Impact Results – 9/2/10

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
September 02, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with hype for the Tag Team match tonight featuring the 4 Semifinalists of the TNA World Title Tournament. Pope and Hardy question why Bischoff and Hogan made this match and then Bischoff says it’s “unprecedented” to put these guys into a Tag Match against each other 3 days before the PPV. More hype for the tournament from all guys involved as well as Hogan.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and the Hulkster makes his way out to the ring alongside Eric Bischoff and the gorgeous Ms. Tessmacher. Hogan welcomes out the 4 Semifinalists out to the ring, referring them as the Fatal 4: Mr. Anderson, The Pope, Kurt Angle, and Jeffery Nero Hardy. Hogan says whoever becomes the new TNA Champion has to raise the bar and he says the four in the ring have a chance to affect the future of TNA from here on out. Bischoff says he knows putting them in a Tag Match against each other has been controversial but he says it will make it more clear which of the four are worth of being the new TNA World Champion. As Bischoff continues to ramble on Abyss walks through the crowd carrying Janice!

Abyss scares So Cal Val away from ringside and then climbs into the ring. Hogan says he didn’t hear anybody invite Abyss out. Abyss says he comes bearing news worthy revelations from ‘them.’ Hogan tells him to knock it off and says that everyone knows that Flair and Fourtune are ‘them’ already. Abyss says Hogan is just as ignorant as the fans and then says ‘they’ was never EV2 and was never Fourtune. Abyss says Ric Flair is a liar but ‘they’ have told Abyss that the chess pieces are in place and the plan is ready to proceed. Abyss says that they have even given him the date for the revelation and it will be a date that comes only once a century. He says that date is 10-10-10 (Bound for Glory). Hogan says that ‘they’ better tell Abyss to get out of his face. Abyss says on 10-10-10 ‘they’ will not only take TNA over but they will turn TNA upside down starting with the removal of Dixie Carter and continuing with the extermination of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and then Pope and Hardy and Anderson…but before he continue Hardy hits him!

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

A vignette airs the history of Beautiful People vs. Beautiful People.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs. Madison Rayne & Mystery Biker Chick

Angelina has promised to reveal the identity of the Biker Chick. God, is it great to see the O.G. BP entrance again. BP attack Madison and BC (Biker Chick) before the match at ringside and the cat fight is on! Angelina tosses Madison into the guardrail and then her and Velvet whip BC into the guardrail. Back in the ring Angelina and Velvet sandwich Madison between them and won’t let her escape. Angelina nails her and then Velvet and they ping pong her back and forth. Angelina then holds Madison as Velvet gets ready to spank her but the Biker Chick hits the ring and takes both members of BP out. I got to say Madison’s ring attire is AWEWSOME tonight. Angelina splits Madison’s legs and kicks her in the…I have no idea how to say this nice. She kicks her in the crotch, how about that?! Angelina then tags in Velvet and holds Madison as Velvet puts the boots to her. Velvet then hits a series of running clotheslines and then mounts Madison and slams her head into the mat repeatedly for a nearfall. Angelina tags back in and hits a Front Slam and then tags Velvet right back in. Velvet and Angelina knock the Biker Chick off the apron and then hit a Double Suplex on Madison! 1…2…NO Biker Chick breaks it up. Angelina hits a Spear on her! Angelina then kicks her out of the ring and stomps on her on the outside. Back in the ring Velvet goes for something but the Biker Chick nails her from behind with the motorcycle helmet! Madison covers her, 1…2…3 and they get the win!

Winners: Madison Rayne & Biker Chick

After the match the Biker Chick nails Angelina with the motorcycle helmet too and then she and Madison continue to beat on BP! The Biker Chick then pulls off her mask and it’s TARA! Tara is back! It was Madison Rayne who ended Tara’s career!

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials Stevie Richards says he’s not afraid to face Abyss tonight and talks about all the throat surgeries and broken necks he’s had. He says tonight he’ll step out of the shadows of his comrades and do this on his own.

Clips from Reaction are shown of Abyss going nuts. Next week we will hear from Rob Van Dam for the first time since Abyss’ attack on him.

Stevie Richards vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Richards attacks Abyss as he came to the ring and tosses him into the ring steps. Stevie then tosses him into the other set of steps. Abyss comes back with a Big Boot on Stevie. Abyss tosses Stevie into the ring and then goes for a Corner Splash but Stevie moves out of the way and then he mounts Abyss in the corner and nails Abyss in the back of the head repeatedly. Stevie goes for the Stevie Kick but Abyss blocks it and then nails him with a clothesline! Abyss follows up with a Corner Splash and then he chops Stevie Big Show-style in the corner and then nails him with repeated rights and lefts. Abyss hits a Front Slam on Stevie and then he goes out to the floor and grabs a steel chair. Abyss shoves the referee out of the way but then Stevie hits the Stevie Kick sending in the chair into Abyss’ face out of nowhere! 1…2…3!

Winner: Richards via pinfall (Stevie Kick)

After the match Abyss goes psycho and nails Stevie from behind. Abyss hits the Shock Treatment on Stevie! In the back Foley has been attacked and security is holding Fourtune and EV2 apart. Foley is holding his ankle. Back in the ring Abyss tosses the referee out of the ring and then he hits Stevie with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss goes out to the floor and picks up Janice but then out of nowhere Brian Kendrick nails Abyss with a Dropkick through the ropes! Kendrick then grabs Stevie and helps him quickly escape to the back as Taz and Tenay question why Kendrick just helped Stevie.

In the back Anderson says that everyone knows he and Pope have had to a rocky relationship but he has no idea why Pope doesn’t like him because he’s been nothing but nice to the guy. He says he’s saved Pope a minimum of 10 times and then we hear someone laughing in the background. The camera pans back and Pope is standing there laughing. Pope says if Anderson thinks for one second that he’s buying all this stuff to Hardy and to the fans it’s not happening. Anderson says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Anderson says tonight they have to work as a tag team tonight to win their match and put their differences aside. Anderson says in 3 days they can stomp the dog snot out of each other at No Surrender. Pope questions why Hogan and Bischoff would put them together as a team. He says he doesn’t like or trust Anderson and he better not screw Pope over. Anderson says if he screws Pope over that it screws him over. He says he has to know that Pope will be there when he reaches out for a tag and Pope says we’ll see what happens in the ring.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials EV2 is in the ring and Dreamer says Fourtune wants to fight in the back and hurt Foley well then they should come out there now and do this. Fourtune’s new entrance music hits and they come out onto the stage. Irrelevant side note, Ric Flair was shown on TV during ESPN’s broadcast of South Carolina vs. Southern Mississippi tonight. AJ says that if EV2 has something to say to them then they should say it but before Dreamer can say anything AJ screams at him to shutup and says they don’t want to hear it. AJ says they don’t call Fourtune out in his house and he says he’s the one that calls them out. AJ asks if they really think they have a chance at No Surrender. AJ asks Sabu if he really thinks he has a chance at winning the X-Division Title from Douglas Williams this Sunday. AJ then says Abyss will slaughter Rhino at No Surrender. AJ then laughs and says he and Dreamer are facing each other in an I Quit Match at No Surrender. AJ asks how “Phenomenal” will it be when the “Innovator of Violence” says “I QUIT” in AJ’s house. AJ mocks Dreamer and then says he will embarrass Dreamer in AJ’s house.

Dreamer says AJ doesn’t have to wait until the PPV and says they should do it now! Dreamer says this is their house but it’s also the house of people that think they really suck! Dreamer says Fourtune vs. EV2 tonight! Fourtune says they’re fine with that. 4-on-4 in the Main Event.

In the back Jeff Jarrett asks Samoa Joe again if he’ll have his back. Jarrett says he’s not just going out there for himself, he’s going out there for Joe and everybody else in the locker room. He says it’s up to Joe to do the right thing and then Joe says if there’s one thing he’s learned in this business it’s that you should mind your own.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

In the back Sting says he and Nash should mess with Jarrett tonight. Sting says the one they want to show up will show up and when he does he’ll pull him in the ring.

We cut to Jeff Jarrett who says he doesn’t think he stop Sting and Nash alone, but he hopes somebody will stand by his side.

“King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett vs. “The Icon” Sting w/Kevin Nash

Tenay says Hogan has made the Fourtune vs. EV2 match an Elimination Match! Sting and Jarrett lockup and Sting shoves him into the ropes where Nash trips Jarrett. Sting and Jarrett lockup again and then Sting nails Jarrett with clubbing blows. Sting goes for a right hand but Jarrett blocks it and nails Sting with uppercuts. Jarrett attempts to whip Sting into the ropes but Sting reverses it and then goes for a clothesline, but Jarrett ducks only to get tripped up by Nash again. Jarrett rolls out to the floor and complains to the referee. Jarrett gets back into the ring and Sting puts the boots to him. Sting whips Jarrett into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Jarrett kicks him and then hits a series of right hands. Jarrett hits the ropes and connects with a clothesline and then goes out to the floor to confront Nash. Nash goes for a clothesline but Jarrett ducks and nails Nash with a series of right hands! Jarrett then nails Sting as he comes out! Jeff turns back to Nash but then Sting turns him around and pokes him in the eyes. Sting then throws Jarrett into the guardrail and then tosses him into the guardrail again. Sting hits a Shortarm Clothesline on Jarrett on the floor and then Sting says something to Nash. Sting tosses Jarrett back into the ring but Jarrett nails him with a shoulder block through the ropes and then slams Sting into ring post. Jarrett attempts to Suplex Sting into the ring but Nash trips him again and Sting lands on top of Jarrett! 1…2…3.

Winner: Sting via pinfall (Body Press)

After the match Jarrett attacks Nash but then Sting wraps the bat around Jarrett’s neck. Hogan’s music then hits and Hulkster comes out for the save. Sting taunts Hogan by beating on Jarrett at ringside. Samoa Joe then enters the ring from nowhere and jumps Nash! Joe beats on Nash in the ring and then he goes out to the floor and dares Sting to hit him with the bat. Joe tells Hogan he’s got this. Sting tells Joe that he’s at the wrong place at the wrong time and then he backs down. Joe screams that he’s a coward.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

A vignette for a new talent “Shore” airs just with some techno sounding music and parties.

Back to the ring London Brawling (Magnus & Desmond Wolfe) with Chelsea are in the ring. Wolfe says while “Queer Money” (he said it, not me) and the “Motor City Cap Guns” have been killing themselves trying to prove who the best tag team is, he and Magnus have been beating every team of wankers put in front of them on Xplosion to prove that THEY are the best team in TNA. Wolfe says at No Surrender they will prove it to the Guns. Magnus grabs the microphone and says he sees that the fans are embarrassed to have the Guns as their tag champs. Magnus says he and Wolfe are here to save the day. Magnus says the belts are coming off the ‘boys’ and coming to the ‘real men.’ The Machine Guns music hits to interrupt London Brawling.

The Guns come out to the ring. Shelley says if they think for one minute that they killed themselves in 5 matches with Beer Money in order to lose the belts to them then they aren’t thinking hard enough. Shelley gets fired up and says they are the best tag team in the world and if they don’t believe just ask the fans. Sabin says London Brawling may be the #1 Contenders but they haven’t seen them beat anybody. Sabin says they are the best tag team in the Universe and apparently the only tag teaming Magnus and Wolfe have done are together. Wolfe asks if they think he and Magnus ‘fancy’ each other and the Guns say yep. Wolfe says he doesn’t want to ruin their comedy routine but as far as he can see he and Magnus are the only fellows with a ‘bird’ and then points to Chelsea. Magnus says maybe the Guns should concentrate a little less on their jokes and a little more on growing some hair on their nuts (good one). Shelley responds with, “dude, I’m four years older than you!” Shelley asks if Magnus is such a big man then why does Chelsea have such a lousy look on her face. Wolfe covers her ears. Shelley then says he has 5 minutes, $10, and one dog tag and wants to know what that can get him with Chelsea. She smiles at him but then Sabin says it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to be with London Brawling and she just needs the money like any other hard working call girl. Wolfe tells Chelsea to tell them how he rocks her world and he’s the biggest man this side of the pond (while grabbing his crotch). Chelsea grabs the microphone and says if their was a sword fight in the ring right now then Wolfe’s weapon would fall a little short! Desmond goes nuts while the Guns laugh hysterically. Magnus and Wolfe argue with Chelsea but then out of nowhere turn around and blast the Guns! They beatdown the Guns and then toss Sabin out of the ring. Magnus then holds Shelley up in the air in a Sidewalk Slam position and then Wolfe comes charging in with a Flying Knee to Shelley’s head and then Magnus drops him with the Sidewalk Slam at the same time!

In the back EV2 are talking. Dreamer says they already lost Tony & Guido and now they’ve lost Mick but Mick says they haven’t lost him while a doctor looks at his ankle. Dreamer says they’re hurting them and then Kendrick walks in. Kendrick offers his services to EV2 and he says they need each other. Dreamer says this is their world but Kendrick says he loves their creativity and he wants to co-create reality with them. Foley says Kendrick is out of his mind which makes him perfect for EV2 and he gives Kendrick his blessing to replace him tonight. Dreamer says he’s in but don’t screw up. Sabu refuses a handshake from him naturally.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Jarrett and Angle talk about facing each other at No Surrender as well as their tag match tonight.

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Fourtune (AJ Styles, Kazarian, James Storm, & Robert Roode) w/Ric Flair, Douglas Williams, & Matt Morgan vs. EV2 (Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Rhino, & Brian Kendrick)

James Storm and Rhino will kick off this match (there’s a throwback TNA feud). They lockup and Rhino locks Storm in a side headlock, but Storm shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block. Rhino then hits the ropes again but Storm goes for a hip toss. Rhino blocks it and then goes for a clothesline but Storm ducks and then hits a big uppercut. Storm tosses Rhino into the heel corner and tags Kaz in. Kaz nails Rhino with right hands but Rhino answers with rights of his own. Kaz kicks Rhino and then hits the ropes only to eat a dropkick from Rhino. Rhino rolls over to the face corner and tags in Sabu. Sabu nails Kaz with a clothesline and then knocks AJ off the apron. Sabu hits a Springboard Clothesline on Kaz and then knocks Storm off the apron. Sabu attempts to whip Kaz into the corner but Kaz reverses it. Kaz charges at Sabu but Sabu gets a boot up. Sabu then hits a Springboard Tornado DDT! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out. AJ charges in but Sabu nails him with a sliding dropkick to the knees! Sabu then hits a Spin Kick. Sabu whips Kaz into the corner and then springboards on the middle rope but Williams trips him! Kaz then rolls Sabu up, 1…2…3 and Sabu is eliminated!

Sabu decks Kaz in the face and then dives through the ropes with a Suicide Dive onto Williams on the floor! Williams and Sabu brawl up the ramp. In the ring Kaz whips Dreamer into the ropes and then goes for a dropkick but Dreamer stops. Dreamer then locks Kaz in a freaking Texas Cloverleaf! What the hell? Dreamer knows an actual submission move? AJ breaks it up and then Dreamer tags in Kendrick. Kendrick nails Kaz with a Flying Forearm and then a dropkick. Kendrick follows up with a Back Heel Kick for a nearfall. Kendrick nails Kaz with a forearm and then attempts to whip him into the corner but Kaz reverses it. Kendrick springboards out of the corner with a Flying Cross Body, but Kaz catches him in midair with a nasty Gutbuster! That was an awesome spot! Kaz tags in Roode and then throws Kendrick into the corner. Taz says the medical staff has confirmed Mick Foley has a hairline fracture in his ankle. Roode whips Kendrick into the ropes and nails him with a Running Knee. Roode does the same thing again and then hits a Back Suplex. 1….2…NO Kendrick kicks out! Kaz tags in and hits a Gutwrench Suplex on Kendrick for another nearfall. Kaz then lifts Kendrick up for the Back-to-Belly Piledriver but Kendrick counters into a rollup! 1…2…NO Kaz reverses into a rollup of his own! 1…2…NO Kendrick kicks out and then rolls Kaz up again! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out again! Kendrick goes for a clothesline but Kaz ducks and then grabs Kendrick in a waistlock. Kendrick gets to the ropes and bumps Kaz off. Kaz goes for a clothesline but Kendrick ducks and hits a Dropkick! 1…2…3! Kaz is eliminated!

AJ comes in but Kendrick takes him down with a double leg takedown and beats on AJ until the referee pulls him off. AJ gets to his feet and Kendrick jumps on him again and starts choking him! The referee pulls him off again and then Kendrick kicks the referee! AJ nails Kendrick with a nasty right hand and then all hell breaks loose with all 6 men in the ring! More referees run out to check on Brian Hebner. The fight spills out to the floor as Mick Foley limps out to the ramp.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials Beer Money hits a double Backdrop on Dreamer and then we see replays of what just went down. Kendrick was DQ’d for kicking Hebner. Roode beats on Dreamer in the corner and then tags Storm in. Beer Money whips Dreamer into the opposite corner and then Storm stomps on his arm repeatedly. Roode tags back in and he nails Dreamer as Storm holds him. Roode hits a Scoop Slam on Dreamer and then he climbs to the middle rope and dives off but Dreamer gets a foot up! Dreamer hits a Sitout Spinebuster on Roode as he charged at him! Dreamer tags in Rhino and Roode tags in Storm! Rhino with a clothesline on Storm and then one for Roode and then he knocks AJ off the apron! Rhino whips Roode into the corner and hits a Running Shoulder Block. Rhino turns around and Storm goes for the Last Call but Rhino catches his foot and then spins him around into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Rhino sets up for the Gore and destroys Storm with it! 1…2…NO Roode breaks it up! Roode attempts to whip Rhino into the ropes but Rhino counters into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Rhino then sets up for the Gore again but Abyss runs down and Rhino meets him on the floor and attacks him! Abyss and Rhino brawl all around the ring and the referee counts Rhino out! Rhino has been eliminated!

Roode tags back in and clotheslines Dreamer and gets a series of nearfalls. Roode tags AJ in and holds Dreamer for AJ to punch him. AJ tags Roode right back in and then holds Dreamer so AJ can put the boots to him. Roode tags Storm in now and they go for the Beer Money Double Suplex but Storm couldn’t lift Dreamer up selling the Gore. Roode goes for a Suplex again but Dreamer counters it and sets up for the Dreamer DDT! AJ dives off the top and Dreamer hits the DDT on Roode as AJ dove (pretty much ducking the dive while hitting the DDT on Roode at the same time) and AJ nails Storm by accident! Dreamer covers Roode, 1…2…3 and Roode is eliminated!

AJ charges at Dreamer but Dreamer side steps him and AJ goes flying through the ropes to the floor! Dreamer then grabs the injured Storm and rolls him up! 1…2…3! Storm is eliminated! It’s now down to Dreamer and AJ!
Dreamer dares AJ back into the ring and AJ climbs in with him. They go at it in the center of the ring. AJ gets the advantage on Dreamer with stiff rights. AJ then whips Dreamer into the corner and charges but Dreamer gets his boot up. AJ catches the boot and then nails Dreamer with a chop. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Dreamer counters with a backdrop, but AJ lands on his feet. AJ goes for a clothesline but Dreamer sidesteps it and then locks him in a Crossface! AJ fights it and gets his foot on the bottom rope. Wow, two submissions in one match for Dreamer?! Dreamer goes for the DVD but AJ blocks it and hits the Phenomenal Dropkick! AJ drags Dreamer to the center of the ring and goes for the Knee Drop but Dreamer moves. Dreamer then goes for the Dreamer DDT but AJ reverses it into the Flying Armbar! We haven’t seen him pull that out in awhile! Dreamer is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. AJ hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs to the top. Dreamer gets up and crotches AJ! Dreamer climbs up with AJ and hits the Superplex! Dreamer looks at Flair and then sets up for the Figure Four but Matt Morgan gets up on the apron. Dreamer drops the hold and crotches Morgan on the top rope! Dreamer grabs AJ but AJ pokes him in the eyes and then hits the Pele as Flair and Foley brawl at ringside! 1…2…3! Fourtune gets the win!

Winners: Fourtune via AJ Styles being the lone survivor

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Main Event
Mr. Anderson & “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Pope and Angle will start off the match. Pope was talking to Anderson as Angle came up behind him and Back Suplexed him! Angle then throws Pope into the corner and nails him with a European Uppercut and tags in Hardy. They whip Pope into the corner and then Hardy leaps off of Angle’s back into the Poetry in Motion. Hardy then hits the Hardyac Arrest on Pope in the corner. 1…2…NO Pope kicks out! hardy whips Pope into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Pope kicks him and then hits a BIG Uppercut! Pope tags in Anderson and tells him to get in the ring. Anderson picks Hardy up and goes for a right hand but Hardy blocks it and nails Anderson with an Atomic Drop followed by a Double Leg takedown. Hardy then hits the Leg Drop between the legs. Hardy follows up with a Sliding Dropkick and then a leaping Mule Kick on Pope as Pope came into the ring. Anderson nails Hardy with a clothesline as he turns around! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Pope blind tags Anderson and then picks Hardy up and hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Knee Drop Ric Flair-style for another nearfall. Pope tags Anderson back in and Anderson hits a body shot on Hardy as Pope held him. Anderson hits a Scoop Slam on Hardy and gets another nearfall. Anderson locks Hardy in a side headlock but Hardy fights to his feet and nails Anderson with back elbows. Anderson comes right back with a Mic Check attempt but Hardy blocks it with back elbows again. Hardy then hits the Twist of Fate out of nowhere but both men are down! Both tag out at the same time. Angle nails Pope with clotheslines and then whips him into the corner but Pope gets his boot up as Angle charged. Pope goes for a clothesline but Angle catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex! Angle ducks a clothesline from Anderson and hits a German Suplex! Angle hits the Angle Slam on Pope! 1…2…NO Anderson breaks it up! Anderson and Angle then clothesline each other! Hardy climbs up top and goes for the Whisper In The Wind but Anderson moves and Hardy hits Angle by accident! Anderson then hits the Mic Check on Angle! Pope covers Angle before Anderson can! 1…2…3!

Winners: Pope & Anderson via pinfall (Mic Check)

After the match Pope laughs at Anderson and Anderson decks him! Pope and Anderson go at it in the center of the ring! Pope spears Anderson through the ropes to the floor! Back in the ring Hardy and Angle argue over what happened and they start brawling! Angle dumps Hardy out to the floor and follows him out! All four guys are scrapping as security runs out!

Final Thoughts

Well, tonight started off really slow in the first hour but really picked up in the 2nd. Good build for the PPV tonight.

The opening segment was really fun and I love that Abyss made it VERY clear that Fourtune was NOT “them” as everyone speculated. Now the question who in the hell is it? We won’t know (hopefully unless one of the dirt sheets finds out before hand) until BFG.

The opening Knockouts Match wasn’t very good but it was more about selling the angle than anything. Tara was finally revealed and I think this feud could be really good. Now, we get to find out what Tara’s reasoning was in helping Madison despite Madison ending her career a few months ago.

Richards-Abyss was okay but kind of confusing as to why Abyss would lose to Richards. It doesn’t help Richards much because still nobody will see him as a serious contender in anything and Abyss doesn’t need to be taking any kind of loses to less than stars right now.

The EV2 and Fourtune promos were solid and built the PPV nicely.

Jarrett-Sting was boring and I hate that Joe is involved. It does give another solid worker to the program but this thing needs to come to shape quickly because it’s getting old.

Kendrick helping EV2 was odd but at least they have another good worker as well.

The Machine Guns and London Brawling promo was actually pretty funny and put over their upcoming match. I’m interested to see how London Brawling do together.

The Elimination Match was excellent and got PLENTY of time. Everybody worked hard and I was especially impressed with Dreamer’s submissions. I cant remember seeing him do one submission in a match let alone two. Fourtune goes over heading into the PPV. I really hope AJ doesn’t job to Dreamer at the PPV but I have a feeling he will. Excellent match though.

The Main Event was a rather short (about 5 minutes) but fun tag match. Really nonstop action throughout and all four guys worked well. They really sold the matches for the PPV (which I hope both close out the show at the PPV) and the brawl at the end added to it. I love that they never had Pope and Anderson be cool with each other since they have such a past despite both being babyfaces.

Quick Results
1) Madison Rayne & Tara def. Beautiful People
2) Stevie Richards def. Abyss
3) Sting def. Jeff Jarrett
4) Elimination Match: Fourtune def. EV2
5) The Pope & Mr. Anderson def. Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening segment
Match of the Night: Elimination Match (***1/2)
Overall Grade: C +

No Surrender Lineup:
– TNA World Title Tournament Semifinals: Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle
– TNA World Title Tournament Semifinals: The Pope vs. Mr. Anderson
– I Quit Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. AJ Styles
– TNA World Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. London Brawling
– TNA X-Division Title: Douglas Williams (c) vs. Sabu
– Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne
– Falls Count Anywhere: Rhino vs. Abyss
– Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting & Kevin Nash