Orlando, Florida
April 19, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Less than 24 hours removed from last night’s epic Lockdown PPV we are live from Orlando for this week’s Impact!

Impact opens up with highlights from Lockdown which featured Angle getting his retribution on Mr. Anderson (and then announcing he was taking some time off), AJ retaining his title against The Pope, Lethal Lockdown, and much more!

The Impact intro hits and then the pyro goes off LIVE inside the Impact Zone! Tenay and Taz hype up the show for tonight and call AJ’s retaining the belt last night “questionable.”

AJ’s music hits and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring having retained his belt inside the Steel Cage last night. For those that didn’t watch AJ and Pope put on one hell of a match but in the end AJ reached through the cage (through the whole that the camera men use to get a cleaner shot inside the cage) and grabbed a pen from one of the camera men. AJ then jabbed the pen in Pope’s eye and hit him with the Styles Clash to retain the belt. A big “AJ sucks” chant starts before AJ can even speak which causes AJ to tell all the fans to shut the hell up. AJ says due to his victory party last night Ric Flair won’t be here until a little later. AJ says last night he proved that pound for pound he is the best wrestler in the world to a chorus of boos. AJ says at Lockdown he stepped inside the Steel Cage with one of the best wrestlers in the world and he took care of business, and he did it all alone. AJ says his athletic ability was too much for Pope. AJ puts Pope over saying he was good but he just wasn’t good enough. AJ tells Pope not to get too down on himself because Kurt Angle, Sting, nor Jeff Jarrett are any better than Pope (AJ has beaten those men during his reign). AJ says he is the best in TNA. He says he is the best looking and the best athlete and he is the workhorse of TNA. He says all the wannabes watching in the back that want to jump on the AJ bandwagon can forget it because that train isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Rob Van Dam’s music hits and Mr. Monday Night makes his way out wearing his brand new t-shirt! RVD gets a massive pop. RVD steps into the ring and Taz says there have been rumors all day long about what RVD intended to do tonight. A HUGE “RVD” chant starts now. RVD says that (and points to the crowd) might confuse AJ but it’s called a crowd reaction. RVD says he was back there listening to AJ talk and it seems that AJ thinks he’s the best wrestler in TNA as the fans start chanting “AJ sucks.” RVD says he knows AJ doesn’t suck and maybe at one point AJ WAS the best wrestler in TNA but times have changed. RVD says AJ is used to getting all the attention and says AJ is a very good wrestler, but he’s never been as impressed with AJ as everyone else has been. RVD says he’s damn sure never been as impressed with AJ as AJ has of himself. RVD says TNA right now is where all the best wrestlers want to be and that’s not good for AJ which makes AJ understandably upset. RVD asks how AJ thinks he deserves the top spot in TNA over…and then he drops the mic and points to himself as the fans chant “ROB…VAN….DAM!” Jeff Hardy’s music hits now and Jeff makes his way out to the ring! AJ is not happy. Jeff’s face paint is just bizarre. RVD and Hardy slap each others hand as Jeff gets in the ring. Jeff says AJ has a little head to be so big headed. Jeff says he knows AJ has done a lot in TNA but he can him to do a lot more and the movement has begun. Jeff says he is in TNA to complete his collection of World Heavyweight Titles. Hulk Hogan’s music hits now and the Hulkster makes his way out now! Hulk is wearing an Abyss t-shirt. Hulk says this is exactly what he’s talking about and it’s exactly the reason everyone is talking about TNA. Hulk says this is why he brought RVD & Jeff into TNA, and it’s all about that title as he points to the belt on AJ’s shoulder. Hulk says it’s time for everybody in the back to up their game because they’re raising the bar in TNA. Hulk says AJ is the World Heavyweight Champion and he gives AJ props for that because when you’re the World Heavyweight Champion it means you’re the best at what you do. Hulk says when you’re the champ it means doors open up and things happen that you never dreamed of. He says it’s also about the business of being World Champion. Hulk says it’s about the limos and the girls and the big paychecks and he says that’s why everyone wants the World Heavyweight Title. Hulk says when he won the World Title it changed his life and each and every night you have to prove you’re the best. He says each night there is a target on your back. Hogan asks Jeff and RVD how bad they want that belt. He asks Jeff and RVD if they’re willing to put their friendship aside and step inside the ring to find out who’s the best TONIGHT! RVD and Jeff are hyped up and they’re ready for it! AJ isn’t liking any of that and says he doesn’t care. Hogan says he wants RVD and Jeff to come out here tonight and tear the building down and get these fans screaming “TNA” all night! Hogan says when it’s all said and done the man that gets the win he earns a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Title! AJ tells Hogan to pump his brakes and says that Hogan didn’t consult with him before he made this. AJ says he’s not going to be ready by Sacrifice but Hogan says he just made the match. Hogan then says he didn’t say anything about Sacrifice, he’s talking about the man that wins the match tonight will get a shot at the title TONIGHT! Holy crap! AJ goes ballistic and he is pissed off!

Ric Flair walks into the building and the camera man explains to Flair what just happened and Flair is just as pissed as AJ!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Back from commercials Tenay and Taz discuss what just went down and he calls RVD vs. Hardy and RVD or Hardy vs. AJ as dream matches. Tenay says he just received word that Ric Flair would be barred from ringside for the title match tonight!

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich (c) w/Madison Rayne vs. Daffney & ODB

Tenay refers to the team of Daffney & ODB has the strangest tag team ever assembled. Daffney was granted a shot at the belts with a partner of her choosing. Last night at Lockdown Madison Rayne won the Knockout Championship inside the Cage. Taz says last night it was mentioned that Syxx-Pac no-showed the event but Dixie Carter has informed him that she had spoke to Syxx-Pac and knew that he wouldn’t be able to attend. Daffney nails Velvet with a drop toe hold as the bell rings and then she goes after Madison. Daffney hit’s a series of Knee Strikes and then a Jawbreaker over her own knee on Velvet. Daffney then goes to the outside and chases Madison around the ring and then back into the ring where Velvet nails her with a kick. At the bottom of the screen results from Lockdown are scrolling across, pretty neat idea kind of like ESPN’s “bottom line” that shows scores. Velvet throws Daffney into the corner and tags in Lacey who puts the boots to Daffney before tagging Velvet back in. For those that don’t know TNA recognizes all 3 members of the Beautiful People as champions, Freebird rule in full effect here. Velvet puts the boots to Daffney and then pins her for a near fall. Velvet climbs to the middle rope and goes for a Flying Axe Handle Drop, but Daffney nails her in the gut and then reaches for a tag. Velvet grabs her leg to stop her so Daffney attempts an Enziguri, but Velvet ducks out of the way. Daffney then kicks Velvet off and tags in ODB! ODB hit’s a shoulder block on Velvet and then knocks Lacey off the apron and hits Velvet with another shoulder block! ODB hit’s a Thesz Press and then mounts Velvet and reigns down right hands. ODB actually spanks Velvet (I would pay to be in ODB’s spot right there) and then whips her into the corner. ODB hit’s a big Splash in the corner and then follows up with the Fall Away Slam! ODB rolls Velvet up as Madison distracts the referee! Lacey then sprays ODB with hairspray and Velvet rolls her up! 1…2…3 and the Beautiful People retain the belts!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Beautiful People via pinfall (rollup)

In the back JB is outside AJ Styles dressing room where AJ is irate. Flair tells AJ this isn’t the vision they had and says last night was a disaster for him. Flair says tonight AJ will win no matter who it is he faces, but he says he wants a rematch between Team Hogan vs. Team Flair tonight. JB then walks in and asks Flair about that rematch and Flair says he’s demanding it. Flair says they have 5 minutes to come out to the ring or he claims victory via forfeit.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Back from commercials Hogan and Jeff Jarrett have made their way out to the ring where Jarrett holds up a sign from a fan that says “Team Hogan” on it. Abyss says he and Jarrett heard about Flair’s challenge but apparently Flair hasn’t heard because the war between Team Hogan and Team Flair ended last night when they did exactly what they said they were going to do which was beat their a**! Abyss says if RVD and Hardy weren’t already scheduled in a match tonight they would have no problem doing it again tonight. Flair’s music hits and he leads out his band of villains! Flair tells Jarrett to kiss his a** and says he doesn’t take any crap from guys like them. Flair says Team Flair is here and they’re going to kick their a**es! Team Flair hit’s the ring and it’s on! Sting just watches as Beer Money and Wolfe jump on Abyss and Jarrett but then he walks in and nails Jarrett & Abyss with the bat which starts the beat down! Rob Terry’s music hits and “The Freak” runs out and levels Wolfe and then clotheslines Roode and Chokeslams Storm! He throws Beer Money out of the ring and then starts to pick Wolfe up but drops him. He tries it a second time and this time he Press Slams Wolfe onto Sting! Terry lays Sting out with a Big Boot! Terry has cleaned the ring and Flair says he’s a dead man. Bischoff walks out as Flair asks Terry who in the hell he is. Bischoff says he thought Flair learned his lesson last night and if Flair wants a rematch then he’ll get one! Team Flair vs. Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, & The Freak tonight but it won’t be a Handicap Match because he has a guy in the back that can’t wait to join Team Hogan! Another big match set for tonight! Tonight it’s Abyss, Jarrett, Terry, and a mystery partner vs. Sting, Desmond Wolfe, & Beer Money in a rematch from Lockdown!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Back from commercials Shannon Moore is reading from the Book of DILLIGAF when Matt Morgan walks up. Morgan says TNA Management is making him (he says us again) defend the belts against Team 3D next week and they’re making him find a partner. He puts Moore over and asks if he wants to be his partner. Moore asks Morgan if he’s counting his ego as a second person or something now (because of the ‘us’ and ‘we’ stuff). Morgan laughs and says he’s allowing to let Moore join him. Moore says he has to get mentally prepared for his next X-Division Title shot and he says the Book of DILLIGAF in Chapter 22, Verse 6 “both of you guys can kiss my tattooed ass” and walks away. Morgan says to himself “big mistake punk” as we cut back to Tenay & Taz.

In the back Bischoff and Hogan are walking together and talking. Hogan says he will never doubt Bischoff again and Bischoff says the easiest person to con is a con himself and Flair took it hook, line, and sinker. Hogan and Bischoff put over the TNA Title match for tonight and then the Team Hogan/Team Flair rematch. Hogan asks Bischoff if “he” is going to be here tonight and Bischoff says he’ll definitely be here. Hogan asks about the Heavyweight Title ranking system that had been previously mentioned. Bischoff says he dropped the ball before but next week the Ranking System will be revealed next week. He asks his awesomely hot secretary to go get the files on the Ranking system so he can show Hogan.

In the back RVD is getting ready for his match and he talks about facing his friend but says he’s going to do what he came to TNA to do, show that he’s the whole F’n show!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

The winner of this match faces AJ Styles tonight in the Main Event for the big belt! RVD and Jeff shake hands at the bell and then they circle each other. The fans are really into this. Jeff shoots in for a lockup but RVD sidesteps him. RVD grabs Jeff in a waistlock and as Jeff goes to reverse RVD snaps off a spinning heel kick but Jeff ducks it. They’re selling that they know each other well. Jeff and RVD go in for the Greco-Roman Knucklelock and RVD kicks Jeff in the gut and then puts him in a hammerlock. Jeff reverses it and then RVD reverses it right back and goes for a side headlock. Jeff counters it and goes for the Twist of Fate! RVD blocks it and backs away as the fans are getting behind both guys.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Back from commercials RVD has Jeff in a waistlock and Jeff breaks it with a stiff back elbow. Jeff then hit’s the Mule Kick that sends RVD through the ropes out to the floor! WTF, commercials again? SERIOUSLY?

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Back from commercials RVD drapes Jeff over the guardrail with a front suplex and then he climbs up on the apron and hit’s the Corkscrew Legdrop onto Jeff who was hanging on the guardrail! RVD is also busted open from the wound that he suffered last night. During the break Jeff hit RVD with a sliding dropkick to the outside. Back to live action RVD puts Jeff on the apron and then climbs into the ring and hit’s a Slingshot into a Leg Drop as Jeff’s head was hanging over the apron! RVD climbs to the top and hit’s the Flying Cross Body! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out! RVD hit’s a series of forearms on Jeff which seems to wake him up as he answers with right hands. RVD stops him with a series of leg kicks and then RVD attempts to whip Jeff into the corner, but Jeff reverses it. As Jeff charges at him, RVD attempts a clothesline but Jeff ducks and then dropkicks the legs of RVD and RVD crashes into the turnbuckles hard. Jeff grabs RVD’s legs and hit’s the Leg Drop To the abdomen and then a dropkick followed by a clothesline! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Jeff attempts to whip RVD into the corner but RVD reverses it and then goes for the Rolling Monkey Flip, but Jeff catches him with a nice clothesline in midair! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out again! RVD answers back with forearms but Jeff comes right back with right hands. Jeff comes off the ropes and RVD then drops down in a split as Jeff goes over him and then goes for the Monkey Flip, but Jeff grabs him by the legs and actually leg drops the legs of Van Dam into a pin! 1…2…NO and damn that was an awesome near fall! Hardy with another clothesline and another near fall. Jeff climbs to the top but Van Dam crotches Hardy as Taz mentions that Jeff as NEVER beaten RVD. RVD slides Jeff to the center of the ropes as Jeff is still straddling them! Van Dam nails him with a round kick and then follows up with the Flying Side Kick off the top! Hardy crashes down to the floor! Jeff rolls back into the ring and RVD hits him with a Corkscrew Leg Drop and then the Rolling Splash! 1…2…NO Jeff still kicks out! RVD picks Jeff up but Jeff backs RVD into the corner and lays into him with right hands and goes for the Hardyac Arrest (rope aided corner dropkick) but Van Dam moves and Hardy eats the turnbuckles! RVD hit’s the Split Legged Moonsault! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out yet again! RVD can’t believe that Jeff kicked out again and then as Jeff starts to gets to his feet RVD lays into him with kicks. RVD goes for a Suplex but Jeff blocks it and then hit’s a Sitout Front Suplex of his own! Jeff climbs to the top but RVD hit’s a sickening Spinning Heel Kick to the head of Hardy! RVD climbs up with Hardy and goes for a Superplex but Hardy blocks it and pushes RVD off the top! Swanton Bomb! NO RVD MOVES! RVD up top and he hits it! 5 Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3 and Van Dam is the #1 contender! What a match!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (5 Star Frog Splash)

The dream match is on! RVD vs. AJ STYLES in a wrestling marks wet dream!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

In the back Hemme is with RVD and Hardy and she says that Jeff Hardy insisted that Jeff stand by for his interview. RVD and Jeff both say nothing has changed between them and they are still friends. Highlights of the match are shown with RVD & Jeff giving insight into ala UFC post-fight interviews. Jeff calls RVD’s Split Legged Moonsault “poetry in motion” and then Jeff congratulates RVD. RVD says he and Jeff agreed before the match that they would have each others back for the title shot tonight no matter what happened. RVD says if AJ was watching then he knows what he’s in store for.

In the back Abyss is in the locker room hyping Jeff and Terry up and he thanks Rob for having their back tonight. Abyss says Team Flair has no idea what kind of freak Terry really is. Terry says at the end of tonight everyone will know that he is “The Freak” and he says he’ll destroy them. Abyss says they don’t know who their 4th member is yet but he trusts Eric Bischoff and he feels like it’ll be a ‘bombshell.’

Tenay says this match will be under Lethal Lockdown Rules so it’s pretty much Lethal Lockdown without the cage. Sting and Jarrett will start the match off and every 2 minutes another member joins the match.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

8-Man Tag Team Lockdown Rematch
“The Icon” Sting, Desmond Wolfe, & Beer Money Inc. w/Ric Flair vs. “The Monster” Abyss, “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett, “The Freak” Big Terry, & Mystery Partner

Back from commercial Sting throws Jeff into a barricade as Tenay says they wouldn’t wait for an opening bell. Sting repeatedly throws Jarrett into the barricade and even into a fans chair. Sting picks up the chair and whacks Jeff with it! No DQ in this match boys! Sting whacks Jeff in the back with it again! Sting throws Jeff into that barricade yet again and then he drags Jeff up the steps! Sting lays into Jeff with right hands and then he rakes the eyes of Jarrett. Jeff is finally making his comeback with right hands and he throws Sting into the barricade now! Jeff picks up a chair and nails Sting with it and then he picks up another chair and blasts Sting in the back with it again! Jarrett throws Sting into the wall and then he attempts to whip him into it but Sting reverses it! Finally they get back to ringside and Sting slams Jeff into the guardrail. Sting tosses Jeff into the ring finally and stomps on Jeff’s hand. Sting taunts Jeff and dares him to hit him but he backs away every time Jeff swings and then puts the boots to him some more. Sting whips Jeff into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash but Jeff moves and lays into Jeff with big right hands and uppercuts! Jeff comes off the ropes and hit’s a clothesline! Jeff whips Sting into the ropes and Sting goes for a clothesline but Jeff ducks and they clothesline each other! The next man in is DESMOND WOLFE! Wolfe tags himself in and lays into Jarrett with a European Uppercut and then he nails Jeff with a cross chop and whips him into the corner hard. Wolfe with another European Uppercut followed by a Running Forearm Smash! Wolfe attempts to whip Jeff into the ropes but Jeff reverses it and hit’s a Hiptoss! Jeff drapes Wolfe over the middle rope and hit’s the Body Guillotine on Wolfe and then this a series of rights, but Wolfe pokes him in the eyes and hit’s the Twisting Arm Wringer. Wolfe lifts Jeff up onto the top rope for the Tower of London but Jeff blocks it and hit’s a Back Suplex! The next man in is ROB TERRY! Terry tags Jarrett and climbs in with Wolfe! He lays Wolfe out with a series of clotheslines and then whips Wolfe into the corner and follows up with a backdrop! Sting comes in and eats a clothesline from Terry! Terry lifts Wolfe up and hit’s a Front Slam as we see Orlando Jordan looking on (he’s the true “Freak” in TNA). Terry lifts Wolfe up and hit’s a big Powerslam!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Back from commercials both Robert Roode and Abyss has joined in. Abyss nails Roode with a Big Boot and then a Corner Splash! Abyss hits Roode with a Chokeslam but remember no pin or submission until everyone is in the match! Abyss lays into Roode with right hands and then he whips him into the ropes and hit’s a backdrop! The next man in is JAMES STORM! Storm almost tripped as he was coming up the tunnel. Abyss went for a Splash on Roode as Storm climbed on the apron but Roode moves and Storm destroys Abyss with a Leaping Enziguri! Roode follows it up with the Blockbuster off the middle rope! Roode tags in Storm and Beer Money put the boots to Abyss. Storm with knee strikes on Abyss and then he comes off the ropes but Abyss catches him with a Sidewalk Slam! Both guys are down now. Taz says Abyss has a hairline fracture in his hip due to getting hit with the car last week. Wolfe and Jarrett tag in now. Jarrett lays both Roode and Wolfe out as he comes into the ring but Storm comes in and kicks Jarrett. Roode and Wolfe whip Jarrett into the corner and then they try to whip Storm into Jarrett but Jeff moved! Jeff lays Wolfe & Roode out with a Double Clothesline! All four of them are down! 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2….1 and the next man in is SAMOA FREAKING JOE! JOE HAS AN INSANE LOOK ON HIS FACE AS HE WALKS DOWN BACK IN THE OLD RING GEAR! Tenay says we haven’t seen Joe for months since he was abducted from the Impact Zone! Joe looks down at Jarrett and Jeff looks shocked and scared to even tag him in but Joe looks down and slaps his arm! Joe comes in and lays everybody out! T-Bone Suplex on Wolfe! Joe throws Sting into the corner and hits him with a Running Elbow followed by a Leaping Enziguri! Roode charges at Joe but eats a Rock Bottom! Joe picks Roode up and tosses him into the corner and hit’s the MUSCLE BUSTER! Joe looks freaking nuts! 1…2…3 and BOYS THE SAMOAN SUBMISSION MACHINE IS ALL THE WAY BACK!

Winners: Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry, & Samoa Joe

Joe left the ring as Team Hogan was about to celebrate and he still has that super intense look on his face. Flair walks down the ramp and grabs a microphone and says he has something to say.

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Well it looks like TNA and SpikeTV weren’t on the same page there as they cut to break too early. They show what happened during the break. Flair challenges Abyss to a match next week with both Flair’s Hall of Fame ring and the ring that Hogan gave Abyss on the line!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

Remember, Ric Flair is BARRED from ringside! This is a first time matchup, never before have these two men ever been in the same ring together and this is a dream match for many including myself. AJ throws his robe at RVD and then jumps him before the bell putting the boot to RVD. Tenay points out that RVD had two matches last night and this is his 2nd match tonight. AJ punches RVD repeatedly once again opening up that wound on his head. AJ tosses RVD out to the floor and then hit’s the Somersault Plancha over the top onto Van Dam on the floor!

———————-COMMERCIAL BREAK——————–

Back from commercials AJ is still putting the beat down on RVD as Tenay says that AJ has had complete control. RVD starts to make a comeback with forearms but AJ hits him with a knee and then he whips RVD into the ropes. AJ goes for a backdrop but RVD backflips over AJ and then nails him with a series of kicks and punches. RVD whips AJ into the ropes but AJ slides underneath RVD’s legs and then he leapfrogs RVD as he turns around! AJ trips RVD as he started to run the ropes and then drills AJ with a dropkick! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! AJ throws RVD into the corner and lights him up with Flair Chops and then he grabs the leg of RVD and hit’s a Back Heel Trip and elbow drops the leg of Van Dam repeatedly. A high flyer working on another high flyers leg. Van Dam answers back with right hands and then a round kick but when he went for another round kick AJ grabbed his leg and hit a beautiful Dragonscrew Legwhip! AJ puts the boots to that leg and then he chokes Van Dam in the corner. AJ tries to throw AJ into the corner but RVD blocks it with his leg and then hit’s a Hook Kick! RVD then follows up with the Stepover Heel Kick! Both men are down now. RVD gets to his feet and as he gets to it AJ lights him up with chops and RVD answers back with right hands. RVD comes off the ropes and hit’s a clothesline followed by another one and then a third. RVD hit’s a series of forearms in the corner and then he whips AJ into the opposite corner followed by the Rolling Monkey Flip! Van Dam sells the leg as he gets to his feet but then hit’s the Rolling Thunder! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! RVD still selling the leg like it’s hurting him. He picks AJ up but AJ trips him with a double leg takedown and then locks in the Figure Four! He has it in the center of the ring! RVD is able to fight and scrape and crawl to the ropes. AJ grabs RVD’s leg and drags him back to the center fo the ring and goes for the Figure Four but RVD rolls him up! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! RVD goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hit’s the Pele! AJ picks RVD up and goes for the Styles Clash but RVD blocks it and then backdrops AJ over the top to the apron! RVD turns around and AJ goes for the Springboard Hurricanrana, but RVD counters into a Powerbomb! RVD springs to the top and hit’s the 5-Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3 and WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION!

Winner & NEW TNA World Champ: RVD via pinfall (5-Star Frog Splash)

As RVD celebrates his win confetti reigns down onto him as history has been made! WOW! Jeff Hardy walks out and hugs RVD in the ring as we see AJ Styles looking on shocked from the floor. Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter walk out and Hogan grabs the belt as we see most of the roster out as well. Hogan raises RVD’s arm and then presents him with the belt! This is a pretty cool moment. Team 3D raises RVD up on their shoulder as AJ looks on in shock and like he’s about to snap.

Final Thoughts

Holy cow what a night! I am going to be 100% honest, I had no idea what we were in for. I really thought tonight would be kind of promo heavy and starting to set things up for the next PPV but wow what a crazy night. It was really centered mainly around the TNA Title situation and Ric Flair-Hogan beef. Before I get into Lockdown and the show tonight I want to say something about Sean Waltman. I had fully prepared to come on here and really blast Waltman and just throw him so far under the bus there is no return. That is, until today when reports started to come in that Dixie Carter had actually spoken to Waltman last week and knew that he was going to not be able to attend Lockdown (due to not being able to get his wrestling license in Missouri). This is a huge case of wait and see before you open your mouth (which is why I’m glad I waited) because there are a lot of people on the internet that said some nasty things about Waltman last night. And now we find out it was undeserved this time. Now onto other things.

The show started off really hot with the great segment between AJ-RVD-Hardy-Hogan. AJ has grown so much confidence in his promos and he really came off great standing there on his own. Hogan did a great job of getting the crowd hyped up and RVD had a good promo. Just a great opening segment that got everybody interested in the rest of the show.

The Knockouts had an okay match but really bizarre. I don’t get taking the WWE’s stance on tag teams and throwing two random singles wrestler together instead of just using an established team like Sarita and Taylor. I like them using the Freebird rules with the Beautiful People too.

Jeff-RVD was excellent and both guys really busted their tales out there. The fans were into it and it was just a great all around matchup. Not the best match those two have had but it’s one of the few straight up wrestling matches they’ve had too (in the past it’s been hardcore matches, ladder matches, etc.). I liked the little MMA/Boxing-like post match interview in the back too.

The Lockdown rematch was really fun. Sting and Jarrett had a fun brawl and then everybody had a chance to shine until Samoa Joe shocked everybody in his return. It’s the a** kicking Samoa Joe and I’m really glad and I hope he’s going to stick to this and not get changed again. Now I’m interested to see how they explain the abduction.

RVD-AJ was just as good as RVD-Hardy (maybe even better) and an excellent TV main event. I don’t know how I feel about giving this match away on TV? It made for a crazy cool moment but RVD vs. AJ at a show like Bound for Glory would be incredible to me but it’s not like they can’t go there down the line as well. They really made the title change feel like a big deal too.

I can already hear the marks now screaming about how AJ got buried by a WWE-reject. First off, he didn’t get buried, AJ looked great in defeat regardless. 2nd, AJ can stay at the top of the card especially with the potential stable he and Flair have cooking. As long as he doesn’t get lost I’d love to see this heel AJ chase the belt now. I’m expecting either AJ vs. Jeff or a 3-Way with AJ thrown in at Sacrifice.

Now I want to give kudos to two guys.

First, I’ll start with Van Dam. I don’t care what any hater is saying tonight, tomorrow, or whenever Van Dam busted his a** in the last two nights big time. 2 Steel Cage Matches last night and 2 more excellent matches last night. You’re damn right he deserves that belt. Yes, I love AJ and I would’ve liked to have seen his title reign continue but he had a great 8 month reign. RVD deserves it and deserves the props.

2nd, Kurt Angle. Yet again Kurt Angle was a shining star last night and had an INCREDIBLE match with Mr. Anderson (props need to go to the guy that so many people claimed couldn’t go a match without getting injured yet had one of the most physical feuds all year with Angle) and now he’s going to take some well deserved time off. Angle coming back healthier and even better should be great.

Now onto some of the things we need to see from here on out. First off it’s The Pope. I really don’t want to see him just get lost in the shuffle. I really think TNA understands what they have in this guy and hopefully him not getting the belt was just a case of not wanting to put it on him yet and having the plan for Van Dam. Pope is a superstar of the future. Also, the Knockouts are quickly going down hill. Something needs to be addressed there.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening segment
Match of the Night: TIE-AJ vs. RVD/RVD vs. Hardy (****)
Overall Grade: A+

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Ring vs. Ring: Ric Flair vs. Abyss
– TNA Tag Titles: Matt Morgan & TBA (c) vs. Team 3D
– TNA X-Division Title: Kazarian (c) vs. Shannon Moore
– The debut of the Heavyweight Ranking System

Sacrifice Lineup:
Nothing scheduled so far