Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
February 19, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Deep voice guy tells us it’s time to cross the line again. They start the show with a recap of last week.

In the back Cornette is complaining to Jeff Jarrett about allowing the Empty Arena Match. Foley says that it would work at halftime during the Super Bowl (hopefully most of you got that joke). Jarrett says that ever since the Mafia got together they?ve been nothing but problems and he says that letting them beat the hell out of each other and that solves that problem. Cornette says it solves some but starts somemore. Cornette tells Borash to leave and continues to try and talk Jarrett out of allowing the match to take place.

West and Tenay hype up the show for tonight putting the emphasis on the Empty Arena Match tonight. Angle’s music interrupts Tenay & West’s hype and the Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way down to the ring and he’s dressed to fight. Kurt tells Cornette to step aside and let the ?father? of TNA finally make a right decision (so him hiring you wasn?t a right decision?). Kurt says that everyone is getting what they wanted, the demise of the Main Event Mafia. He says that when they started he said that the only way he could be destroyed was if they destroyed it themselves. He says that Sting has done that by putting himself in front of the Mafia. He says tonight he will take a stand for the Main Event Mafia. Kurt says that all he asks for is for the arena to be cleared which got a ton of boos, and Kurt said that’s exactly why so there is no distractions. He says he just wants it to be him and Sting alone. Kurt says that an offer like this doesn?t come around often. Kurt says it’s real.

In the back Lauren is with the Machine Guns and she asks about their ongoing feud with Lethal Consequences and their Street Fight for later tonight. Sabin says that the Front Line locker-room is beginning to make him sick and that all he and Alex has done since day one is worry about their selves and not bother anyone else. Then he says that they have always put others before themselves. All of a sudden Lethal Consequences storm the set and attack the Guns! Shelley slams Lethal into a ladder set against the wall before we cut to commercial.


Street Fight
Lethal Consequences vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Well, I guess they will just start the match now! The bell rings and the scrap is on! Creed slams Sabin against the guard rail repeatedly as Shelley takes out Lethal on the apron. Lethal comes back by slamming Shelley into the guard rail and then Sabin slams Creed into the opposite one. Shelley gets on one side of the guard rail as Sabin is on the other and they sandwich Creed against the guard rail with a Yakuza Kick from Sabin and an Enziguri to the back from Shelley! Lethal attacks Sabin from behind and rolls him into the ring. Lethal with jabs on Sabin but then Shelley comes in and pokes him in the eyes. Sabin slaps him and the Guns whip Lethal into the corner. Shelley whips Sabin into a Flying Forearm on Lethal in the corner and then Shelley leaps off of Sabin’s back into an elevated Flying Forearm on Lethal as well! Creed grabbed a chair but Shelley hit a baseball slide dropkick sending the chair into Creed’s face before he could get in the ring. Shelley then grabs the chair and takes it to the ring. Shelley puts the chair in front of a groggy Lethal and Sabin hits a nasty springboard Missile Dropkick sending the chair into Lethal’s face in sort of a Van-Terminator type of move. Shelley sets the chair up and sits in and they pose in the ring. Shelley finally covers Lethal but only gets a two count. Creed tries to get back in again but yet again he eats a baseball slide dropkick this time from Sabin. Sabin then goes for the Suicide Dive to the floor on Creed, but he got a steel chair up and Sabin ate every bit of the chair to the face. Lethal then stomps on Shelley’s hands in the ring as he was picking up the other chair. Lethal and Creed whip Shelley into the corner and then Creed whips Lethal into a dropkick on Shelley in the corner followed by a running clothesline from Creed. Lethal tosses Shelley the chair and when he catches it Creed nails him with a springboard Bulldog sending him face first into the chair! Lethal covers Shelley but only gets a two count. Creed hits a gorgeous somersault plancha over the top to Sabin on the floor! Back in the ring Lethal has a chair set up in between the turnbuckles and he attempts to slam Shelley’s face into it, but Shelley blocks it. Lethal charges Shelley and he tries to get a boot up but Lethal catches the foot and then nails him with an Enziguri! Lethal climbs to the top and comes off but Shelley moves and Lethal was able to land on his feet. Lethal charges at Shelley but Shelley catches him and hits him with a Flatliner facefirst into that chair that Lethal had set up himself. Shelley gets another nearfall and Creed and Sabin are going at in the outside again. Shelley rolls Lethal to the floor but Lethal was able to grab the chair as he was sliding out. Shelley goes for a slingshot into a crossbody, but Lethal hits him in the gut in midair with the chair! Creed rolls Sabin back in the ring and goes for the Guillotine Legdrop but Sabin moves and all Creed hits in canvas. Lethal is pulling out a ladder! In the ring Sabin picks Creed up in a fireman’s carry and then places him up on the steel chair that he had set up in the center of the ring! Lethal is setting up the ladder laying it across the ring guard and the apron like a bridge. Back in the ring Sabin places Creed’s head over the chair and then dropkicks the chair into Creed’s face! Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock on Creed but Lethal comes from behind and pulls Creed down! Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination on Sabin onto the chair! 1?2?NO Shelley breaks it up! Shelley whips Lethal into the ropes and Lethal does his backhand spring into a backflip off the ropes but eats a steel chair to the back from Sabin as he lands! Shelley then hits Lethal with the Shell Shock! 1?2?NO Creed breaks it up! Sabin with a spinning back kick to Creed’s gut followed by a nasty Enziguri to the back of his head! Sabin grabs Creed and Shelley goes to hit him with the X-Division Title but Creed ducks and Shelley hits his partner! Lethal and Creed whip Shelley into the ropes but Shelley stops himself. Lethal charges at Shelley but Shelley backdrops Lethal over the top rope onto that ladder that Lethal had set up earlier! That hurt! Creed then picks Shelley up for the DVD but Sabin nails Creed with the title belt and Shelley covers him, 1?2?3 and the Guns win!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns via pinfall (belt shot)

They show the usual weekly MEM hype package.

In the back JB is in Jarrett’s office with Jeff, Mick, & Cornette. Cornette says that he would like to go on record that the does not agree with the decision but the Sting vs. Kurt Angle Empty Arena Match will take place! Cornette says that the only men in the arena will be Kurt, Sting, the camera crew, and the announcers!


Spike TV reminds us that UFC 95 is airing live and free this Saturday! Now that’s wassup.

In the MEM locker room Kurt is arguing with the rest of the Mafia (minus Sting). Steiner tells Kurt that it doesn?t have to be that way but Kurt says Sting has been disrespecting them all. Booker says something under his breath and Kurt asks him what he said and Booker says, ?in who’s opinion?? Book says that he’s known Sting for years and he has never disrespected him, unlike ‘some people.? Kurt then suggests maybe they should make it a handicap match and Booker starts to get pissed. Nash then gets in the middle of them and he tells Sharmell to get Booker and calm him down. Nash then kicks Borash and the camera crew out. in the hallway Borash asks Booker if it’s the end of the Mafia and Book tells Borash to back up off him and then AJ comes out of nowhere like he’s a ninja or something and slams Booker’s head into the wall! AJ repeatedly yells at Booker that if he thinks he’s got problems now, just wait. AJ tells Booker that he hasn?t seen anything yet and then he says at Destination X he will end Booker’s legendary status! AJ then nails Book with the title belt! AJ says that he is ?the one, the only, the original.?

Beer Money comes out to the ring and they have a special Open Challenge tonight. No Boozer Cruizer this week. Don West confirms that AJ vs. Booker for the Legends Title has been booked for Destination X! Roode says that everything that’s happened tonight have been somewhat exciting but him and Storm have found it extremely boring. Roode says they are the TNA World Tag Team Champions and that means they are the best. Roode says they have knocked down every team put in front of them and since they are fighting champions, they have come up with a special idea. He says the idea will raise the stakes in TNA. He calls it the ?Off The Wagon Challenge? and James says that in the south we would call it ?the my momma is tired of watching you on TV challenge.? James says that they will put the Tag Titles on the line any place, anytime against anybody and if you win you get the TNA Titles, but if you lose whoever gets pined has to leave TNA forever! James says that you can?t come back under a mask (Christopher Daniels anybody?), you can?t become an announcer, you cant ring the bell, and you can?t even be a stupid cameraman or the ugly tramp that carries their stuff to the back. James says the challenge is for anybody including Mike Tenay & Don West and he says that he can tell that Don could use an awful lot of Twinkie money. James says the challenge is forreal and it starts tonight!

In the back Lauren is with Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, and Dafney (I will not call her Palin anymore). Roxxi talks about Roode’s open challenge and suggests that she and Taylor should do it. Roxxi says that the she knows the ponies that James has been riding doesn?t compare to ride on Roxxi. Daffney says that it’s a family show and she wouldn?t let her ?12 kids? be exposed to that language. Roxxi and Taylor ask her where she got 12 kids and Taylor even pokes Dafney’s, um, breasts. Lauren says that she thought the Governor Palin joke was over but Daffney says that as long as they can make fun of Love & Sky why not keep doing it. Taylor says that ever since the Beautiful People has been in TNA they have made everybody’s lives living hell and that if falling in horse’s ‘sh*t? isn?t enough to shut them up then maybe her beating their asses will. Taylor then gives Velvet a math lesson and says that since Kip can?t put a hand on them (Spike TV rules) then it’s 3 of them and only 2 of the Beautiful People. She says in conclusion their odds suck.


Back from commercials we see another therapy session with ?Dr. Stevie? (yeah I wonder who that is) and Abyss. Abyss talks about how good it felt to have that beer bottle in his head and how he could see it going through Matt Morgan’s cornea. Abyss says that he doesn?t know if its his pleasure and it’s theirs that gives him so much pleasure. Dr. Stevie actually talks this time and makes it even more obvious who it was.

6-Man War
Brutus Magnus, ?Middle Eastern Nightmare? Sheik Abdul Bashir, & ?The Blueprint? Matt Morgan vs. L.A.X. & Shane Sewell

So does this mean Sewell is done being a referee one week and a wrestler the next? Tenay puts over the fact that Morgan is an American Gladiators star while Brutus is a UK Gladiators star. Homicide is carrying the X-Division Title shot briefcase around so you don?t forget he still has a shot coming and Tenay reminds us that Hernandez still has rematch coming soon. Homicide and Bashir star the match off and Bashir slams Homicide into the top turnbuckle. Bashir attempts to whip Homicide into the ropes but Homicide reveres it and hits a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex and Bashir quickly tags out Brutus. Brutus comes charging in but Homicide hits a droptoe hold on him and then tags in Sewell. Shane with a wristlock but Brutus hits him with a couple of nasty forearms. Brutus then puts Sewell into the ropes but eats a boot. Sewell comes off the ropes and Brutus quickly tags in Morgan who hits the Carbon Footprint on Sewell as he charged in. Bashir tagged in and puts the beatdown on Sewell with chops and forearms. Bashir tags back in Morgan and he puts the boots to Sewell. Morgan then whips Magnus into Sewell and he hits a nasty clothesline on Sewell in the corner. Brutus then throws Sewell into a Sidewalk Slam from Morgan for a nearfall. Morgan with repeated knee strikes on Sewell and then tags in Bashir. Bashir with a Neckbreaker on Sewell for a nearfall and then hits an Elbow to the back of Sewell. Bashir then throws Sewell to the floor and slams him into the ring post as Brutus and Morgan hold LAX back. Bashir then tries to nail Sewell with a chair but Earl Hebner pulled him out of the way! Bashir is none too happy about that. Back in the ring Brutus hits an elbow on Sewell so he cant tag out and then he holds Sewell for Bashir, but Sewell ducks and Bashir punches Brutus! Sewell tags in Super Mex! Hernandez with a slingshot into the Shoulder Block on Bashir and a clothesline to Brutas and then he knocks Morgan off the ring apron! Hernandez hits a over the shoulder backbreaker on Brutus and then Homicide hits the tope con hilo through the ropes onto Morgan! Back in the ring Hernandez hits Bashir with the Sitout Powerbomb for a nearfall before Brutus broke up the pin. Sewell throws Brutus to the floor and then Hernandez hits the Border Toss on Bashir! Sewell tagged in he hits the Flying Elbow off the top on Bashir for the pin!

Winners: LAX & Shane Sewell via pinfall (Flying Elbow)

LAX and Sewell celebrate with the Puerto Rican flag after the match.

Mick Foley’s Hardcore History 101

Mick talks about hiding in a box before his WCW debut when he attacked Sting and he says that he has never hit an elbow as beautiful as the one he hit on Sting. He says that when the breath left the body of Sting after that move it was like music to his ears. Sting vs. Cactus Jack was truly a classic feud, if you haven?t seen any of the brawls they had in WCW you need to.

Jim Cornette comes out and says that he has an announcement. He says that two guys that haven?t teamed in a few years have accepted Beer Money’s challenge and will team later tonight! He says we?ll find out when Beer Money does.

In the back Laruen is with Scott Steiner and she asks if he and Nash talked Angle down. Steiner says if he was pissed off he wouldn?t want to be talked down so they will let Angle do what he has to do because what doesn?t kill you, makes you stronger. Steiner says they will be stronger because of this. Lauren then starts to ask Scott about Joe but he tells her if she wants to work out with him (he was lifting weights when she interrupted him) then she needs to get naked and lay on the bench. Lauren asks Steiner about Joe’s threats but Steiner says he’s nothing but a ?fat Samoan? and the only way he would be scared of Joe is if he was smothered in Twinkies or dressed as a hamburger. Steiner says he is going to beat Joe worse than he’s ever beaten anyone and tells Lauren to go take her clothes off. All of a sudden a hand grabs the barbell and chokes Steiner with it. It’s Joe and he says if he wanted to he could crush that freshly repaired sternum of Steiner’s (the severe injury he suffered last year). Joe tells Steiner he wants him to think about what he will do to him at Destination X and he says that Steiner keeps talking about the Main Event Mafia, but what he’s talking about is the Nation of Violence and it’s coming. Joe says he is going to kill him and then walks off with Steiner laying on the bench with the barbell ontop of him. Lauren doesn?t know what to do. Great promo from Joe without ever even showing his face.


In the back Lauren is with the TNA Knockouts #1 contender: Sojournar Bolt. Lauren asks if her being #1 contender is sitting well with the rest of the members of the Kongourage, but Bolt asks what they?re going to do about it. She says whether they like it or not she earned her shot at the Knockouts Title. Lauren says that Sojo is confident when Kong isn?t around. Sojo says she and Kong are tight but she wants the title. Raisha Saeed walks up and ?SILENCE!? she says Sojo talks too much. Sojo says nobody tells her what to do unless they?re her mama, and she’s not her mama. Raisha says there is going to be a big problem.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky & Kip James vs. Taylor Wilde w/Roxxi & Daffney

God, I think I just saw the greatest video camera angle of all time with the one they had on Velvet Sky. That is, my friends, the two best asses in the business (Velvet & Angelina). Why did I just see Kip James hanging upside down from the ropes? Just why? Angelina jumps Taylor from behind and puts the boots to her but Taylor comes back with a takedown and hits her with the right hands. Taylor with a big forearm and then another and then she attempts to whip her into the corner but Angelina reverses it and Taylor jumps to the middle turnbuckle and hits a flying lucha armdrag on Angelina! Taylor with a head scissors takeover and then a leg lariat for a nearfall. Taylor attempts to whip Angelina into the ropes but she reveres it and Kip trips Taylor (what happened to that Spike TV rule?). Kip celebrates that move but when he turns around Rudy Charles bans Kip from ringside! Angelina is arguing with Rudy on the floor when Taylor grabs her by the hair from inside the ring and pulls her up on the ring apron. Taylor then tries to hit her with a forearm but Angelina blocks it and hits one of her own. Angelina with a neckbreaker on Taylor over the top rope for a nearfall. Angelina hits Taylor with repeated right hands and then whips Taylor into the corner followed by a running clothesline for another nearfall. Taylor comes back with forearms and then comes off the ropes but Angelina hits her with a kick followed by a big knee lift. Angelina then hits a Bicycle Kick for yet another nearfall and she pins her two more times still only getting a two count. Angelina is getting frustrated. Taylor then comes back with a big chop and a running clothesline followed by a big dropkick and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Taylor goes for the pin but Velvet Sky distracts the referee (who wouldn?t be distracted?). Don West says he’s been distracted by her all night. Roxxi walks over to get in Velvet’s face and Rudy goes to the floor to keep them apart. In the ring Angelina hits the Lights Out on Taylor but no referee. Angelina tries to whip Taylor into the ropes but she reverses it and Daffney trips Angelina! Angelina is pissed and complains to Rudy as he gets back into the ring only to get rolled up by Taylor for the pin!

Winner: Taylor Wilde via pinfall (rollup)

They show a video package hyping up ODB’s Date Challenge. They show a couple of ridiculous videos from fans.


In the back JB is with the Stinger and Sting says at this point whatever Kurt wants he will get. Sting says that going into AAO he was going to win and Kurt is just jealous of what Sting has. Sting says that he has said it before, other than a chosen few, anyone else would tarnish that belt he holds. Sting says that if Kurt wants an Empty Arena Match that’s fine because all he needs is the cameras because he’s at his best when it’s SHOW TIME!

Rough Cut: Ultimate X

More hype for the return of the Ultimate X. Hernandez says that it obviously favors the Ultimate X and they show more great highlights from past Ultimate X’s. AJ says that the Ultimate X defines the X-Division and Sabin says that the Ultimate X has helped raise the bar for the X-Division.

TNA World Tag Team Championships (if the challengers lose, whoever is pinned must leave TNA)
Beer Money Inc. (c) w/Jacqueline vs. Team Canada (Petey Williams & Eric Young)

It’s the return of Team Canada! I believe this is the first time Team Canada have tagged together since 2006 (though I do not believe Petey & Eric ever held the titles together). Storm brings out the Boozer Cruizer! Petey and James Storm will start the match off as Don West points out that there is a lot of TNA history in the ring right now and he is very right. Eric Young and Robert Roode held the NWA Tag Titles together on 2 different occasions and of course Petey, Young, and Roode were all three members of Team Canada. Not only that but James Storm feuded and even teamed with Team Canada back in the AMW days on several different occasions. Petey with a big right hand on Storm but Storm pokes him in the eyes and comes back with a big shoulder block. Storm jumps over Petey and Petey goes for a hiptoss, but Storm blocks it and then goes for a clothesline. Petey ducks it and hits a back kick followed by a jawbreaker! Petey with a spinning heel kick and then goes for a Vertical Suplex but Storm blocks it and hits an Atomic. Storm comes off the ropes but Petey hits a dropkick to Storm’s knees and tags in EY. Petey and EY treat Storm like a wishbone and then knock Roode off the apron. They do the same thing again and then knock Storm down. Storm comes back with a poke to the eye and tags in Roode, but he eats a droptoe hold from EY! EY with a big right hand on Roode and then hits the rights on him in the corner. EY attempts to whip Roode in the corner but Roode reveres it and EY flips over the top onto the apron and knocks Storm down. Roode charges at EY and he hits him with a shoulder block. Jacqueline then grabs EY’s boot but Petey runs her off. Roode then knocks EY off the apron as we go to commercial.


Back from commercials Roode and Jacky are choking EY while Storm keeps the ref distracted. Storm covers EY but only gets a two count. EY comes back with rights and lefts to Beer Money and then he sends Storm over the top to the apron, but Storm comes back with an Enziguri from the apron! 1..2..NO EY kicks out. Roode tags back in and they hit the Beer Money Double Suplex. Roode puts the boots to EY and EY fights back with right hands and then a big knee lift. Clothesline from Storm as he comes in and EY tries to tag out but Roode pulls Petey off the apron to the floor. Storm then hits a big running clothesline on EY and drags him back to Beer Money’s corner so Jacky can choke him. Roode tags out to Storm and hits a big right hand to EY as Roode holds him. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm but Young lands on his feet and then blocks a right hand from Storm with his boot and spins around and hits a big Enziguri. Storm tags out to Roode and he tries to stop EY from tagging out but he kicks Roode off and tags in Petey! Petey with a shoulder block followed by the slingshot Codebreaker on Roode! Petey with a running back elbow on Roode in the corner and then Storm charges at Petey but he moves and Storm nails Roode. Petey with a Scoop Slam on Storm and then a running Bulldog on Roode on top of Storm! Petey then hits the Canadian Legsweep on Roode and then goes for a kick, but Roode blocks it and sets up for the Payoff but Young comes in and grabs Petey’s legs and swings him into a Tornado DDT on Roode! Petey then hits the slingshot hurricanrana over the top onto Storm on the floor! Back in the ring Young hits the Guillotine Legdrop on Roode and Petey runs in and makes the cover! 1?2?NO Roode kicks out! Storm on the top but Young crotches him and Team Canada climbs to the top for a Double Superplex until Roode comes up and it’s the Tower of Doom! Roode charges at EY but he backdrops him over the top to the floor and then he follows him out and they brawl! In the ring Jacky goes for a Frog Splash off the top but Petey moves and sets her up for the Canadian Destroyer, but Roode grabs him by the leg and Storm destroys him with the Last Call! Roode covers Petey, 1?2?3 and Petey is done with TNA!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Beer Money via pinfall (Last Call)

After the match Petey just stares down at the mat as Beer Money wave goodbye to him. If you?ve kept up with the news this week in wrestling then you know this is legit. The fans give Petey a standing ovation as he gets emotional in the ring. The fans chant ?Petey? and EY raises his hand and hugs him as Petey sheds a couple of tears as Tenay points out that a former Team Canada partner of Petey is the one responsible for his firing.

In the back Lauren is with 3D and Rhino (who is rocking comically a Detroit Lions jersey). Rhino says that the MEM has seen things through tainted eyes and that the referees, agents, and even police are out there for the matches to make sure no one gets seriously injured. Rhino says tonight will be different and no one will be able to stop the mayhem and he says they have issues with Sting and Kurt, but tonight he hopes and prays they survive. Bubba then says that he loves and respects Rhino but why in the hell does he care about Kurt and Sting (my thoughts exactly). Bubba reminds about the Mafia beating the hell out of him and Bubba says he hopes they cripple each other. Bubba says hopefully next week neither one of them will be around and they are nothing but poison to TNA. Bubba then suggest that they go to a strip club instead of hanging around for the match but Rhino says they know he doesn?t drink. Devon then says that he has the white chick that Rhino would love which Rhino responds with a ‘she isn?t fat is she?. Devon, of course, says she’s big boned but Bubba motioning (‘she’s faaat) to the camera. They make Lauren leave with her. They are now clearing out the arena for the Empty Arena Match.


Back from commercials they show the arena being emptied and even some of the wrestlers leaving. They then show outside the arena where the fans are still around watching on a big screen. They show a video package hyping up the match.

Empty Arena Match
?The Icon? Sting vs. ?The Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle

This is non-title I would imagine since there is no referee. They show the rest of the Main Event Mafia watching the match on a monitor in the back. Angle and Sting go right at it with rights on each other with Sting getting the advantage and then clotheslines Angle over the top rope. Sting screams ?Kurt, I?m going to kill you!? as he beats on his chest. Sting goes to the floor and flings Kurt over the guard rail into the chairs. Sting then slams Kurt into the wall but Kurt comes back with a kick and then throws repeated nasty right hands to Sting while screaming at him the whole time. Kurt continues to whoop up on Kurt until Sting comes back with a right hand of his own and then Kurt comes right back and slams Sting into the guard rail. Kurt attempts to whip Sting into the wall but Sting reverses it and Angle screams ?you son of a bitch? at Sting as Sting throws him into the wall again. Kurt comes back by poking Sting in the eyes and then dragging up the stairs. Kurt hits Sting with rights and Sting comes back with rights of his won and then Sting dumps Angle over the fencing down to the concrete! That was about an 8 foot fall. As Sting comes down Kurt hits him with a big garbage can and beats on Sting as he screams I hate you at him. Kurt then hits Sting with a European Uppercut and attempts to whip him into the guard rail, but Sting reverses it sending Kurt flying over the guard rail to the floor. Sting goes for a Stinger Splash on the floor but Kurt moves and Sting nails the guard rail and then kicks Sting in the nuts. Kurt grabs a chair and goes to hit him with it but Sting kicks him in the gut and nails Kurt with the chair. Kurt begs Sting not to him with the chair and says ?I?m sorry? but Sting says he’s not begging good enough and then tells Kurt to stand up and take it like a man. Kurt stands up and screams, ?come on, bitch, hit me!? as Kevin Nash walks up. Kurt calls Sting a ?p*ssy? and Sting goes to nail Kurt with the chair but Nash grabs it from him! Steiner runs in and they break it up. Nash says they are a family and screams for Kurt to make it right and shake hands. Sting offers the handshake and says he can do it and asks Kurt if he’s man enough to do it. Sting says that Kurt said no matter what after AAO it would be good. Kurt then shakes his hand but Kurt then spits in his face! Sting knocks the hell out of him and they go at it again until security runs out. What the hell?! What happened to no security?



Back from commercial they show replays of the actual match and Kurt spitting in Sting’s face. In the back Lauren is with Sting but before she can say anything Sting grabs the microphone from her. Sting is pissed and he is screaming, ?you wanna spit in my face, Kurt?!? Sting says never in all of his years in the business has he been disrespected like Kurt done to him. Sting says he doesn?t care where, when, or how but he?ll be there and he’s all in! Sting says Kurt hates him but the feeling is mutual. Tenay talks about how long he’s known Sting and he’s never seen Sting that pissed. Now we go to JB and Kurt Angle in the MEM locker room. Angle is screaming that he wants to Jeff Jarrett there now because he wants Sting’s title and Sting’s career. He screams to Nash that Sting is not ?one of us.? Nash says that Kurt is the one responsible for all of this but Kurt says he won?t shake Sting’s hand like a ?P*ssy?. Kurt repeatedly screams at Jeff into the camera to ?make it happen!?

Final Thoughts

Like usual, TNA gives some good with some bad.

The opening match between the Guns and Lethal Consequences was fun as hell and I?m really loving their feud a lot more than I was Beer Money vs. Lethal Consequences. They had a very good little 7 minute match that went back and forth and had the fans going crazy. Both teams have traded wins and it looks like their building towards these two possibly being in the Ultimate X. Maybe all four in a every man for himself match for the X-Division Title or maybe a tag match for the Gun’s IWGP Jr. Tag Titles. Either way it should be fun.

AJ has been fun to watch his intensity and him jumping out like a ninja is hilarious. Also, Joe’s promo (without ever even showing his face) was great and they are finally starting to put the Front Line over.

Beer Money’s promo was okay and the match was fun especially for longtime TNA fans because of the history in it, but if you pay any attention to the wrestling news during the week then you knew who was losing their job in this match. I hate, hate, hate that Petey is gone. He is a great worker with tons of potential but I will say that I like that they let him have some shine after the match and not just cut to the back immediately. He got a good sendoff and put on a good match like always.

Why in the bell are they keeping this god awful, stupid Sarah Palin gimmick going? It is just retarded at this point (like it wasn?t already, I know). I?m all for Daffney being in the Knockout division, she’s a good worker but this is just stupid. Whoever in TNA thinks this gimmick is funny in anyway needs to be put in Beer Money’s Off The Wagon Challenge their damn selves. The match between Angelina and Taylor was solid as you would expect with those two but nothing special. I am interested in seeing how their going to go about this thing between Sojo and Kong though.

The 6-man tag was okay, kind of short but it was okay. I don?t really know what it accomplished because there was no involvement from Abyss to further his feud with Morgan and Brutus (who is supposed to be getting the push) wasn?t put over (he wasn?t buried either though). Bashir is kind of just stuck in the mud. What they need to do is just put him in a tag team with Sonjay Dutt and call them the Middle Eastern Nightmares. They would get over easily as a heel team and would give us another heel team in the tag division (it’s kind of lacking there). L.A.X. is just kind of sitting around waiting until it’s their turn for title shots. I don?t know what to think about Sewell. He doesn?t impress me in the ring nor on the microphone so whatever.

These Abyss skits are just stupid. Just bring back the old Abyss and call it day! I?m all for Stevie Richards coming in but this is just dumb.

Wow, talk about a disappointment in that main event. I loved The Rock and Mankind’s Empty Arena Match from back in the day so I was extremely excited about this especially as much as they have hyped it up. They treated this like it was a big deal but then just had a bull crap finish 7 minutes in? While they were going at it, it was great. The intensity was off the hook between the two and they were just trying to kill themselves, but then they do the retarded finish. And what happened to there being no security? Wasn?t that part of the whole deal, Jim Cornette said word for word ?no fans, no referees, no security.? TNA logic rearing it’s ugly heard right there. Anyway Sting’s promo, however, after the match was awesome. Sting’s lips were quivering he was so pissed. This thing isn?t going to work at all without their PPV match either being Street Fight or something like that and I don?t see them holding off until Lockdown.

Match of the Night: MCMG vs. Lethal Consequences (***)

Segment/Promo of the Night: Sting’s final promo

Final Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:

– X-Division Title Ladder Match: Alex Shelley (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Chris Sabin
– Beautiful People vs. Taylor Wilde & Madison Rayne
– Off The Wagon Challenge: Beer Money vs. TBA

Destination X Lineup So Far:

– Ultimate X: TBA
– TNA Legends Title: Booker T. (c) vs. AJ Styles
– Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe