Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
April 26, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact starts off with highlights from last week’s huge show which featured the crowning of the “NEW F’N CHAMPION!” Great recap of the Title Match and some words from RVD after the match in the back.

The intro hits and we are live (well not really) from Orlando! As the show starts Tenay announces that Sting & AJ Styles will be facing Jeff Jarrett & Jeff Hardy in a Tag Team Match tonight!

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and the Hulkster makes his way out to the ring with some huge pyro. Hogan says things around here in TNA are wide open right now and he says he’s been on a ‘high’ ever since Lockdown and it’s been the same since Impact. He says things are changing in TNA right now. Hogan says he knows what it means to be a World Champion and he says that being the TNA World Champion makes you the ‘hood ornament’ of this company and it means more than he even ever dreamed it could be. He puts over RVD and says that he has a big target on his back now. He says RVD has to up his game every single night from now on and he says every single talent in TNA is stepping their game up right now. Hogan says Bischoff has put together a brand new Heavyweight Ranking System and he says the fans will have a major influence in this ranking system. Hogan says he was on the edge of his seat when RVD went toe-to-toe with Jeff Hardy and then he calls AJ Styles one of the greatest wrestlers of ‘our time’ (excellent job in putting AJ over). The fans boo when Hogan mentions AJ’s name but Hogan says you can say what you want about him but there is absolutely denying how great AJ Styles is. Hogan puts over RVD beating AJ and says he knew he saw the game change when RVD won the match last night and then he brings out RVD. RVD’s music hits and the brand new World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring with the belt around his waist for the very first time in TNA! Van Dam hasn’t had some gold around his waist since 2007. RVD tells Hogan to feel free to call him “Mr. T-N-A” (HEY THAT’S MY NAME!) and then Hogan repeats it along with the fans. Van Dam says the reason he came to TNA is because he figured that Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and everybody in the organization would give him a fair opportunity to just be himself, just be Rob Van Dam. RVD says look where that got them and points at the belt and the fans chant his name yet again. RVD says a lot of people will never understand RVD’s connection with the fans or his connection with ‘mother Earth’s finest’ (it should be noted that this show was taped on 4/20). RVD says some people don’t get the balance it takes to be such a ‘cool laid back dude’ but at the same time kick so much a**! RVD says it’s fine for those that don’t understand because you don’t have to understand what it’s like to be Rob Van Dam, but you just have to understand that he’s one of the toughest guys you’ll ever run into, he’s the best at what he does, and from this day forward the greatest World Champion that TNA has ever had! RVD says that’s why he’s the “WHOLE F’N SHOW”! “Get Ready to Fly!” hits and the former champion, AJ Styles, looking none to happy makes his way out to the ring alongside Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan says nobody invited either one of those ex-champs on there and AJ asks if he’s done talking now. A big “ex World Champ” chant starts and AJ screams for them to shutup. AJ says RVD sounds like a Hallmark greeting card. AJ says RVD is right and says there are millions of people that don’t understand RVD or his lifestyle. AJ calls RVD a hippy freak from Southern California that nobody understands, dude! AJ asks RVD if he really said he was the greatest athlete and that he’s going to be one of the greatest World Champions ever. RVD nods and AJ asks him if he’s high RIGHT NOW (with a huge “YEAH!” from the crowd of course). Taz says there’s a good chance of that. AJ says RVD must be high because last week he was beating the piss out of RVD last week when he slipped on the top rope. He says that’s how RVD became the World Champion. AJ says RVD probably lubed up the ropes because ‘you know I can fly!’ AJ says now this week he’s stuck in some “b.s. tag match” when he should be getting his rematch for the belt. AJ says he will be getting his rematch but it won’t be when RVD wants it or when the people want it, but when AJ wants it. AJ tells RVD to put that in his pipe in smoke it! Flair says he doesn’t care about RVD or his lifestyle and as a matter of fact he thinks being the World Champion is pretty cool. He reminds RVD that Flair has been one 16 times. He tells RVD to try that on for size. Flair says he and Hogan have a problem and it’s called who they are, what they are, what they’ve accomplished, and where they’ll end up. Pointing at his Hall of Fame ring the whole time. Flair says Hogan has taken the responsibility for giving Abyss that Hall of Fame ring and Flair made the mistake of letting other people do his work so tonight he swears to God that for every scar he has on his head he’ll put one on Abyss. He says he’ll saw that finger off of Abyss to stop this mockery. Flair says you make a mockery of Ric Flair you die! Flair says tonight he’ll walk that aisle looking only the way he can styling and profiling and tonight Abyss has to beat the man to be the man. Flair says he’s had a lifetime of beating big guys. Flair drops the mic and he AJ leave the RVD and Hogan in the ring.

In the back Beautiful People complaining about Madison having to defend her belt tonight. Madison says it’s not fair that she has to face 2 girls tonight. Velvet says just when it looks like BP have things going their way TNA has gone out of their way to try and screw them. Lacey says they can’t ‘screw us’ and Velvet lets her know what she really meant. Rayne says the way Tara and Angelina have been barking over the belt she’ll just let them tear each other apart and slide in and finish the job. She says tonight she’ll cleanse TNA of ugly people, TWO at a time.

———————- COMMERCIAL BREAK ———————–

A video package hyping up the drama between Tara, Angelina, and BP.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Madison Rayne (c) vs. Tara vs. Angelina Love

The girl to pick up the fall is the champ. At Lockdown Angelina dropped her belt after Madison pinned Tara in the Tag Team Steel Cage Match and after the match Tara actually turned on Angelina and threw her into the cage. On commentary Taz refers to BP as the Beautiful Champions. My god, I love their entrance. Slick Johnson bans Velvet & Lacey from ringside for this match! I hate you Slick. Madison quickly slide out of the ring and ran away from Angelina & Tara as the bell rang. Angelina followed her out and chased her back into the ring but Madison eats a clothesline from Tara! Tara and Angelina then get in each others faces and Tara chest bumps Angelina. Angelina answers with a forearm and they begin an exchange of forearms in the center of the ring! Angelina attempts to whip Tara into the ropes but Tara reverses it only to eat a big Spear from Angelina! Angelina then mounts Tara and reigns down right hands. Finally Slick Johnson pulls her off so Madison slides in and covers Tara! 1…2…NO Tara kicks out! Angelina grabs Madison and throws her into the corner. Angelina puts the boots to her and then Tara jumps her from behind and picks Angelina up by her hair and hangs her on Tara’s back! Tara drops Angelina and covers her for a near fall. Madison rolls Tara up, 1…2…NO Tara kicks out but then Madison hit’s a Running Front Kick to Tara that sends her flying out of the ring to the floor!

———————- COMMERCIAL BREAK ———————–

Back from commercials Angelina throws Madison into the corner and then throws her into the opposite corner. Madison attempts a running clothesline out of the corner but Angelina ducks and hits one of her own for another near fall. Madison tries to escape out of the ring again but Angelina grabs her by the leg and pulls her back in. Angelina hit’s a Front Slam on Madison! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out! Madison rolls out of the ring again and Angelina follows her out. As she got on the apron Tara ran in and nailed her with a big right hand and then slammed her into the ring post! Madison slides into the ring and rolls Tara up! 1…2…NO Tara kicks out and then kicks Madison in the gut. Tara hit’s a Snap Suplex and then rolls backward and locks in the Guillotine Choke! Tara stands Madison up and lights that gorgeous chest up with a Flair Chop and then she whips Madison into the ropes. Tara goes for a clothesline but Madison ducks and hit’s a Running Facebuster! Both girls are down now. Angelina rolls back into the ring and hit’s a Double Clothesline on Tara & Madison! Angelina follows up with a Forearm Smash on Tara and then one for Madison! Two more for Tara & Madison and then she hit’s a crazy Uranage-style Jawbreaker on Tara! Angelina follows up with the Botox Injection on Madison! Tara spins her around and hit’s the Spider’s Web! Tara screams “Get up bitch!” at both girls and as Angelina was standing up Madison shoves Angelina hard into Tara sending Tara crashing through the ropes down to the floor! Madison rolls Angelina up, 1…2…3 and she retains the belt!

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champ: Rayne via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Angelina was holding that arm and if you pay attention to news sites Dixie Carter announced that Angelina suffered a partially torn bicep and ligament damage to that arm in this match. Tara jumps Angelina after the match and continues to beat her down until security runs out to break them up. After re-watching the finish I’m thinking Angelina hurt her arm when Madison shoved her into Tara. I think her arm got caught up in the ropes. They’re saying she’s out until at least May but I’d be shocked to see her back in May.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

TNA X-Division Championship
Kazarian (c) vs. “Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore

This is Kazarian’s first defense of the title since he won it at Lockdown and Kaz still doesn’t have possession of the actual title belt because it’s still in Britain with Williams. Tenay says Williams will be on Impact next week and will give his thoughts on being stripped of the belt. Kaz and Moore lockup and Moore locks him in a hammerlock and Kaz reveres it into a Keylock. Moore rolls backwards and reverses it back into a Hammerlock. Kaz counters with a modified arm drag followed by another arm drag. Kaz follows with a Scoop Slam and then he goes for an Elbow Drop, but Moore avoids it and hits an arm drag of his own. Moore then hits another modified arm drag followed by a Scoop Slam of his own. Moore goes for a Running Leg Drop but Kaz moves out of the way. The little ‘sports ticker’ that scrolls at the bottom of the page updates the injury that Daffney suffered in a Dark Match last week saying she suffered a stinger, a concussion, and a bruised sternum. Kaz locks Moore in a side headlock and Moore shoves him off into the ropes and goes for a backhand chop, but Kaz ducks and whips Moore into the ropes. Moore hit’s a Rolling Hurricanrana followed by an Atomic Drop! Moore then hits an Elevated Leg Drop for the first near fall of the match. Moore shoves Kaz into the corner and lights him up with forearms and then whips Kaz into the opposite corner. Moore charges but Kaz moves and follows up with a Slingshot Armdrag! Kaz then follows up with a Spinning Neckbreaker for another near fall. Kaz hit’s a forearm smash and then he attempts to whip Moore into the corner but Moore reverses it and then charges again. Kaz backdrops Moore over the top but Moore lands on the apron and hits Kaz with a forearm. Moore goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip but Kaz blocks it and goes for the Reverse Tombstone that we saw Kaz hit at Lockdown! Moore blocks it and goes for a Neckbreaker, but Kaz blocks it and shoves Moore off! Moore slams into the referee by accident. Kaz charges at Moore but Moore nails him with an elbow and then climbs to the top rope. Kaz hit’s a nasty Leaping Enziguri to the head of Moore! Kaz climbs up with Moore and attempts a Superrana but Moore blocks it! Moore stets up for a move but Matt Morgan runs out of nowhere and shoves Moore off the top rope to the floor! Morgan then rolls Moore into the ring and screams “noone turns us down” into the camera as he walks away. Kaz gets to his feet, not seeing what just happened, as the referee gets to his feet as well. Kaz picks Moore up and hit’s the Reverse Tombstone! 1…2…3 and Kaz retains the belt!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Kazarian via pinfall (Reverse Tombstone)

Samoa Joe’s music hits and the Samoan Submission Machine power walks down to the ring as Kaz is trying to figure out why! Joe circles Kaz and then he Superkicks the hell out of him! Joe then puts the boots to Kaz and puts him up on the top rope and hit’s the Muscle Buster! R.I.P. to Kaz! Joe looks psychotically into the camera and leaves.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from commercials Abyss is in the back discussing how he felt about Hogan giving him the ring. Abyss says he knows the ring doesn’t have any magical powers but it did instill the confidence in him that Hulk would give it to him and now he has confidence in himself. Abyss says he knows there’s nothing he can’t do and he knows it’s not because of the ring but it’s because of his confidence. Abyss says he could lose the ring he cares so much about tonight but he will never lose the confidence it has given him. He asks Flair “whatcha gonna do when I take your ring from you!”

In the back Morgan asks Jesse Neal if he’ll team with him. Jesse says everyone saw what he did to Amazing Red, forget about it. Morgan says look at Red and then look at Jesse, he says Jesse makes Red look like a paper boy. Morgan says he understands why Neal wouldn’t want to face 3D but he asks about the promise that Jesse made to his friend that died in the Navy. Morgan says he made a promise to his buddy that he would be would day a champion. Morgan says this is his chance at making good on the promise. Morgan says he doesn’t want anybody else, ‘we want Jesse.’ Morgan tells Jesse to think with his heart and then walks away. Morgan is such a d*ck, it’s awesome!

AJ is walking to the ring talking about taking care of business tonight.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & “The Icon” Sting vs. “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett & “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Taz mentions how odd it is to see AJ without the belt after over 7 months of seeing it around his waist. As Jeff and Jeff enter the ring Sting and AJ attack them. Jarrett & Hardy turn the tides quickly and Hardy throws AJ over the top to the ramp while Jarrett mounts Sting in the corner and reigns down rights on him. Sting comes back and hits an Atomic Drop on Jarrett! AJ lights Jarrett up with right hands on the ramp while Jarrett nails Sting with an Enziguri in the ring. Tenay mentions how every wrestler in this match is a former World Champion (AJ a multi-time TNA Champ, Jarrett & Sting are former multi-time WCW & TNA Champs, and Hardy a former WWE Champ). Jarrett clotheslines Sting out to the floor while AJ attempts to Suplex Hardy on the ramp, but Hardy blocks it and reverses it! Jarrett brawls with Sting into the crowd and cracks him with a steel chair. Hardy gets a near fall on the ramp while Jarrett gets one in the crowd. This is really hard to keep up with as Tenay mentions that two referees have been assigned to this match. Jarrett attempts to whip Sting into the guardrail but Sting reverses it. Hardy throws AJ back into the ring and puts the boots to him. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but AJ shoves Hardy into the ropes. Hardy comes off the ropes and hit’s a Forearm Smash on AJ as Sting chokes Jarrett in the ropes. AJ comes back with Flair Chops on Hardy and then he tosses Hardy over the top to the floor and then follows it up with a Sliding Dropkick to Jarrett as Sting rolled him in. AJ lights Jarrett up with chops and right hands. AJ attempts to whip Jarrett into the ropes but Jarrett reverses it and locks AJ in a Sleeper! AJ fights it and accidentally hit’s the referee as his arms were flailing around and then he low blows Jarrett with a mule kick. Hardy tags Jarrett but the referee didn’t see it. AJ throws Jarrett into the heel corner and the heels put the boots to him. Sting tags in and hit’s a Suplex on Jarrett for a near fall. Sting throws Jarrett into AJ’s foot as AJ had it up on the top rope. Sting attempts to whip Jarrett into the ropes but Jarrett reverses it and both men attempt Running Shoulder Blocks at the same time! The fans are getting behind the faces as both men are down. AJ distracts the referee right as Jarrett reached for the tag so he couldn’t see it! Sting tags in AJ and the referee can’t stop Hardy from coming in and clothes lining AJ! Hardy hit’s a back elbow and then a Sitout Front Suplex! Hardy hit’s the Hardyac Arrest in the corner on AJ! Sting looks like he’s walking away from the match now! Hardy climbs up to the top but AJ crotches him in the corner and then knocks Hardy off the top. AJ climbs out and drags Hardy onto the ramp as Jarrett is wondering where the hell Sting went. AJ goes for the Styles Clash on the ramp but Hardy blocks it and then throws AJ off the ramp into the guardrail! Jeff dives off the ramp onto AJ! Jarrett finds Sting and they start brawl up the stairs into the rafters! Jeff lays AJ out on a table and then climbs up on the stage! Hardy is setting up a ladder on the stage now as Sting nails Jarrett with a bat! Sting repeatedly nails Jarrett with the bat and covers him for the pin just as Hardy had climbed to the top of the ladder!

Winners: Sting & Styles via pinfall

In the back Jesse Neal asks for 3D’s blessing to accept Morgan’s offer. Bubba asks Neal if he even saw what Morgan did to Red. Bubba says Morgan will just use him but Neal says he can take care of Morgan. Neal says he just wants to be champion but Bubba asks him how he’s going to be champion and Neal says by beating them. Bubba likes it and they give him their blessings but tells him to be prepared for them to come at him harder than they come at anybody. Bubba tells Devon they have to take care of ‘that other thing’ now.

D’Angelo Dinero is walking in the back with a patch over his eye and his arm in a sling.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from commercials D’Angelo Dinero’s music hits and The Pope makes his way out to the ring for the first time since Lockdown. Taz says that Pope suffered a shoulder separation (I know from experience, not a fun injury) as well as a torn labrum. The patch over his eye is selling how AJ stabbed him in the eye with the pen at Lockdown and they show highlights of the match including the spot where Pope hurt his shoulder. Pope point at his large belt buckle and says that’s not the TNA Title, it’s his personal piece. Pope mentions how AJ stabbed him in the eye and how AJ tried to end his career and take food out his mouth. Pope asks who AJ thinks he is and he says that AJ is nothing more than a gas bubble on Pope’s sour stomach (I literally spit out my drink as he said that). Pope says whether AJ has the gold now or not he wants AJ to know that he hasn’t forgotten about him. Pope says complaining or not AJ walked out of Lockdown with the 3 count and in the “Gospel According to Pope” there are no excuses, but also in that Gospel there’s “a tooth for a tooth, and an eye for an eye.” Pope says he doesn’t expect AJ to come out there but he wants him to know that he isn’t done with AJ yet. Pope someone asked him where he goes from here and asked if he’ll regroup now. Pope says hell to the naw and when ‘we fall down, we get back up.’ Pope asks the fans what the congregation what they do when they fall down and the fans yell ‘get back up.’ Pope says AJ was nothing more than an obstacle in his life that he tripped over but he’s back up. Pope says if AJ was expecting for the Congregation to dwindle he’s wrong because they represented at Lockdown and they’re representing big time now! Pope does his “Pope is pimping” quote and then Mr. Anderson’s music hits! Anderson is coming fresh off his Match of the Year Candidate with Kurt Angle at Lockdown. Anderson climbs into the ring with Pope. Man, we have two of the most charismatic wrestlers in the biz in the ring together right now. Anderson says he’s going to start calling Pope the “Kool Aid Man” and he’s not talking about the busting through the wall, “OH YEAH” Kool-Aid Man, but the Jim Jones drinking and killing yourself Kool Aid Man. Anderson asks the fans what they’re laughing at because they’re drinking that Kool Aid. Anderson says he gets it, they’re gullible. He looks at the fans and says they’re gullible. He starts calling guys in the crowd names and then he asks Pope if he got a ‘boo-boo’ and mocks him. He asks Pope if he knows who else got a boo-boo and he says it was Kurt Angle. Anderson says Angle is at home licking his wounds and then he asks Pope if he’s going to go home and lick his wounds and nurse his injuries, or…but Pope interrupts him and tells him to get to his point and shut the hell up. Anderson says okay and asks Pope if he’s going to go home and lick his wounds or is he going to take his testicles out of his moms purse, sack ’em up, and get in the ring with Anderson at Sacrifice! Anderson says can he get a “Amen” or…then he starts clucking like a chicken at Pope. The fans chant for Pope and Pope says his arm may be in a sling right now but the pimp hand is still strong as he starts wiggling his fingers on the injured arm. Anderson looks at the arm and Pope Pimp Slaps him with the other one! Anderson jumps on Pope and starts throwing right hands at the injured eye of Pope. He pokes and rakes at Pope’s eye until security runs out and pulls Anderson off.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

TNA World Tag Team Championships
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & Jesse Neal (c) vs. Team 3D

3D doesn’t come out as their music hits and then we see in the back 3D talking trash standing over Syxx-Pac who is laid out in a table on the concrete with a pool of blood coming from his head! Devon says Pac should’ve never came back and he tells him “when you wake up from you’re coma, stay your behind at home!” Damn, Syxx-Pac has been officially kicked from TNA I do believe. Neal and Devon will start the match off. Devon locks Neal in a side headlock but Neal shoves him off only to eat a shoulder block. Devon locks him in another side headlock and then Bubba tags in and lights Neal up with a chop. Bubba locks Neal in a Bear Hug and The Band’s music hits! 3D and The Outsiders are walking down to the ring and Nash has Syxx-Pac’s blood on his hand showing it to 3D as they clash on the ramp! Nash and Devon brawl while Hall and Bubba brawl! Jesse Neal runs over to help 3D but Morgan turns him around and lays him out as the referee rings the bell.

Winners: Team 3D via DQ (Morgan retains)

Morgan drags Neal back into the ring and Chokeslams him! Morgan poses over Neal with the Tag belts.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from commercials Jesse Neal is in the ring with 3D. Neal has a microphone and screams for Matt Morgan saying he’s not done. Neal screams at Morgan to come back down so he can kick his a**. Christy Hemme approaches Morgan and asks him about Neal calling him out. Morgan says he already forgot that kid’s name and now he’s off the clock. Morgan walks away and right into Hulk Hogan. Hogan tells Morgan he needs to make a choice, either go out there and deal with Jesse Neal or stay there and deal with Hogan. Morgan goes back out to the ring and 3D leaves Neal alone to deal with Morgan on his own. Neal meets Morgan on the ramp and lays into him! Neal nails Morgan with a head butt and then he grabs one of the Tag belts and threatens to hit Morgan with it, but Morgan begs him off and then lowblows him! Morgan grabs the belt and kisses it and then lays Neal out with it! Morgan celebrates again but then Shannon Moore’s music hits and Moore runs out and hit’s a Missile Dropkick off the top on Morgan! Morgan bails out to the floor and starts having a fit at Moore getting the best of him! Moore helps Neal to his feet and then they shake hands. They notice each others Mohawks.

In the back Eric Bischoff discusses the new Ranking System. He says he’s been working with members of the TNA Staff as well as people outside of the company have come up with a Ranking System that would allow the fans to help make the top contenders for the company. All the fans have to do is go to and vote for the wrestler that you think deserves a chance at the World Title. He says you can vote as much as you want and then Jay Lethal walks in and says he’s ready to vote! Lethal says he’ll just tell him his vote! He says #1 is Andre and then he just starts naming off old school wrestlers for the rest of the Top 10 as Bischoff just looks on pissed off at him.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from commercials Orlando Jordan is in the back wearing a freaking rainbow colored feather…I have no idea what that is. Jordan says his art represents his body, his soul, and his passion. Jordan says speaking of passionate works of art there is one man in TNA that transcends any other specimen in TNA and that is “The Freak” Rob Terry. Jordan says he has witnessed him destroy every obstacle that has been put in front of him. He says next week we will witness the premier of his show “Ozone” with his special guest Rob Terry next week. He guarantees that it will be absolutely delicious. I’m absolutely creeped out.

Ric Flair discusses coming out of retirement again and stepping back into the ring tonight. He likens it to Doc Holiday coming out of retirement and putting another notch on his gun. Flair talks about Hogan disrespecting the Hall of Fame ring and his career and he says it offends him to see Abyss wearing it. Flair says Abyss will never be in a Hall of Fame. Ric, you could’ve taken the dip out of your mouth man.

———————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from commercials The Outsiders are approached by Borash who asks them what’s next with Syxx-Pac down. Nash screams at him and says what’s next is to see what wrong with their damn friend. Hall tells him he must be in line for an a** whipping and he better leave Big Kev alone cause Scott is the nice one. Nash says he realizes they’re a man down and maybe they’ll get someone else. Nash says they’ll bring someone and they’ll be 3 and Scott says they’re going to go check on Pac.

A video package recapping the Hall of Fame ring drama.

Main Event
Ring vs. Ring Match
“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Abyss and Flair lockup in the ring and Abyss flings Flair across the ring! Flair kicks Abyss in the gut and then lights him up with chops and jabs in the corner. Flair attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but Abyss blocks it and then nails Flair with stiff right hands. Abyss whips Flair into the opposite corner and then hit’s a backdrop and Flair rolls out of the ring. Abyss follows him out and Flair answers with Flair Chops, but Abyss comes right back with right hands. Abyss throws Flair into the guardrail and then he starts punching those stitches on Flair’s head opening the wound back up. Flair comes back with a lowblow and then he rolls back into the ring, but Abyss follows him. Flair pokes him in the eyes and then Flair climbs to the top! Abyss catches him and Press Slams Flair off the top! Abyss whips Flair into the ropes and hit’s a Big Boot. Abyss picks Flair up and hit’s a Sidewalk Slam but doesn’t go for the pin and starts smiling. Abyss whips Flair into the corner and hit’s a big Corner Splash and Flair comes out of the corner and does the traditional Flair Flop. Abyss grabs Flair who holds onto the ropes and the referee tries to pull Abyss off. Flair hit’s a low blow that hits both Abyss and Hebner’s family jewels. Flair pulls out the brass knuckles and nails Abyss with them! Abyss shakes it off and comes at Flair again but this time Flair punches him in the nuts! 1…2…3 and Flair gets the pin. The referee raises Flair’s hand and the brass knuckles fall out of Flair’s other hand! Hebner sees it and restarts the match! Flair immediately puts the boots to Abyss but Abyss hulks up and lights Flair up with right hands. Abyss whips Flair into the ropes and hit’s the Black Hole Slam! 1…2…3.

Winner: Abyss via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Hulk Hogan walks out to the ring and takes the ring off of Flair’s hand as Abyss holds him down. Hogan puts Flair’s ring on his finger and Abyss & Hogan hold their hands up. Hogan grabs the microphone and says he knows exactly who he’s going to present the ring to next week live on Impact!

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show started off very hot but kind of dwindled down at the end. A step down from last weeks show but still solid outing for TNA.

The opening segment was very hot and everybody played their part well. Even RVD cut a nice promo and AJ Styles (along with Flair) was absolutely excellent. His jokes about RVD and weed were hilarious.

The Knockouts 3-Way was excellent and their best TV match all year. It’s unfortunate about Angelina (as well as Daffney) but this should give some of the other Knockouts that have been absence as of late (Hamada, Sarita, Taylor, etc.) to get some shine.

The X-Division match was okay for the time it had but the real story was Samoa Joe. Him returning to the X-Division as the a** kicking Samoan could really bring some prestige to the division.

I actually love the idea of Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal as a team. Their looks are so much alike that it just makes sense but they need to have a cool name.

It looks like Syxx-Pac is definitely gone from TNA but maybe he will come back down the line. I am interested in seeing who they bring in next week because I can’t really think of anyone right off the top of my head unless they bring back a former Wolfpack from WCW member or maybe Justin Credible (was in the Kliq).

Anderson & Pope’s promos were excellent. That feud should be awesome and Pope should have the whole month to heal up because they can get this feud over on the mic alone. I like how Pope went at AJ in the beginning of his promo to let us know that the feud isn’t over yet.

Morgan is beyond excellent right now with his ‘we’ and ‘us’ stuff.

Abyss and Flair was okay surprisingly but it was kind of a letdown of a way to finish the show after it being so hot most of the night. It wasn’t horrible though and I’m interested to see where they go with the ring now with the tease.

The Ranking System announcement was a bit of a letdown after the hype but at least they’re trying something different here.

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Rob Van Dam (c ) vs. TBA
-Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

Here I will put the Rankings every week after they are announced for the first time. According to TNA’s website this is how the Ranking System will work:

Individual rankings are determined by a combination of weighted factors. These factors include individual wrestler career performance, won/loss record and online fan voting. So join in and help shape what you see on TNA and vote for your Top Contender often.

Each monthly ranking will be announced LIVE on Monday Night iMPACT! the day immediately following each of our scheduled Pay-Per-View events.

So be sure and tune-in Monday night, May 17, as we announce our first Top 10 Contender rankings after what is shaping up to be one of our most exciting pay-per-view events ever, Sacrifice.