Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
February 11, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with clips from the past few weeks followed by the usual Impact intro. Inside the arena Tenay and Taz hype up the rest of the 8-Card Stud Qualifying Matches and then Hulk Hogan’s music hits!

Hogan makes his way out to the ring without Bischoff. Hogan mocks Scott Hall’s strut on his way to the ring. Hogan welcomes us to the Impact Zone and says that he made the right decision to come to TNA because it’s ?crack-a-lacking? (good lord) in TNA. He says whenever he’s walking through the airport everyone is talking about TNA and even his ?brothers up north? are talking about TNA. He says all the TNA-Maniacs have made TNA the in-place to be in wrestling and he says he feels like he’s cool again. Hogan says there are a couple of guys who aren?t on the ?in? and he says the Impact Zone is on lockdown tonight. He says Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac aren?t getting in tonight. He says there are a lot of reasons why it’s going down like that and as cool as they may be they?ve ‘swaggered? across the line. Hogan says he can see taking somebody out sometimes because you just have to do what you have to do sometimes but not taking another ?brother? out. Hogan says what happened last week was unacceptable and he calls Syxx-Pac by his ?X-Pac? name for about the 5th time in the last 3 weeks. He says if Hall or Pac are somehow able to sneak through a crack they?ll have to deal with him tonight. He says if that means he has to gear up in the red & yellow then he?ll do what he has to do. Eric Young’s music hits and he interrupts Hogan and walks out to the ring. Young says he’s not going to waste a lot of Hulk’s time and he may not know him but he and Nash are boys. Young says Hogan has been in this business long enough to know that good friends are hard enough to find. EY says he needs a favor from Hogan and that’s to let Syxx-Pac & Hall in the building so they can get what’s coming to them from him. EY says the first thing he?ll learn about him is that he’s never been afraid of getting his hands dirty. Hogan tells EY he’s not some ?Johnny come lately? and just because he just came through TNA’s doors a few weeks ago doesn?t mean he doesn?t know what time it is. Hogan says Dixie Carter has been ?whining and dining? for some time so he knows what’s been going on in TNA. He name drops Team Canada and World Elite from EY’s past and even mentions that EY is the Global Champion. He says he knows who EY is and what he’s all about. Hogan says it was because of EY and a handful of other guys that have the talent that he came to TNA. Hogan says he wants EY to know who he’s talking to when he’s talking to him. Hogan says he gave The Band their last warning and their not getting into the building. EY says out of respect for Hogan he won?t go after The Band in the Impact Zone and he says Hogan is one of the reasons that EY is standing there. EY says it’s out of that respect he says this to Hogan’s face. EY says if Hogan won?t let him go after The Ban IN the Impact Zone then he?ll do what Nash would do and that’s go to them. Hogan says he isn?t going to do it on his watch, if he’s going to do it then take it off the property and bust them up real bad. Hogan and EY then shake hands and Hogan walks out.

Mick Foley walks into the Impact Zone and he asks a girl standing near the door where Bischoff is and she tells him that he’s in his office.


Hall and Pac are sneaking around the parking lot and Taz says they?re like a Cancer, they just won?t go away.

8-Card Stud Tournament Qualifying Match
Orlando Jordan vs. ?The Pope? D?Angelo Dinero

This is a return bout from a few weeks ago and is also a qualifying match with the winner moving onto to Against All Odds. They show footage of Jordan’s win over Dinero highlighting Jordan going after Pope’s knee and then footage of Dinero’s big upset of AJ Styles last week is shown. Pope and Jordan lockup and they brawl into the corner until the referee breaks them up. They lockup again and this time Dinero grabs a hold of an arm bar and transitions into a wristlock but Jordan puts a knee into his gut and then a back elbow. Jordan attempts to whip Dinero into the ropes but Pope reverses it and then hits a Hiptoss. Dinero follows up with an arm drag and then he ducks a clothesline from Jordan and throws an elbow at Jordan. Pope with a few more elbows and then he hits a forearm smash after taunting Jordan. Jordan retreats into the corner and the referee tries to hold Dinero back which allows Jordan to poke him in the eye. Jordan follows up with a chop block to that knee of Dinero. Jordan immediately goes for the Blackout but Pope blocks it and goes for a clothesline. Jordan ducks it and hits a dropkick! Jordan puts the boots to Dinero but Dinero comes back with a big right hand only to eat a knee to the gut and then a Spinning Neckbreaker from Jordan! Jordan picks Pope up and hits a Spinning Backbreaker and the fans throw a ?you still suck? chant at him. Jordan taunts Pope and throws a few jabs at him but Pope ducks a big right and hits a forearm smash. Pope kicks Jordan and then follows up with a backhand and a big right. Dinero follows up with a back elbow and then an Atomic Drop. Dinero comes off the ropes and hits a Flying Shoulder Block and then hits 2 Pimp Slaps! Jordan falls back draping himself over the middle rope and Dinero hits the Coronation! 1?2?NO Jordan kicks out! Jordan comes back with a poke to the eyes followed by a Spinebuster! 1?2?NO Dinero kicks out! Jordan taunts and talks trash to Dinero all the while stomping on him. Pope picks himself up in the corner but eats a series of body shots from Jordan but this only fires Pope up! Pope grabs Jordan and throws him into the corner and lights him up with body shots of his own! Pope connects with a huge right hook that spins Jordan all the way around in the corner! Pope see his opening and hits the DDE! 1?2?3 and Dinero moves onto AAO!

Winner: Dinero via pinfall (DDE)

Dinero now joins Wolfe, Anderson, Angle, & Hernandez in the 8-Card Stud Tournament for this Sunday, leaving 2 openings left.

In the back Jeff Jarrett walks into Eric Bischoff’s office and asks if Bischoff caught his match with Mr. Anderson. He says he did and then Jarrett says he knows what Bischoff is doing. Jarrett says he hadn?t been in the ring for 7-8 months but found himself in there against Mr. Anderson. Jeff says he hopes that he delivered for Bischoff and Bischoff says he over delivered. Bischoff says he can?t think of a match in the last 10 years that he enjoyed more. He says he was very impressed with Jeff and so much so that he thinks he may miscalculated how he thought about Jeff. He calls Jeff a world class athlete and Jeff says he thinks they are making some headway together. Jeff asks if he can get into the Tournament and Bischoff says he doesn?t know if Jeff is ready for that. Bischoff also says that if Jeff was to go to AAO and win the tournament that it doesn?t sound exactly like he was starting at the bottom of the ladder like they said Jeff would. Bischoff says Jeff needs to focus and work hard. Eric says Jeff won?t be in the tournament and Jeff says ?okay? and walks out. Bischoff had a mocking tone the whole time he was talking to Jarrett.


8-Card Stud Tournament Qualifying Match
Suicide vs. ?The Blueprint? Matt Morgan

This is the first time we?ve seen Suicide since the January 4th Impact. They lockup but Morgan forces Suicide into the corner where Suicide is able to climb up to the top while still locked up with Morgan. The referee pulls them apart and Suicide dives off the top leapfrogging a charging Morgan and then hits a series of leg kicks and forearms followed by a dropkick. Suicide then comes off the ropes and Morgan attempts a clothesline but Suicide ducks and goes for a Cross Body Block. Morgan catches him in midair and drops him with a Fall Away Slam. Morgan throws Suicide into the corner and nails him with those nasty back elbows. Morgan then hits a Corner Splash followed by the Sidewalk Slam Drop. Morgan hits a headbutt that rocks Suicide back and then hits the Flying Body Guillotine as Suicide was draped over the top rope. Morgan goes for another Corner Splash but Suicide avoids it and then hits a Jawbreaker onto the top rope on Morgan. Suicide follows up with a Springboard Missile Dropkick! 1?2?NO Morgan kicks out! Suicide with a series of forearms on Morgan as Morgan is on his knees and then he comes off the ropes for another one, but Morgan grabs him by the throat and then goes for a Chokeslam! Suicide counters by turning a complete back flip and landing on his feet! Suicide ducks a clothesline and then hits a Front Dropkick! Suicide comes off the ropes again but Morgan catches him with the Carbon Footprint! 1?2?3 and Morgan advances to Sunday.

Winner: Morgan via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

In the back Mick Foley knocks on Bischoff’s door and then walks in. Bischoff seems shocked to see Foley. Mick says last week Bischoff alluded to having JB & Abyss? careers in the palm of his hands. He says he’s willing to ?climb onboard? and do whatever is needed as long as Bischoff will give him some assurance that JB & Abyss will be taken care of in TNA. Bischoff says he really didn?t think he would see Foley again but he is thrilled Mick has come to this decision. He says JB and Abyss are fine and at Against All Odds Abyss is in the 8-Card Stud Tournament as of now! He says Abyss? opponent will be Mick Foley, who’s now also in the tournament! Bischoff says Mick’s look just isn?t working for him and we?ve seen the last of the whole ?Cactus Jack? look. Bischoff also says if there is any ‘shenanigans? in their match Abyss will be forced to remove his mask next week on Impact!


Back from commercials TNA reveals the brackets for Against All Odds. The 4 1st Round Matches will consist of Dinero vs. Wolfe, Hernandez vs. Morgan (that’s interesting), Angle vs. Anderson, and finally Abyss vs. Foley.

In the back Christy is with Anderson and Angle. She talks about them being opponents on Sunday but having to team up tonight. She asks how they will be able to function as a team. Anderson says he’s been in the ring with so many different people in the ring that he’s had to carry that he’s broke his back like 5 times so it doesn?t matter who his partner is. He says what this is really about is the 8-Card Stud Tournament where he will ensure that he will be the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion by blowing through the competition. Angle says he doesn?t know what Anderson’s intentions are tonight but he?ll have eyes in the back of his head. He tells Anderson that if he screws him like Hogan has he?ll break his ankle faster than that ?ridiculous microphone? can fall from the ceiling. Anderson mocks Angle after he walked off but Angle obviously saw it as he came back and said ‘snap? while doing the snapping motion right in Anderson’s face. Anderson waits a little longer this time before he mocks Angle after he walks off and then a microphone drops down from the ceiling and Anderson does his little intro. Okay, that was funny.


Back from commercials Angle approaches Eric Young in the locker room and he tells Young that he appreciates that EY wants to stand up for Kevin, but this isn?t a fight he can win. Angle says for all he knows Hogan could be lurking in the darkness with Hall and Pac. EY asks Angle if he’s coming with him but Angle says he’s not. He tells EY that he’s going after Hall & Pac himself but EY needs to stay back and worry about his future. EY screams at Angle about what they did to Nash and Angle says he saw it and that’s exactly why he’s going after them alone. Angle walks off and EY punches a locker.

TNA X-Division Championship
Doug Williams (c) vs. Amazing Red

This is Red’s rematch stemming from Williams cashing in the X-Division Feast or Fired Briefcase on him a few weeks ago. Williams comes out to the ring without his buddies. Williams shoots in on Red as the bell rings and grabs Red by the foot but Red connects with an Enziguri! Williams retreats to the corner but Red jumps on him (literally) and reigns down rights and lefts on Williams. Williams shoves him off but Red slides underneath a charging Williams and then hits a Basement Dropkick to Williams knees. Red follows up with as sliding dropkick to the head of Williams followed by another one. Williams rolls out to the floor to catch a breather! Red goes for a Slingshot Cross Body over the top but Williams slides back in the ring. Red is able to catch himself on the apron and he hits a shoulder block through the ropes on Williams. Red then goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip but Williams blocks it and sits down on Red! 1?2?NO Red rolls Williams up! 1?2?NO Williams kicks out and then attempts a Boston Crab but Red rolls him up again! 1?2?NO Williams still kicks out! Red comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline. Red goes for a Wheelbarrow move but Williams blocks it, slams Red’s face into the mat, lifts Red up, slams him into the mat again, and then finally hits a Sitout Front Faceslam! Williams hits a Corkscrew Forearm for another nearfall. Williams picks Red up and hits a Snapmare and then locks Red in a headscissors on the mat! Williams rolls over onto his knees, still holding onto the head scissors, and then repeatedly slams Red’s into the mat still holding onto the submission move! I do believe Alex Shelley refers to that move as the ?Skullf*ck?. Williams rolls back over and covers Red for another nearfall. Williams locks Red in a Side Headlock but Red fights to his feet only to eat a European Uppercut. Williams follows up with a Knee Drop for yet another nearfall. Williams covers Red again and again gets a nearfall. Williams throws Red into the turnbuckles and puts the boots to him. Williams follows up with an Irish Whip into the opposite corner and then a Running Knee Strike. Williams climbs up top but Red gets to his feet and connects with the Spinning Enziguri knocking Williams off the top and all the way to the floor! Red follows up with that GORGEOUS Corkscrew Plancha over the top onto Doug on the floor! Seriously, Red did like 3 complete revolutions before he connected with Williams! Back in the ring Red climbs to the top and hits a beautiful Missile Dropkick! 1?2?NO Williams kicks out! Red hits the Double-tap Dropkick in the corner on Doug and then connects with a stiff spinning heel kick! 1?2?NO Williams still kicks out! Red goes for a hurricanrana but Williams blocks it and then transitions Red onto his shoulders in an Electric Chair-like hold. Red is able leap off onto his feet and then drop down on his butt and rolls Williams up! 1?2?NO Williams kicks out again, but as soon as Williams gets to his feet he eats every bit of another Spinning Enziguri from Red! Red climbs up top again and goes for a Senton Bomb, but Williams moves out of the way. Red charges at Williams in the corner but he sidesteps Red and Red nails the ring post! Williams capitalizes on that mistake and hits the Chaos Theory! 1?2?3 and Williams retains in a GREAT match!

Winner: Williams via pinfall (Chaos Theory)


A great video package hyping up Tara and Angelina Love’s history is shown. The voiceover guy that TNA used back in the Fox Sports Net days was used in this package. Haven?t heard his voice in a long time.

In the back Christy is with Angelina and Tara. Christy mentions their history and asks how they can work together. Angelina says there is definitely history there and when Tara first came to TNA she didn?t like her, but the past is the past. She says last week they had a great match and shockingly enough BP had to stick their noses into their business. She says last week they had each others back and it won?t be any different this week. Tara says their plan for BP tonight is simple, it’s going to get ugly. Angelina follows up by saying ?real ugly.?

Handicap Match
The Beautiful People vs. Tara & Angelina Love

Tara and Velvet will start the match off. Sky taunts Tara so Tara turns and looks at Angelina and tags her in! This causes Velvet to freak out and jump out of the ring with Angelina giving chase. Lacey tries to cut her off but Angelina lays her out. That at least allowed Velvet to get back in the ring. Angelina climbs on the apron where Madison starts yelling at her only to eat a boot from her troubles. Velvet then grabs Angelina and hits a jawbreaker over the top rope and then mounts Angelina (insert awesomely perverted joke) and reigns down rights and lefts. Velvet hits a Snapmare takeover and then kicks Angelina in the back. Velvet actually chokes Angelina with her own hair! Velvet puts the boots to Angelina and then whips her into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Angelina stops and goes for a kick. Velvet sees it coming and backs away to tag out to Madison. Angelina drags Madison into the ring and throws her into the corner. Tara tags in and hits a Slingshot Sunset Flip for a nearfall. Tara hits an arm drag followed by a second one. Tara then kicks Madison and hits a Snap Suplex! Angelina holds onto the neck of Madison and rolls backwards into a Guillotine Choke! Tara releases the hold and Madison goes over and grabs ahold of the ropes, but Tara grabs her by the legs and snatches her off and slamming her to the mat. Tara connects with a slap and Madison rolls out to the floor where BP regroup outside. Angelina and Tara hit a Double Sliding Dropkick knocking BP into the guardrail!


Back from commercials Tara attempts to whip Madison into the ropes but she reverses it and Lacey grabs Tara by the leg from the outside. That allows Madison to attack her from behind and put the beatdown on her! Velvet tags in and they beat on Tara together. Velvet grabs Tara’s arm and steps on her hair and pulls her up. Lacey tags in and climbs to the middle rope and hits a pretty gorgeous looking Moonsault Elbow Drop! Can someone please, in the name of God, tell me how a girl that can trip walking to the ring execute a perfect back flip from the middle rope?! That just doesn?t make any damn sense. I digress, the move allows her to pick up a nearfall. Lacey slams Tara’s face into the mat repeatedly and then tags in Madison. Madison puts the boots to Tara and then whips her into the ropes and she and Tara hit clotheslines on each other at the same time! Tara tags Angelina in and Madison tags Velvet in. Angelina connects with a forearm smash on Velvet and then one for Lacey and Madison! Angelina Spears Velvet! 1?2?NO Lacey breaks it up! Tara grabs Lacey but Madison jumps on Tara’s back and locks in a Sleeper! Angelina connects with the Botox Injection on Velvet while the referee is trying to get Tara and Madison out of the ring. Lacey grabs the ?Ugly Stick? and nails Angelina with it! Velvet rolls over on Angelina, 1?2?3 and BP win it.

Winners: Beautiful People via pinfall

After the match BP jump on Tara as well laying her out with that nightstick too and then pose in the ring.

In the back Christy is with Desmond Wolfe discussing tonight’s tag match. Wofle says there was a very famous, very stupid American that once said ?life is like a box of chocolates? but he says ?bollocks? to that because life isn?t like candy. He says life is like a poker game which is appropriate for this tournament Sunday. Wolfe says tonight’s tag team is ?4 of a kind? but one of them has to end up on top and that’s him. He says he’s already proved what he can do to Kurt ?Mangled? and he refers to Hernandez as ?Super Maxi-pad? and says that he can go back to south of the border. He then says the other guy is the one that has everyone in TNA talking and he does the usual Mr. Anderson intro but replaces Anderson with Wolfe, and then says ?oh yeah some other guy with a big mouth that likes to talk a lot.? He says he’s proved how dangerous he is and this tag match tonight will have a big impact on the tournament because the other guys in the match will be lucky to even get to the PPV. He says if they try any cheap shots he?ll end them and they?ll have to work pretty hard just to make it to Sunday.


Back from commercials Syxx-Pac and Scott Hall are still sneaking around in the parking lot.
Main Event

Desmond Wolfe & ?Super Mex? Hernandez vs. ?Olympic Hero? Kurt Angle & Mr. Anderson

Wolfe is without his valet, Chelsea, tonight. Hernandez and Anderson will start the match off against each other. They circle the ring and Anderson eats him up with leg kicks and then a few rights. Anderson comes off the ropes but eats a shoulder block from Hernandez! Hernandez follows up with a Corner Splash and then he takes his shirt off, wraps it around Anderson’s neck, and Biel Throws him across the ring! Hernandez kicks Anderson and goes for the Border Toss but Anderson blocks it and quickly tags in Angle. I?m just now noticing that TNA has implemented the use of tag ropes. Maybe I just have never noticed it but I think that’s something new. Angle and Hernandez lockup and Angle locks him in a hammerlock, but Hernandez reverses it. Angle is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. The referee pulls Hernandez off Angle and Wolfe cheap shots Angel which angers Hernandez. Wolf blind tags Hernandez and then comes in and hits a Hammerlock Legsweep on Angle. Wolfe locks Angle in a Top Wristlock and then arm drags him and holds onto the hold. Angle gets to his feet but Wolfe arm drags him again still holding onto the top wristlock. Angle again gets to his feet and again Wolfe arm drags him, but Angle drags him to his feet and whips Wolfe into the ropes. Wolfe goes for a Lariat but Angle ducks and hits a German Suplex! Angle approaches Wolfe but he tags in Hernandez who nails a Slingshot Shoulderblock on Angle! Hernandez grabs Angle and hits the Over the shoulder gutwrench backbreaker! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out. Hernandez tags Wolfe back in but Angle kicks him in the gut and then they exchange rights and forearms. Angle comes off the ropes but eats a knee to the gut from Wolfe. Wolfe connects with a European Uppercut and then locks in a wristlock and then he transitions into a Side Armbreaker! Angle fights the hold and counters into an Ankle Lock out of nowhere! Anderson gets into the ring distracting the referee just as Wolfe is tapping out! This allows Wolfe to roll through and send Angle into the corner. Hernandez tags in and throws a shoulder block at Angle in the corner. Hernandez then attempts to whip Angle into the opposite corner but Angle reverses it and follows up with a Running Clothesline! Angle then charges at Hernandez again but he gets his boot up and then grabs the top rope and pulls himself up to the top rope. Angle quickly gets to the top too and Belly-to-Belly Superplexes Hernandez off the top! Hernandez is able to tag out to Wolfe but Anderson drops down off the apron as Angle reached out for a tag! Wolfe goes for the Jawbreaker Lariat on Angle but he ducks and connects with a Flying Forearm! Angle follows up with a clothesline and then a back elbow. Angle whips Wolfe into the corner and then charges but Wolfe gets his boot up and grabs ahold of Angle, but Angle nails him with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Angle then turns around and decks Anderson knocking him off the apron! Hernandez charges into the ring but eats a European Uppercut from Angle. Angle clotheslines Hernandez over the top to the floor but turns around right into the Hammerlock DDT from Wolfe! 1?2?NO Angle kicks out! Wolfe grabs Angle and puts him up on the top rope for the Tower of London, but Angle blocks it and counters into the Angle Slam! Anderson blind tags Angle from behind and then kicks him in the gut and throws him out to the floor! Anderson covers Wolfe and gets the pin!

Winners: Angle & Anderson via pinfall (Angle Slam)

After the match Anderson bails out before Angle can get his hands on him.

In the back Samoa Joe is walking towards the entrance ramp.


Back from commercials Samoa Joe’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Joe calls AJ out to the ring and he doesn?t make Joe wait very long. AJ walks out onto the stage with Flair right behind him. Joe says AJ absolutely disgusts him and those are words he never thought he would say, but AJ says it’s just because he’s the champ. Joe says he’s known AJ a long, long time and when it came to the two best young wrestlers in the world it came to Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Joe says they didn?t rest on their laurels and they came out to the ring and no matter how much he hated AJ or how much AJ was his friends they gave it everything they had in the ring. Joe says when it comes to the most epic clashes in TNA it always involved Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Joe says that’s why he’s disgusted with AJ because he gave it all up. Joe says AJ used to be a warrior and someone who came out to the ring and fought for what he believed in no matter if he was right or if he was wrong. Joe says he gave the fans everything he had and he earned everything he had, but on a night where Kurt actually came out to compete AJ took a shortcut and threw it all away. Flair says he wasn?t going to talk tonight but they are going to establish one thing before AJ says anything and that’s AJ is the World Champion and the flagship of TNA. Flair says Joe just like all the fans will learn the word respect. Joe says Flair can strut on down to the ring and show him some respect but he guarantees that Flair will limp his a** to the hospital afterwards! Joe says AJ was the last pure thing in TNA and he turned it all around. He says he didn?t cheat the boys, he cheated the fans out of having a real champion. AJ asks what about Joe and says that Joe has turned more coats than the dry cleaners. He says Joe was with the Front Line and then with the Main Event Mafia and then he started up the Nation of Violence. He asks Joe how that Nation of Violence is going now that MEM’s money has dried up. AJ says Joe needs to go and commentate with Taz and maybe that would open up something for him, but he turns to Taz and says Joe will just turn on him too. AJ asks Joe who he is to judge him and screams that he is the champ! Joe says he knows his transgressions and he?ll bare his crosses, but there is one huge difference between he and AJ. He says everytime some newcomer in TNA said they were coming into shake things up he stood up in their face where as AJ dropped to his knees, puckered his lips, and kissed the ring of his knew ‘sugar daddy? (Flair). He even drops down to his knees to emphasize it. This got to AJ and he takes off his coat off and tries to get in the ring but Flair stops him. Finally AJ gets into the ring but meets Joe’s knee as he goes through the ropes! Joe follows up with jabs and then throws him into the corner and lights him up with a chop! Joe puts AJ up on the top rope and sets up for the Muscle Buster but Flair comes in and low blows Joe! Flair chokes Joe with his coat as AJ puts the boots to him. AJ and Flair continue to beat on Joe the whole time talking trash to him. Finally referees run in but that doesn?t stop AJ and Flair. AJ screams at Joe ?don?t you forget it!? as Flair grabs the microphone. Flair screams at Joe asking him if he understands now! Flair then screams ?hey tough guy, WOOOOO!? as he and AJ leave the ring.


In the back AJ is trying to leave the building when Bischoff walks up to him. Bischoff asks him if he’s proud of what he did and AJ is happy and says it was phenomenal. Bischoff says he knows Flair is waiting with a limo full of beautiful women for him but he has something to tell him. He says since Joe-AJ is such an important match they need a special referee for it and that person is Eric! Bischoff will be the special referee! He claims he?ll call it straight down the middle as AJ pulls out his phone to call Flair.
Back out in the arena Taz and Tenay discuss Against All Odds running down the lineup. There’s no new matches other than the tournament matches and then we cut to the back with Kurt walking to the parking lot to find Hall and Pac. Hogan cuts him off and Kurt says he knew Hogan was involved. Kurt says he knew second Hogan came to TNA that he didn?t have good intentions. He claims he told Dixie Carter she didn?t know what she was getting into. Hogan says if Angle is so hell bent on getting his a** beat he won?t stand his way but he’s going to make sure it happens in his house so when they?re beating him down maybe someone will come and save Kurt’s ?dumbass.? He opens up the door so Hall & Pac can get in and he tells Kurt he should go wait in the room because knowing The Band like he does they?ll probably be showing up real soon. Angle says he’s sure he?ll see all three of them out there and walks off as Hogan says ?good luck.?


Back from commercials Angle is standing in the ring and he says he isn?t going anywhere until they get out there. He tells Pac & Hall to come get some. Hall and Pac come through the crowd and get into the ring! Pac is in first but Angle knocks him down quickly and then puts the boots to him. Angle lays into Pac until Hall starts to get into the ring and lays him out too! Angle throws rights at Hall and then locks him in the Ankle Lock, but Pac pulls out some brass knuckles and blasts Angle with it! He hits Angle with them repeatedly and then hands them to Hall and holds Angle so Hall can hit Angle in the ribs with the brass knuckles. Pac hits a Knee Drop on Angle and then picks Angle up and holds him again for another shot from Hall. Hogan’s music hits and he comes out smiling and laughing as Hall & Pac smile and point towards Hogan. Pac does the ?4-life? hand gestures and they hold the ropes for Hogan to get into the ring. They do the Wolfpac salute with each other! Hall hands the brass knuckles to Hogan and they pick up Angle so he can deck him! Hogan goes to hit Angle but he lays Hall out instead! Hogan turns to Pac and lays him out too! Angle looks up at Hogan as we fade to black!

Tonight’s TNA Epics is based around Sting.

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show was a pretty solid outing for TNA! My only real problem with this show at all was the placing of two segments. I?ll get into that later.
Opening segment with Hogan and Young was kind of odd but Young came out looking good in it but then kind of took a step back when Angle treated him like a ?little brother? by telling him to stay in the back instead of going after Hall and Pac. Hogan comes off extra cheesy when he attempts to slip into that Hollywood persona with his promos too with the dumb slang (that I don?t even know if it’s really slang or not).

Dinero and Jordan was another solid match from those two and I love the push that Pope is getting. He is over as hell and though I don?t think he?ll win the tournament, it would be nice to see him at least make it to the finals.
Morgan and Suicide was a glorified squash match but Suicide still got in some offense and looked good when doing it.

I don?t like that Abyss and Foley got into the tournament without qualifying but it makes sense to the storyline. That will likely be the weakest match of the tournament.
Wolfe’s promo was awesome tonight.

Williams-Red was great and it’s good to see the X-Division get some love because it’s been pushed to the side this past month. With next months supposed all X-Division PPV this division could get really hot again especially with Ryusuke Taguchi coming in from New Japan soon (he’s supposed to be arriving at the end of this month).

Very solid Knockouts Handicap Match and Lacey shockingly looked actually coordinated tonight!

Great Main Event Tag Team Match, Anderson was great in his role and Kurt bumped his tale off tonight.

The AJ-Joe-Flair promo was GOLDEN! I absolutely loved that promo and I loved that AJ alluded to Joe’s past in turning on people instead of just ignoring it. Flair is really helping AJ in my opinion and Joe was extremely strong on the mic too. Great build for the match.

The final segment was solid and I liked the tease of Hogan being with The Band (and it would be really great if it turns out that he is with them and this was all a ploy by he and Bischoff). I hope this wasn?t Hall and Syxx-Pac’s send off, though.

Now gets to my frustration with the placement. The Joe-AJ promo should?ve ended the show with the stuff with The Band before it. Nothing from that storyline is even going to be involved in the PPV (unless Hall and Pac cost Angle a match) while AJ-Joe is your Main Event! Other than that, I?m really looking forward to Sunday. We have some really intriguing matchups in the tournament, a horrible tag match that I have absolutely no desire to see, and a really strong Main Event.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Joe-AJ

Match of the Night: Wolfe & Hernandez vs. Angle & Anderson (***)

Overall Grade: A

Against All Odds Lineup:
– 8-Card Stud Quarterfinals: Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan
– 8-Card Stud Quarterfinals: D?Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe
– 8-Card Stud Quarterfinals: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
– 8-Card Stud Quarterfinals: Mick Foley vs. Abyss
– 8-Card Stud Semifinals
– 8-Card Stud Semifinals
– Nasty Boys vs. Team 3D
– 8-Card Stud Finals
– TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe w/Special Ref: Eric Bischoff

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