Impact Results – 2/12/09

Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
February 12, 2009
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show starts off with a recap of the very underwhelming Against All Odds PPV this past Sunday.

Mike Tenay hypes up tonight’s card which features Beer Money defending the TNA Tag Titles against Rhino and Abyss and a Gauntlet Match to name a new Knockouts #1 Contender.

?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle & ?The Icon? Sting vs. Team 3D

This is a rematch from last week’s Main Event and obviously our first time seeing Angle and Sting since Sunday’s PPV when Sting retained his belt against Angle and 3D in the Fatal Four Way. Sting isn?t rocking the Wolfpac tights tonight that he was at AAO. I wonder why Sting never wears the World Title. Sting and Angle are discussing a strategy it seems in the corner before the opening bell. Looks like Angle has stitches over his eye. Angle and Bubba will start the match off. They lockup and Angle gets the advantage with a waistlock and follows up with clubbing blows to the back of Bubba’s head. Angle with a big European Uppercut rocks Ray but he comes back with a chop and then takes Angle down with a double leg takedown and reigns down right hands on the Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle gets in shots of his own and is able to slip a headlock on Ray. Ray gets to his feet and Angle pokes his eyes. Angle attempts to whip Bubba into the corner but he reveres it and then Angle nips up, but Bubba stops and lifts Kurt up on the top rope and hands him in the tree of woe. Bubba then punches Angle in the gut and tags in Devon who puts the boots to Angle. Devon then whips Angle into the corner and hits a running clothesline. Devon with big right hands in the corner but Angle comes back with an eye poke and Sting extends the hand for a tag, but Angle like last week refuses. Angle with rights to Devon but Devon comes back with right hands of his own. Devon sends Angle into the ropes and then hits a Corkscrew Back Elbow for a nearfall. Bubba back in and he hits a Scoop Slam and grabs Angle’s legs allowing Devon to hit the Wassup Headbutt off the top! Finally Angle tags out to Sting but Sting argues with Angle instead of getting in the match. Angle shoves Sting and Sting gets in his face and shoves him! Booker gets in the middle of the shoving match as Steiner and Nash make their way out to the ring as well.


Back from commercials Sting is laying in chops on Bubba and a big right hand. Apparently Sting and Angle are back on good terms, but just as I say that Angle refuses to be tagged back in. Sting then hits a side headlock takeover on Bubba and has Bubba locked in the headlock. Bubba fights to his feet and Sting pokes him in the eyes. Sting tries to tag back out again and again Angle refuses. Steiner is getting pissed at Kurt for doing this. Sting whips Bubba into the ropes and eats a Spear from Bubba! Now both men are down with the fans getting behind 3D. Ray tags out to Devon and Kurt was cheering for Sting to get up, but when he tried to tag out Kurt refused. Devon then hits several rights and a big Shoulder Block. Devon whips Sting into the corner and hits a big running clothesline followed by a high knee lift for two. Sting pokes Devon in the eyes and goes for a clothesline but Devon ducks and hits a clothesline for another two count. Devon goes to the top rope and goes for a Diving Headbutt, but Sting moves. Angle asks Sting to tag him back in and again when Sting tries to tag out Angle refuses him. Sting finally slaps Angle on the bag and slingshots him into the ring. Angle then shoved Sting and Sting shoved him back right into a rollup from Devon for the pin!

Winners: Team 3D at 10:55 via pinfall (rollup)

After the match those shoves from Sting and Angle turn into all out haymakers! Steiner runs in and pulls them apart and then Booker and Nash come into to help pull them apart. Angle grabs a microphone and we?re going to find out whatsup after commercials.


Back from commercial Angle says for the past four days for the betterment of the Main Event Mafia he showed his true integrity by not saying a word to Sting. Angle apologies to MEM but he can?t keep his feelings in check anymore and then calls Sting a fake, phony, hypocrite, and a disgrace to the ?family.? Angle says at AAO he clearly would?ve won the Title and he says he was supposed to do it not Sting. He says he was going to be a 13-time World Champion and Sting was jealous. Angle talks about the pact they made in Vegas saying family first. Angle says as the leader of MEM he has ever right to kick Sting to the curb, but he’s not going to do that because Sting needs the MEM and MEM needs Sting. Kurt says that later tonight he is going to walk down to the ring with his wrestling gear on and a referee and Sting will lay down for him. Booker says something to Kurt but Angle says we?ll see ya tonight until Jeff Jarrett’s music hits! The King of the Mountain comes out with microphone and guitar in hand. Jeff asks Kurt if he really thinks he would allow that to happen. Jeff says Sting is the TNA World Champion because on Sunday he won the match and Angle lost. He says it’s that simple. Kurt then mocks Jeff and asks what he has to do to make Jeff stay away, literally kill him? Kurt says last time he saw Jeff he was laying in a pool of his own blood and says this has nothing to do with him, but Jeff says as long as it’s his company it has everything to do with him. Jeff says there will be a time and a place for him to get closure with Kurt but it’s certainly not tonight. Jeff reiterates the face that Sting is the Champion. Sting grabs the microphone and tells Kurt he’s going to take him up on his offer! What the hell? Sting leaves the ring and Jeff looks shocked.


Back from commercials Tenay and West discuss the problems in the MEM and they show replays from the opening match. In the back Borash is with Booker T. and Sharmell. He asks if this is the beginning of the end for the Mafia, but Booker says the boss made a decision so Sting has to do what’s right. Booker says MEM is a family so Sting has no choice in the matter. JB then talks about AJ jacking Booker’s Title Belt this Sunday. Booker says AJ stole something from him and he has the FBI hunting him and his punk ass is going to jail. Booker says that if you took AJ out of the ‘sticks? and put him in Beverly Hills he would still want an outhouse and a trailer. Booker says AJ isn?t getting a ?rub? off him and then walks into his lockerroom and we hear a big commotion and Sharmell screaming. Sharmell snatches the door open and runs out as we see AJ Styles beating the hell out of Booker! AJ throws Booker into the wall and just flatout whips his ass. AJ then throws him into the coffee table and stands over Booker with the Legends Title and screams ?Booker, I am legend!?


During the break Steiner talks trash about Petey Williams and Samoa Joe. He says Joe is a fat out of shape Samoan. He calls Samoa Joe a ?half breed.?

Headdress On A Pole Match
?Big Poppa Pump? Scott Steiner vs. ?Maple Leaf Muscle? Petey Williams

Yeah, you read that right. A damn Headdress on a Pole Match, so much for them not doing as many gimmick matches as usual. This match is No Disqualification and the way you win it is by taking down the headdress from the pole if it wasn?t obvious. Petey jumps Steiner as he stretches before the match and hits rights and chops on Steiner. Petey then attempts to whip Steiner into the ropes but he reveres it and then nails Petey with a back elbow. Steiner then throws Petey to the floor and starts to climb the ropes but Petey hits a shoulder block from the apron and follows it up with the slingshot Codebreaker. Petey then climbs up the ropes and Steiner stops him and then throws Petey headfirst into the top turnbuckle followed up by a nasty chop. Petey with a nipup into a dropkick in the corner on Steiner and goes for a backdrop, but Scotty kicks Petey in the face and then throws him to the floor. Steiner tries to climb up again but Petey grabs his leg and slams his groin into the ringpost. Petey with chops on Steiner and then comes off the ropes but Steiner catches him and goes for the belly-to-belly, but Petey pokes him in the eyes. Petey comes off the ropes again and again Steiner stops him but this time he puts him up on his shoulders and then slams him into the corner and sets him up on the top rope. Steiner then hits a kindof Spike Flatliner as Petey’s legs were caught on the top rope. I don?t know what you call that move. Steiner again starts climbing to the top but stops and decides to boot the boots to Petey somemore. Steiner whips Petey into the ropes and hits the Steinerline followed by an Elbow-Drop. Steiner covers Petey but the referee tries to tell him there is no pins. Steiner argues with the referee and then puts Petey up on the top rope again. Steiner climbs up and taunts Petey by holding his hand up and then he busts out the Frankensteiner! First the Steiner Screwdriver on Sunday and now the Frankensteiner. Steiner begins climbing the rope again but Petey comes out of nowhere and hits a running Powerbomb on Scotty! Petey then sets up for the Canadian Destroyer but Steiner blocks it and hits a nasty Spinebuster. Steiner grabs the lead pipe and swings but Petey ducks and goes for the Canadian Destroyer again and Steiner backdrops Petey. Steiner starts to climb the turnbuckles again but Petey hits him from behind with the pipe. Petey almost gets it but Steiner stops him and hits the Super Samoan-Drop off the top! Steiner then climbs the turnbuckles and finally grabs the headdress to get the win.

Winner: Scott Steiner at 6:05

After the match Samoa Joe’s music hits but no Joe as just like Sunday he shows up on the video screen. Joe says that Steiner doesn?t know when or where but his Nation of Violence is coming and when it does, Joe is going to kill him.

In the back JB is with Mick Foley and he asks him what his thoughts on the friction between Kurt and Sting are. Foley says he knows Sting and he knows he won?t lay down. JB asks Mick about his new Hardcore History segment and Foley says it’s just a segment of them going over his memories. Mick says something about the Wrestler and says it kind of makes you think. I?m not sure what he meant by that.


Knockouts Gauntlet for the Gold
TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Match
Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde vs. ODB vs. Raisha Saeed vs. Velvet Sky vs. Sojo Bolt vs. Rhaka Khan vs. Madison Rayne

Over the top rules, every 60 seconds another knockout will enter the match and when it is down to the final 2 it become pinfall or submission. Taylor storms the ring but eats the boots of Angelina. Angelina quickly tries to eliminate Taylor but she blocks it and then they exchange some nasty forearms. They go catfight on his rolling around the mat but eventually Taylor hits a nice back heel kick and then an Elbow-Drop followed by some nasty forearms. The next Knockout in will be Velvet Sky. Sky attacks Taylor from behind and she and Angelina double team Taylor. They whip Taylor into the ropes and go for a double clothesline, but Taylor ducks and goes for a Cross Body but they move. The next girl in is Sojournar Bolt. Sojo takes Angelina and Velvet out with elbows and forearms and then goes after Taylor and lays her out with some elbows. The Beautiful People then attack Bolt from behind and Velvet chokes Taylor in the corner. The next girl in is Roxxi. She comes in and hits a Big Boot on Sojo and Angelina followed by a clothesline on Velvet. Roxxi with a clothesline on Sojo and then she dumps Velvet over the top, but Velvet lands on the apron. Roxxi then shoves her off but Kip catches her and sets her back on the apron. In the ring Angelina hits a Jawbreaker on Roxxi. The next girl in is Madison Rayne. Rayne chops to Roxxi and Sojo. Rayne hits everybody and tries to eliminate Taylor. Taylor and Sojo then double team Rayne. The next girl in is Raisha Saeed. Raisha with clothesline for everybody and a nice Scoop Slam on Taylor. Raisha whips Angelina into Roxxi who backdrops her over the top but Kip saves her too. The next girl in is Rhaka Khan. Khan slams Taylor into the corner and hits a Hook Kick on Roxxi and a nasty Big Boot on Rayne. The final Knockout in the match is ODB. Angelina had Roxxi in a headscissors on the toprope. ODB with a spear on Khan and a aclothesline to Sojo, Raisha, Angelina, and Velvet. ODB eliminates Rhaka! ODB then clotheslines Raisha over the top eliminated her! ODB throws Angelina over the top and again Kip catches her. Taylor then dumps Angelina over the top as Kip was celebrating, but Angelina takes Taylor over with her. Velvet charges Roxxi and she backdrops Velvet, but she lands on the apron. Roxxi then knocks Velvet off the apron eliminating her! Sojo pushes Roxxi into the rope and Roxxi tries to get a boot up but Sojo catches the foot and then backflips Roxxi over the top to the floor eliminating her! That was nice! ODB and Rayne are fighting on the apron and Sojo runs over with a dropkick to ODB knocking her to floor eliminating her! It’s now down to Sojo and Rayne which pins it’s pin or submission. Sojo with a German Suplex attempt but Rayne blocks it and rolls Sojo up for a nearfall. Sojo with a clothesline attempt but Rayne ducks it and she backslides Sojo for another nearfall. Sojo with a knee strike and then throws Rayne over the top, but she catches herself and climbs to the top rope. Rayne with a Flying Cross Body for another nearfall. Rayne with forearms on Sojo and goes for a whip, but Sojo blocks it and hits a kick followed by a nasty looking move that I can only describe as like a reverse Powerbomb. She picked her up in an Outsider’s Edge type hold but instead of slamming her forward, she dropped her backwards face first. Anyway, that most definitely got the pin. Interestingly enough this means Sojo will now face the Kongtourage leader for the Knockouts Title!

Winner & NEW Knockouts #1 Contender: Sojo Bolt at 10:30 via pinfall

After the match Rhaka Khan and Raisha Saeed are looking on as Sojo is celebrating. In the back Angle is preparing for his match with Sting later as he sees a picture of Sting hanging on the wall. Angle grabs the picture and smashes it against a locker.


TNA Rough Cut: The Ultimate X

The Ultimate X returns at Destination X and they will be hyping it up apparently with Rough Cut segments. AJ Styles talked about it being hard to explain how it is while. They show some footage of some of the first Ultimate X matches mixed with newer ones and even it looks like a sketch of the Ultimate X (I guess when they were coming up with the idea). Jay Lethal and Alex Shelley share their thoughts on it and Devon says that it’s the next level of match from the TLC Matches he and Bubba were involved in. Homicide says it’s the hardest match he’s ever been involved in while Chris Sabin says it’s one of the most difficult and dangerous matches in wrestling. Hernandez talks about how you have to be a top athlete just to be in the match. AJ says the cables rip your hands to pieces and puts over how grueling and intimidating it is.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences

This is a rematch from last week. Alex Shelley is coming off of his exciting successful X-Division Title defense against Eric Young Sunday while Chris Sabin is coming off of a loss to newcomer Brutus Magnus and Lethal Consequences came up short in their exciting Tag Titles match. Lethal Consequences actually have a new remixed theme that mixes Consequences and Lethal’s themes together. Sabin and Lethal will start the match off. Lethal and Sabin exchange wristlocks and armdrags in the beginning. Lethal gets the advantage after he hits a beautiful lucha-libre style armdrag on Sabin and follows up with those stinging jabs. Lethal then comes off the ropes but Sabin quickly hits a knee lift. Lethal comes back with a hiptoss into a basement dropkick for a one count. Sabin comes back with a spinning back kick and then quickly tags in Shelley, but Lethal hits a droptoe hold on Shelley and tags in Creed. They whip Shelley into the corner and then Lethal whips Creed into a clothesline on Shelley (he actually grabbed Creed’s fro and shoved him for more emphasis I guess) and then Lethal comes flying in with running dropkick on Shelley. Creed follows up with a beautiful Springboard Bulldog on Shelley for a nearfall. Creed comes off the ropes and Shelley goes for a clothesline, but Creed ducks and hits a big right hand. Creed attempts to whip Shelley into the ropes but Shelley reverses it and goes for a backdrop, but Creed does a beautiful backflip over the back of Shelley! Creed then hits a nasty Enziguri and charges Shelley in the corner but Shelley gets a boot up and tags out to Sabin. Sabin springboards off the top but eats every bit of a clothesline in midair from Creed. Damn, that definitely looked like it connected. Creed with a running clothesline on Sabin in the corner and then runs to the opposite corner to do it again, but Sabin comes charging out of nowhere with a clothesline of his own. Shelley then hits a Flying Forearm off of the back of Sabin on Creed. Sabin with a snapmare on Creed and then puts the boots to him. Shelley puts his boots up and Sabin throws Creed headfirst into them. Shelley tags back in and hits chops on Creed and then tags Sabin back in. Sabain holds Creed as Shelley comes off the ropes but Creed is able to get his boots up on Shelley and then droptoe hold Sabin into the crotch of Shelley! Creed rolls over and tags Lethal in. Sabin tries to attack Lethal before he gets in the ring but Lethal hits a shoulderblock through the ropes and then slingshot hurricanrana followed by two clotheslines. Lethal whips Sabin in the corner and charges but Sabin backdrops him over the top and Lethal lands on the apron! Lethal then hits a springboard missile dropkick! Lethal with an Enziguri on Sabin for a nearfall. Lethal tries to whip Sabin into the ropes but Sabin reverses it and Lethal goes for that backhand spring off the ropes that he usually does, but Sabin comes flying in with a sliding dropkick to the face of Lethal as he was doing the backhand spring. Nasty counter. Shelley tagged back in and Sabin hits a dropkick off the back of Shelley knocking Creed off the apron. Sabin then sets Lethal up on Shelley’s shoulder and they hit the Thunder Express (flipping powerslam into a Diamond Cutter) on Lethal! Shelley covers Lethal and Sabin tries to stop Creed from interrupting it, but Creed shoves Sabin into Shelley breaking up the pinfall. Creed then goes for the DVD on Shelley but Shelley blocks it with nasty elbows. Shelley shoves Creed into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Creed catches the arm, spins around his body, and spikes him with a DDT! Sabin comes out of nowhere with Springboard Clothesline on Creed but then eats the Lethal Combination from Jay! Shelley then goes for an Enziguri on Lethal but he ducks it and then goes for a Dragon Suplex, but Shelley blocks it and hits a beautiful armdrag followed by a nasty Superkick! Shelley then goes for Sliced Bread, but Lethal counters it into a nasty Facebuster for the pin!

Winners: Lethal Consequences at 4:30 via pinfall (facebuster)

After the match Shelley and Sabin offer handshakes to Lethal Consequences and they accept it, but then they turn around and kick them in the nuts and flick them off.

In the back JB is putting over TNA Mobile saying they have news of an internationally known tag team coming to TNA soon. He starts to go up the rafters to get a word from Sting but Jeff Jarrett comes down. Jeff says we?re just going to have to wait and see what Sting does.


ODB’s Angle w/ Brutus Magnus

ODB says she is single and says that people can send in videos of themselves to win a date with her. Her guest tonight is Brutus Magnus who ODB refers to as Brutus Maximus. Magnus offers a handshake to ODB but she slaps him on the butt instead. Brutus says that his open challenge continues and is open to anyway that has the ?bollocks? to stand up to him. ODB makes a joke about how she has an open challenge for him and Brutus says that’s exactly why he was reluctant to even come to the States because he knew he would be forced to be around disgusting pigs like her. ODB asks him if they have an IHOP where he’s from and he asks her what that is which ODB replies with the usual ?I-Hop dez nutz.? Brutus is disgusted by her and walks off. ODB says he wants her.

Tenay hypes up the TNA Tag Title Match later tonight and the TNA Title Match.

In the back Lauren is with Kevin Nash and he says that the whole Main Event Mafia stigma is based on the Mafia movies like Goodfellas, Godfather, etc. where if you had a problem with somebody you whacked them and then dug a hole in the dessert and stuck them there. He says that’s a world that he would love to live in and he says if you screw with the family you sleep with the fishes. Kevin says that Kurt made it pretty clear that he was the boss and in his eyes Sting crossed him so he’s going to get what’s coming to him. Nash says in the long run its going to make the family stronger and now he has to go see ?Johnny Sacs? about that ?thing,? and obviously Lauren was clueless to that joke.


They say TNA was allowed to film footage of Abyss? therapy session. Abyss talks about going over the deep end at Against All Odds, but says he?ll do better. Abyss then talks about how cute President Obama’s kids are. Abyss wonders if Obama allows his kids to watch Family Guy, who says he probably don?t because of the questionable language and Quagmire isn?t the role model type. Abyss jumps up and says he doesn?t know why he’s addicted to the violence and says its just so surreal to him. He says when he gets in that state of mind he does things he doesn?t even know that he’s doing. Abyss then asks his therapist asks if he saw the last episode of Lost and says Kate is hot. The therapist says their time is up and Abyss says he’s looking forward to it and starts laughing. Okay, you go from that awesome promo that Abyss had last week and now goofy Abyss is back, great. He kept calling the therapist Dr. Stevie and with all the rumors circulating this week about a certain former ECW wrestler who knows who that might be.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Beer Money Inc. (c) w/Jacqueline vs. ?The Monster? Abyss & ?War Machine? Rhino

Well no keg trailer on the Boozer Kruizer tonight but James is wearing Beer Goggles tonight. James Storm is just awesome. Storm and Beer Money jump Abyss in the early going but Abyss hits a double clothesline and then tags Rhino in. Rhino with a shoulder block and then blocks a hiptoss and hits a clothesline. Roode goes for a Fisherman Suplex but Rhino blocks it and Roode goes for a clothesline, but Rhino ducks and hits right hands on Roode in the corner. Rhino attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses it and charges, but eats a back elbow from Rhino. Roode then distracts the referee while Jacky distracts Rhino and Storm knocks him off the top rope to the floor.


Back from commercials Roode is putting the boots to Rhino in the corner. They show a replay from what happened before the break. Roode whips Storm into Rhino in the corner for a Corner Splash, but Rhino moves and then clotheslines Roode. Rhino tags out to Abyss and he takes out Beer Money with big right hands. Abyss with big splashes on Roode and Storm in the corner and then hits a running hip attack on Roode in the corner. Abyss then hits the Shock Treatment on Storm for a nearfall before Roode broke it up. Rhino then goes after Roode and the referee got tangled up with them spilling out to the floor. Back in the ring Storm spits beer into Abyss? face and then hits a bulldog. Jacky hands Storm the beer bottle and then he goes to hit Storm with it but Abyss grabs him by the throat and Chokeslams him (actually onto the bottle). Abyss then picks up the bottle but Morgan slides in under the bottom rope and nails Abyss with it. West points out that Morgan even spit on the chair right before he hit Abyss with it. The referee slides in and Storm gets the pin.

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Beer Money at 7:21 via pinfall to retain the titles!

After the match Beer Money make sure Rhino doesn?t get back in the ring and Morgan nails Abyss with the chair again. Abyss is busted open for the millionth time.

They show a split screen of Angle and Sting walking toward the ring.


Mick Foley’s Hardcore History 101

Mick talks about his first ever No Ropes Barbed Wire Singles Match against Terry Funk in Japan on January 10, 1995 (a match I haven?t seen). Mick talks about how he was very scared going in and how he had to get into a psychotic state of mind. He says there was only 150 people there and he talks about his fingertips getting ripped off when they got caught on the barbed wire. He says how that ?iron? smell of blood had such a nauseating smell but was also the smell of victory. He says when he walked on the bus after the match Terry Funk hugged him. Great story.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
?The Icon? Sting (c) vs. ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle

Yeah, there is no way this match is going to go ahead with. Earl Hebner is the referee that Kurt brought with him and Tenay points out how Hebner is always around controversy. Angle says this is something he has to do because he is the Godfather in MEM. He says they have a code and he broke it so there is a price to pay and he has to make an example out of Sting. He tells Sting to lay down and get it over with. Sting asks Kurt if that’s what he really wants and Kurt says that Sting gave him no other choice. Sting agrees to do it and lay down for the good of the family. Sting starts to lay down but stops and says that he just wants to ask Kurt one question: where is his integrity. Sting asks Kurt whatever happened to a man losing to another man. Sting puts over Kurt winning the Olympics and he asks Kurt if he had lost the Olympics would he had asked for a doover or asked his opponent to lay down so he could win it without actually earning it. Sting says Kurt didn?t earn the belt, he did. Sting asks Kurt where his honor is and Sting says honor comes when you can look your opponent in the eye and say ?you?re the better man? when you lose. Sting says he knows Kurt can do it but he’s going to lay down anyway. Sting then again starts to lay down but stops and says that at AAO that was the most insignificant loss he ever had because it pails in comparison to him losing his wife, his family, his honor, and his respect because no one in TNA respects him. Sting says that Kevin, Scott, and Book know him for what he really is: an egomaniac that would cut their legs out from under them if he knew it would benefit himself in a heartbeat. He says it’s always been about Kurt and it always will be about Kurt. He says Kurt has tarnished everything he has ever won. Sting says I guess there is nothing more else to do than to lay down and then he finally lays down on the mat. Sting then tells Kurt to go ahead and steal his 13th World Title and the fans chant ?You Suck? and Sting says no matter what these fans say he doesn?t suck mocking him. Kurt starts to pin him but is getting madder and madder the more he looks at Sting and he jumps up and tells Sting to get up! Kurt says that he’s going to take his title but he’s going to take his ass with it! They go at it hard! Sting and Kurt are beating the hell out of each other until Nash and Steiner run out to break them up. The fans are chanting ?let them fight? and Kurt grabs the mic and says its personal now and not about the title. Angle challenges Sting to an Empty Arena Match next week! He says he is going to end Sting’s career and then charges Sting again! Steiner tries to get in the middle of them again but Nash just throws his hands up and says let them go at it.


Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show was, like most TNA’s shows now adays, only so-so and very inconsistent. Now it seems they are putting less and less emphasis on Main Event Mafia vs. Front Line and putting it all on Sting vs. Kurt Angle with the exception of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

Speaking of Samoa Joe, boy, TNA are the kings of dragging things out too long. I?m fine with Joe showing up on the video screen and doing all that (and I love that he’s not screaming everything he says anymore) but come on, it’s been what? 3 weeks and if he still doesn?t show up next week that will be 4 without him actually showing up in person. I?m very interesting in the way they?re going with Joe but Jesus they are going to sting it out so long people get tired of waiting. AJ Styles, on the other hand, I like what they?re doing with him. If AJ wins the Legends Title he will once again be a TNA Grand Slam Champ (winning every title he is eligible to win).

I like the passion both Kurt and Sting showed throughout tonight and they built it up nicely over the night with Angle refusing to tag into the tag match (he refused to tag out last week) and then them finally going at it. Sting’s little speech on Kurt at the end was classic and you could see how a guy like Kurt would just go nuts over someone saying that stuff to him. An Empty Arena Match though? That’s kind of odd way to take it but as dead as the crowd was tonight it was pretty much like an Empty Arena Show until the very end. We?ll see how that goes.

TNA can really frustrate you with some of the dumb things they continue to do like tonight with Abyss. Last week Abyss has reverted back to the psycho Abyss and cuts an insane promo only to revert to the goofy Abyss and cut a retarded promo.

The Knockouts Match was very fun and I?m intrigued to see where they go with Sojo vs. Kong.

The X-Division Tag Match was short but very fun. Both teams work very well with each other. I?m thinking we may see a X-Division Four Way between Sabin, Shelley, Lethal, & Creed in the Ultimate X next month.

The Tag Titles match was okay I guess but damn can the champs get at least one freaking clean win? They can?t even beat a team that’s never tagged together clean. Speaking of that, what in the hell did Abyss and Rhino do to earn a title shot when L.A.X. is sitting there doing nothing. Whatever.

Right now it just seems like TNA is killing time until Lockdown which is never a good thing.

Match of the Night: MCMG vs. Lethal Consequences (**1/2)

Segment/Promo of the Night: Sting’s promo on Angle in the final segment

Final Grade: C +

Scheduled For Next Week:

– Special Open Challenge: Beer Money Inc. vs. ???
– Street Fight: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences
– L.A.X. & Shane Sewell vs. Matt Morgan, Brutus Magnus, & Sheik Abdul Bashir
– Empty Arena Match: Sting vs. Kurt Angle
– More from Abyss, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, etc.

Destination X Lineup So Far:

– Ultimate X: TBA