Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
June 10, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight kicks off with a quick recap of last week (focusing mainly on the AJ-Flair stable and the RVD-Sting feud). At the announce table Taz and Tenay discuss the Main Event for Slammiversary, Sting vs. RVD, and then Tenay announces that Kurt Angle returns to the ring tonight! Plus, footage of Sting’s attack on Jeff Jarrett at Sacrifice will be shown. AJ’s music hits and he leads his group of henchmen, Desmond Wolfe, Kazarian, and Beer Money out to the ring with no Ric Flair.

Taz questions where Ric is tonight as the group makes their way into the ring and Tenay reminds us that AJ isn’t in Flair’s good graces right now. AJ grabs a microphone and says that, as we can see, Ric Flair isn’t with them tonight. Styles says that due to his absence he will take control of the ‘situation.’ Kaz seems to be mocking him from behind. AJ says the situation is that he learned, as they arrived tonight, that they are in an 8-Man Tag Team Match tonight due to Bischoff and Hogan. AJ calls himself a Rouge Scholar and he says that he knows that an 8-Man Tag consists of two teams of four which is what brings them to their problem. There is 5 of them in this group and AJ says that 5 doesn’t work. AJ asks how Beetles were there, 4, and then he brings up the Fantastic Four and he even mentions the Four Horsemen. AJ even held up the infamous four fingers. AJ says he has a solution to their problem and it’s actually quite easy. AJ turns to Kazarian and says “you’re out, you didn’t make the cut.” AJ tells Kaz to “try again next year, hit me up later.” Kaz pushes AJ and says that he isn’t calling the shots around here. He hilariously refers to AJ as a “turd”, priceless. Ric Flair’s music interrupts the bickering!

Jay Lethal walks through the tunnel dressed in a Ric Flair-esc suit! Jay is doing the Flair impersonation again and says “the Nature Boy is in the house” and AJ screams at him to stop. Flair asks if he really just heard AJ say he’s in charge and Lethal says AJ is not the man and there is only one man that can be in charge: The Nature Boy. AJ says he isn’t the Nature Boy and Lethal even pulls out Flair’s “God” line. AJ is getting more and more pissed yet still bickers with Kaz all along. Lethal says his shoes cost $500, his suit is $5,000, and he doesn’t know what AJ’s suit cost but he’d be ashamed to wear it. AJ shows his ‘custom made’ label on the suit and asks what that says which Lethal responds with “Wal-Mart”. Lethal tells AJ and Kaz to shutup and then reiterates that AJ will never be like him and then starts doing the “16-time” line. Lethal takes of hiss jacket and then elbow drops it! This guy is hilarious. Lethal says AJ was right about one thing and that is that there is definitely an 8-Man Tag Team Match. Lethal introduces his team for tonight! Abyss comes out first and Desmond Wolfe is not very happy. Chelsea isn’t with Abyss and Lethal makes a comment directed at Wolfe about Chelsea “coming around the mountain”. The next man is…MR. ANDERSON! Storm and Roode aren’t happy about this one. Lethal says all of AJ’s guys are scrubs but AJ says that he has all these guys (except for Kazarian because he doesn’t count according to AJ) behind him right now that will beat the piss out of them. AJ says there is only 3 of them but Lethal says Abyss counts as 2 himself. Lethal says they’re doing it not tonight, but right now! The babyfaces make their way to the ring!

Lethal dives over the top rope onto Kaz & AJ! Anderson and Abyss come in and start taking guys out. Lethal beats on AJ in the corner but AJ low blows him. The heels have turned the tables now until Jeff Hardy’s music hits! Hardy comes through the crowd as the heels are looking at the entrance way. Hardy takes out the heels and cleans house! Taz and Tenay says they think Hardy is the fourth member of Lethal’s team!

In the back Kendrick talks to the documentary-style camera and says some off the wall stuff. I kind of thought he was quoting 70’s rock music there for a minute or something, talking about his third eye and fires in his belly until he started to talk about wanting to be one of the best in Pro Wrestling. Kendrick says his mother was a genius and his father was a paranoid schizophrenic and he understands that it had to be that way for him to serve his purpose. Kendrick says he’s in TNA to capture the X-Division Title and bring it to it’s full potential. He says that the title doesn’t have any discriminations against age, size, or sex (I’m fairly sure you to at least be a male, Brian).

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————-

Brian Kendrick vs. “Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide
Before the match the documentary-style camera catches up to Homicide in the back and he says he’ll show Kendrick real crazy, “crazy street-style.” Before the match can even begin Douglas Williams’ music hits and the snobby Brit makes his way out to the announce table. At Slammiversary it will be Williams vs. Kendrick for the belt. Homicide and Kendrick tie up and brawl into the corner where Homicide talks some trash. Kendrick screams back at him and eats a big right hand from Homicide! Homicide connects with a series of more right hands and then he chokes Kendrick on the middle rope. Homicide connects with a clubbing blow to the back of the head of Kendrick and then he locks in a Rear Chinlock. Homicide argues with the referee which allows Kendrick to come back with a kick to the gut and then a leg kick followed by a Forearm Smash. Homicide answers with a forearm of his own and then he kicks Kendrick and goes for the Gringo Killa, but Kendrick blocks it and connects with a series of Forearm Smashes that send Homicide reeling into he corner. Kendrick charges at Homicide but east a back elbow. Homicide hits a T-Bone Suplex for a nearfall. Homicide puts the boots to Kendrick in the corner and then chokes him with his boot. Homicide hits a Running Knee Strike to Kendrick as he’s seated in the corner and then follows up with another one! Homicide drags Kendrick to the center of the ring and hits the Bronx Bomber-27 (Michinoki Driver)! 1…2….NO Kendrick kicks out! Homicide talks trash to Kendrick again which allows Kendrick to recover and attempt a Lariat! Homicide blocks it and goes for the 187 Cutter, but Kendrick blocks IT and hits a Forearm to the back of the head. Kendrick throws Homicide into the corner and throws repeated forearms at him. Kendrick then tries to whip Homicide into the opposite corner but Homicide holds onto the ropes and then throws Kendrick into the top turnbuckle. Homicide reigns down right hands and kicks on Kendrick in the corner and then hits a Snapmare Takeover. Homicide pulls his wrist tape off and goes to choke Kendrick with it but the referee stops him. As the referee takes the tape throws it to the outside Homicide takes the tape of his other wrist and chokes Kendrick with it! Kendrick comes back with another series of forearms and then an Enziguri that sends Homicide through the ropes onto the ramp. Kendrick rolls out with Homicide and slams his head into the ramp repeatedly! Homicide goes to the floor and pulls out a toolbox from under the ring! Homicide pulls out a hammer and a wrench and tries to decide which one to use! Homicide decides on the screwdriver but the referee stops him and takes it away! Kendrick then nails him with a Running Front Kick to the face! 1…2…3 and Kendrick gets the win!

Winner: Kendrick via pinfall (Running Front Kick)

In the back security is trying to keep Jesse Neal and Brother Ray apart. Devon comes away and tries to keep Ray away too.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————-

Back from commercials Ink, Inc. are in the ring and Neal has a microphone. Neal calls out Bubba Ray and says he wants to talk to him to his face, man-to-man. 3D’s music hits and both Ray and Devon comes out to the ring. Terry Taylor and security stop 3D from actually getting in the ring and tell them to stay on the ramp, but Ray says they just want to talk. Finally security lets him in but they stand behind Ink, Inc. and 3D. Neal tells Bubba that if he has a problem with him then he needs to have the balls to settle it man to man and asks Bubba if that isn’t what he taught him. Neal asks what the hell was up with him laying he and Shannon out the last few weeks and putting cards on them (the Ace of Spade) but Bubba says he has no idea what in the hell Neal is talking about. Bubba says Neal has turned into an arrogant punk and his ego is getting huge. Bubba tells Devon to back up and says that all of a sudden Neal thinks he’s badder than Bubba. Bubba says he is one of the most legit tough guys in this business and he brought Bubba into this business and he can take him out. Neal says he has never done anything to disrespect them and has always given them credit. Bubba says he doesn’t need Jesse’s approval or credit or thank yous. He calls Neal a nobody and says before Neal came to he and Devon he was nothing more than a failure in the Navy. This extremely pisses Neal off and he tries to get to Bubba but security holds him back. Bubba says it’s the truth and Bubba says after Slammiversary Neal will also be a failure in the wrestling business. Neal says he can’t wait for Slammiversary. A “Jesse” chant starts up and Bubba says Jesse can’t take the truth. Bubba looks to Shannon Moore and says if he has something to say too than “say it, b*tch.” Moore says as a matter of fact he does have something to say. He calls Bubba a bully and the biggest douche bag on the planet. Moore tells Bubba to go ahead and take his ‘puppet’ (Devon) and get out of the ring. Devon is none too happy (and of course Bubba is there egging him on saying “he just called you a puppet!”) about that one. A “Devon” chant starts now and Devon says he’s going to give Shannon a pass. He says Neal automatically gets a pass because he was made by 3D. Devon says he’s never liked Shannon but he understood he and Neal’s situation. Devon turns to Bubba and tells him he needs to get his head on straight and leave Neal the hell alone. Devon drops the mic and leaves his long time partner in the ring! Bubba then blindsides Neal from behind with a clothesline to the back and then bails out of the ring!

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————-

Back from commercials Tenay talks about Sting’s attack on Jeff Jarrett at Sacrifice and then footage of the beating is shown. Tenay says that next we will hear from Jarrett for the first time.

In the back Bischoff is with Morgan. Morgan wants to know who his partner at Slammiverary is and Bischoff says he has good news and even better news. He says the good news is he has a partner for Morgan and he says that person is going to love Morgan “to death.” Bischoff says that he won’t even have to wait for Slammiversary because they’re going to give him his rematch next! Hogan is waiting at the entrance with his partner! Morgan repeatedly screams “it’s no way it’s him” as Bischoff walks off.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————-

Back from commercials Jeff Jarrett speaks about the beating he sustained from Sting. He says that was not the Sting he once knew and he says Sting is possessed with an evil right now. Jarrett says he will get his revenge but it certainly won’t be anytime soon. Clips are shown in between Jeff talking of the beating. Jarrett says it was a blessing for Hulk and Eric to come to TNA but Sting doesn’t see it that way. He says there is one personal connection to a PPV every year and that’s Slammiversary and he’ll have to miss this years because of Sting. He says he will get his answers from Sting.

Matt Morgan makes his way out to the ring first to await his partner. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and the Hulkster makes his way out onto the ramp. Tenay refers to Hogan as a “Managing Partner” in TNA (first time I’ve heard that title I think). Hogan mocks Morgan for whining and says that Morgan is the biggest cry baby he knows. Hogan says there is a reason Morgan is in the ring by himself right now. He says he’s never seen anyone stab anybody in the back as fast as Morgan does. Morgan says all that bad energy Morgan puts out is about to come right back on him. Hogan asks if “Viva la Raza” sounds familiar to him (hey, that’s the name of my column Hulk, thanks for the shoutuout! Haha) and Morgan looks pissed. Hernandez’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring fresh off of surgery (actually fresh off a tour of AAA in Mexico but who’s counting) and he destroys Morgan with a Flying Plancha over the top rope into the ring on Morgan! Hernandez beats Morgan to the outside as Hogan joins commentary. Hernandez is beating Morgan like a red-headed stepchild! Hernandez rolls Morgan back into the ring and nails Morgan with a Running Shoulder Block! Hernandez hits a Corner Splash and then a Spinebuster! Hernandez chokes Morgan with his t-shirt now as the referee is still trying to get Hernandez to chill out. Hernandez just leaves Morgan in the ring laying and then Hogan says he’s making the match right now, Hernandez vs. Morgan at Slammiversary! EMT’s come in and check on Morgan in the ring now as Hogan raises Hernandez’s hand. As the EMTs are about to take Morgan out of the ring The Band’s music hits and they come out to the ring!

TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Band (c) vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & Hernandez (well kind of)

Apparently Young is representing for The Band tonight and he just runs in and covers Morgan and gets the pin and then acts like he just did something great.

Winner & STILL Tag Champs: The Band via pinfall

In the back Christy Hemme is with RVD. RVD says he’s going to show Sting at Slammiverary there is a reason he’s the champion and Sting isn’t. Before RVD can say much more Sting attacks him from behind and starts choking him out! Sting lays into RVD with stiff rights and lefts and then picks up the TNA Title belt and walks off with it!

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials a replay of Sting’s attack on RVD is shown. Staff is checking on RVD in the back and as he comes to he asks where his belt is. Christy tells him that Sting took it and he goes looking for Stinger. Kurt Angle’s music hits and the Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way out to the ring.

Angle says this Sunday his first victim of the Top 10 will be #10 ranked Kazarian. He says Kaz is a great X-Division wrestler and to help him get ready for that star he has asked a friend who he calls the greatest X-Division wrestler on the planet. Angle says he told this person to hold nothing back because he won’t. He says he told that person to throw everything at him, including the kitchen sink. His opponent is…AMAZINGR RED!

“The Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. Amazing Red

This is Kurt’s first time in the ring since Lockdown back in April. I do believe this is the first time he’s ever faced Red as well. Red has some new ring gear and a Mohawk! That dude changes his look on the regular. Red and Angle shake hands before the bell. Angle and Red lockup and Angle gets a side headlock on Red but Red shoves him into the ropes. Angle comes off the ropes with a Shoulderblock and then he hits the ropes again and this time Red leapfrogs him and connects with an armdrag! Red follows up with a Spinning Headscissors Takeover! Angle gets to his feet and stares down Red as the fans give them a round of applause. Angle shoots in on Red and gets a Waistlock and then goes for a German Suplex, but Red lands on his feet! Angle goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks it only to eat a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex as he comes off the ropes! Angle hits a European Uppercut and then he charges at Red but Red sidesteps him and Angle goes crashing through the ropes to the floor. Red goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Angle moves out of the way! Red is able to land on his feet, though, and then he ducks a clothesline from Angle. Red charges at Angle on the floor and Angle lifts Red up into the air. Red lands on the apron and then backkicks Angle and hits a Flying Hurricanrana off the apron onto Angle on the floor! Red rolls Angle back into the ring and then he dives off the top with a Springboard Cross Body attempt, but Angle ducks it and then absolutely demolishes Red with a Lariat! Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Red counters into a DDT out of nowhere! Taz brings up Angle’s neck injuries. Red gets to his feet and hits an Enziguri on Angle and then charges at Angle again. Angle backdrops Red over the top and again Red lands on his feet on the apron. Red with a Springboard Red Eye! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Red grabs Angle but Angle comes out of nowhere with a German Suplex! Angle drops the straps and goes for the Angle Slam again, and again Red counters it! This time Red counters into an Armdrag and then he goes for a Roundhouse kick to a kneeling Angle, but Angle ducks it and Red spins around into a Spinning Enziguri to the side of Angle’s head! Red follows up with the Rana Driver and then the Red Star Press! 1…2…NO Angle is able to still kick out! Red climbs to the top and goes for the Infrared but Angle moves out of the way and hits the Angle Slam! 1….2…3 and Angle gets the hard fought win.

Winner: Angle via pinfall (Angle Slam)

After the match Angle helps Red to his feet and raises his hand and then hugs him.

In the back Sting talks to the camera and says he is in possession of the Title now but this Sunday he will own it. Sting is talking quietly but sounds menacing. He says that, like he’s already said, after he takes the belt Sunday the veil will be lifting and right now the word of the month in TNA has been ‘Deception.’ Sting then shows the belt to the camera and he has painted ‘Deception’ on it. Sting says whether RVD is in on the deception or not he’s in on it because that belt is around his waist and deception is what that belt represents. Sting says change is coming and it’s showtime! Sting chuckles and then stares at the belt.

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

An excellent video package highlighting the history of TNA is shown to hype up Slammiversary. Comments from Dixie Carter talking about how far TNA has come as well, comments about TNA’s growth from Angle, and Hogan hyping up TNA as well. The attention turns to Sting vs. RVD with comments from RVD, Hogan, Angle, and Sting. The rest of the card is also hyped up with comments from many of the competitors. Jarrett even makes some comments about TNA’s growth.

In the back RVD is looking for his Title belt.

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Main Event
8-Man Tag Team Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe, & Beer Money Inc. vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Jay Lethal, & “The Monster” Abyss w/Chelsea

AJ, Wolfe, & Beer Money were holding up the four fingers as they came to the ring, interesting. Tenay reveals that Monsters Rules will be in affect at Slammiversary in the Wolfe-Abyss match. Lethal and Roode will start the match off here. They lockup and Roode knees Lethal in the gut and then he pokes Lethal in the eyes. Roode lights Lethal up with a Flair Chop and then he whips Lethal into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Lethal ducks and then hits the Back handspring off the ropes into a Back Elbow! Hardy and Abyss nail Roode with right hands from the apron and then Lethal chops him. Lethal tags in Abyss and Roode begs him not to. Abyss nails Roode with a right hand as Lethal holds him. Abyss beats on Roode in the corner and then talks trash to Wolfe. Abyss whips Roode into the opposite corner and goes for a Splash but Roode gets out of the way and tags in Storm. Beer Money beat on Abyss together and then whip Abyss into the ropes and go for a Double Clothesline, but Abyss breaks through it and then goes for a Double Chokeslam! AJ runs in to stop it but eats a Big Boot from Abyss! Beer Money kick Abyss in the gut and then they both hit the ropes only to eat a Double Clothesline from Abyss. Abyss picks Storm up and tags in Anderson. Anderson locks in a wristlock on Storm and the slams his shoulder into Storm and tags in Hardy. Hardy locks in a wristlock of his own and then twists the arm and tags Anderson back in. Hardy holds onto the arm of Storm as Anderson comes off the top with a Flying Axe Handle Drop. Anderson lays Roode out with a right hand and then tags Hardy back in. Hardy climbs to the top and hits a Flying Axe Handle Drop off the top onto Storm’s arm as Anderson holds it. Hardy beats on Storm in the corner with right hands and then he hits a Snapmare Takeover for a nearfall. Storm comes back with a poke to the eyes and tags in Wolfe. Wolfe grabs Hardy but Hardy goes for a Jawbreaker only to eat a Knee Strike from Wolfe. Wolfe whips Hardy into the ropes only to eat a knee of Hardy’s own. Hardy hits a Snap Suplex and gets another nearfall. AJ comes in and hits Hardy from behind. AJ tags in now and hits a series of Shoulderblocks on Hardy in the corner. AJ taunts the faces and then hits a Scoop Slam. AJ follows up with a Knee Drop and gets a nearfall of his own. AJ locks in a Rear Chinlock but Hardy gets to his feet and tries to break the hold but AJ throws an elbow at him. AJ drops another elbow on the back of Hardy’s head and then puts the boots to him and tags in Wolfe. Wolfe grabs Hardy as AJ, Roode, and Storm all put their boots in the corner so Wolfe can throw Hardy’s head into them! Pretty unique spot there. Wolfe covers Hardy and gets another nearfall. Wolfe tries to whip Hardy into the boots again but this time Hardy reverses it! Beer Money then starts beating on Hardy before he can try to make a save which causes Lethal to come across the ring and go after the heels! The referee pulls him off and the heels then all take turns beating on Hardy in the corner! Storm in now and he gets another nearfall on Hardy. Roode tags in and Beer Money hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Hardy! Roode chokes Hardy as the referee holds the faces back again. Roode hits a Knee Drop and gets yet another nearfall on the green haired one. Wolfe throws an elbow at Hardy from the outside as Roode distracted the referee. Roode then catapults Hardy throat-first on the bottom rope! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out! Storm tags in and they treat Jeff’s legs like a wishbone. Jeff is actually able to push Storm into the face corner and tag out but AJ distracted the referee so he didn’t see it! AJ comes in (no tag of course) and puts the boots to Jeff. Jeff comes back with a series of strikes but AJ cuts him off with a poke to the eyes. AJ grabs Jeff but Jeff hits a Jawbreaker out of nowhere. Jeff tries to drag himself to the face corner but AJ grabs his leg. Jeff gets to his feet (or foot) and hits the Leaping Mule Kick and then tags in Lethal! Lethal in with a clothesline on AJ and Roode and then he kicks Storm off the apron and dropkicks Wolfe off it! AJ comes from behind and goes for a German Suplex on Lethal but Lethal holds onto the ropes and then hits a Backdrop! Lethal ducks a clothesline and hits a Back Suplex into a Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Wolfe breaks it up! Wolfe spikes Lethal with a DDT! Anderson in now and hits the Green Bay Plunge on Wolfe! Anderson then walks right into the Last Call from Storm! Hardy comes in and hits the Twist of Fate on Storm! Roode in now and he lifts Hardy up into a gorgeous Spinebuster! Abyss grabs Roode and Chokeslams him! Wolfe comes off the ropes and obliterates Abyss with a Lariat! Wolfe looks down at Chelsea and tells her to give him her chair. She is reluctant but eventually gives it to him. Wolfe turns around and Abyss punches the chair into Wolfe’s face! Abyss turns around and AJ comes out of nowhere with the Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ charges at Lethal who was on the apron but Lethal hits him with a Shoulderblock through the ropes. Lethal springboards off the top with a Hurricanran attempt but AJ destroys him with a Powerbomb and then transitions into the Styles Clash! 1…2…3 and the heels get the win!

Winners: Styles, Wolfe, & Beer Money via pinfall (Styles Clash)

Styles, Wolfe, and Beer Money celebrate after the match and taunt Lethal. Roode throws Lethal out of the ring and the heels stand tall in the ring.

In the back Sting looks at the camera and says “you didn’t think I’d make it that easy for ya, did ya Robbie?” Sting pulls his coat back revealing that he’s wearing the title belt. Sting says he’ll be waiting right here because it’s showtime!

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

In the back RVD is still searching for Sting when Sting jumps him from behind! Sting tosses Sting into a equipment case and then slams him onto a table. Sting taunts RVD by showing him the belt and then kicks RVD and slams him into another equipment case. Sting picks up a toolbox or something and slams it over RVD’s back. RVD comes back by hitting Sting with a lamp and then he slams Sting into an equipment case as well. They fight all the way to a merchandise stand where RVD throws Sting into some t-shirts and then chokes Sting with a close rack! RVD hits Sting with a big Forearm and then slams him into some bleachers. RVD grabs a chair and throws it at Sting! They fight underneath the bleachers. RVD kicks Sting and then throws somemore forearms at him. Sting comes back by throwing RVD into a garbage can! Sting picks RVD up and slams him headfirst into the garbage can again. Sting drags RVD over to some guardrails and slams him into them and then into the side of a wall by the bleachers. RVD comes back on Sting again and they brawl onto the ramp now. RVD beats Sting all the way down the ramp into the ring. RVD kicks Sting in the head and then he strips Sting’s jacket off of him and chokes him with it! RVD slams Sting into the corner and finally takes his belt off of Sting and yells “it’s not yours”. RVD then slams his shoulder into Sting’s gut repeatedly and then he hits a Sliding Dropkick to Sting in the corner. Sting is laid out in the corner as RVD goes out to the floor and grabs a chair! RVD sets the chair up in the corner and tries to throw Sting into it but Sting blocks it and tries to throw RVD into it. RVD blocks it as well and then tries to whip Sting into the opposite corner, but Sting reverses that. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but RVD nails him with a back elbow and then hits a Superkick! RVD reaches down to grab Sting but Sting grabs RVD by the tights and pulls him into the chair that RVD set up earlier! Sting grabs the chair and slams on the back of RVD! Sting goes over and picks up the title belt and then grabs a microphone. Sting shows the word “deception” on RVD’s belt and then says this belt is his until Sunday and drops the belt on RVD’s prone body and walks away. We get a shot of RVD in pain in the ring and Sting smiling on the ramp as we fade to black.

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show was designed to try and sell the PPV and I believe it was a job well done with a solid go-home show. They really did a great job of making Slammiversary feel like a special PPV (which it should be) but the problem is before this week they haven’t done that before at all this month.

The opening segment was just absolutely excellent. AJ didn’t have Flair to fall back on and he shined. He was excellent and then Lethal came out and did his hilarious Flair impersonation which honestly is more spot-on than the Macho Man-impersonation. I like that they are really pushing this group now but I don’t really know what to make of the Four-finger gestures. This team needs a name, quickly and it needs to be a cool one not something lame like “The Fantastic Four” or “Final Four” or some crap like that. I want to see where this is all going with Kaz though as he is definitely the man out.

Kendrick and Homicide was an excellent match and Homicide has to be on TV more. They were very physical and even Williams was entertaining on commentary. I like this new gimmick they’re doing with Kendrick because, honestly, Kendrick is a little off anyway.

The 3D-Ink, Inc. segment was decent at least. I’m not real big on this rivalry but it’s decent at least. A Ink, Inc. vs. 3D match would make more sense than Bubba vs. Neal too.

The Hernandez beat down of Morgan was excellent and I’m really hoping he gets that big push now. The Band are still champs…moving on.

Angle vs. Red is about as good as a 5 minute match can ever be. That was excellent. Give them 10 minutes together and it would probably be special. Not only did this really make Angle vs. Kaz look appealing to fans, in my opinion, but Angle put Red over not only on the mic but also in the ring by Red hanging in there with Angle and having him on the ropes. Red hit Angle with almost all of his moves in that match.

I loved the 8-Man Tag. It was real old school in many ways. The heel played up the heel role classically with all the heel tactics you would think of, and everybody worked hard. Good that the heels got the win too now the faces have revenge on their mind going into the PPV. Did I mention I love the thought of this group?

Sting was excellent tonight. The creepy promo in the back with the “deception” stuff was just excellent. The brawl was also good and Sting got the upperhand where the babyface needs to get revenge at the PPV. This whole ‘deception’ angle can end up being really lame (if Sting is just jealous or something) or really awesome (if he reveals some big conspiracy going on with Hogan and Bischoff and company) but I like how its playing out so far.

Quick Results:
1) Brian Kendrick def. Homicide
2) TNA Tag Titles: The Band (c) def. Matt Morgan & Hernandez to retain the titles!
3) Kurt Angle def. Amazing Red
4) AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe, Robert Roode, & James Storm def. Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Abyss, & Jay Lethal

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening segment
Match of the Night: Main Event (***)
Overall Grade: B

Slammiversary VIII Lineup:
– TNA World Title: RVD (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
– TNA X-Division Title: Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick
– TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Roxxi
– AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal
– Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle
– Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson vs. Beer Money Inc.
– Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez
– Monster’s Ball Rules: Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss w/Chelsea
– Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal