Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
April 5, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact kicks off with a video package hyping up Lethal Lockdown highlighting Abyss’ announcement of Jeff Jarrett being the first new member to Team Hogan.

Backstage Christy Hemme announces that tonight will be the first ever TNA Knockout Lockbox Showdown. There will be an 8-Knockout Elimination Tag Match. The rules to the match are that whenever there is a fall (pinfall or submission) both participants in the fall are eliminated. The girl that gets the pin will get to choose one of four lockboxes and the loser walks away with nothing. The four winners will then open their lockboxes later tonight. In one box Tara’s pet spider Poison lies, in one box is an open contract for a match of the Knockouts choice against the opponent of her choice, in one box lies a stipulation where that girl will have to strip down to her underwear, and finally in the final lockbox lies the Knockouts Title! The Beautiful People walk up and Velvet says they plan on winning 3 of the boxes. She says they want to win Tara’s spider and finally squash it, then get an open contract to dominate whoever they choose, and finally the Knockouts Title. Madison says tonight the Beautiful People get it all and it will be a night that their millions of fans will never forget. Lacey Von Erich walks up in a towel and says tonight everybody wins when we see Lacey in her bra & panties (hell yes!).

The Impact intro hits and we are about to cross the line! Interestingly enough Christopher Daniels is still in the intro (for those that don’t know he asked for and was granted his release from TNA and then showed up at ROH’s PPV this past weekend).

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he leads Jeff Jarrett & Abyss out to the ring. Taz says that Eric Bischoff is not here tonight for unknown reasons. Hogan grabs the microphone and says they have some ‘horse power’ behind Team Hogan. Hogan says Ric Flair has shown his true colors over and over and if he wants to be a ‘big dog’ in TNA he has to beat Team Hogan. Abyss says that Flair may be a legend but he promises that Flair has never dealt with the likes of this “blood thirsty, 6’8″ 350+ plus pound, weapon of mass destruction!” Abyss says at Lockdown in the Letha Lockdown when they lower the top of that cage and lock them in like a bunch of caged animal with weapons all around will Team Flair truly realize the definition of pain & suffering! Abyss says it makes no difference who the other three members of Team Flair are because at Lockdown Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, and the rest of Team Hogan will kick Team Flair’s a**! Ric Flair’s music hits and it looks like Naitch is none too happy as Chelsea rolls him out onto the stage. Desmond Wolfe, Sting, & Beer Money then walk out of the tunnel behind Flair! A huge “Hogan” chant has started. Flair says he is about to speak and tells the fans to shutup. Flair makes fun of Abyss and Jarrett being Hogan’s team and then says to look at his. Flair puts over Desmond Wolfe and then calls Beer Money his “bad a** cowboys” and then calls Sting a wrestling icon. Flair says there is more history Sting and he then there is in the entire wrestling world (FACT). Another “Hogan” chant starts and again Flair gets pissed about it. Flair asks Chelsea to come into view and then screams “WOOOO”. Flair says he has his Hall of Fame ring on because he IS the Hall of Fame and then says in St. Louis at Lockdown he’ll shove his Hall of Fame ring down Abyss’ throat! Hogan tells Flair to shut up and then says he sees what Flair has up on the stage. Hogan tells Flair not to ever sell him short because they have a full team and Flair will find out who the rest of Team Hogan is when the time is right. Flair says this isn’t a political contest, it’s a popularity contest and everybody wants to be the “Nature Boy”. Flair says if Hogan has a problem Team Flair will walk down there and see what Hogan’s team is all about. Flair then says “don’t’ say it, play it!” Team Flair walks down to the ring (and Flair rolls) but Jeff Jarrett tells them to hold on. Jarrett asks Sting to step into the ring without his bat and answer just one question. Sting agrees and hands his bat to Wolfe and says something to him before stepping into the ring. Jarrett says he has known Sting for over 20 years and they have a storied history together in TNA so he just has one question to ask him, “why now has the dark side comeo out of you?” Jarrett tries to hand Sting the microphone but he refuses it. Jarrett says he might not deserve an answer but the fans do. Sting just laughs at Jarrett which causes him to slap the hell out of Sting! Sting kicks Jarrett and hits the Stinger Death Drop! Sting avoids Hogan and Abyss’ attempted attack and slides out to the floor. Flair tells his team to ‘go get em’ and Wolfe jumps into the ring with the bat and nails Abyss with it! Beer Money then come into the ring and they along with Wolfe surround Hogan when Jeff Hardy’s music hits! Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam sneak down through the crowd! They come into the ring and the fight is on! RVD and Hardy fight off Beer Money and then Abyss nails Wolfe with a Big Boot! Team Hogan has been revealed and Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm is next!


“The Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

Back from commercials Storm whips RVD into the corner and charges at him but RVD floats up and over Storm. RVD hits a big spinning heel kick and then whips Storm into the opposite corner. RVD follows up with the Monkey Flip! RVD covers Storm and gets a nearfall. RVD throws a few forearms at Storm and then attempts to whip him into the corner again, but this time Storm reverses it and charges. RVD backdrops Storm over the top rope but Storm lands on the apron. Storm goes for a right hand but RVD ducks and then hits a springboard Sidekick that sends Storm crashing to the floor! RVD follows up with a sliding dropkick attempt but Storm catches him and slams RVD by his feet headfirst into the guardrail! Storm rolls back into the ring and goes to drag RVD back in but RVD hits a shoulderblock through the ropes. RVD goes for another one but this time Storm avoids it and kicks RVD in the head! Storm grabs RVD and hits a Hanging DDT with RVD’s feet hung up in the ropes! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Storm hits a Vertical Suplex and then does the “Beer….Money” taunt as the fans boo him. Storm gets another nearfall and then immediately locks RVD in a rear chinlock. RVD fights to his feet and hits a series of back elbows and then comes off the ropes. Storm goes for a knee lift but RVD side steps it, grabs Storm’s leg, and rolls him up! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Storm goes for a kick but RVD catches his foot and hits the Step-over Heel Kick! Both men are down and they both get to their feet at the count of 8 by the referee. They greet each other with big right hands exchaning punches, but RVD gets the better of it and connects with a Spinning Back Kick! RVD hits a Running Clothesline and follows up with the Rolling Thunder! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! RVD picks Storm up but Storm connects with an Enziguri out of nowhere! Storm follows it up with the Eye of the Storm! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Storm attempts to whip RVD in the corner but RVD reverses it and charges at him, but Storm hits a big back elbow. Storm tries to slam RVD’s head into the top turnbuckle but RVD blocks it with his foot and then kicks Storm in the head with the same foot! RVD hits a Front Slam and then hits the Split Legged Moonsault! 1…2…3 and RVD gets the win!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (Split Legged Moonsault)

After the match Storm blasts RVD with his beer bottle! The referee calls out for help and EMT’s come out and check on RVD. Storm tries to get back on RVD but security pulls him off.


Back from commercials Storm is taunted RVD as EMT’s help him. Jeff Hardy runs out and attacks Storm! Hardy then checks on RVD as Robert Roode sneaks in through the crowd and hits a Spinebuster on Hardy! Beer Money has taken out half of Team Hogan already tonight!

In the back Christy Hemme is with one of the teams for tonight’s Knockout Lockbox Challenge, Tara, Angelina Love, ODB, & Hamada. She asks Tara about possibly losing her belt tonight. Tara says this is a joke and says that TNA wants ratings and is trying to do it by screwing her over. Tara says she’s going out there and doing the best she can and pin somebodies a**. Angelina says she knows where Tara is coming from but nothing is fair in wrestling and sometimes life is a b*tch but you have to deal with it. Angelina says she’s leaving tonight with the belt but Tara says that she’d be stealing the belt from her and if that’s the way she wants to roll then fine. Tara walks off and Angelina says ‘whatever’. ODB says it looks like some PMS’ing going around here and she says ‘screw the Knocked Up Title’ because she wants the contract. She says she wants AJ Styles! Christy sticks the microphone in front of Hamada’s face and she shrugs her shoulders and says something in Japanese.

TNA Global Championship
“The Freak” Rob Terry (c) vs. “Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide

Terry has a new nickname, “The Freak”. Homicide jumps Terry at the bell and lights him up with chops. Homicide then comes off the ropes but eats a huge clothesline from Terry! Terry grabs Homicide by the throat and lifts him up to the top rope and then Chokeslams him off the top! Terry charges at Homicide in the corner but he avoids it and lights Terry up with more stiff chops! Homicide goes for a Monkey Flip but Terry blocks it and just shrugs Homicide off. Terry picks Homicide off and shows off his strength with a huge Press Slam. Terry hits a Hip Toss but Homicide comes back with an elbow to the gut and then comes off the ropes only to eat a shoulder block from Terry. Terry goes for the Powerslam but Homicide blocks it only to get pie faced right to the ground. Terry charges at Homicide but Homicide gets his foot up. Homicide then climbs to the top and dives off with a Cross Body attempt, but Terry catches him in midair! Terry hits the Powerslam and retains the belt.

Winner & STILL Global Champ: Terry via pinfall (Powerslam)

After the match Homicide knocks the hell out of Terry with a chair shot but Terry doesn’t even budge! Homicide then absolutely destroys Terry with a SICKENING chair shot (UNPROTECTED) to the top of the head! Terry STILL doesn’t go down! Terry then hits a huge One-armed Spinebuster and we can see blood coming down from Terry’s head. The lights go out and Orlando Jordan’s music hits. Jordan is standing on the stage and squirts lotion all over himself and starts eating an apple. Okay, now I’m confused AND freaked out. What in the blue hell was that?!


Knockouts Lockbox Challenge
8-Knockout Elimination Tag Match
Tara, Angelina Love, ODB, & Hamada vs. The Beautiful People & Daffney

TNA actually puts the rules and stipulations up on the screen before the match which was a nice touch. Angelin and Madison lockup and Madison gets a Front Chancery on Madison before tagging out quickly to Tara. Tara puts Madison in a wristlock but Madison breaks it and then hits a Running Kick to the face. Madison straddles the back of Tara’s head (Good God, that was hot) and then rolls over and starts slamming Tara’s head into the mat with her legs. Madison stands on Tara and then climbs to the top rope but Tara crotches her and then lifts Madison up on her back and hits the Widows Peak! 1…2…3 and Tara has won a key while Madison is eliminated! Daffney runs in and hip tosses Angelina into the match. Daffney puts the boots to Angelina as we go to a break.


Back from commercials Velvet has ODB in a side headlock but ODB fights to her feet as Tenay says there was another elimination during the break. Velvet puts the boots ODB and then we get a replay of what went down during the break. Hamada went for a Moonsault on Daffney but she moved out of the way and then hits the Daff Knees for the pin. Back to live action ODB finally fights Velvet off and hits a Corner Splash on her. ODB then hits a clothesline on Velvet and whips her into the ropes. ODB goes for a clothesline but Velvet ducks and then goes for a Cross Body. ODB blocks it and hits a Fall Away Slam! ODB covers Velvet and gets a nearfall. ODB picks Velvet up and goes for a TKO but Velvet blocks it and counters into a DDT for the pin! Its down to just Angelina and Lacey now. Lacey goes for a clothesline but Angelina ducks and hits a clothesline of her own! Angelina throws Lacey into the corner and starts putting the boots to her. Angelina then whips Lacey into the other corner and charges but Lacey gets her big foot up. Lacey then climbs to the middle rope and goes for that Moonsault Elbow Drop, but Angelina moves out of the way and hits the Lights Out! 1…2…3 and Angelina wins a key!

Winners of the keys: Angelina Love, Tara, Daffney, & Velvet Sky (2 heels, 2 babyfaces)

In the back we see the four lockboxes that the girls will open later tonight. Next is the Ladder Match!

A video package hypes up Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson.

Ladder Match
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson and Angle actually both have Ladder Match experience. Anderson is a former Money In The Bank Ladder Match winner while Angle has won a King of the Mountain Ladder Match as well as a couple of straight up Ladder Matches (one against a no-name and one against Chris Benoit). Hanging from the ceiling tonight will be a key, that key will unlock the door of their cage at Lockdown. The only way to win their Cage Match will be to escape through the door which will give the winner of this match a distinct advantage.


Back from commercials the bell rings and Angle goes immediately for an Angle Slam but Anderson blocks it and hits the Green Bay Plunge (Rolling Firemans Carry Slam)! Anderson climbs out to the ramp and grabs the ladder. Anderson throws the ladder into the ring and then starts throwing rights at Angle. Anderson suplexes Angle hard onto the ladder! Anderson starts to set the ladder up under the key but looks at Angle and decides to prop it up in the corner instead. Anderson grabs Angle and tries to throw Angle into it but Angle reverses it and Belly-to-Belly Suplexes Anderson onto the ladder! Angle sets the ladder up under the key and then throws a series of right hands at Anderson. Angle attempts to whip Anderson into the ladder but Anderson reverses it. Angle ducks underneath the ladder and then comes off the ropes only to have Anderson shove the ladder into his face! Anderson sets the ladder back up. Anderson climbs up the ladder and reaches for the key but Angle grabs him and Angle Slams him off the ladder! Angle kicks Anderson out of the ring and then starts climbing up the ladder. Just as Angle grabs the key Anderson shoves him off and Angle takes a horrific spill over the top rope. Oh man, I think Angle is hurt seriously. As I replay it Angle’s legs got caught up in the ropes and it looked like his back and arm hit extremely hard on the apron. That looked bad, man. Anderson sets the ladder up in the ring as Angle is trying to get to his feet. Anderson climbs the ladder and man is Angle one tough son of a b*tch! Anderson reaches up to grab the key but Angle Missile Dropkicks the damn ladder knocking Anderson off! Angle follows up with a German Suplex! Angle is really dragging that arm (possible shoulder injury) as he lays the ladder down in the ring. Angle lays Anderson on top of the ladder and starts reigning down right hands. Angle climbs up to the top rope, are you kidding me?! Angle hits a f***ing Moonsault on Anderson on top of that damn ladder! Is this guy for damn real?! He just pretty much Moonsaulted a damn ladder after taking a crazy bump like he just did minutes ago! Angle grabs Anderson and slams him shoulder first into the ring post and then sets the ladder up yet again under the key. Angle is really hurting as he climbs up the ladder. Anderson grabs Angle’s medal and then pulls Angle down the ladder and wraps the chain around his neck! Anderson chokes Angle with it but Angle still climbs up the freaking ladder! Angle spits out his mouthpiece and reaches for the key as he’s still being choked and he almost pulls it down but he finally falls off the ladder as he passed out. Anderson reaches up and pulls the key down.
Winner: Anderson via pulling the key down

After the match Anderson says he has a bottle of bubbly backstage waiting for him not to celebrate his victory tonight but to celebrate his victory tonight because that’s what he secured tonight. He says he’ll only be celebrating with one person tonight….MR. ANDERSOOOOOON….ANDERSON!

In the back JB walks up to Hulk Hogan. JB asks Hogan about Bischoff going behind his back last week. Hogan says what goes on between he and Eric is between them. He says he won’t talk about he and Eric’s business in an open forum. Bubba the Love Sponge walks up and tells JB to scram. Hogan asks Bubba why he’s running with the WolfPac. Bubba says they’re cool with him but Hogan says Bubba is making a choice to hang with the wrong people and he’s going to get into trouble. Bubba says he’s having fun now and wasn’t having fun before. Jay Lethal walks up as Bubba leaves and he says he’s been doing some thinking. Lethal says the whole Mega Powers breakup wasn’t Hogan’s fault it was his. Lethal apologizes for it and says he has Hogan’s back. Lethal then says he’s going to find his tights with “Mega Powers” on the back as he leaves. Hogan mockingly tells him to find his too and says “oh my god”.

We see a shot of Bubba welcoming The Band as they arrive to the Impact Zone in the back.


Back from commercials Christy is with Matt Morgan and he interrupts her as she introduces him as “1/2 of the TNA Tag Team Champions” and says that he IS the Tag Team Champions. Morgan has both the belts and says he almost lost those belts due to Hernandez and because of an ‘unfortunate accident’ Hernandez wont be able to defend the belts anymore. Christy asks Morgan who he’ll name as his new champion but Morgan says you’re looking at the champs. Morgan keeps referring to himself as “we” which confuses Christy (what doesn’t confuse her?) and she then says next week Morgan will have to defend the belts against the winners of the next match, Team 3D or the Machine Guns.

TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D

The Guns won a shot at the belts at DX in Ultimate X but last wee on XPlosion Team 3D challenged the Guns to put their shot on the line. The Guns accepted and the match went to a DRAW (due to a double pin) so this will be a return match. They show footage of how the draw happened. Sabin and Bubba lock up and Bubba locks Sabin in a wristlock, but Saban rolls through into a wristlock of his own. Bubba shocks the entire world by rolling through himself and then hitting a forearm smash. Bubba locks the wristlock back in but Sabin hits a series of forearms followed by a series of roundhouse kicks, but when he went for the third one Bubba blocked it with his arms and then hit a nasty Front Kick. Bubba goes for another one but Sabin ducks and connects with a back kick. Sabin follows up with a Springboard Cross Body Block! 1…2…NO Bubba kicks out! Shelley tags in and the Guns sandwich Bubba with round kicks. Bubba comes back with a nasty chop and then tags Devon in. Devon hits a Diving Headbutt on Shelley’s back and then locks him in a Bear Hug as Shelley reached out for a tag. Devon then whips Shelley into the ropes but eats a knee lift from Shelley. Shelley reaches over and tags in Sabin. Sabin comes in and ducks a clothesline attempt from Devon and knocks Bubba off the arpon. Sabin then hits a Running Forearm Smash followed by another one. Bubba comes charging in and eats a back kick from Sabin. Sabin climbs up to the top and hits a Double Missile Dropkick on 3D! Bubba goes for a clothesline on Sabin but he ducks and Bubba nails Devon! Sabin then hits an Enziugri on Bubba! Shelley and Sabin destroy Devon in the corner as Shelley hits a Leaping Enziguri from the apron and Sabin hits the Mafia Kick on him at the same time! Shelley tags in and they hit the Falling Neckbreaker/Frog Splash combo! 1…2…NO Devon kicks out! The Guns whip Devon into the ropes but Devon holds onto the ropes and Bubba hits the Guns from behind with a Double Clothesline. Bubba scoop slams Sabin and Devon climbs to the top for the Whatsup Headbutt! Bubba tells Devon to get the tables! Devon starts to pull the table out but Syxx-Pac grabs him from behind and slams him into the ringpost!


Bubba attacks Scott Hall before he can get to the ring but Nash comes from behind and jumps Bubba! Nash hit Bubba with brass knucks. The Band tosses Bubba into the ring and Syxx-Pac hits an X-Factor on him. Hall grabs Sabin and hits the Outsiders Edge on him! Nash started to Jackknife Powerbomb Shelley but clotheslined him instead. Pac then hit the Snap Legdrop on Shelley. Syxx grabs the spray paint and sprays “Bow Down” on Shelley’s back.


Back from commercials Bubba the Love Sponge comes down to the ring and does the WolfPac salute with The Band. Nash grabs a microphone and says he has a message for the world. Nash says they might not be signing the checks but they are running the show. Nash says Hogan is worrying about Bischoff and Flair but that’s the least of his worries because The Band is his nightmare. Nash says for 15 years they carried Hogan and he says Bubba told them what Hogan said about them, calling them “bad people.” Nash says Hogan is the biggest snake in the business and says they learned it from him! Nash says they are the show now and says he wants to say nobody likes him, but he has 3 guys in the ring that likes him and that’s plenty for him.

In the back JB is with The Pope. Pope says at Lockdown in St. Louis will be the night that he and his congregation rolls into St. Louis like a ‘storm on a raging sea’ and he makes history by laying claim to the TNA Title. Pope says last week “Ruffy” got one over on him by sending Chelsea out there to take Earl Hebner’s attention (he says he doesn’t blame Hebner because at his age he probably doesn’t see much). Pope starts to say something about painting a new picture tonight when Wolfe walks up and asks who Pope is, Picasso (talking about painting). Wolfe says in his world people don’t get second chances so he doesn’t even see why he has to face Pope tonight. He says that TNA should be promoting Wolfe vs. AJ for Lockdown instead of Pope vs. AJ because Wolfe is that good. Pope says he has no excuses and if Wolfe wants to pull double duty at Lockdown and face AJ then he’ll put his shot on the line tonight! Pope guarantees tonight will be a whole new ball game and he’ll pray for him before the match.


Doug Williams comes out and says he wishes to make the point that the days of ‘acrobats’ in the X-Division is over. Williams says those ‘clowns’ need to go back to the circus where they belong with the performing monkey’s. Williams says they could always go back to wrestling school and learn some technical wrestling which he is the master of. Williams says he wants to be addressed by his full name, Douglas Williams “the finest thing in life.” He says he has arranged a Gauntlet Match for himself against Generation Me.

X-Division Gauntlet Match
Doug Williams vs. Generation Me
Match #1: Doug Williams vs. Jeremy Buck

First up is Jeremy and GM are rocking new gear. They have on purple tights now. Jeremy and Doug lockup and Williams locks him in a wristlock but Jeremy rolls through and reverses it. Williams quickly gets to the ropes to break the hold. Williams then hits a single leg takedown and catapults Jeremy into the corner. Jeremy lands on the middle rope and hits a Moonsault! 1…NO Doug quickly kicks out. Jeremy tries to whip Doug into the ropes but Doug blocks it and then pokes him in the eyes. Williams hits a European Uppercut and then whips Jeremy into the ropes and charges at him, but Jeremy gets a boot up. Jeremy then hits a Slingshot Facebuster from the apron for a nearfall! Jeremy follows up with a nasty Enziguri and then climbs to the top and goes for another Moonsault, but this time Williams moves out of the way and Jeremy lands on his feet. Williams then hits the Chaos Theory! 1…2…3 and Williams gets the pin.

Winner: Williams via pinfall (Chaos Theory)

Match #2: Douglas Williams vs. Max Buck

As Williams was celebrating the win Max nails him with a Slingshot Clothesline! Williams attempts a big clothesline but Max avoids it with a gorgeous backflip. Max then hits a back elbow followed by a backflip into a head scissors takeover! Max follows up with a dropkick and a nearfall. Max hits a series of forearms and chops. Max then slams Doug into the corner and then whips him into the opposite corner and hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Scoop Slam. Max hits a Leg Drop and gets another nearfall. Max goes to the top rope but Doug kicks the ropes crotching Max. Doug then locks Max in a Guillotine and Max taps!

Winner: Williams via submission (Guillotine Choke)

After the match Williams wouldn’t release the hold and Shannon Moore comes out and attacks Williams! Moore hits a Back Elbow on Williams and then grabs the lipstick and tries to mark Williams with it but he’s able to escape. Moore grabs a microphone and Chapter 13 in the Book of DILLIGAF says there’s no room in the X-Divison for boring wrestlers like Williams. He says Williams should look between his legs and if he has a set give Moore a shot at the X-Division Title at Lockdown! Tenay questions what Kaz must be thinking about this challenge since he is the #1 Contender.


Back from commercials Christy Hemme approaches 3D and asks them if they have something to say. Bubba says there was no reason for what The Band did and says The WolfPac is a bunch of disrespectful pricks. 3D says in 15 years their paths have never crossed but next week they will because they want them in the ring. Devon says The Band has been a cancer in every organization they’ve ever been in and anyone they’ve been in the ring with can testify to that. Devon says next week they will kick The Band’s a**es all over the Impact Zone!

Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

If Wolfe wins tonight they he gets Pope’s Title shot at Lockdown! Wolfe tries to jump Pope on the ramp but Pope cuts him off and hits a series of big forearms. Pope then tosses Wolfe into the ring but Wolfe kicks him in the previously injured ankle as Pope started to get in the ring. Wolfe then hits a big Forearm Smash followed by a European Uppercut. Pope comes back with a kick and a forearm followed by some chops, but Wolfe comes right back with a knee to the gut and then the Hammerlock DDT. Wolfe lifts Pope up and on the top rope and hits a Cross Chop. Wolfe then goes for the Tower of London but Pope blocks it only to eat a back elbow. Wolfe then comes charging at Pope in the corner but Pope moves out of the way. Wolfe goes for the Lariat but Pope ducks and hits a series of body shots followed up with the Pimp Slap! Man, Pope’s hand speed is something serious. Pope sets up for the DDE but instead hits a Codebreaker! 1…2…3 and Pope gets the win!

Winner: Dinero via pinfall (Codebreaker)

After the match Pope celebrates on the ramp but AJ Styles attacks him from behind! AJ clotheslines Pope back into the ring and hits the Styles Clash! AJ talks trash to Pope and then Abyss’ music hits and he comes out to make the save! Abyss chases AJ off but Wolfe attacks Abyss from behind. Abyss comes back on Wolfe but AJ comes from behind and chop blocks Abyss. AJ knocks Pope down again as he started to get back up and says “it’s all about me!” Wolfe grabs a fire extinguisher and blasts Abyss with it!


It’s time to unveil the contents of each of the Knockouts lockboxes. Velvet opens hers first and she has won the open contract! Damn, no striptease from Velvet. Tara opens her box next and she wins back her spider, Poison but that means she is no longer the Knockouts Champion! This finally sets in as JB says it and she looks PISSED. Angelina and Daffney open their boxes at the same time, Angelina wins the Knockouts Title! Daffney will now have to strip! Tara looks at Angelina holding the belt and is not happy but Daffney is even less happy about stripping. Daffney starts to walk away but JB says if Daffney doesn’t do it she will be fired on the spot because she signed a contract. Taz asks Tenay if he’s ever seen a Zombie strip. Daffney finally starts to take her clothes on when Lacey Von Erich runs out and attacks her with the Ugly Stick! lacey then strips down! Well, she’s good for something! Is it wrong of me to say that I kind of wanted to see Daffney strip? On the ramp Daffney and Angelina start brawling over the title belt! Angelina kicks Tara into the ring as Lacey continues to strip. Finally security comes out to break it up and Velvet grabs a mic. Velvet says Lacey definitely turned the heat up tonight but rule #1 of the Beautiful People is not Beautiful Person upstages another so next week Velvet will be cashing in her contract against Angelina Love for the Knockouts Title in a Leather & Lace Match! She says she’s going to kick Angelina’s a** next week!

Final Thoughts

Tonight they packed in a hell of a lot of things, maybe a little too much as the pace was almost break neck speed tonight. Some things were good, some not so good.

Right off the bat I loved the opening segment. They put more hype into Lockdown tonight then they did all last month for Destination X which is a plus. They won?t make us wait each week to have on member of the Lethal Lockdown teams to be announced as they revealed both full teams tonight and both teams were how I saw it going down. Sting, Wolfe, & Beer Money vs. Abyss, Jarrett, Hardy, & RVD. I liked how Flair briefly put over his younger members of his team as well as putting over the history between he and Sting (and there is a ton of it) while Hardy & RVD needed no hope for Team Hogan.

RVD and Storm put on a good little TV match and RVD is really starting to get back into great ring shape. The post-match stuff with Hardy and Roode thrown into the mix was great too and I like how after the break they really drove what went down instead of quickly moving onto the next thing. The thing is that RVD & Hardy do have history with Beer Money from their great match on Impact a few weeks ago so Beer Money has a little more interesting in beating them up than just beating them up because they?re on Team Hogan.

The Knockouts thing was a little much to take in but I think Christy Hemme really did well in explaining it as well as them putting up the rules and stipulations on the screen before the match. I just hate Tara losing the belt like that, I absolutely hate it. But it does put that Tara-Angelina feud right into place. Also, it looks like next week?s match might be the blow off between Angelina and the BP (though it may just continue it the feud). I?m guessing Leather & Lace will just be a strap match.

Once again this week Hogan and Bischoff were on screen very little tonight, Bischoff wasn?t on screen at all in fact and Hogan only twice (once in the opening segment and then briefly in another segment).

3D and the Guns had a nice little tag match going on when The Band interrupted. That was kind of out of nowhere but it does add to their ?we?ll do whatever we want, when we want? thing. My question is who gets the Title shot next week? It was a draw. That mean the Guns still get their title shot? They didn?t do a good enough job explaining that but I have to admit the thought of Team 3D vs. The Outsiders is interesting, yet another never before seen legends match.

I didn?t really like the X-Division match this week. On one hand it really put over Williams as a word class wrestler but then it also kind of buried Generation Me. Yes, you can argue that they were out of their element in one-on-one matches but it was more so that they got beat in only minutes. I?m interested to see if Kaz will get the shot at Lockdown or Moore or maybe both. Every year at Lockdown TNA has held an X-Division Xscape Match, every single year, so I would be surprised to see that streak broken. That?s year in and year out been a guaranteed entertaing match and along with Lethal Lockdown the only gimmick match added to the Steel Cage gimmick to have taken place at every Lockdown PPV.

The Ladder Match tonight was great. Kurt Angle is extremely lucky he wasn?t seriously injured in the one spot where he fell out of the ring but before John Cena or Randy Orton pop up and say ?I told you so?, it wasn?t Anderson?s fault. Just a misjudged spot from Angle I think. Either great match in a great feud that I?m looking forward to seeing the culmination of at Lockdown.

Pope looked really strong tonight. He cut his usual promo and then went Wolfe interrupted he got serious and looked extremely confident in putting his title shot on the line in their match. Not only that but he backed up by winning in convincing fashion. AJ?s post match beat down added to it and they were also able to cram in some more Lethal Lockdown hype with Abyss getting involved too.

Yet again Orlando Jordan freaked me the hell out. Maybe more so this week than last. Please, TNA, I?m begging you stop before you traumatize me.

The way tonight ended was really awkward. It would?ve made awhole lot sense to me for them to end with the Wolfe-Pope-AJ-Abyss stuff rather than the Knockouts then again maybe they were trying to pop a rating with the tease of hot naked chicks on the overrun.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening Lockdown hype
Match of the Night: Ladder Match (***)
Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
– The Band vs. Team 3D
– TNA Knockouts Title Leather & Lace Match: Angelina Love (c) vs. Velvet Sky
– TNA Tag Titles: Matt Morgan (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns?

Lockdown Lineup (All matches inside the Steel Cage):
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. D?Angelo Dinero
– Lethal Lockdown: Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy, & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Desmond Wolfe, James Storm, & Robert Roode)
– Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson (the only way to win is escape through the door)