Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Records)
March 12, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens with highlights from last week primarily of the Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett/Sting happenings. Kurt Angle is shown in the Main Event Mafia locker room and he leaves walking toward the entrance before cutting to the opening video. Mike Tenay is solo this week and Mike says Don hasn?t arrived to the Impact Zone yet this week.

Mike hypes up the card for tonight featuring a 6-man Tag Team Elimination Match! Kurt Angle’s music hits and the former Olympic gold medalist makes his way out to the ring. Kurt tells Jeff to get out to the ring and says that Jeff is going to get his money’s worth for that ?cross the line promotion? because that’s exactly what he did last week. Kurt says that Jeff just wanted to show him up in front of his ?butt buddies? last week and he says that Jeff knows he’s sick in the head and then tells Jeff to come out there so he can show the crowd just how sick he is. He says tonight it’s Jeff and this Sunday it’s Sting and then says the ?world his is? and Jeff better never forget that. Kurt then calls Jeff a ?p*ssy? and a ?chicken sh*t? before the ?King of the Mountain’s? music hits and the TNA founder makes his way out to the ring guitar in hand. Mick Foley comes out of nowhere and cuts Jeff off along with BG James. BG is completely bald now. They are trying to convince Jeff to leave and go back to his hotel tonight but Jeff refuses. The fans chant ?let them fight? as Mick & BG try to talk Jeff out of the fight. Finally, Jeff agrees and leaves with BG. Mick grabs a mic and asks Kurt ?what the hell? is wrong with him and asks Kurt if he’s lost his mind which Kurt nods his head to. Mick asks Kurt whatever happened to that Olympic hero he met 10 years ago and Kurt tells Mick that this thing has nothing to do with him, but Mick says it has everything to do with him. He says long before Kurt ever put his hands on him it had everything to do with him because 6 months ago he put his own money on the line because he believed in TNA and guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and even Kurt Angle. He says inside the ring Kurt Angle may be the best he’s ever seen, but the more he saw of Kurt he saw the real Kurt. The egomaniac and how Kurt would do anything to hold on to his ‘spot? even if it meant bringing down TNA in the process. Mick says he thought he could reason with Booker, Scott, and Nash but they?re as bad as Kurt is. Mick says they have turned into Kurt’s group of personal goons and that Sting is the only person he can place his faith in. Mick says that he has finally figured out that he has nothing in common with the Mafia and that they have been using him all along. Mick says this Sunday Sting will walk out of Destination X still the TNA World Champion and Kurt’s ?reign of terror? will be over officially. Mick says that Jeff is gone for tonight but if he wants to fight someone he can fight Foley! Mick screams at Kurt to take his best shot at him and says he?ll ?Cactus Jack you?re ass!? Mick gets in Kurt’s face and he actually backs down to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Great passion shown from the Hardcore Legend and Tenay points out that Kurt may have backed down but that look in Kurt’s eyes as he backed down still scares the hell out of him.

In the back Jeramy Borash is with Jim Cornette and he says Cactus Jack is a tough guy that will step up to the plate when Sting walks up. Cornette says even though they?ve had problems in the past he’s always treated Sting with respect and he wants Sting to do one thing for him tonight. He says he has TNA Management all over him and with Kurt and Sting dominating television time he has a roster full of guys getting no TV time so tonight he wants Sting to pick a wrestler to represent him while Kurt will pick someone to represent him and they will face off in the Main Event. Sting and Kurt will be in the corner of the wrestlers they pick. Sting says he’s fine with it and shakes Cornette’s hand. JB questions Cornette not wanting Sting and Angle to fight but still putting them at ringside at the same time. Cornette says if you?re going to have chaos then it should be chaos that you create and control and it’s good for business.


Back from commercials TNA has a graphic up again this week thanking the fans for once again breaking a viewership record last week. In the back Lauren is with Mick Foley and former Survivor: Amazon winner, Jenna Morasca. Jenna says a few months ago she and Mick met at a business conference and they hit it off so Mick invited her to be backstage tonight. She says she is a fan of TNA and her favorite wrestler is Kevin Nash and Lauren asks what she did with the money she won on Survivor. She says she invested it into millions more. Mick says they have to talk a little business and walks up when Matt Morgan walks up. Lauren says she doesn?t want to have any trouble and he says there’s no trouble but wants to know where her ?half retard, half inbred boyfriend? (Abyss) is. Morgan says he’s been waiting to see if he accepts his challenge but Lauren says she can answer for him and the answer is no. Matt agrees with her but says tonight he?ll give Abyss no other option but to accept his challenge. Matt says he has a message he wants her to give to Abyss and that’s that the Blueprint gets whatever he wants and then he grabs Lauren’s ass. Matt then tries to kiss her but she slaps him and walks off leaving Matt laughing.

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. ?War Machine? Rhino

This is a rematch from Turning Point I think and Rhino hasn?t been as visible on TV since the return of AJ and Joe. Rhino goes to lockup with Bashir but he kicks the ?War Machine? in the gut and then taunts him. Bashir goes for a right hand but Rhino blocks it and hits several of his own and then attempts to whip Bashir into the ropes, but Bashir reverses it as we see Don West show up to the announce booth all of a sudden. Back in the ring Rhino is pummeling Bashir in the corner as Tenay mocks West being late. Rhino attempts to whip Bashir into the corner but he reverses it and Rhino hits the turnbuckles hard. Bashir with a big running clothesline for a nearfall and then he hits some knees on Rhino’s back repeatedly before choking him with his boot. Don mockingly says ?how come they moved the starting time up, no one told me about it? as Tenay is irritated. Bashir with repeated right hands as West says he thinks his watch broke and he might be coming down with the flu which Tenay responds with ?what’s that codename for hang over?? and West does actually look a little hung over. Rhino comes back with right hands and whips Bashir into the corner and charges only to eat a big boot from Bashir. Bashir covers and gets another nearfall and then hits a Neckbreaker for another nearfall. Bashir puts Rhino in a sleeper as Tenay tries to explain to West what’s happened so far and West thinks Sting and Angle are going to find partners and they?re going to have a tag match and Tenay is even more irritated. Rhino fights to his feet and hits Bashir with a back suplex as West says that he thinks it’s David Penzer that’s been drinking and not him. Bashir attempts to throw Rhino headfirst into the top turnbuckle but he blocks it and slams Bashir’s head into it. Rhino with more right hands and attempts to whip Bashir into the ropes but Bashir reverses it and Rhino comes back with a Flying Clothesline and a back elbow followed by another clothesline. Rhino whips Bashir into the corner and hits a big shoulder block and then a belly-to-belly suplex as West puts over how Bashir continues to come back. Rhino goes for the Gore but Bashir moves and goes for a clothesline but Rhino ducks and rolls Bashir up, 1?2?3 and Rhino gets the win!

Winner: Rhino via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Bashir low blows Rhino and then grabs a steel chair and belts Rhino over the head with it. Bashir picks up his towel and drapes it over Rhino’s prone body and then poses over Rhino.

Another Ultimate X hype package is shown and then we cut to the back where JB is with the Beautiful People and Madison Rayne (damn did I call that last week or what?). Velvet says you don?t punk the Beautiful People without facing the consequences and she says that they proved blondes aren?t only beautiful but they?re also brilliant. I just noticed that Madison’s hair is dyed now and Velvet says that what we?re seeing is the newly formed ?My Pie Sexy? and they are challenging Roxxi, Taylor, & the Governor to a match at Destination X. JB starts staring at Velvet’s, um, floatation devices and asks Velvet if ?My Pie Sexy? means what he thinks it means (think The Rock’s meaning of Pie) and Angelina snatches the microphone from him and says that JB’s ?microphone? is very limp. Angelina says that tonight is Madison Rayne’s official initiation into My Pie Sexy against Taylor Wilde tonight. She says the Beautiful People will be at ringside tonight and if they need to they will bring the ?hazing? to a whole new level.


In the back JB is in the Main Event Mafia locker room. Apparently Kurt is asking Kurt or Book to represent him in the match tonight but they say they already have a match tonight and he and Sting have to work it out without them. He asks Kevin if he?ll do it and Nash shows Kurt the tube in his arm (due to the staff infection) and he can?t do it. Kurt says there is a whole locker room full of guys that would be willing to represent him and tells his security to go find one. Kurt is pissed at for MEM not helping him and leaves.

They show a recap of the problems between Book and AJ starting back at Against All Odds. After the video package we cut to Cornette’s office with Booker T. and Cornette says that he can?t be having cops arresting his wrestlers and he?ll only give Booker his belt back if Booker agrees to sign something stating that he won?t file any legal charges against AJ. Booker agrees to it and signs it but talks trash at Jim too. Booker says he wants to beat AJ’s ass and Cornette says he doesn?t have to catch AJ on the streets because he has a contract right there for a Legends Title match with AJ Styles for Destination X and all Booker has to do is sign it because AJ already has! Booker says he doesn?t sign nothing without his queen by his side and his lawyer looking over his shoulder and Cornette says that he understands what Book’s saying, he’s getting older and AJ is younger so he doesn?t want to face him. Booker gets pissed and signs the contract and says he’s going to beat Styles ass and it’s going to be on Cornette’s hands.

Tenay and West hype up the card for Destination X finally announcing that the participants in this Sunday’s Ultimate X match will be Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, & Suicide and the X-Division Championship WILL be on the line (called that one a few weeks ago too)! Also, 3D vs. Beer Money is official as well as Booker vs. AJ for the Legends Title! In the back Young is asking Sting to give him the chance to represent him in the match tonight and Sting says that he believes EY is one of the few guys that has shown respect in TNA to him but he can?t allow EY to go out there with Kurt’s state of mind. EY says that Sting is still the Stinger and that he needs this shot and he says people say that his biggest problem is that he doesn?t take himself serious enough and that may be true, but Sting shouldn?t make that same mistake. EY says that he is the future of the business and the future is now and he begs Sting to give him the same chance that Ric Flair gave Sting when he was a bleach blonde snot nosed punk way back in the day when Sting grabbed the ball and ran with it. Sting agrees to it and says that he?ll be ringside with him. They shake hands and EY walks off.


Mike Tenay talks about how Samoa Joe has turned into an extremely violent person since he was injured by the Mafia. They then show a video package where Samoa Joe talks about how he cut a path of destruction in TNA when he first arrived that had never been seen before but something changed. He questions whether it was the politics or the veterans holding him down or if it was himself. He says it was fear of what he’s capable of doing to someone that held him back but now there will be no fear or wondering of what he is capable of doing and in 3 days his Nation of Violence will be unleashed and the beast will be reborn. That was an awesome video package.

In the back Lauren is with Lethal Consequences and they are happy about being in the UX Match but tonight Lethal Consequences will be teaming up with 2 partners of their choosing in a 8-man tag match to face Scott Steiner & Booker T. and 2 partners of their choosing and asks if they?ve made a choice. Lethal says Sunday is Sunday and tonight is tonight and he says the young guys have been treated like a door mat lately while Consequences says Steiner looks like a buffed up Rick Astley (think Rick Roll) and calls Booker Milli Vanilli. Lethal says they have chosen Morales & Santana as Creed does the L.A.X. symbol and the Latin American Xchange walk up! Hernandez says the talking is done and tonight L.A.X. is reborn and they take their first steps to regaining their ?barrio? and welcomes the Mafia to their ?donkey show.?


In the back Kurt Angle is attempting to recruit Kiyoshi to represent him (with No Limit by his side). Kiyoshi bows to him and Kurt asks if that means yes but he doesn?t answer. Kurt bows back and Kiyoshi just bows back too and that pisses him off so he kicks Kiyoshi and his security hold him back. No Limit got in Kurt’s face but his security held them back and then Kiyoshi tried to come after Kurt but No Limit calmed him down and left with him. Kurt tells them if they don?t understand English not to come to the country.

6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
?Blueprint? Matt Morgan & Beer Money Inc. w/Jacqueline vs. ?The Monster? Abyss & Team 3D

I believe David Penzer mistakenly said this match was ?one fall? but it is in fact an Elimination Match. Devon and Roode start the match off and lock up with Roode getting the advantage with a knee to the gut and then he throws Devon headfirst into the top rope. Devon comes back with right hands and then attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but he reverses it but Devon hits a flying shoulder block followed by a scoop slam and elbow! 1?2..NO Roode kicks out. Bubba tags in and they whip Roode into the ropes and Bubba picks Roode up and they hit the Leg/Sidewalk Slam combo move for another nearfall. Bubba slams Roode’s head into the turnbuckle and them beats him down in the corner and tags Devon back in. Devon puts an elbow in Roode’s ribs and Roode comes back with a kick to the gut and tags Storm in. They whip Devon into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Devon ducks and hits a double flying clothesline on them! Devon with a Chokeslam on Storm but Roode breaks up the pin attempt and then hits a big right hand from Bubba as he comes in out of nowhere. Devon whips Storm into the ropes but Storm holds onto them and Jacky comes in and low blows Devon allowing Storm to hit the Last Call superkick! 1?2?3 and Devon is eliminated. Storm immediately goes after Bubba and hits repeated right hands as we go to commercials.


I usually hate pop-rap but that new Flo-Rida song is kind of catchy isn?t it? Sorry they showed it during commercials. Back from the break Storm and Roode hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Bubbba. Roode climbs to the middle rope and attempts a Flying Knee but Bubba moves and then hits several jabs and whips Roode into the ropes and hits a high back body. Storm then flies in and spits beer in Bubba’s face! The referee disqualifies Storm for it so he’s been eliminated. This doesn?t make Beer Money very happy and West is pissed about it too even using Tenay’s own words of ?let them settle it in the ring? against him. Roode uses the ropes to choke Bubba and then tries to whip Ray into the ropes but he reverses it and hits the Bubba Bomb! 1?2?3 and both members of Beer Money have been eliminated! Morgan comes in and knocks Abyss off the apron and then Chokeslams Bubba, 1?2?3 and it’s down to Abyss and Matt Morgan. The fans are getting into it and Morgan and Abyss go right at each other with rights and lefts! Abyss gets the advantage with some stiff punches that force Morgan to just cover up in the corner. Abyss goes for the running splash but Morgan moves and hits a running clothesline and then chokes Abyss. Morgan puts Abyss in the corner and hits those nasty back elbows and then goes for the running big boot but Abyss moves and then nails the Corner Splash followed by a big sidewalk slam, 1?2..NO Abyss kicks out! Abyss attempts to whip Morgan into the ropes but he counters into a Chokeslam! West and Tenay argue about Sting picking EY and West says ?I wish you would?ve defended me a few weeks ago like you?re defending Eric Young.? Morgan grabs the back of tacks but Abyss grabs him by the throat and hits a sick Chokeslam! The fans chant ?tacks? and Abyss sees that the thumbtacks spilt out of the bag and he picks them up as Lauren runs out and begs Abyss not to use them. Morgan then comes out of nowhere as Abyss turns around with the Carbon Footprint that Abyss eats every bit of! 1?2?3 and Morgan is the lone survivor!

Winners: Beer Money & Matt Morgan via Morgan being the sole survivor

After the match Morgan spreads the tacks in the ring as Lauren runs in and tries to protect him but Morgan backs her down in the corner and tries to Chokeslam her into the thumbtacks, but Abyss goes nuts and starts killing Morgan with right hands that send him out of the ring! Morgan bails out and screams at Abyss ?what’s it gonna be?? and Abyss nods yes to the match! West puts over how Morgan baited Abyss into the match.


Back from commercials Tenay and West go over what we just saw and West and Tenay argue over who was right in that case. West calls Lauren an idiot and she should know her place. Tenay asks West if he’s going to be that ignorant and tells him to pull a ?Don West? and leave so Don says no problem and takes off and if anyone needs him he?ll be at the hotel bar.

In the back Abyss is going ?ape sh*t? and says that Matt grabbed Lauren’s butt earlier and then he tried to dump her into ?his? tacks and this Sunday he’s going to get Morgan and at the end of their match Morgan is going to have more holes in him than A-Rod’s story. Abyss says this Sunday he is going to avenge he and Lauren by making Morgan his ?bitch!? Great promo from Abyss.

Madison Rayne w/The Beautiful People & Kip James vs. Taylor Wilde w/Roxxi & The Governor
Special Referee: Traci Brooks

As My Pie Sexy make their way to the ring we learn that Mick Foley has joined him at ringside for commentary since West let him again. Rayne goes right for a running clothesline but Taylor ducks and hits a beautiful arm drag followed by two more and then a nice back heel kick for a quick two count. Madison retreats to her corner to get some advice from Velvet and Angelina but when she turns around she eats a forearm from Taylor. Taylor then hits a big swinging scoop slam and then goes for the Muta elbow but Madison moves and hits a big running front kick and chokes Taylor before getting a one count. Madison argues with Traci about her count and this allows Taylor to roll Madison up! 1?2?NO she kicks out! Madison with a big running clothesline and then she hits repeated left hands and chokes Taylor again before getting a nearfall. Taylor comes back with big forearms and whips Madison into the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a sunset flip attempt, but Madison blocks it and holds onto Traci (I think she grabbed her breasts) and as Traci repeatedly shoves Madison off this pisses her off and she pushes Madison back right into Taylors roll up! 1?2?3 and Taylor gets the pin!

Winner: Taylor Widle via pinfall (sunset flip)

After the match Velvet and Angelina blindside Taylor and Madison knocks Traci over. Kip is running interference not allowing Roxxi or Daffney in, but they trip him and pull him groin first into the ring post! Roxxi and Daffney come in and make the save for Taylor. Kip then comes in and sprays perfume into the Govenor and Roxxi’s eyes as Madison kicks Taylor out of the ring. Angelina hits the Lights Out on Roxxi and Velvet hits the Beauty Mark on Daffney. My-Pie-Sexy celebrate in the ring after the match.

ODB is in the back with JB and they put over the finals of the ODB contest this Sunday and she says if a guy wants to get to 1st base with her ?hello? usually works. JB says ?hello? to her and she spits her liquor out laughing. She says buying her drink will get someone to 2nd base and then she shoves ODB into her ?girls.? Going for a triple with her you have to get her something from the dollar menu at ?Mickie D’s? and of course JB, always the geek, falls for it and says ?Mickie D’s? so ODB can give him the usual ?mickie deez nuts? response. JB asks ODB how to get a homerun with her and she says that giving her a box of stogies (cigars) would work. JB says he only has a cigarette and she says that?ll work cause she’s horny and then jumps JB. Looks like JB won?t be a virgin anymore. Moving on.

As Tenay and Foley wonder who Kurt will pick tonight Booker and Kevin Nash come to the ring.


Booker is yelling at Foley and Booker tells Tenay that if he looks at him like ?that? again he’s going to knock him out. Foley gets pissed and gets in Booker’s face. Booker keeps yelling ?you know whatsup, don?t you? at him and security comes out and pulls Booker away from Foley. I?m not sure what that was about and Steiner comes out of nowhere and nails Foley with the pipe from behind! Steiner screams at Foley asking him if thinks they?re playing and tells him ?this sh*t’s forreal?. BG James runs out to check on Foley as Steiner continues to scream at the fans, he got tons of heat for that. Foley’s head is busted open in the back from the pipe attack as BG screams back at them that he’s not scared of none of the Mafia if they want to come after him.


That show the medical staff attending to Mick Foley with Mick refusing to go to the hospital to be stitched up because he has somewhere else to be and he walks towards the backstage as BG is talking to someone on a cellular (Tenay says it’s Jarrett).

Rough Cut: Ultimate X

This week the participants for Ultimate X talking about it. Sabin says he knows what’s to be expected because he’s been in so many while Shelley says that he’s going to figure out anyway he can cheat in it. Lethal Consequences & MCMG put over how their tag teams but make sure to point out this is for the X-Division Championship so it is every man for themselves. Sabin says that he’s worried most about Suicide because with a name like that there is no telling what he’s willing to do and Creed says he’s definitely the wild card in the match. Sabin says all that matters is that he or Alex walk out the Champion and Creed puts over that it would be a dream for him to win the belt.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Lethal Consequences & L.A.X. vs. Booker T., ?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner, & Motor City Machine Guns w/Sharmell

It’s obvious that the Guns are officially Front Line no more since they?re teaming with members of the Mafia. This match should be fun nonetheless. Alex and Homicide kick things off and they lock up and Shelley goes for a chop but Homicide ducks and whips Shelley into the corner and hits a big running corner clothesline followed by a double leg takedown into a catapult right into belly-to-belly overhead suplex from Hernandez! Lethal in now and he hits an axe handle off the top to Shelley’s ribs and follows up with a jab and then whips Shelley into the ropes, and follows up with a hiptoss into a handspring basement dropkick for an early nearfall. Creed tags in and they whip Shelley into the corner and then Lethal whips Creed into a big corner clothesline on Shelley followed by a running corner dropkick from Lethal and then the springboard bulldog from Creed for a nearfall before Sabin broke it up. Creed comes off the ropes but Sabin kicks him from behind and then Shelley grabs him and hits an STO while Sabin hits a Missile Dropkick to the back of the head of Creed at the same time! Shelley tags in Booker and he hits a short arm clothesline followed by big knee strikes as Sharmell looks on in joy. Big Poppa Pump tags in and he and Booker double team Creed and then Steiner puts Creed up on his shoulder and slams him into the corner. Steiner hangs Creed up on the top rope by his feet and then hits him with a Hanging STO from the top! Steiner then throws Creed in the corner and lights up Creed’s chest with chops and Creed tries to come back with chops of his own but Steiner pokes him in the eye and then hits the belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall before Lethal broke it up. Steiner drags Lethal back to the Mafia/Guns corner and tags in Sabin who nails Creed in the ribs as Steiner holds him. Shelley comes in and then whip Creed into the corner and Shelley goes for the sliding dropkick but Creed nips up over him and then leapfrogs a charging Sabin sending him into Shelley and then Creed quickly tags out to Lethal! Lethal with a springboard dropkick but Sabin ducks and Lethal hits Shelley. Lethal with a running clothesline to Sabin and then whips Shelley into the corner and hits an Enziguri! Lethal attempts to whip Sabin into the ropes but he reverses it and Lethal back handsprings off the ropes into a flying back elbow on Sabin, 1?2..NO Sabin kicks out! Lethal tags in Hernandez but all of their team runs in and knocks Team Mafia off their apron! Lethal with a slingshot cross body block onto Shelley on the floor! Lethal Consequences go at it with the Mafia on the outside as Hernandez hits a huge shoulder block on Sabin sending him halfway across the ring. Hernandez goes for the Border Toss but Sabin blocks it and hits a spinning back kick followed by a big Enziguri but Hernandez doesn?t go down. Sabin then goes for a flipping hurricanrana but Hernandez catches him in midair and hits the Border Toss! 1?2?3 and the Front Line gets the win!

Winners: L.A.X. & Lethal Consequences via pinfall (Border Toss)

In the back JB is with Mick and BG and he says they?ve seen Mick like this before and nothing good can from this. Mick is rocking back and forth like Mankind! Mick screams that he doesn?t want anything good to happen out of this and he is looking forward to some very bad things! He says he didn?t get in the ambulance because it would have been physically impossible to be at ringside and in the hospital at the same time! Mick says that he knows Kurt ordered that hit and that maybe this isn?t why he got involved with TNA but this is exactly why he got involved into wrestling because he’s warped and his own blood gives him comfort. He says things are about to change and BG is pissed and says that it wasn?t supposed to happen like this. Mick says no it wasn?t supposed to happen but it did and it makes him happy. Mick starts laughing hysterically as we go to commercial.


Back from commercials Kurt is trying to convince Brutus Magnus to represent him but he asks Kurt if he’s been smoking something and asks if he really thinks that he would help him after he saw what he did to the founder of TNA and leaves. Kurt asks his big security guard if he wants to earn his rank tonight and he agrees. What the hell?

Main Event
Rocco w/Kurt Angle & Sal vs. ?Showtime? Eric Young w/Sting

Um, okay? We see Mick walking towards the ring smiling as we go to a commercial break.


Rocco is wrestling in a button-up shirt and black jeans, okay. Rocco goes for a big haymaker as match starts but EY ducks it and hits a right hand of his own. EY taunts Rocco and ducks another right hand and hits repeated rights and lefts and comes off the ropes but eats a nasty double forearm from the big man! Rocco then puts a knee to EY’s ribs and then kicks him in the head. Rocco throws EY into the corner and then throws EY across the ring with a biel and puts the boots to EY. Rocco whips EY into the corner and then this a big corner splash and then goes for another one but eats a boot from EY and then a dropkick and a springboard into a cross body, but Rocco catches him in midair with a big slam. Rocco reminds me of Big Sal E. Grazziano from the original ECW. Rocco actually climbs to the top rope and goes for a damn Frog Splash, but EY moves and Rocco eats the mat! EY then actually picks Rocco up and hits a DVD! 1?2?3 EY wins!

Winner: Eric Young via pinfall (DVD)

After the match Sting raises the hand of EY but Angle attacks them from behind! Sting gets the best of Kurt until Big Sal attacks him from behind and then Kurt nails Sting in the face and they put the beatdown on the Stinger. Big European Uppercut from Angle as Mick walks down to the ring! Foley slides into the ring and attacks Kurt and the security! Mick bites Kurt on the forehead until Steiner attacks him from behind! Nash trails behind and helps Scott put the boots to Mick. No sign of Booker yet and Jeff Jarrett is back and he nails MEM’s security with big chair shots! Jeff then starts to hit Nash and Steiner with the chair but Sting stops him! Jeff grabs a mic and says his ?three ring circus? stops right now and at DX it will be Angle vs. Sting but the only we knows to ensure that it stays one-on-one he names himself special guest referee and Mick Foley special guest enforcer! Jeff then tells Kurt to ?choke on those nuts!?

Final Thoughts

Tonight was a very fun show and a solid go-home show for DX. It had good wrestling mixed with good backstage/promos.

Don West was funny again but I?m not sure where they?re going with him leaving every week but they?re entertaining me nonetheless and Mick did a good job while he was out there.

They put over AJ/Booker and Joe/Steiner nicely without AJ or Joe even being there tonight with the video packages. The one highlighting Samoa Joe was awesome.

The match between Rhino and Bashir was pretty boring but it was the Don West show during it anyway, he was golden during that match and Tenay was good too.

The opening segment between Mick, Sting, Kurt, and Jeff was very good and Mick stole the show with his promo.

Matt Morgan was great tonight heeling it up and the 6-man Elimination match was very solid and that kick he hit Abyss with that end was just nasty. Abyss sold it very well too and his promo afterward was greatness. That’s the Abyss I love to see, not the goofball.

The 8-man tag was very fun and all the guys worked well together and they put the young guys over very nicely. They also built up the Ultimate X well again tonight even if Suicide didn?t make an appearance tonight.

The Knockout match was very solid as Taylor and Madison worked well together and My Pie Sexy is going to be entertaining as hell.

Mick’s promo at the end was really great and showed that passion that he’s known for, though I smell some type of swerve coming at DX I?m just not sure what swerve it will be. It just feels like either Mick is turning on Jeff and Sting or Sting is turning on Jeff and Mick. Either way I?m looking forward to Sunday, the card looks good and its stacked.

I liked how they put over that someone actually volunteered to help Sting while no one would help Kurt and he eventually had to get one of his security guys to help him. The stuff with Kiyoshi and No Limit with Kurt was pretty cool and I?d like to see them go somewhere with that. Rocco wasn?t half bad considering how big he was and kudos to EY for being able to get him up on his shoulders. Not a good match but it did what it was supposed to.

Match of the Night: 8-man tag (**1/2)
Promo/Segment of the Night: TIE (Mick’s final promo and Abyss’ promo)
Overall Grade: B –

Final Destination X Card:
– TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle w/Special Ref: Jeff Jarrett & Special Enforcer: Mick Foley
– TNA X-Division Title Ultimate X Match: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Suicide
– TNA Legends Title: Booker T. (c) vs. AJ Styles
– TNA Tag Titles Off The Wagon Challenge: Beer Money (c) vs. Team 3D
– TNA Knockouts Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Sojo Bolt
– Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner
– 6-Knockout War: Beautiful People & Madison Rayne vs. Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, & The Governor