Impact Results – 7/22/10

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
July 22, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Tonight’s Impact kicks off with a video package showing images of Abyss mixed in with the ECW guys and Abyss’ voice over talking about ‘them’ not being happy. We then see footage of the brawl last week and Dixie’s “I invited them” revelation.

We cut to a shot of Dixie Carter arriving to the Impact Zone “earlier today” and tonight she will explain her invitation to the extreme stars. The Impact intro then hits.

Tenay hypes up the card for tonight which will feature Hernandez facing off against Kurt Angle one-on-one for the very first time, plus Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe (also first time ever), as well as Dixie explaining herself. We’re going to kick off tonight’s show with a title match!

TNA Global Championship
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (6) w/Kazarian vs. “The Freak” Rob Terry (c)

AJ Styles actually held this belt when it was known as the Legends Championship. AJ is accompanied to the ring by his Fourtune brother, Kazarian, but no sign of Ric Flair yet. Terry has held this belt since January 27th making him the longest reigning Global Champion (or Legends Champion). Taz mentions that AJ Styles was the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion ever while Tenay mentions that AJ is the only Grand Slam Champion in TNA’s history (holding every belt in TNA that he’s eligible for). Terry and AJ circle each other and then AJ throws a punch at the body of Terry but shakes his hand in pain as Terry smiles and brushes his abs off. They circle again and AJ lights Terry up with a stiff leg kick and he’s really proud of himself. AJ taunts Terry and eats a big shot to the back for his troubles. Terry grabs AJ and throws him into the corner and nails AJ with a Shoulder Block and then he Biel Throws AJ across the ring! AJ tries to crawl out of the ring but Terry grabs his feet. So AJ grabs Kazarian’s arms and Terry pulls them both in the ring (actually Kaz was only about halfway in when he let go). Terry tosses AJ into the corner again and then he goes for a Splash but AJ gets his boots up. AJ goes for the Springboard Forearm but Terry catches him in midair in a Gorilla Press! Terry actually presses AJ repeatedly over his head before tossing him clear across the ring. Terry goes for a Chokeslam but AJ counters with a punch to the face as Terry picked him up and then AJ nails him with a Leaping Enziguri to the back of the head, but Terry still doesn’t go down. AJ turns around and eats a Spinning Heel Kick from Terry! Terry covers AJ but Kazarian distracts the referee! Terry chases Kaz off the apron and then Kaz gets back up on the apron as Terry turned around. Terry turns around quickly and blasts Kaz in the face knocking him off the apron! AJ grabs Terry and rolls him up! 1…2…NO Terry kicks out! AJ rolls out to the apron but Terry grabs him and goes for a Vertical Suplex back into the ring. AJ counters it into a Lateral Press as Kaz grabbed Terry’s boot! Kaz holds onto Terry’s boot as the referee goes for the count! 1…2…3 and AJ wins the belt! AJ is the only 2-time Champion!

Winner & NEW Global Champ: Styles via pinfall (lateral press)

Tenay and Taz discuss the ECW guys invasion and Taz swears that he had no idea that Dixie had invited the former ECW guys. They then talk about Mick Foley’s involvement and his return last week.

In the back Sarita and Madison are laughing about what Sarita did to Taylor. Madison then talks about Velvet when Velvet and Lacey walk in as she’s talking about Velvet’s body. Velvet tells Madison that if she has something to say to her then she needs to say it to her face. Velvet then tells Sarita that she needs to keep “that helmet on that big a** head of yours” implying that Sarita is the mystery woman. Madison says she’s not afraid to say anything to Velvet’s face and everything will be made right when she’s handed back her title tonight. Lacey is unsuccessfully trying to keep the peace.


Back from the break we get a shot of “moments ago” where Dixie Carter is trying to find out what happened with the TNA Agents getting involved in the brawl last week. Dixie is pissed about Al Snow and Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond) punching TNA stars and even a referee. Al Snow, in his defense, says that they didn’t know what was going on. Dixie says they are management and they are supposed to break things up. Kenney sees the camera and slams the door but we can still hear Dixie giving it to those guys.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Angelina Love & Taylor Wilde vs. Madison Rayne & Sarita

Damn, Taylor looks good. Sarita mocks Taylor the whole time they come down to the ring. Earl Hebner grabs a microphone before the match and says that the TNA Board of Directors has instructed him to say that they have found no proof that the woman that attacked her at Victory Road was a member of the Beautiful People (Velvet or Lacey). Therefore, Angelina must surrender the title. Damn that’s the second time she’s lost the belt without getting pinned (which seems to be a very bad trend in the Knockouts division lately). Angelina hands over the belt and then blasts Madison! Taylor jumps Sarita and the match is on! Madison comes back with a knee to the gut on Angelin and Sarita comes back on Taylor. Sarita holds Taylor for Madison to throw Angelina into her, but Taylor gets out of the way and Angelina nails Sarita sending Sarita through the ropes to the floor! Angelina and Taylor then kick Madison and hit her with a Double Suplex. Angelina follows up with a Running Clothesline on Madison but Madison is able to roll over and tag Sarita in. Sarita eats a kick to the gut as she comes in. Angelina then attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita reverses it only to have Angelina hit a Spear! Angelina grabs Sarita and tags in Taylor. Taylor goes for a Running Clothesline but Sarita counters it into a sweep. Sarita then mocks Taylor and puts the boots to her. Sarita hits a nasty Knee Strike and then she attempts to whip Taylor into the ropes but Taylor reverses into a forearm to the face of Sarita! Taylor chops Sarita and then goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks and hits a huge Belly-to-Back Suplex! Sarita tags in Madison and she runs in but stops as Taylor reaches up and tags in Angelina! Madison tries to run away but Angelina grabs her by the hair and slams her to the mat. Angelina slams her to the mat again and then hits a Flying Forearm. Angelina grabs Madison and hits a Front Slam but Sarita hits her from behind before she can follow up. Taylor then hits Sarita with a Forearm! Sarita and Taylor brawl out to the floor as Madison sets up for the Ray ne Drop, but Angelina reverse it into the Lights Out! 1…2…3 and she gets the win!

Winners: Love & Wilde via pinfall (Lights Out)

The mystery woman drives her motorcycle down to the ring so we know it’s definitely not Sarita. Velvet and Lacey then walk out onto the ramp trying to figure out who it is. In the ring Sarita and Madison attack Angelina and Taylor from behind and then the mystery woman comes in and helps them put the beatdown on the babyfaces. The referee hands Madison her belt back and then Madison, Sarita, and the mystery woman walk over to the motorcycle. Madison screams at Lacey and Velvet to come with them. Lacey leaves with them! Velvet is pissed that Lacey left with them as she’s left on the ramp alone. Velvet and Angelina then make eye contact with each other.


Back from commercials we see Dreamer (limping), Rhino, Raven, Richards, and Foley arriving to the arena earlier today.

“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle (8) vs. “Super Mex” Hernandez (7)

This is another first time ever matchup and it pits the #7 contender Hernandez against the #8 contender Kurt Angle. Just a reminder, technically Hernandez still has a guaranteed Title shot in his back pocket (though I doubt TNA will ever mention it again). Hernandez and Angel circle each other and then they lockup and Hernandez powers Angle into the corner. Hernandez releases Angle and then they circle each other again. Angel shoots in and gets a takedown on Hernandez. Angle then transitions into a Front Chancery. Hernandez fights up to his feet and Hernandez forces Angle into the corner again. Hernandez releases it but then eats a nasty European Uppercut from Angle followed by another! Angle hits a third one but that just seems to wake Hernandez up as he comes to life and levels Angle with a Forearm Smash! Hernandez then charges Angle but Angle backdrops him over the top rope. Hernandez lands on the apron and then hits a shoulderblock through the ropes. Hernandez follows up with the Slingshot Shoulder Block! Hernandez grabs Angle but Angle comes out of nowhere with a series of right hands. Angle then comes off the ropes but east a big shoulder block from Hernandez. Hernandez grabs Angle and locks him in an Overhead Gutwrench Rack! Hernandez then drops it into a Backbreaker! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Hernandez picks Angle up but again Angle answers with a series of right hands on Hernandez. Angle then whips Hernandez into the corner and charges in with a stiff Running Clothesline! Hernandez drops down in the corner in a heap. Angle goes to pick him up but Hernandez kicks him in the gut and then grabs the top rope and pulls himself up onto the top rope! Angle then leaps up quickly to the top but Hernandez just shoves him off! Hernandez sets up for a Splash but again Angle gets to the top quick as hell and hits the Bell-to-Belly Superplex! 1….2…NO Hernandez kicks out! That move looked really good. Both men fight to their feet and Hernandez gets there first so he goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and hits the German Suplex! Angle rolls over and connects with a 2nd one and then a third! Angle holds on and hits a fourth German! 1…2…NO Hernandez kicks out again! Angle gets to his feet and goes for the Angle Slam but Hernandez blocks it and then connects with a gorgeous looking Overhead Gutwrench Slam! 1…2…NO Angle kicks out! Hernandez grabs Angle and sets up for the Border Toss but Angle blocks it and then hits the Angle Slam! 1…2…NO Hernandez still kicks out as the fans are rocking now! Angle can’t believe that Hernandez kicked out and then he begins climbing to the top. Angle goes for the Moonsault but Hernandez rolls out of the way! Hernandez then levels Angle with the Running Shoulder Block! Hernandez grabs Angle and goes for the Delayed Vertical Suplex but Hernandez seems to have held Angle up there for a hair too long, as Angle was able reverse into a rollup and Angle grabs the ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock! Angle scissors the legs and lays back and starts twisting that ankle! Hernandez kicks out! Excellent match.

Winner: Angle via submission (Ankle Lock)

Kevin Nash’s music hits interrupting Angle’s celebration. Angle and Nash actually hug as they pass by each other on the ramp. Nash grabs the microphone and calls Jarrett out saying he’d like to talk to Jeff tonight.


Nash says the more he thought about what went down between he and Jeff last week the more he feels that something wasn’t right. Nash puts over how great Jeff is and he says he almost had Nash convinced that it was Sting that “left the log in the punch bowl.” Nash says he’s known Sting for 20 years and that Sting used to let him stay in a roll away bed in his room when Nash first broke into the business because Nash was dead broke and Sting was making big money. Nash says he’s not sure it was Sting that “left the log in the punch bowl” but it was actually Jeff. Nash asks Jeff if he ate a lot of almonds (that’s just weird). Nash says he can deal with that but there is a lot of young guys in the back that look to Jeff as a leader and they are the victims. Jeff says he has absolutely no idea what Nash is talking about and says he knows the fans are buying what Nash is saying. Jeff says it was Nash who screwed Hulk and Eric when he did the ‘end around’ to get Hall and Waltman their jobs. Jeff says he used deceit to hurt the company. Jeff says Nash can ‘spin his tale’ anyway he wants but he knows Nash and it’s been well documented what Nash has down over the years. Nash tells Jeff to kill the history lesson and says he’s already came to his conclusion but he has a question for Jeff. He asks Jeff what those 3 little daughters of Jeff will think when they grow up and realize that their father was nothing but a selfish prick. He tells Jeff to juggle with that in his sleep and then walks out.

In the back Dixie Carter is pacing back and forth when Kurt Angle walks up. He asks what’s going on and she says she knows what it looks like but he has to trust her. Angle says he hopes she knows what she’s getting into because “these guys have a reputation.” Dixie says it’s different but she needs Kurt to trust her. Kurt says he trusts her and then walks off.

Up next is Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe!


“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (4) vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy (2)

This is not only a first time matchup between two former World Champions but it also puts two guys both Ranked in the Top 5. Tenay says that we saw a “wrestling purists dream match” a few weeks ago when Joe and RVD tore the house down on Impact. Jeff and Joe circle each other but then Jeff decides to stall as he rolls out to the floor and slaps hands with the fans. Eric Bischoff is on the phone with Tenay and Taz as supposedly he’s off on business. He talks about the ECW invasion and how he and Hulk support anything that Dixie does. Jeff rolls back into the ring and they look to be about to lockup but Joe kicks the crap out of Jeff with a leg kick. Joe then beats on Jeff in the corner with jabs and kicks. Joe then grabs Jeff and tosses him over the top rope to the floor! Joe slams Jeff into the apron and then slams him into the ring steps. Jeff comes back with a kick to the gut on Joe and then slams him into the ring steps and then the ring post. Jeff rolls Joe back into the ring and mounts Joe in the corner and reigns down right hands. Jeff then puts the boots to Joe and hits a Snapmare Takeover and locks in a rear chinlock. Joe gets to his feet and breaks the hold with a Jawbreaker! Joe grabs Hardy and hits a Snapmare and then he slaps Jeff in the back and kicks him in the front! Joe follows up with the Knee Drop. Joe stares out at the crowd and smiles and then he picks Jeff up but Jeff comes alive as he hits Joe with right hand after right hand. Jeff then attempts to whip Joe into the corner Joe reverses it and then charges. Jeff floats up and over a charging Joe but as he lands Joe kills him with a Superkick! Joe looks at the prone body of Jeff Hardy and then grabs him and slams his elbow into the top of Jeff’s head. Joe grabs Jeff and lights him up with chops in the corner. Joe then whips Jeff into the corner and hits a Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri! Joe poses as he seems to be just toying with Jeff now. Joe finally covers him and gets a nearfall. Joe picks up Hardy but Jeff comes back with elbows and right hands. Jeff then hits the ropes but Joe catches him with the Snap Powerslam out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out and Joe can’t believe it! Dueling “Lets go Hardy, Lets go Joe” chants start up now. Joe hits a series of jabs on Hardy and then he chops him. Joe flicks off the referee and then he attempts to whip Jeff into the ropes but Jeff reveres it into a clothesline! Jeff follows up with a forearm and then another forearm smash. Jeff hits a Leaping Mule Kick and then a Running Clothesline in the corner! Jeff follows up with the Hardyac Arrest in the corner! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out! Jeff hits a Sleeper Slam on Joe! 1…2…NO Joe kicks out again! Jeff grabs Joe but Joe slaps his arms away and Flair Chops him. Joe then whips Hardy into the corner and charges in but Jeff nails him with a back elbow. Jeff climbs up top and dives off but Hardy catches him in midair with an Atomic Drop! Joe then hits a Running Mafia Kick followed by the Senton Backsplash! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out yet again! Joe grabs Hardy and hits a big Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out and Joe rolls over into the STF! Damn that is nice! Hardy fights the hold but Joe just transitions into a Crossface! Samoa Joe is channeling the spirit of the Canadian Crippler (okay that was probably a bit much)! Joe pulls back on Hardy’s head but Hardy is able to slide backwards using his legs to get to the ropes and break the hold. Joe poses again kind of taunting the fans. Joe picks Jeff up and nails him with a series of forearms and then he whips Jeff into the ropes. Joe goes to lift Hardy up onto his shoulders but Jeff blocks it and then goes for the Twist of Fate! Joe counters into the Coquina Clutch! Jeff charges to the corner and using his momentum to send Joe headfirst into the top turnbuckle! Jeff then springs to the top and hit’s the Whisper In The Wind! Both men are down now! The referee does the double count and gets all the way to 7 as both men get to their feet and JB says that there is under 30 minutes remaining in the time limit. As both men get up they exchange right hands and then they start going at it hard on each other with rights and they even brawl onto the mat as the bell rings.


Joe and Jeff Hardy are both frustrated by the draw after the match. Joe grabs the referee as the fans chant “let them fight.” Jeff jumps Joe! They’re brawling again! The referee seperates them as more referees come in to keep the peace.

In the back Jeff talks to Dixie and tells her that Nash is going down the same road as Sting, but she stops him and says she needs his help with something else tonight. She says she saw disappointment in the boys eyes last week and she needs his help to make the boys know that this is not something that is a bad thing.


“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson (3)

This match stems from Anderson saving The Pope from Morgan’s attack last week. Anderson gets on the mic and calls himself the ‘Head A**hole in Charge’ and gets the fans hyped up. Anderson rolls Morgan up immediately as the bell rings but only gets a one count. Anderson then hits an Oklahoma Sideroll and gets another nearfall. Anderson then locks in a Side Headlock but Morgan shoves him into the corner. Morgan then nails Anderson with a back elbow and follows up by putting the boots to him. Morgan then chokes Anderson with his boot and then nails him with the repeated Back Elbows in the corner. Morgan follows up with a Corner Splash and then a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall of his own. Anderson comes back with body shots and right hands on Morgan but Morgan comes right back with a big knee. Morgan then goes for a clothesline, but Anderson ducks and then goes for a Cross Body off the ropes. Morgan catches him in midair and hits the Fall Away Slam. 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out. Morgan hits a Shortarm Clothesline and then he picks Anderson up and hits another Shortarm Clothesline. Morgan picks Anderson up again and then goes for the Discuss Clothesline but Anderson counters into the Mic Check out of nowhere! 1…2…3!

Winner: Anderson via pinfall (Mic Check)

Morgan nails Anderson with the microphone after the match and he is busted open (the hard way). I do believe that was were a fan had jumped into the ring (they did a nice edit where they cut to Tenay & Taz right before Morgan attacks Anderson which supposedly the fan had jumped into the ring right before).


Main Event
Best of 5 Series Match 2
Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight
Beer Money Inc. vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Storm and Roode are wearing Beer Money t-shirts and jeans tonight. They’re here for a fight, not a match. The Guns waste no time as they run down to the ring before Beer Money have both gotten into the ring (Storm was in the ring and Roode was going through the ropes as they ran down). Sabin dives clear over Roode and onto Storm in the ring and Shelley attacks Roode! Sabin and Storm spill out to the floor and brawl around ringside as Shelley tosses Roode through the ropes and onto the stage. Sabin tries to whip Storm into the side of the ramp but Storm reverses it and then Roode hits a Big Boot on Shelley. Storm throws Sabin into the ramp again and then Roode and Storm grab Shelley and try to Double Suplex Shelley off the ramp! Sabin comes over and makes the save by pulling Storm off the ramp and slamming him into it! Shelley then tosses Roode into the ropes and chops him. Shelley then whips Sabin into a Flying Forearm on Roode (as he is being held up by the ropes). Sabin drops down on all fours and Shelley dives off his back with a Flying Forearm of his own. Shelley drops down on all fours now and Sabin dives off with a Flying Back Elbow! Sabin then kicks Storm as Storm tried to climb up the ramp. Sabin runs all the way to the other end of the ramp and takes off running and hits the nasty Hesitation Dropkick to the face of Roode as Shelley held him! Roode rolls off the ramp but he isn’t safe as Shelley dives off the ramp with a Diving Double Foot Stomp! Shelley covers Roode and gets a nearfall on the outside. Roode comes back with a knee to the gut on Shelley as Storm is beating on Sabin on the other side. Roode swings a chair at Shelley but he ducks and Roode hits the ring post with it. Shelley then dives off the apron with a Diving Knee Strike! Storm pulls out a garbage can and tosses it into the ring. Sabin rolls in as Shelley does as well and he dives off of Shelley’s back with a dropkick knocking Storm off the apron into the guardrail! Shelley stands on the middle rope with his legs spread and Sabin dives through his legs with a Suicide Dive attempt on Roode but Roode holds up the chair and Sabin eats every bit of it! Storm then nails Shelley with a right hand and Roode takes out Shelley’s legs with the chair! Both of the Guns are down on the outside now. Storm sets a chair up in the corner as Roode tosses Shelley into the ring. Beer Money put the beatdown on Shelley in a corner and then they whip Shelley towards that chair but he slides underneath it. Roode then goes for a clothesline but Shelley catches him with the Flatliner into the chair! Storm then catches Shelley with the Codebreaker! 1…2…NO Shelley kicks out! storm grabs Shelley and beats on him in the corner as Sabin rolls back into the ring and gets beat on by Roode. Beer Money whip Shelley into Sabin but Sabin gets his boot up and Shelley grabs the boot and swings Sabin up and over the top rope to the apron. Shelley then turns around nails Beer Money with Forearms and tosses Roode a chair. When Roode catches it Sabin dives off the top with a Springboard Missile Dropkick sending the chair into his face! Nice spot! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Shelley goes for a Slingshot Plancha over the top onto Storm (who had rolled out to the floor) but Storm sidesteps him and Shelley eats the floor. In the ring Sabin goes for a DVD or something but Storm rolled into the ring and spit beer in his face! Roode then hits the Spinebuster! 1…2…NO Sabin BARELY kicks out! Roode and Storm set up for the DWI but Shelley rolls into the ring and blasts Storm with a kendo stick! Roode then grabs Shelley and locks him in a Sleeper. Shelley reaches back and holds the kendo stick against the back of Roode’s head and drops down into a Jawbreaker! Shelley then nails Roode in the head with the stick! Sabin picks up the trash can and swings it at Roode but he ducks. Roode then goes for a clothesline but Sabin ducked and Roode hit he referee while Storm and Shelley brawl on the outside. Sabin tosses the trashcan at Roode! Roode rolls out to the floor and Sabin goes for a Baseball Slide Dropkick but Roode pulled Earl Hebner (who was out there because they had a referee in the ring and one outside due to the Falls Count Anywhere rules) into it! Roode then nails Sabin with a clothesline and Storm hits Shelley with a trashcan lid! Storm rolls Shelley back into the ring and Beer Money follows. They lift Shelley up onto the top rope and they go for a Double Superplex but Sabin comes from out of nowhere and shoves Storm off the top down to the floor! The Guns hit Made In Detroit! They cover Roode but there’s no referee! Storm rolls into the ring and blasts Shelley with the beer bottle! Storm then puts Roode (who is out cold) over Shelley and grabs Sabin (who had been trying to get the referee to wake up), turns him around, and hits the Last Call! Storm grabs the referee and throws him over to Roode and makes him count the pin, 1…2…3! Beer Money is up 2-0! One more win and they are the NEW Tag Team Champions!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall (beer bottle to the noggin)

In the back Brother Devon approaches Brother Ray (who is wearing a L.A.X. t-shirt) and says he’s not there to talk about Victory Road or Ray’s issues with Jesse. He’s there to talk about why he ran down to the ring last week without Ray. Devon says ‘they’ are like family and he had to let them know he had their back but he has to know does Ray have their back. Ray asks why he would want to have their back and Devon says their family. Ray says they have nothing left to prove with those guys. He says they’ve done it all more than they ever have and Devon needs to think about that.


In the back Christy Hemme is with RVD. Christy asks how it felt being with his ‘old friends’ last week and he says it was great. He says it’s like “being home again”. He says he became the “Whole F’N Show” in ECW and to have that back was cool. RVD says he’s excited to know what Dixie’s news is today and he has a fingers crossed but he’s not sure. RVD says his “hardcore fans” have been with him back then and now. RVD says with all that going on he still can’t forget that he has the belt and Abyss wants it. He says lots of having fun and celebrating right now but also business to take care of.

Taz and Tenay argue at the announce desk whether or not Dixie owes everyone an explanation. A video package hyping up the ECW guys is shown.

Dixie Carter (looking goooood) is walking towards the Impact Zone and her explanation is next.


Dixie Carter actually has theme music and a entrance video now. That is the definition of MILF people. Dixie says that she has always said TNA has the best fans in the world and thanks the fans. Dixie says that she has always said that TNA will be a company about the fans and her favorite part of this job is to meet the fans personally and to hear what the fans want to see in TNA. Dixie says Twitter and Facebook have helped her do that more and says that it is definitely her. Dixie says one thing that is always brought up to her is the fans love for “extreme hardcore wrestling” and a big “ECW” chant starts. Dixie Carter asks the fans to welcome 5 “gentleman who helped make hardcore an art form” which brings out Raven, Stevie Richards, Rhino, Tommy Dreamer, and Mick Foley. They come out to theme music which I can only assume will be Dreamer’s. Taz confirms that Dreamer tore his MCL in that big brawl last week as he is limping badly. If you don’t know the brawl was actually a lot longer than what was shown last week and at one point Dreamer was actually shoved off the stage (which is where he tore his knee up). Mick hugs Dixie and then she says that she wanted the fans to tell them what they’ve meant to the fans instead of telling her. A big “Foley” chant starts and Mick says if he’s not mistaken this is the first time that Dixie has stood out there, microphone in hand, and cut we they call a promo. He asks Raven (who has been in TNA a lot longer than any of the other guys) if he’s ever seen Dixie do this and Raven says no. Dixie says this isn’t a promo it’s her being real. Dixie says what Hogan meant in the 80’s she feels like they meant to ECW in the 90’s. Another big “ECW” chant breaks out and Dixie says they didn’t do it for ‘fat paychecks’ but they did it for their love for the business and the fans when they were in ECW. Dixie says she has a history with 4 there (Rhino, Foley, Raven, and Richards) and they have done a lot for TNA and those same traits is what helped TNA survive and now strive today. She thanks them and then Mick says it should be them thanking her. Mick says that the last time he was in the Impact Zone he was fired. He thanks Dixie for giving him a chance to make another last impression. Mick says nobodies last impression should be of there held hung low in disappointment. Mick says if there is one person up there that know something about wanting personal closure it’s Tommy Dreamer. He says Dreamer has been one of the best ambassadors for ECW as there has ever been. Dreamer says he’s watched TNA since the beginning when they were back at the Asylum in Nashville and he watched a small company grow. He says his friends would always tell him “quit your job and come over here” but he was a dad and he had two little kids and at the WWE he had financial security. He said he saw a lot of similarities with the original ECW and TNA. He says the original ECW was a place where unknowns became legends and where legends came to ECW to reinvent their career. Dreamer says long before Samoa Joe was dumping people on their head and choking people out there was Taz doing it everywhere and then he points to Taz to a huge ovation. Taz salutes the fans and then Dreamer says what Ric Flair did for Jay Lethal, Terry Funk did for him and Mick Foley. Dreamer says before the Beautiful People there was Beulah and Francine and when Dixie invited him to Slammiversary he got to feel TNA and he got to see a bunch of guys doing what they do for the love of it. A big “TNA” chant starts now. Dreamer thanks Dixie for that and then says at the 2005 ECW One Night Stand he had his closure but then ‘they’ brought ‘it’ back and he got to witness his friends get fired and destroyed for nothing. Dreamer looks like he’s getting emotional legit. He said it eventually bothered him to the point where he had to quit his job and at 38 that was a big risk, but he couldn’t stomach watching something that he loved get tarnished. Dreamer fights back tears and he says all the guys in the ring with him would talk to him and show him all the similarities to ECW and TNA. He says they put this plan together and there is only one person that can make this happen and it’s Dixie. Dreamer says this is not about an ECW Invasion or them taking over, it’s about men and women who lost their jobs and men and women who were affected by it, and this is about the fans who chant “it” and his friends who lived it so that their legacy is not destroyed. He begs Dixie to give them one nigh to show the world what they had and their legacy can live forever. The fans cheer big as Dreamer asks the fans if they want one night. Dixie says Dreamer knows how to put a person in a difficult position. Dixie asks the fans if they want to see it and they cheer. Dixie says she has one stipulation and that is that Dreamer and crew plan it. They have complete control of it. Dixie says this has to be real and it will have nothing to do with TNA as the fans start chanting for “Sabu.” Dixie says TNA is giving this to them. Dreamer says, “Impact Zone, we’re going extreme” and then he hugs Dixie.

Final Thoughts

Well that was expected. After last weeks big invasion all the reports and news started to filter in during the week that Hard Justice was going to be turned into a “One Night Stand” type of event, but that was really nicely done. I have no doubt that Dreamer was very sincere in that promo and it came off great. Word is that Dreamer actually pitched this whole idea to Dixie Carter last Monday and that he legitimately has been given control of this event.

Before I get into how I really feel about this bringing ECW back then I want to talk about one concern I have and that is that TNA is walking a very fine line right now with what they CAN and CANNOT do and say on television. If you remember the “Hardcore Homecoming” shows back a few years ago WWE actually made them edit out all the “ECW” chants at the shows and any mention of those three letters.TNA just got away with on a show that is nationally televised. Now I don’t know if Vince just hasn’t gotten around to sending that ‘cease and desist letter’ (or if TNA is just ignoring it) or if Vince is so far past ECW right now that he just doesn’t care. Either way their kind of pushing it because they have made no attempt to NOT refer to ECW by name.

Anyway, for the most part I don’t have a problem with them doing this One Night Stand type of event if Dreamer and company handle it right. I’m sure everybody is going to come out and say that Dixie is trying to exploit the ECW name, blah, blah, blah, but can we really say that she could ever exploit it as bad as the ‘E’ did with that watered down crap with the ECW letters? The Main Event that is being talked about for that show is really big for me and for any old school ECW fan (I’m not going to actually say what that is since it hasn’t been confirmed and some people don’t like to be spoiled) so that I am definitely excited for if it happens. Another problem is that there is a lot of key guys that either work for the competition (Jericho, Malenko, Rey, etc.) or just hate TNA and probably won’t do the event (Funk, Storm, etc.). Guys like Super Crazy, Tajiri, & Masato Tanaka won’t be involved because they will be in Japan that weekend. Either way they definitely have to put together something that the old school fans will love but new fans will be able to enjoy as well. Just to throw it out there some of the names I’d like to see are Kid Kash, 2 Cold Scorpio, Psicosis (Nicho el Millionario in AAA right now and with TNA’s relationship with AAA right now this could definitely happen), Taka Michinoku, Terry Funk, Impact Players, Sabu, and Jerry Lynn (hint at the Main Event).

Anyway onto the rest of the show.

AJ and Terry was okay but thank God AJ has the belt now. He made the Legends Title actually mean something for awhile while he had it and he can do it again with the Global belt.

The Knockouts had a nice tag match and I like that they integrated the two storylines. But one thing I am getting sick of is these girls losing the title without being beaten. This is 3 straight times this has happened in the past several months. This needs to stop.

Angle and Hernandez had a really good, stiff but too short match. That should’ve been held for PPV but still a good TV match.

Nash and Jeff was a little confusing but I’m sure there is a lot more to it.

Hardy and Joe had an EXCELLENT match and the finish was perfect. Both guys go over and this looks like we’re heading into a feud between the two and with the ECW guys taking over the next PPV they may have almost 2 full months to build this feud.

Anderson and Morgan was okay but Anderson came out looking really good.

Yet another excellent match between Beer Money & the Guns. This feud is going to be really fun. The Guns are down two and they are in a must-win next week.

Overall tonight was a solid show, nothing blow your mind great, but nothing bad either.

Quick Results
1) TNA Global Title: AJ Styles def. Rob Terry (c) to win the title!
2) Angelina Love & Taylor Wilde def. Madison Rayne & Taylor Wilde
3) Kurt Angle def. Hernandez
4) Jeff Hardy fought Samoa Joe to a TIME LIMIT DRAW
5) Mr. Anderson def. Matt Morgan
6) Best of 5 Series Match 2 Street Fight: Beer Money def. Motor City Machine Guns to move to 2-0

Promo/Segment of the Night: ECW guys and Dixie
Match of the Night: Guns vs. Beer Money (***1/2)
Overall Grade: B+

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Match #3 in Best of 5 Series: Beer Money vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Hard Justice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. TBA