Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
June 24, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Adam Martin of

Adam Martin here stepping in for Josh Boutwell this week! Josh is having some computer problems and will return next week to recap Impact and provide his weekly “Viva La Raza! Lucha Weekly” column.

We open the show with a video package recap of last week’s main event and Abyss attacking both Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy with Hulk Hogan asking why.

We go live to the Impact Zone and out first is Hulk Hogan. Big response for Hogan in the Impact Zone. Hogan said the crowd is full of it. What? Oh, he means they are full of energy…BROTHER! He said because of the count out of last week’s main event, he decided, since he can, to make it a four way at Victory Road for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. One of those guys involved will be “The Monster” Abyss and he has things to work out with him. Hogan said another involved will be Jeff Hardy. He said of course you have to include the champ R…V…D. Hogan adds that we can’t forget Mr. Anderson. Abyss’ music hits (sans Hulkamania) and makes his way to the ring. He is still rocking the red and yellow. Hogan said he has one question for Abyss: the first person he went to in this company and the guy he believed in the most was you and asked why he took a sharp left turn last week. Abyss said Hogan or anyone here realizes the seriousness of what is going on. He said what he did last week and what he will continue to do he is doing for one reason: they told me to.

Abyss said “they” were the ones who told him to break Jeff Hardy into two and “they” were the ones who told him to destroy anything and anyone who gets in his path. He added, “Hulk, they are coming and they will be here sooner than you think. And when they get here, there is nothing Eric Bischoff, Dixie Carter or even the immortal Hulk Hogan can do to stop it.” Hogan tells Abyss to cut the crap. Abyss cuts him off saying “they” told him he didn’t need Hogan anymore. Hogan asks Abyss who “they” are? Abyss said that is something for him to know and Hogan to find out. He said “they” told him he didn’t need the stupid red and yellow clothes anymore and there isn’t a damn thing these sheep in Orlando can do about it. Abyss gives Hogan a warning that when “they” get here, they are taking TNA over and that he doesn’t need the garbage Hall of Fame ring anymore. Abyss chokes Hogan with the ring and then tries to shove it down his throat. Abyss grabs a black bag and tosses it in the ring. Abyss pours out broken glass and RVD hits the ring.

RVD goes after Abyss, but Abyss gets the upper hand and slams him from the corner. Abyss goes back after Hogan when Mr. Anderson hits the ring with a steel chair. Anderson cracks a chair over Abyss’ back a few times and Abyss still stays on his feet. Anderson leaves the ring as he attends to Hogan along with Rob Van Dam. They head to the back as Abyss looks into the camera and yells, “They are coming!”


Backstage, Hulk Hogan is talking with Eric Bischoff. Hogan said he doesn’t understand what Abyss is doing. Bischoff agrees and can’t understand it either. He wonders who got to Abyss and if it was motivated by money. Bischoff said some people you just can’t read and he is one of them. Hogan wonders if it is Flair. Bischoff said he doesn’t think so and says they should move on. Hogan says not yet.

Backstage, Madison Rayne is joking about Angelina Love. Velvet Sky isn’t laughing and stays focused on her upcoming match later tonight.

Velvet Sky def. Angelina Love via DQ. Lots of offense from Velvet Sky early on over Angelina Love. Love got in a few shots on the outside pulling Sky out with her. Sky was able to send Love face first into the steel ring steps. Sky connected with a big reverse neckbreaker on Love. When she attempted this a second time, Love dropped her with a clothesline and big boot. Love grabbed a steel chair, hit Sky with a big front kick, threw the chair down and Sky was able to counter tossing Love up in the air. Sky tried to DDT Love on the chair, but Love countered and gave Sky a DDT on the chair. The referee called for the bell right away.

After the match, Tenay and Taz talked about how Love has already taken out Lacey Von Eric and now Velvet Sky with one being left in Madison Rayne. Rayne then appeared on the ramp holding up the TNA Knockouts Championship saying the title was hers and Love wasn’t getting it back.

Backstage, Jay Lethal is getting ready when his brother walks in. Lethal’s brother can’t believe he has a match booked at Victory Road with Ric Flair.


Backstage, Kevin Nash is with Eric Young. Nash said he has to distance himself from Scott Hall and he doesn’t really have a choice. He tells Young he is new at this and he hasn’t had to deal with Hogan and Bischoff the way he has in the past. Nash wishes Young luck and they seem to suggest a parting of the ways.

Matt Morgan is on his way out to the Impact Zone. We see footage from Slammiversary of Hernandez accidentally taking out the referee. Back live, Morgan said he hates to say it, but he told us so. He promised to walk out of Slammiversary victorious and he did. Morgan said he doesn’t sweat Hernandez and is calling him out right now. Taz mentions on commentary that Hernandez is in Mexico. Morgan said Hernandez not coming out here proves he is scared. He mentions he was approached by TNA management to face Hernandez at Victory Road in a steel cage match and it was music to his ears. Morgan said at Victory Road when he beats Hernandez again, he will walk out here once again and say, “I told you so.” Homicide then hits the ring and starts attacking Morgan. Morgan is able to get the upper hand and kicks Homicide in the stomach. Morgan then puts Homicide up against the steel ring post and kicks Homicide right in the head (the way he took out Hernandez months ago).


Backstage, AJ Styles asks Ric Flair if a package has arrived yet. Flair tells him to quit asking about it.

Jay Lethal def. Kazarian. Lethal with a series of arm drags early on. Kazarian fires back with big right hands sending Lethal into the corner. Kazarian connects with a modified spinebuster on Lethal. Kazarian dropped Lethal over the top rope and hit a big kick to the face. Kazarian also connects with a springboard leg drop. Backstage, we see a shot of Ric Flair and AJ Styles attacking Jay Lethal’s brother. Back in the ring, Lethal drops Kazarian with elbows. Lethal with a handspring flying elbow. Lethal blocks a low blow attempt from Kazarian for a close two count roll up. Kazarian counters a Lethal Combination attempt into a facebuster. Lethal responds with a Lethal Injection and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Jay Lethal celebrates his win with the crowd in the Impact Zone. Tenay and Taz mention Lethal has no idea what was going on backstage. Flair then appears on the HD screen and Lethal sees Flair and Styles beating up his brother. Lethal takes off backstage as we see a shot of a crazy Flair screaming, “WOOOOOOO! WOOOOOO!”


Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting. When Sting’s music played, he didn’t come out on the ramp and the spotlight focused on Sting in the rafters. Jarrett heads towards the stairs leading up to the rafters and he goes after Sting. We then see a shot of the ring and the real Sting getting in. Jarrett starts attacking the fake Sting on the rafter stairs. When Jarrett brings the fake Sting nearby, he sees the real Sting in the ring and goes after him. Sting starts taking out Jarrett with his baseball bat. Sting gets on the mic looking down at Jarrett adding, “If you’re gonna walk with them, you are going to go down with them.”

A promo airs promoting that on October 10, 2010, Bound For Glory will take place live from Daytona Beach, FL.


A video package runs highlighting the history between Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe.

Kurt Angle def. #9 contender Desmond Wolfe w/ Chelsea via submission. Angle worked over the left arm of Wolfe early on. Lots of countering between the two. Wolfe with a headlock on Angle and throws him to the mat with force. Wolfe with a big overhead suplex using Angle’s shoulder for leverage. Wolfe threw Angle down face first on the mat snapping his arm. Wolfe applied a modified triangle lock on Angle. Angle responded with a high back body drop and release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle with one german suplex, a second german and a third with a release. Angle countered a Tower of London attempt into an Angle Slam. Angle applies the ankle lock and Wolfe taps out after a few seconds.

Backstage, Mr. Anderson is shown getting ready for tonight’s main event against Abyss. Anderson said this is wrestling, but with Abyss involved anything goes. He said he will be ready for whatever Abyss brings to the fight.


A video package runs highlighting Douglas Williams and his run as X Division champion in TNA and wanting to change and re-define the division as a whole.

We go live to the Impact Zone where Douglas Williams has a mic. Williams said Brian Kendrick was smart to attack him from behind and apply a submission he didn’t see come. He said the world he comes from involves gentlemen agreements and he needs to not only teach the X Division wrestlers how to actually wrestle, but also how to show professionalism as well. Brian Kendrick walks out and assures Williams it will only take a moment of his time. He said he talked to the people who make things happen and at Victory Road, a match and stipulation is up for grabs. Kendrick announces an Ultimate X match has been booked. The second stipulation is that the match can also end via submission. Williams said Kendrick can use big words and try to insult him, but he will prefer to get his revenge at Victory Road instead of attacking him right here. He goes to leave and Kendrick thanks him for his time when Kendrick jumps Williams and chokes him out.

Backstage, Abyss is talking to himself saying no one seems to understand the situation at hand. He said one day soon everyone will realize he did what he had to do because “they” told him to break Jeff Hardy in two and put his hands around the throat of the immortal Hulk Hogan. Abyss said his path of destruction continues tonight and there is no stopping who is coming.


Backstage, we see Shannon Moore on Brother Ray landing big right hands. Jesse Neal can be seen knocked out laying near steps. TNA officials break up the scene along with Brother Devon. Devon grabs Ray and pushes him against a wall saying he is making a fool out of him. He tells Ray to leave Neal alone and to not test him.

Beer Money def. Ink Inc. in the finals of the TNA World Tag Team Championship Tournament. Shannon Moore is by himself with Jesse Neal being taken out by Brother Ray. The Motor City Machineguns are on commentary with Tenay and Taz. Moore is able to fight off Beer Money early on with a series of dropkicks and atomic drops. Alex Shelley said Moore’s outfit looked like there was a big sale at Hot Topic. Tommy Dreamer appears walking down the rafters in the crowd and he is joined by Raven and Stevie Richards. Beer Money start to double team Moore working over him with a series of stomps. A dazed Jesse Neal starts making his way down the ramp. We continue to see shots of Dreamer, Raven and Richards in the crowd watching the match. Neal got a hot tag and took out Beer Money. Neal got a close two count on Storm with a roll up. Storm got a beer bottle and spit beer int he face of Neal. Beer Money hit the DWI on Neal and got the pinfall. Beer Money advances to face The Machineguns at Victory Road to determine new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Backstage, AJ Styles is talking with Kazarian and notices his package has arrived. Styles opens up the package and inside is the new AJ Styles action figure. He asks Kazarian where his action figure is and walks off happy.


Abyss def. Mr. Anderson in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere match. Anderson attacked Abyss right away. Abyss responded with a big elbow. Abyss choked Anderson over the middle rope. Anderson responded with a big Lou Thesz Press. Anderson grabbed a steel chair from the crowd and Abyss punched Anderson in the face using the chair. Abyss set the chair up in the middle of the ring and continued his attack on Anderson. Anderson gave Abyss a drop toe hold into the chair as we see another shot of Dreamer, Raven and Richards looking on in the crowd. Anderson cracked the chair over the back of Abyss and set it up in the corner. Anderson dodged being sent face first into the chair and rolled under the ring. Anderson rolled back out with a kendo stick and started beating Abyss with it. Abyss responded sending Anderson back first into the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, Abyss dropped the steel chair over the chest of Anderson a few times. Anderson countered a body splash by Abyss lifting the chair up so Abyss crotched himself. Anderson went up top attempting a Swanton Bomb, but Abyss got his knees up. Abyss tossed Anderson face first into the steel chair and connected with the Shock Treatment backbreaker to get the pinfall.

After the match, Abyss tossed Anderson to the entrance ramp. Abyss picked up Anderson at the top of the ramp, Anderson fought back and attempted a Mic Check. Abyss countered that and chokeslammed Anderson off the stage into part of the set below. Hulk Hogan walks out with a steel chair in hand and cracks it over the back of Abyss. TNA security go after Abyss and he tosses them aside. Abyss points at Hogan yelling out “YOU!” as the show goes off the air.