Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
April 12, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with Jeff Jarrett’s music hitting and the TNA founder making his way out to the ring right off the bat this week. Jarrett says that almost 8 years ago he founded TNA and it stands for Total Nonstop Action, so this week he’s not going to talk to Sting about getting an answer this week. This week he’s going to kick Sting’s a** and get an answer out of him, right now! Jarrett drops the microphone and walks around to the backstage area and starts walking up to the rafters. Jarrett begins searching for Sting and tells Sting to stop hiding. Finally at the other end of the catwalk Sting appears and Jarrett spots him, but Sting doesn’t realize it. Sting does the finger to the lips “shhh” motion at the camera man but then gets jumped out of nowhere by Jarrett! Jarrett knocks Stinger down the stairs and screams at him the whole way down. Jarrett beats Sting all around the backstage area but Sting comes back and starts choking Jarrett only to have Jarrett come right back on him. Jarrett and Sting brawl all the way to the ramp where Jarrett strips Sting of his jacket and continues to throw right hands at him. Jarrett tosses Sting into the ring and screams at Sting to tell him why he’s done what he’s done and then the lights go out. When they come back on Sting has a bat and he levels Jarrett with it! Sting continues to beat on Jarrett with the bat until Jeff Hardy’s music hits and Hardy along with Abyss and RVD run down and chase Sting off.

In the back JB is in AJ Styles lockerroom where AJ and Flair stand alongside Beer Money and Desmond Wolfe (along with Chelsea). Flair from his wheel chair says that the focus of TNA is standing in the room with him right now. Flair says Sting just laid out Jeff Jarrett and that’s just an example of what the rest of the nights going to be like. Flair reiterates that he hates Hogan’s guts and that there is only one Ric Flair. Flair says St. Louis is his town and there Team Flair will destroy Hulkamania and Team Hogan. Robert Roode says that last week James Storm busted a beer bottle over RVD’s head last week and now this week it’s Roode vs. Hardy. Roode says that everyone knows that Jeff likes to fly around like a little birdie but after he steps into the ring with Roode tonight he’ll never be able to fly again. Sorry ’bout yo damn luck! Wolfe says last week he put out Abyssamania in one shot. He says that Abyss is simply an animal and like any animal he can be tamed. Wolfe says he will not only tame Abyss but he’ll mame him and Hogan’s HOF ring will be finally Chelsea’s. AJ says it starts tonight between he and Pope when AJ and Wolfe take on Pope and Abyss, and it ends Sunday at Lockdown where he will embarrass Pope and beat the ever loving piss out of him! AJ says there are only two things Pope can do about it, nothing and like it! WOOOOO!

At the announce table Tenay and Taz hype up the rest of the show but are interrupted when Team 3D’s music hits!

Brother Ray comes to the announce table and demands a microphone. Devon and Jesse Neal are walking down the ramp with weapons as Bubba grabs a mic. Bubba calls out Hall, Nash, and refers to Syxx-Pac as X-Pac. He says they are supposed to have a match with those pieces of crap but they just got out of Hulk Hogan’s office and Hogan is just as pissed off at The Band as they are. Tonight it won’t just be a match, it’ll be a 6-Man Tag Team Street Fight where falls count anywhere in the building!


6-Man Tag Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight
Team 3D & Jesse Neal vs. The Band (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, & Syxx-Pac)

Back from commercials 3D & Neal are beating The Band all around the ring with weapons! Nash and Syxx are wearing their ring gear but Hall is in his street clothes. Syxx whips Neal into the corner but Neal is able to comeback with a springboard cross body! Bubba hits a big Splash on Hall and then nails him with a kendo stick. Taz says that this was originally going to be Team 3D vs. Nash and Pac which is why Hall is in street clothes. Neal blasts Pac with a trash can and Devon chokes Nash in the corner. Devon then blasts Nash with a trashcan lid. Bubba throws Hall out onto the ramp and nails him with the kendo stick yet again. IN the ring Neal and Devon continue to beat on Nash and Pac. Neal Scoop Slams Pac and then holds a trash can lid over Pac’s groin and Bubba nails it with the kendo stick! Devon tosses Hall back into the ring and chokes him with the kendo stick. Neal wears Pac out with the kendo stick and Devon hits Hall with a cane! Pac finally gets in an offensive maneuver as he throws a trash can at Neal and then kicks him in the face. Bubba puts a trash can over Nash’s head and nails him with the kendo stick. Neal is right back on Syxx-Pac choking him as Hall is getting blasted with a trash can lid. Bubba knocks Nash out of the ring while Devon brawls with Hall. Bubba hits a Scoop Slam on Hall and Devon climbs up to the top and hits the Wassup Diving Headbutt! Bubba tells Devon to get the tables! Bubba sets the table up in the ring as Neal slides Pac into the ring. On the outside Nash low blows Neal and in the ring Bubba hits Pac with a Big Boot. Bubba whips Pac into the ropes and hits a big Backdrop! Bubba lays Pac on the table and then climbs to the top until Bubba the Love Sponge runs out and distracts Bubba Ray. Pac low blows Bubba and climbs up top and hits a Super X-Factor off the top rope through the table as Nash nails Devon with a kendo stick on the outside! 1…2…3 and The Band gets the win!

Winners: The Band via pinfall (Super X-Factor)

Eric Young runs out with a hockey stick and chases The Band off as they were continuing to beat on Team 3D. Young grabs a microphone and says he has a bone to pick with Kevin Nash. He says he wants Nash in the ring with him all by himself and surround the ring with a steel cage! Young challenges Nash to a Cage Match at Lockdown! Nash nods his head and says it’s on!


Back from commercials Christy Hemme approaches Hulk Hogan and asks how Team Hogan is going into Lockdown. Hogan says things could be better but he has four Main Eventers on his team and everyone will see what Team Hogan is all about at Lockdown. Eric Bischoff’s voice is heard off in the distance and Hogan peaks around a curtain and sees Bischoff talking to Ric Flair. Hogan excuses himself and waits for Bischoff to walk up. Hogan asks him what that was all about and Bischoff stutters for a second and asks Hogan if he’s jumping to conclusions. Hogan says they should just talk about it in his office alone.

“Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore vs. Kazarian

Moore and Kaz get in each others face before the bell and then they lockup at the bell. They brawl into the corner and the referee separates them. Kaz lets go but then shoves Moore. They lockup again and this time Moore gets Kaz in a waistlock and then hits a suplex. Kaz comes back and puts Moore in a Front Chancery but Moore reverses it into a wristlock. Kaz reverses it and transitions into side headlock. Moore shoves Kaz into the ropes but Kaz grabs Moore by his mohawk and locks in the side headlock again. Kaz hits a Side Headlock Takeover and holds onto the headlock as they hit the mat. Moore fights to his feet and attempts to shove Kaz off again but again Kaz holds on by grabbing Moore’s mohawk. Kaz hits another side headlock takeover and then Moore comes back with a Side Suplex out of nowhere! Tenay says he just received word that this Sunday that Team 3D will face Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac inside the Steel Cage! Moore and Kaz lockup again and this time Moore grabs ahold of a wristlock and drops his elbow down on Kaz’s elbow repeatedly. Kaz reverses the wristlock but Moore rolls through it and reverses it back. Kaz grabs the ropes and flips over reversing the hold and transitions into a hammerlock. Moore counters with a snapmare takeover and then charges at Kaz but Kaz leapfrogs him. Kaz then drops back and goes for a monkey flip but Moore rolls forward avoiding it. Moore then connects with a series of arm drags and locks in an arm bar. Kaz gets to his feet and shoves Moore into the ropes and then connects with an arm drag, but Moore holds onto Kaz’s arm and hits an arm drag of his own! Moore holds onto the arm with an arm bar. Kaz fights to his feet and breaks the hold with a forearm with the free arm. Kaz whips Moore into the ropes and goes for another forearm, but Moore avoids it by sliding between Kaz’s legs. Moore hits an Atomic Drop and then follows up with a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Moore puts the boots to Kaz in the corner and then attempts to whip Kaz into the opposite corner but Kaz reverses it. Moore springboards off the middle rope into a Springboard Cross Body! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! Moore hits a forearm smash and then whips Kaz into the ropes but Kaz holds onto the top rope. Moore then charges at Kaz but Kaz ducks and Moore goes flying over the top crashing to the floor. Kaz follows him out and hits a forearm and then whips Moore into the apron. Kaz tosses Moore back into the ring and hits a Slingshot Leg Drop for a nearfall. Douglas Williams walks onto the ramp and watches the match as Kaz whips Moore into the corner hard. Kaz then whips Moore into the corner again and hits a Briding Northern Lights Suplex! 1…2…NO Moore kicks out! Williams sits at the announce table as Kaz locks in a Front Chancery. Moore gets to his feet and attempts to break the hold but Kaz lays him out with a forearm. Kaz whips Moore into the corner again but this time Moore springboards off the middle rope again with a Springboard Cross Body, but this time Kaz is able to counter it into a gutbuster in midair! 1…2…NO Moore kicks out! Kaz hits a suplex on Kaz and gets another nearfall. Kaz locks in the Front Chancery again and again Moore fights to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows and forearms. Moore comes off the ropes and goes for a Wheel Barrow into a Bulldog Rey Mysterio style but eats a front suplex instead from Kaz. Both guys are down and both get to their feet at the 9 count from the referee. Kaz charges at Moore in the corner but Moore moves out of the way and nails Kaz with a clothesline and then a spinning heel kick followed by a dropkick! Kaz rolls out to the floor and Moore goes for a sliding dropkick but Kaz avoids it only to eat another forearm! Moore goes for a hurricanrana but Kaz flings him backwards. Moore lands on his feet on the apron and then kicks Kaz and climbs to the top and hits a Diving Moonsault onto Kaz on the floor! Williams calls that move “fool hearty”. Moore rolls Kaz into the ring and and then climbs to the top and hits a Diving Hurricanrana! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out again! Moore attempts to whip Kaz into the corner but Kaz reverses it. Moore attempts to float up and over a charging Kaz but Kaz catches Moore in midair on his shoulders! Kaz then hits a Briding Electic Chair Drop Suplex! 1…2…NO Moore still kicks out! Kaz lifts Moore up and puts him on the top rope and connects with a dropkick to Moore’s back. Kaz climbs up to the top with Moore but Moore nails him with back elbows and then hits the Halo (Corkscrew Moonsault) off the top! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! Moore charges at Kaz in the corner but Kaz lifts himself up and counters with a sunset flip! 1…2…NO Moore kicks out and reverses the pin, 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out now! Kaz flips Moore over, 1…2…NO Moore kicks out and rolls Kaz up with a small package! 1…2…NO Kaz rolls Moore up with a backslide 1…2…NO Moore kicks out and the bell rings signaling a time limit draw!


After the match the fans chant “let them fight” as Kaz and Moore frustrated shake each others hands. Williams grabs the microphone and asks if that is what the ‘performing monkeys’ do after they’re done doing their tricks, kiss and make up. Williams says that’s no wonder why the fans don’t wont to see them go at it and at Lockdown he’ll put an end to it once and for all. Moore and Kaz both chase Williams down the tunnel.

In the back JB is with Velvet Sky and asks her about her match tonight. Sky says tonight’s match with not be the Knockouts Title because that belt will be on the line this sunday when the Beautiful People face Tara and Angelina Lock in a Cage Match! Sky says if either her or Madison pin Angelina or Tara then that BP member becomes the new Knockout Champion! JB reminds her that if either Angelina or Tara pin any one of them then they become the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions! Velvet says that’s not going to happen and she says the first girl to get stripped to her underwear in the match tonight loses.


Oh man a new insane TNA Shop commercial airs with some guy dancing in a Blue Demon Jr. mask. That was weird.

In Hogan’s office Hogan says that Bischoff has crossed the line and says Bischoff screwed Jarrett over yet again, threw Lethal to the wolves, and then fist bumped with Flair. Bischoff asks Hogan if he wants him to apologize for being himself and says that Hogan knew how he was when they got into this thing. Bischoff says Hulk deals with things his way and Eric deals with them his. Hogan says he’s not looking for an apology but wants to know what he was doing with Flair. Bischoff says if Hogan hasn’t noticed Team Hogan has been getting it’s a** kicked and Hogan taught him a long time ago keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He’s trying to gain Flair’s confidence so he can help Hogan. He says if Hogan really knows him then he knows he can believe that. Bischoff walks out as Hogan shakes his head and Jay Lethal walks in! Lethal says he’s been doing alot of thinking and something has to be done about The Band. Hogan asks if they played “Be A Man Hulk” (Randy Savage’s Hulk Hogan diss song) and Lethal says he’s going to change the name of that song to “Be A Man Ric Flair”. Lethal says they have to put an end to The Band once and for all so the Mega Powers need to ride again. Hogan says after Lockdown they’ll get it together and they shake hands and Lethal says he’s off to search for Hogan’s Mega Powers tights. Just absolutely classic.

In the back JB is with the new Knockouts Champion Angelina Love. He asks her about the Lether & Lace Match and she says it’s a ‘shock’ that Velvet chose this type of match. Angelina says that her as a WRESTLER probably would’ve chosen a WRESTLING match. Angelina says she didn’t come to TNA to parade herself around the ring like a lady of the night, she came to take women’s wrestling to a whole new level and prove she is the best. Tara walks up and asks how she’s going to do that, by winning her freaking title with a stupid key to a lockbox. JB reminds them that they have to co-exist this Sunday and Tara channels Eric Bischoff as she says “you have to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Angelina asks Tara what she’s going to do about it and they get in each others faces as we go to break.


Back from commercials Christy Hemme is with Abyss and The Pope. Christy says that this weekend could be the biggest night of both of their careers. Pope says Lockdown will be his defining moment in his career and possibly his life. Pope says the question of “does he have it or doesn’t he” will be answered this Sunday. He says its put up or shutup for he and AJ Styles and Pope will be “pimpin and riding and jivin” all night long. Abyss says he and Pope have AJ and Wolfe tonight in the middle of the ring which is right where they want them. Abyss says it’s going to take more than a fire extinguisher to the face to stop him and suggests next time Wolfe bring a whole fire truck or better yet a bazooka. Abyss says to put him down he will have to take his last breath from him. He gives his word to Hogan that he won’t let him down.

“I Quit” Match
Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky

Angelina is wearing an old Beautiful People t-shirt with a big ‘X’ over the Beautiful People name. Velvet is wearing an insanely hot leather outfit. She has a microphone on the stage and she says this will not be a Leather & Lace match afterall. She says none of us perverts deserve to see her goodies so instead this match will be Angelina handcuffed in the ring while Velvet whoops her a**.


Back from commercials Velvet climbs into the ring and Angelina, with her hands handcuffed behind her back, puts the boots to her! Velvet picks up the Knockouts Title and blasts Angelina with it! Velvet grabs the microphone and says she forgot to mention the other match stipulation and that’s it’s an “I Quit Match”! Velvet puts the boots to Angelina and then chokes her. Velvet screams at Angelina to quit but she screams no. Velvet slams Angelina’s head into the mat repeatedly and then whips her with the whip that she brought to the ring. Velvet chokes Angelina again and again asks her to quit but Angelina says no again. Velvet throws Angelina headfirst into the top turnbuckle and says that maybe if she strips Angelina naked she’ll quit (that got a HUGE pop). Velvet strips Angelina’s top off to her bra and Angelina says “I said no you b*tch”! Velvet puts the boots to Angelina again and Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich run out and put the boots to Angelina as well. Tara’s music hits and she chases Velvet & Madison but Lacey smartly remains in the ring where she eats a right hand from Tara. Tara gets the handcuff key from Slick Johnson and frees Angelina.


Tara and Angelina stare at each other and then Angelina offers a handshake to Tara but she just leaves the ring.

In the parking lot Christy Hemme is standing by Abyss who is laying on the ground with TNA staff surounding him. She says that all she knows is that a car sped away from Abyss.


JB is in the back with Matt Morgan and he says that Morgan had to find a new tag partner for his match with the Guns tonight. Morgan says ‘we’ don’t need anybody and that they are capable of defending the belts themselves. Morgan says TNA is making him find a partner and says he plays by the rules. Amazing Red walks up and it is insane how small he is compared to Morgan. Morgan calls Red “pound for pound the best wrestler in TNA.” Morgan says now they have the size and strength of Matt Morgan matched with the speed and quickness of Amazing Red. Morgan says Red needs to do all that flip flopping he does and set one of the Guns up for the Carbon Footprint. Morgan then raises his arm up and Red jumps up and slaps it.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & Amazing Red (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns won this shot at the belts back at Destination X in the Ultimate X Match. Amazing Red is actually a former TNA Tag Team Champion (actually NWA Tag Team Champion) way back in the Asylum Days with Jerry Lynn. Morgan and Red come out together but Morgan still holds both of the belts. Morgan and Shelley start the match off. They lockup and Morgan tosses Shelley backwards like he’s nothing. Morgan then picks Shelley up but Shelley lights him up with leg kicks and then comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline only to eat a shoulderblock from Morgan. Sabin comes in and eats a right hand. Morgan drops Shelley on top of Sabin with the Sidewalk Slam. Morgan tosses Shelley over the top rope to the floor and then clotheslines Sabin over the top.


Back from commercials Red is in the ring with Sabin. Sabin hits a shoulderblock on Red and then Red leapfrogs him. Red goes for a monkey flip but Sabin cartwheels over the attempt. Red ducks a clothesline and then hits a crazy spinning head scissors. Sabin tags out to Shelley and Shelley goes for a running chop but Red drops down to his back avoiding it and then nips right up to his feet! Red then kicks away a right hand attempt from Shelley and and spins right into a Spinning Enziguri! Red follows it up with the Double-tap Dropkick in the corner. Red whips Shelley into the ropes and Sabin was actually able to blind tag Shelley. The Guns toss Red out to the floor and then Sabin goes for the Slingshot Cross Body but Red moves out of the way and Sabin is able to catch himself on the apron. Sabin then hits a Running Front Kick from the apron on Red that turns him inside damn out! Sabin rolls Red back into the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Sabin goes for a Vertical Suplex but Red blocks it and then hits a nasty hook kick! Red goes to the apron where Shelley tries to to hit him but Red nails him with a right hand! Red then hits a Springboard but Sabin catches him in midair and holds him up in a Vertical Suplex but then he drops him down onto Shelley’s shoulders where the Guns hit a Spinning Neckbreaker/Slam combo! 1…2…NO Red kicks out! Morgan grabs Red and drags him to the corner and tags in. Morgan nails Sabin with a back elbow and then throws those nasty back elbows in the corner. Morgan grabs Sabin by the back of the neck and then hits a Big Boot on Shelley and lifts Sabin up and slams him into the top turnbuckle. Morgan hits a Corner Splash on Shelley and then whips Sabin into Shelley. Morgan charges but Sabin gets his boots up and then rolls out to the apron. Morgan charges at Shelley but Shelley avoids him by sliding through the middle and top rope to the apron. Sabin hits a right hand on Morgan and then Shelley slams Morgan into the top turnbuckle. Shelley connects with a Leaping Enziguri to the back of Morgan’s head and then climbs to the top. Sabin goes for the Flying Cross Body but Morgan catches him in midair! Sabin comes out of nowhere with a Springboard Missile Dropkick to the back of his partner causing Shelley to crash down on top of Morgan! 1…2…NO Morgan kicks out! Morgan begs off of the Guns and tags in Red. Red hits a shoulder block on a charging Sabin and then slingshots himself into a front flip over Sabin and then hits a sunset flip, but Sabin rolls through and kicks Red in the face! Shelley drops down to his knees and Sabin leaps off his back into a dropkick on Morgan sending him crashing to the floor! Shelley charges at Red but Red gets his boot up and then climbs to the top and hits the Red Eye on Shelley! Red then eats a running forearm from Sabin and Morgan absolutely destroys Sabin with a Spinning Clothesline! Morgan sets up for the Hellevator on Shelley but Red hits the Code Red on Sabin first and gets the pin!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Morgan & Red via pinfall (Code Red)

After the match Morgan is pissed that Red stole the spotlight from him and low blows Red. He says those are his belts and then hits the back elbows on Red in the corner. Morgan then places Red’s head against the ring post and tries to kick him into it but Chris Sabin pulls him out of the way! Morgan is pissed!

In the back Christy Hemme is standing by as EMT’s are loading Abyss up in an ambulance and says that there is a security video of what happened to Abyss that we will see after the break.


In the back Christy Hemme says Abyss is on his way to the hospital and the EMT’s think he will be okay. Video footage shows Abyss getting clipped by a car that seems to be driven by Ric Flair.

Robert Roode vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Roode and Hardy lockup and Roode forces Hardy into the corner. The referee separates them and Hardy slaps Roode! Mike Tenay reveals that the opening match at Lockdown will be RVD vs. James Storm and the winner of that match will win the numbers advantage for Lethal Lockdown for his team (meaning that if RVD wins then the first 2-on-1 advantage would go to Team Hogan and so on). Roode locks Hardy in a side headlock but Hardy shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulderblock. Roode comes off the ropes but eats a hip toss from Hardy. Roode gets to his feet and shoves Hardy and then Hardy slaps him again! Hardy follows up with an arm drag and locks in an armbar. Roode gets to his feet and shoves Hardy into the ropes but Hardy hits a shoulder block of his own. Hardy comes off the ropes and Roode goes for a dropkick, but Hardy avoids it by holding onto the ropes. Hardy then does his Double Legdrop to the groin and follows up with a sliding dropkick for a nearfall. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Roode blocks it and rolls out to the floor. Roode grabs Hardy by the feet and drags him to the outside. Roode slams Hardy into the apron and then whips him into the steps. Roode tosses Hardy back into the ring and puts the boots to him. Roode picks Hardy up and hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs to the middle rope and hits a Flying Knee Drop! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Roode hits another Knee Drop and then locks in a Rear Chinlock. Hardy fights to his feet and breaks the hold with a Jawbreaker! Hardy comes off the ropes and Roode goes for a backdrop, but Hardy lands on his feet and then hits the Mule Kick. Both men are down now as the referee puts in the 10 count. Roode gets to his feet first and the two trade right hands until Roode kicks Hardy and then attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Hardy reverses it and then hits a clothesline! Hardy follows it up with another clothesline and then a back elbow. Hardy then hits the Sitout Front Suplex! Hardy attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses it only to see Hardy quickly climb the ropes and hit the Whisper In The Wind out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate again but Roode shoves him into the ropes and connects with the Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Roode goes for the Payoff but Hardy blocks it and hits a Stunner! Jeff climbs to the top and goes for the Swanton but James Storm climbs up on the apron. Jeff knocks Storm off but it allowed Roode to climb up to the top with Hardy! Hardy shoves Roode back off and hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

After the match Storm pulls Hardy out of the ring and slams him into the guardrail and then the ring post. Storm rolls Hardy back in the ring and climbs in with the beer bottle. Storm blows a fireball into Hardy’s face and I think Spike censored it (that was lame). RVD hits the ring and starts throwing right hands and kicks at Storm until Roode comes in and makes the save for Storm. Roode hits a clothesline on RVD and then Beer Money hits the DWI on him!


Back from commercials we see Hardy being helped by the medical staff and Tenay explains that Spike did in fact censor it due to it’s graphic nature but says that we can see it at after the show tonight. We then see EMT’s putting water in Jeff’s eyes and attending to him.

At the announce table Tenay and Taz run down the card for Lockdown with no new matches announced and then we see a video recap of the feud between Mr. Anderson & Angle.

In the back JB is with The Pope and Pope says tonight he has a job to do and his prayers are with Abyss, but Pope has to find a partner. Lethal walks up and calls JB “Mean Gene” and then says what Pope is about to walk into is a tag match and he calls Pope “Reverend Slick.” Lethal says he told Hogan that he could always count on him and he’s going to prove it so tonight Pope needs to handle “The Model” and he’s got the “Dynamite Kid”. Lethal says this one’s for Hogan. He walks off and Pope looks astonished at what he just witnessed. Pope then smiles and walks off too.


Main Event
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & Desmond Wolfe w/Chelsea

We see a shot of Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife (and kids) in the front row (who Jeff Hardy called a grade A “ass hole” for disrespecting he and Shannon Moore somehow at the taping). As Lethal’s music played he didn’t come out and then we see why! Beer Money has attacked him in the back! He fought off Roode but then Storm came out of nowhere and hit him with a broom. Storm then tosses Lethal into the wall and and nails Lethal’s arm with a steel chair! Lethal comes back with rights and elbows and tosses Storm into a big equipment case. Roode then nails Lethal and tries to throw him into an interview set but Lethal reverses it! Storm then nails Lethal with the beer bottle! AJ Styles comes out followed by Ric Flair being wheeled out by Chelsea. Styles says it looks like Pope’s partner has a little drinking problem due to Beer Money so it looks like this will be a handicap match! Wolfe started to make his entrance but Hulk Hogan lays him out from behind with a steel chair to even things up! Dinero jumps AJ on the ramp and then tosses AJ off the ramp into the guard rail! Pope throws AJ into the ramp and Tenay says that he just got word that Hardy is okay and will be fine. Pope beats AJ all around ringside and then tosses him into the ring. Pope goes for a TKO but AJ rakes his eyes and then hits a Leaping Enziguri! AJ puts the boots to Pope but then Pope comes right back with those lightning quick hands throwing body shots followed by the big right hook. Pope sets up for the DDE but Flair gets up out his wheel chair and hits Pope from behind with the title belt!

Winner: Pope via DQ

Flair and AJ then put the boots Pope as Tenay says what a joke it was that Flair was selling the injury. Beer Money comes out now and helps AJ and Flair put the beatdown on Pope. Flair takes his belt off and whips Pope with it as AJ looks on and screams at Pope. AJ then tosses Pope over the top rope crashing to the floor! Roode hands AJ his belt back and the heels pose in the ring until Hulk Hogan walks out. Hogan looks on as Flair dares him to get into the ring but Hogan just stares back.

Final Thoughts

I thought tonight was one of the best go-home shows TNA has ever done for a PPV. Tonight was based solely on Lockdown and hyping up the matches for the show to make you want to watch it. Every single match was built towards. The show was really wrestling heavy which is different for a go-home show because they typically are heavy on promos and hype rather than actual wrestling. It was a nice change of pace in my opinion.

The opening segment with Jarrett and Sting was very well done and I’m enjoying the heel Sting not saying a word and just making us guess as to why he’s doing what he’s doing.
The promo with AJ and his stable was incredible and extremely Horseman-like with all of them surrounding Flair and each one getting in their word. AJ really came off great with his “you can only do 2 things, nothing and like it” line. This stable could be really awesome. They need a really great name, I mean on the level of the Four Horsemen, Evolution, D-Generation X, etc. and not some corny stuff like New Blood, Front Line, etc.
3D & The Band was an entertaining brawl with 3D & Neal surprisingly dominating the hell out of The Band the whole match.

Kazarian-Moore was excellent and it was surprisingly completely different than the match I saw them have at a house show down here a few weeks ago. They really based a lot of it on mat wrestling with the high spots thrown in. I’m really excited for the 3-Way at Lockdown.

Angelina and Velvet was okay but I’m extremely glad they changed it from the Bra & Panties stipulation. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing Angelina Love & Velvet Sky half naked but I definitely do not want the Knockouts turned into the joke that the Divas are. Nothing more than T&A. The Tag Match at Lockdown has a lot of interesting variables. Tara wants her belt back but she also would like to beat BP and wants any title. BP want the Knockouts Title and Angelina wants her to keep her belt and being a double champ would just be icing in the cake. Or could Angelina turn on Tara and swerve everybody rejoining the group she started?
Matt Morgan/Red vs. The Guns was an excellent tag team match. The Morgan-Red team really would have a lot of potential if they went with that but I think Morgan has something against Spanish wrestlers (that’s a joke). I want to see more Red.
The Abyss hit and run angle is pretty corny and I could’ve done without that. It was easily the worst part of the show.

Hardy-Roode put on a really solid match together (just like RVD and Storm last week) and they have really put over Team Flair as strong with Team Hogan still looking strong because they have the star power.

Beer Money beating up Jay Lethal made sense for their relationship with AJ plus they would storyline-wise want to beat Lethal’s a** for him beating them. Dinero looked strong but AJ and company in the end stood tall.

Promo/Segment of the Night: AJ’s group promo

Match of the Night: Kaz vs. Moore (***1/2)

Overall Grade: A

Lockdown Lineup (*all matches held inside the Steel Cage*):
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. D’Angelo Dinero
– Lethal Lockdown: Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Van Dam, & Jeff Hardy) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Desmond Wolfe, James Storm, & Robert Roode)
– Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson (to win the match you must escape through the door)
– Team 3D vs. Scott Hall & Syxx-Pac
– Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young
– TNA X-Division Title Triple Threat: Douglas Williams (c) vs. Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore
– TNA Knockout & Knockouts Tag Titles: Angelina Love (c) & Tara vs. The Beautiful People (c)
– James Storm vs. Rob Van Dam (winner gains the man advantage for Lethal Lockdown for his team)