocco with a scoop slam and then climbs up to the top rope! D-Von and Bubba cut Rocco off and then throw him off the top rope! Reverse 3D on Sal! 1?2?3 and 3D win it!

Winners: Team 3D via pinfall (Reverse 3D)

After the match Rocco comes into the ring with a chair and nails 3D with it. Beer Money leave the announce table and grab the chair to hit 3D with, but Roode nails Sal with it instead and Storm hits Rocco with the Last Call! 3D look shocked at what just happened as Beer Money hands them their IWGP Tag Titles. West puts over how Beer Money may be playing mind games with 3D.

In the back Foley is with JB and Foley cracks another joke about Jarrett when Samoa Joe comes out of nowhere. Joe tells Mick that he wants every last member of the Mafia and Mick can make that happen. Mick tells Joe to take the knife away and he?ll see what he can do.


Back from commercials they show a replay of what we just saw between Beer Money and 3D. In the back Lauren is with Beer Money and she asks them to explain why they saved 3D. Roode says a lot of people took notice to their interview with Tenay and tonight was just reassurance to all their skeptics to let them know they want 3D at their very best with no injuries and no excuses. He says until Lockdown they have 3D’s back. Storm says this isn?t a joke because they have sacrificed everything to prove to everyone they are the greatest tag team in the world. Storm tells 3D to bring all those crazy fans with them and if they want to jump into the cage they?ve got something for them. He says when they beat 3D they want to see the look on those fans faces. Sorry about yo? damn luck!

Main Event Mafia’s music hits and the Mafia make their way down to the ring without Sting and Steiner. Angle asks Sting to come to the ring because he has something to say to him and of course Sting doesn?t make him wait very long. Sting is wearing that weird purple trench coat again. Sting shakes everybody’s hands as he comes into the ring and Kurt says it takes a big man to come out in front of everyone and admit he was wrong. Kurt says he questioned Sting’s loyalty and even spit in his face, but if he lived the life that Kurt has lived he would understand why he’s paranoid. Kurt says he was wrong about Sting and all he can do is humble himself and apologize. Angle offers his hand to Sting but Sting says that after everything Kurt did to him over the last few months a handshake would erase that. Sting says Kurt didn?t just question him as a wrestler but he questioned him as a man. Sting says when they all started this thing it was about respect but that’s not what Kurt is all about. Sting says that they have referred to the guys in the back as brats but Kurt is the most spoiled rotten brat in TNA. Sting says Kurt’s ego has gone too far and he’s not buying Kurt’s act. Kurt calls Sting, Steve, and says he’s right about everything and all he can do is apologize. He says he’s sorry again but Sting starts to leave the ring. Nash grabs the microphone and asks Sting if he’s really going to walk away when a man apologizes to him in front of all these fans. Kevin asks Sting whatever happened to turning the other cheek as the fans chant for Sting to ?walk away.? Kevin says there are few people in the business that he respects and Sting is one of them. Kevin says that Kurt needs him and if Sting walks away Kurt will never know what respect is. Mick Foley’s music then hits and the insane one appears up in the rafters! Mick says he wishes he could be down with them but he’s been busy getting reacquainted with an old friend and then holds up a barbed wire baseball bat! Mick says that he wants to make sure Sting is ready for him for Lockdown so he has booked Sting in a match tonight against Samoa Joe! Sting looks none too happy about that!


We get another segment with Dr. Stevie, this nice time he’s with Daffney! She’s not wearing that stupid Governor stuff anymore but is back to wearing that emo stuff from her WCW days. Daffney says she was sent away awhile ago and she spent about 5 years in an insane asylum. She talks about doing voiceovers and commercials and one day she got a phone call from Roxxi and Taylor (who she knew from the indies) to prank somebody. She says it was supposed to just be a job but then they took out the scissors and starting cutting her hair! Daffney pulled out a pair of scissors and started cutting her own damn hair. Daffney says all those feelings she tried to suppress are coming back and she says a doctor once told her sometimes there are chemicals in the brain that can?t be fixed. What the hell did I just see?

Madison Rayne w/The Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde

As the bell rings Taylor puts Madison in a waistlock, but she reverses it and then shoves Taylor off. They lockup and Madison gets the advantage with a side headlock but Taylor reverses it into a hammerlock and then an arm drag. Taylor with a dropkick sends Madison to the floor and then Taylor goes for a sliding dropkick to the floor but Velvet Sky pulls Madison out of the way. Madison rolls back into the ring as Taylor gets on the ring apron. Madison distracts the referee and the BP snatch Taylor off the apron slamming her face into it. Then they toss Taylor back in the ring and Madison hits a snake eyes on Taylor in the corner for a nearfall. Taylor with forearms on Madison and then whips Madison in the ropes and this a back heel kick for a nearfall of her own. Madison comes back with a kick to the gut and then a running front kick to the side of Taylor’s head. Madison puts Taylor in a front chancery and then throws repeated knees at her face and hits the Roll of the Dice for another nearfall. Madison goes for a scoop slam but Taylor blocks it and then reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge! 1?2?NO Madison kicks out! Taylor charges at Madison but she catches Taylor with a big lariat for a nearfall. Madison throws Taylor into the corner and then whips her into the opposite corner. Madison goes for a corner splash but Taylor moves and hits Madison with a modified cradle pin for the win!

Winner: Taylor Wilde via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Angelina and Velvet attack Taylor from behind and then put the boots to her. Angelina holds up the scissors and hands them to Madison but Taylor is able to get away and take off to the back. BP are pissed at Madison for letting her go and scream at her to go get her!


Back from commercials Taylor is beating the hell out of Madison in the shower until the BP attack her from behind and then Madison starts cutting Taylor’s hair. Security runs in to stop her.


Back from commercials Lauren is interviewing that chick Jenna Morrosca. Lauren asks her if she heard what Kurt said about her earlier when Kevin Nash walks up. Kevin asks her if they?re still going out and she says yeah and asks if they can leave now. Kevin says he can leave whenever he wants but she says she wants to know what Kurt said about her. Nash interrupts Lauren and says Kurt said she was the hottest thing ever in TNA and Jenna asks her to tell her again in that ‘special voice.? Nash gave Lauren a look as they walked off.

Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge
Round 1
?The Phenomenal? AJ Styles (Team Jarrett) vs. ?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner (Team Angle)

This is non-title of course and I guess TNA is just going to ignore how Joe supposedly scarred Steiner’s face (thankfully). Tenay and West are putting over the importance of having the numbers advantage in Lethal Lockdown pretty nicely. Steiner and AJ lockup with Steiner getting the advantage with a side headlock but AJ quickly pushes Steiner off only to eat a shoulder block. Steiner throws AJ into the top turnbuckle and then lights up AJ’s chest with knife edge chops and then whips AJ into the corner and charges, but AJ catches him in midair with an atomic. AJ follows up with a lariat and then reigns down repeated right hands on Steiner and then gets in the referee’s face! AJ with a HUGE right hand and then beats down Steiner in the corner and gets in the referee’s face again as he tried to stop, but as he came back at Steiner he poked AJ in the eyes. Steiner with a scoop slam and then puts the boots to AJ. Steiner lights up AJ’s chest again and then goes for another scoop slam, but AJ blocks it and reverses it into a waistlock only to eat a low blow from Steiner. The referee was in a bad position so he didn?t see the low blow. West acts like he couldn?t see the low blow in classic heel fashion.


Steiner is beating down AJ in the corner and then whips AJ into the opposite corner and then charges, but AJ gets a boot up! AJ and Steiner trade right hands in the center of the ring and AJ nails Steiner with an Enziguri out of nowhere! 1?2?NO Steiner kicks out! Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Steiner counters with a back body. Steiner goes for the Steinerline but AJ ducks and hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge! 1?2?NO Scotty kicks out! Steiner pokes AJ in the eyes again and then the comes off the ropes, AJ goes for a hurricanrana, but Steiner nails him in midair with a sick powerbomb! 1?2..NO AJ kicks out! Steiner chops AJ in the corner and then whips him into the opposite and charges only to eat another boot from AJ. AJ with a chop of his own and then attempts to whip Steiner into the corner, but Steiner reveres it and AJ nips up and over a charging Steiner and then hits a backbreaker! AJ goes for the springboard flying forearm but Steiner pulled the referee in front of him! Angle runs down to the ring and grabs a chair and tosses to Steiner! Angle hides at ringside as Steiner goes for the chairshot, but AJ ducks and hits the Pele! The referee still down. AJ grabs the steel chair as Jeff Jarrett runs down and starts beating the hell out of Kurt! Slick Johnson comes to and warns AJ not to use the chair and AJ went to use it but Jeff grabbed it from behind and told AJ that he would get DQd if he used it. The referee tells Jarrett to leave the ring and when AJ turns around Steiner nails him with the STO onto the chair! 1?2?3 and Steiner gets the cheap win.

Winner: Scott Steiner via pinfall (STO)

In the back JB is with Stinger and he asks Sting about Mick booking him in a match with Joe. Sting says he can?t think about Foley because he has to think about Joe. Sting says win, lose, or draw he will survive and next week Mick Foley will pay.


Main Event
Non-Title Match
?The Icon? Sting vs. ?Samoan Submission Machine? Samoa Joe

Joe storms to the ring and goes right at Sting with nasty kicks and jabs to the face! Joe then begins choking Sting but Sting comes back with a kick and backhands. Joe comes right back with nasty leg kicks (to a reportedly injured knee from Sting). Joe with repeated roundhouse kicks but Sting catches the third one and reveres it into the Scorpion Death Lock! Joe quickly powers out but Sting comes right back with a clothesline. Sting whips Joe into the corner and then hits another running clothesline and then whips Joe into the opposite corner and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Joe catches him in midair with the Sideslam! Joe looks down at Sting and grabs him by the throat and pulls him up and throws him headfirst inot the corner. Joe sets Sting up on the top rope and throws repeated right hands at Sting as the referee gets in face telling him to use open hands, but Joe flings the referee across the ring! Joe then continues to throw rights at Sting as the referee DQs Joe and more referees come in only to eat kicks and knees from Joe. Joe then picks Sting up and hits him with the Muscle Buster! I think Sting just got owned. Joe locks Sting in the Coquina Clutch as Booker T. runs out to break up the hold. Booker throws knees at Joe and goes for the Harlem Sidekick, but Joe ducks and hits a nasty leaping Enziguri! Joe then rolls to the floor and grabs a steel chair! Sharmell lays over Booker to stop Joe from hitting Book with the chair. Joe thinks about it and the fans urge him to but Joe eventually throws down the chair and leaves the ring. Joe smiles and then pulls Sharmell out of the ring and carries her to the back!

Winner: Sting via DQ

The fans chant ?TNA? as Joe is walking out of the arena with Sharmell! TNA is really coming close to crossing that line (no pun intended) that Spike TV set about no violence against women from men.

Final Thoughts

Tonight was all over the place, up and down and up and down and up and down all night. Not near as good as the last two weeks have been either which is something you don?t want to see getting closer to the PPV. I know TNA has quite a few surprises in store for us in the coming weeks which makes me want to stay tuned but this week was pretty weak.

The opening segment between AJ, JJ, & Steiner was done very well. I want you guys to go watch a promo from AJ Styles in 2002 or 2003 and then watch this tonight or anything he’s done in the last year or two. AJ has really, really improved his mic skills (which I think he owes a lot to Christian).

Very good 8-man X-Division Tag and I think the International stable they?re teasing could be very good for the undercard/midcard. They need to do something with L.A.X.’s briefcases soon though.

All of Mick’s promos were good this week but I really liked it when he showed up in the rafters (Sting’s trademark) with a baseball bat (another Sting trademark) wrapped in barbed wire (a Foley trademark).

All the Dr. Stevie stuff is just ridiculous to me and they are really making Abyss look like a punk. That said, I?m looking forward to the match at Lockdown and am glad that Daffney is back to being Daffney.

Great stuff between Beer Money (they?re promos are top notch right now) and 3D but the match between MEM Security and 3D was pretty bad. The former Phi Delta Slam guys don?t need to be in that ring, in fact they don?t even need to be on my TV at all.

Solid, though short, match between Taylor and Madison but I hate that they cut Taylor’s hair. She was sexy as hell, we?ll see what she looks like with short hair now I guess.

AJ vs. Steiner was very good minus the interference and I loved how much Tenay & West put over the importance in gaining the advantage for Lethal Lockdown.

Sting vs. Joe had promise and started out very good but yet again resulted in another DQ for Joe. They have got to just stop all the psycho crap and let him wrestle a damn match sometime, though I think the stuff with Sharmell is pretty intriguing. Overall just a really disappointing show after the last 2 weeks very good shows. Hopefully they pick it back up next week.

Match of the Night: AJ vs. Steiner (**1/2)
Promo/Segment of the Night: Beer Money’s Promo
Overall Grade: C

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Suicide vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
– Scott Steiner vs. James Storm
– Lethal Lockdown Advantage Challenge: Samoa Joe vs. Booker T.
– Handicap First Blood Match: Mick Foley vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Lockdown Lineup so far:
– TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. Mick Foley
– Title vs. Title: TNA Tag Champs: Beer Money vs. IWGP Tag Champs: Team 3D
– Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle (Angle, Steiner, Nash, & Booker) vs. Team Jarrett (Jarrett, Joe, AJ, & TBA)
– TNA X-Division Title Xscape Match: Suicide (c) vs. Kiyoshi vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
– Doomsday Chamber of Blood Match: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan
* = All matches competed inside Six Sides of Steel Cage!