TNA iMPACT!: Before The Glory
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 07, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

We are LIVE tonight from Orlando, Florida for the first time since January 5th (and the first time live on Thursday since 2008).

Impact opens up with Abyss forcing Dixie Carter into the Impact Zone with her chained to him! She screams for security but Abyss screams at her to shutup and says he has a message for from “them.” Abyss says he’ll slice anyone that gets in his way, he’s holding Janice. Finally he shoves the camera away and then we cut to the arena where Abyss drags Dixie towards the ring. Abyss is laughing as she continues to scream. Abyss asks Dixie if she can smell it and then says it’s the smell of power and he can feel it. Abyss says that he prophesized ‘they’re’ arrival and in 3-days they will finally arrive and they will take complete control of TNA. Abyss says Dixie is done. Abyss says that they told him to ask her one more question before Sunday, does she prefer Janice or Bob (his branding iron). Dixie screams for Eric and finally he runs down the ramp with security but Abyss holds them back with Janice. Bischoff tells security to back off. Bischoff begs Abyss to release her and finally Abyss unchains Dixie and she runs away. Abyss picks up Janice and threatens to hit everyone with it as D-Lo and the agents take Dixie away and Abyss points at Bischoff with Janice. Sting’s music hits!

Sting, Nash, and Pope come out to the ring where Bischoff is still standing.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials Pope says maybe it’s time that he retracts his statement from last week. Pope says that last week he looked the world in the eyes and said that he was a no good son of a Bischoff, but he says maybe he’s not. Pope says maybe Bischoff is a good guy or is it the “smoke and mirrors” thing. Pope says it will all be revealed soon and he says Abyss may not be the ‘smartest monster under the bed’ he did have one thing right, at 10-10-10 the walls will come down and the walls will fall on Bischoff. Bischoff says he respects Pope and has for a long time but Pope has no idea what he’s talking about. Pope says lucky for Bischoff they’re not 300 hungry lions, they’re 3 calculating wolves. Pope says Bischoff has made it perfectly clear that this thing may be bigger than just him and Bischoff says Pope has no clue what’s really going on. He says that Pope is following around Sting & Nash like they’re a messiah like they actually know what’s going on. Bischoff says they’re leading Pope around like a dog and the problem is he’s a dog chasing his tale. Bischoff says this is all about Sting and Hogan and nothing more. Sting gets heated and gets in Bischoff’s face. Sting says he’s dead on about that! Sting says what started 10 years ago will come crashing down at BFG and the best way to end it is for Hogan to get back in the ring. Sting says this isn’t about wrestling anymore, it’s about 2 men that took 2 different roads down 2 different paths. Sting says this is the end of the line and asks Bischoff if Hogan is ready to put it all on the line at BFG. Sting says when Hogan’s true character is revealed at BFG will he be ready to walk away. Bischoff says he has nothing to say to him. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe run down!

They start to get in the ring but Bischoff stops them and tells them to back off. Bischoff says if they want the answers he’ll give them the answers. Bischoff says they want to talk about character and threaten him. He says that they’re just trying to fill that big black hole in them that their ego is trying to fill. Bischoff says maybe they don’t know what the rest of the world knows. Bischoff says Hogan is in intensive care right now (back surgery) and then he says he sees the doubt in Sting’s eyes and then points to the screen and shows footage of Hogan in the hospital after his surgery. They watch the footage and it actually shows some of the surgery (I could have done without that). The doctor says he’ll be limited to anything he can do for about 6 weeks. Bischoff says if they want to kick his a** then have at it because he doesn’t give a damn anymore, but at BFG since he doesn’t want to disappoint them he has an idea. He suggests making Sting, Pope, & Nash against Jarrett & Joe in a Handicap Match. Joe and Jarrett didn’t look too thrilled about that (neither am I).

In the parking lot Mickie James pulls up! The camera approaches her and asks her what she’s doing here and she says you’ll have to wait and find out!

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Vignette hyping up BFG Main Event runs. Nice hype for the match.

Earlier this week Team 3D was in Times Square cutting a promo. Bubba says NYC is where 3D was born and bred and at BFG Team 3D will make the biggest announcement of their career that will change tag team wrestling forever. Devon testifies.

Rights to Beautiful People Match
Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. Tara & Madison Rayne

The winning team wins the rights to the Beautiful People name and entrance music. LET THE PIGEONS LOOSE! Before Angelina & Velvet can finish their entrance Tara & Madison jump them! Tara and Madison choke Angelina in the corner double teaming her (get your mind out of the gutter). Madison throws Angelina out of the corner and gets a one count. Tara tags in (damn Tara looking good as hell in that tight body suit) and they hit a Double Russian Leg Sweep on Angelina and Tara gets a nearfall. Tara locks Angelina in a headlock but Angelina fights to her feet and rolls Tara up, but the referee was distracted by Madison & Velvet arguing on the apron. He turns around and counts two. Tara gets to her feet and goes for a clothesline but Angelina rolls underneath it and tags in Velvet. Velvet charges at Tara and Tara goes for a clothesline but Velvet ducks it. Velvet hits a clothesline of her own followed by another one and then a Running Bulldog. Velvet then hits the ropes but Madison kicks her in the back and then Tara attacks her as she turns around. We see Ms. Tessmacher taking notes on the stage as Tara covers Velvet for a nearfall. Tara slams Velvet into the corner and hits a shoulder block and then tags in Madison. Madison chokes her and then throws her into the opposite corner. Madison attempts to whip Velvet across the ring but she reverses it and then Madison springs out of the corner with a Headscissors but Velvet blocks it and slams Madison to the mat! Velvet tags in Angelina and she knocks Tara off the apron and then hits a Running Clothesline followed by a Forearm and then the Botox Injection on Madison! Madison reaches up and tags in Tara. Tara comes in and goes for a clothesline but Angelina ducks and then kicks Tara and hits a Jawbreaker. Velvet comes in and kicks Madison out of the ring and then Angelina & Madison double kick Tara (Angelina kicked her low and Velvet kicked her high). 1…2…3!

Winners: Angelina & Velvet via pinfall (double kick)

After the match Ms. Tessmacher grabs a microphone and gets the girls attention. She says that in 3 days at BFG they will all face each other for the Knockouts Title. She says they’re not there to make friends, it’s competition and to insure that they play by her rules she is assigning a special guest referee…MICKIE JAMES! Mickie walks out to a nice ovation and looking GOOD AS HELL! Mickie grabs a mic as Tara freaks out. Mickie says she’s the newest TNA Knockout and she says everyone knew she was bound to make an Impact in TNA but who knew she was “bound for glory.” Madison screams that she’s “bound for failure” (hilarious). Mickie she’d be honored to crown the Knockouts Champion but rest assured that she has her eyes on one thing and one thing only because if there’s one thing she does it’s make history. Mickie says it’ll be her pleasure when she takes the title from whoever wins on Sunday and then she says she’ll make history as the first woman to win every title in women’s history. She looked great but not one shot of that glorious a**!

We cut to a shot earlier this week of Mick Foley holding his new book. Foley says he’s taking nothing for granted in his match with Flair and Foley will expect Flair to keep his promise to kiss Mick’s a** if he wins!

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials Bischoff approaches Dixie and says he heard she wanted to see him. Dixie demands that Bischoff fire Abyss tonight but Bischoff starts to say something. She cuts him off and says that he should’ve done this a long time ago. Bischoff says he thinks he can solve this if she will give him some time. Dixie tells him to get it done tonight and he promises to do it now. She tells him not to let her down and to go do it in the ring in front of everybody and humiliate Abyss like he humiliated her tonight. Bischoff agrees to do it and Dixie walks off.

Last Man Standing Match
“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

Uh, I’m confused. I thought this was Last Man Standing, not Falls Count Anywhere? Okay, now Taz says it’s Last Man Standing, apparently Jeremy Borash is a moron. Foley and Flair lockup and they brawl into the corner and Flair hits him with a right hand and then a chop. Flair punches away at Foley and then he rips off the bandage on Foley’s eye and punches at him repeatedly and then kicks him in the nuts! Foley’s eye is busted open again. Those shots did look a little stuff. Flair tosses Foley out of the ring and then throws him into the guardrail. Flair slams him into again but Foley comes back with a low blow of his own! Foley rolls Flair back into the ring and then rolls over the ring steps and he had a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire hidden under it! Foley climbs into the ring and nails Flair with it! Flair is busted wide open! Foley nails Flair with the barbed wire bat again and then he punches away at the cut on Flair’s forehead. Flair rolls out of the ring and Foley follows him. Flair stumbles over to the announce table and climbs up where Tenay and Taz call the action. Foley grabs him and slams him into the announce table but Flair answers with a chop. They brawl onto the stage now and Foley hits Flair in the gut with the barbed wire bat and then he rakes it over Flair’s forehead! That is nasty. Flair pokes Foley in the eye and holy sh*t he tosses Flair off the damn stage through a table! That crazy son of a b*tch Foley! A big “holy sh*t” chant starts! It was a merchandise table that Foley went flying through.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials the action is back in the ring and Flair is beating on Foley. Flair hits an elbow drop as we see a shot of what happened during the break (Flair literally beat Foley with his own book). Flair hits more stiff shots on Foley as both guys are covered in their own blood. Flair chops away at Foley and then kicks him in the ribs. Flair pulls a bag out from under the ring! He pours out the bag and it’s tacks! Flair chops Foley some more and then hits a few more rights and lefts. Foley blocks the last one and answers back with right hands of his own and an elbow to the head. Foley then backdrops Flair into the damn tacks! Oh my god, Flair rolls around in the them disgusting! Foley pulls out a board with barbed wire wrapped around it and slides it into the ring. Foley hits some big right hands on Flair in the corner, nice strikes. Foley picks up the board and runs at Flair and slams it into him! The referee starts the 10 count on Flair but he gets to his feet at 6. Foley and Flair trade shots now! Foley lays Flair out with a forearm and then he goes back to the floor and pulls out a table! Foley slides the table into the ring as the fans chant “fire” and Foley sets the table up. Foley goes to grab Flair but Flair low blows him! Flair lays Foley out on the table! Foley picks up the board wrapped in barbed wire and slams it into Foley and then climbs up top! Flair dives off the top with a Splash! He hit a top rope move! Got to be the first time in like 15 years! Both men are down now in a heap! The referee counts both men but both start to get to their feet at about 8. Flair stumbles and falls face down into the tacks! The referee continues the count on Flair as Foley gets to his feet and he gets to 10!

Winner: Foley via KO

Foley grabs the microphone as Flair was limping up the ring but Foley stops him and reminds Flair that he made the stipulation that he would kiss Foley’s a** if he lost! Flair woo’s at Flair and tells him to get back in the ring and kiss his a**! Flair reluctantly walks back to the ring as the fans chant “kiss his a**!” out of nowhere Fourtune comes from the crowd and attacks Foley! They beat down Foley in the ring as Flair looks on. EV2 runs down to make the save and Fourtune bails. Flair grabbed a mic and says that’s kissing his a**. Flair says Sunday they’ll kick all their a**es and then he says the EV2 name and spits.

We cut to the announce table where they zoom in on some blood that the two spilled when they brawled that way.

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Dixie demanded that he fire Abyss. They show footage of what happened earlier with Abyss and Dixie. Bischoff says he’s seen a lot of wrecks and what’s in the ring (the aftermath of the last match) is one hell of a train wreck. Bischoff tells Abyss to get down to the ring right now.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Bischoff is still waiting on Abyss as we come back from break. No Abyss but RVD comes out. RVD says there’s no way he’s going to be screwed out of his opportunity to get revenge on Abyss. He says he doesn’t care what they do with Abyss after that and actually threatens to leave TNA if they don’t allow the match to go down. RVD says when the boys have a problem they settle amongst themselves not management. RVD tells Bischoff to go tell Dixie that either Abyss wrestles through BFG at least or she loses “the whole F’n show.”

Footage is shown earlier this week from the ECW Arena where Dreamer & Rhino were waling amongst the fan before the house show there.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials earlier today Eric Young and Orlando Jordan are doing some games at the amusement park. They talk about being a tag team, God that is an awful idea. They’re facing Ink, Inc. tonight. Jordan says “hey, I’m gonna’ grab your ball” and picks up one of the balls that EY was throwing. Not cool.

Ink, Inc. vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young

EY has new ring gear, he’s wearing jorts (good lord). Footage of EY and Jordan teaming up on Xplosion is shown. Ink, Inc. beat them on Xplosion. EY is still doing the mentally disturbed gimmick. He’s got some new tattoos (look drawn on, they’re goofy looking). Eric locks up in with Jordan and then tags in Shannon Moore. Finally Jordan gets him out of the ring and then he kicks Neal in the gut. Jordan hits an elbow on Neal’s back and then whips Neal into the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Neal blocks it and hits one of his own. Neal follows up with a dropkick and then he locks in a waistlock but Jordan backs him into the corner. Did Taz just say that Jordan had a “flaming personality?” No comment from me with that one. Jordan rubs on Neal and then goes for a kiss but Neal shoves him away. Neal charges at him but eats a clothesline from Jordan. Jordan puts the boots to Neal and then hits a Shoulderbreaker. Jordan puts the boots to Neal and then locks in a wristlock and slams his elbow down on Neal’s arm. Jordan holds onto the wristlock as he has Neal on the mat. Neal fights to his feet and hits a series of rights and then he hits the ropes but eats a Spinebuster from Jordan! Jordan covers Neal with a disgusting pin but Neal kicks out. EY tries to get in the ring but Jordan gets him back out. This allows Neal to tag in Moore. Moore hits Jordan with a back heel kick and then a spinning heel kick! Moore follows up with an Atomic Drop and then a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover! Moore charges at Jordan and Jordan goes for a clothesline but Moore ducks and then back kicks Jordan in the gut. Moore climbs up top and hits a Diving Moonsault! 1…2…NO Jordan kicks out! Young comes in and high fives Moore after that top rope move and then he actually helps Moore sidestep Jordan as he charges and then he whips Moore into a back elbow from Jordan in the corner. Jordan takes Moore down and then covers him and uses his feet on the ropes for leverage, but Young points it out to the referee. The referee tells Young to get out of the ring as this goes down Jordan low blows Moore and gets the pin.

Winners: Jordan & Young via pinfall (low blow)

Young tackles the referee and waves it off. He grabs a microphone and says this is for Jordan’s own good. Young says since he’s the leader of his tag team he says they would like to forfeit this match because it wouldn’t hold up in a ‘court of law.’ Young says he’s kind of a big deal around there and he’ll pull some strings and he proposes that at BFG they do this all over again. I would rather not see that on the biggest show of the year.

Earlier this week in Elizabeth, NJ Jay Lethal tours us around the house he grew up in. I like Jay but this was pretty pointless.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

In the back Dixie talks to RVD. She agrees to let Abyss stay for BFG but tells RVD that no matter what, win, lose, or draw Abyss is gone after BFG. Bischoff brings a termination waiver to Dixie that she signs which says Abyss is terminated the day after BFG. Dixie tells RVD to take Abyss out.

It’s time for The Shore to debut. A busty female comes out followed by an Alex Wright like Guido guy. It’s Robbie and Cookie, The Shore. Cookie is pretty hot. I believe that dork is Rob Eckos. Robbie grabs a mic and hands one to Cookie as well. The fans are getting on them pretty good already. Robbie introduces themselves and says they’re finally in TNA and she says that party is here. Robbie says before he fist pumps up and down the entire roster he and Cookie want to let all the Orlando hamsters know that there is zero hot girls in Florida (you lie, you thing they got is hot girls). He says when he looks around all he sees is grenades (a stupid name for an ugly girl) and Cookie tells him to duck. Cookie says she hasn’t seen one filthy gorilla (I have no clue about that one) since they’ve been there and she says they must all stay at home here because none of them have a tan. Robbie says that’s because they all live in their mothers basements and he says they’re posers just like the posers on TMZ. They say next week Jersey’s in the house and the party is here. That was pretty lame.

Another hype package runs hyping BFG. Really good video.

Main Event
$100,000 Gauntlet for the Gold Battle Royal
Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Abyss vs. Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams vs. Sabu vs. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Robert Roode vs. James Storm vs. Stevie Richards vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting vs. Kevin Nash vs. The Pope vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Matt Morgan

This is Gauntlet for the Gold rules. We start with 2 guys and another man enters every 45 seconds, over the top elimination. The money on the announce table is shown. Angle and Anderson are the first two in. They lockup and Angle locks Anderson in a side headlock but Anderson shoves him into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block from Angle. The next man in is JEFF HARDY. Hardy hits the ring as the 3 guys in the Main Event at BFG are in. Anderson and Angle double team Hardy as the next man in is AJ STYLES! Hardy hits a Double Clothesline on Hardy and Anderson.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials the ring is filled up and TOMMY DREAMER is out next. Looks like AJ, Anderson, Angle, Hardy, Douglas Williams, Sabu, Chris Sabin, and Max Buck are out there now. No eliminations thus far. Angle almost eliminates Anderson but he’s able to hold on. The next man out is JAY LETHAL. AJ whips Lethal into the ropes but east a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover from Lethal! Next man in is JEFF JARRETT! Jarrett comes in and dumps Williams over the top but he hangs onto the arpon. Jarrett tosses AJ over the top but AJ holds on and grabs Jarrett by the head with his legs! THE POPE is out next! The Pope goes right after Jarrett as he comes into the ring. Pope tosses Jarrett overt eh top but he holds on as well. Sabin tries to eliminate Hardy but he holds on as well. Next man in is ROBERT ROODE! He’s followed by STING! Lethal dumps Max over the top and nails him with a right hand but he’s still able to hold on. Sting comes in and goes after Dreamer and Jarrett.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————-

Back from commercials ABYSS is making his way out and the ring is filled up. Nobody has been eliminated until Abyss immediately clotheslines Williams & Sabu over the top! Abyss absolutely flings Lethal over the top! Abyss tosses Richards over the top now and then he throws Sabin out! abyss is going nuts! He pushes Raven over the top as Sting was trying to eliminate him! Now AJ jumps Abyss and everyone else follows! EVERYONE is beating on Abyss! Sting hits the Stinger Splash onto everybody now! Sting then hits the Stinger Splash on Abyss as everybody piles off but Abyss catches him and throws him over the top! Sting is eliminated! Next man out is KEVIN NASH! Nash chokes Abyss in the corner and the next man out is MATT MORGAN! Morgan comes in and clotheslines both members of GenMe and then clotheslines Abyss! Morgan and Nash come eye-to-eye and then SAMOA JOE comes out as Morgan & Nash trade shots. Abyss tosses Nash & Morgan over the top as they were trying to eliminate each other! JAMES STORM is out next as Dreamer nails Abyss with a back elbow. Dreamer clotheslines Abyss over the top rope but Abyss hooked the top rope with his arm and held on. GenMe take turns going after Abyss but he catches them by the throat and throws them over the top rope! ALEX SHELLEY is out next! Samoa Joe tosses Hardy over the top but he holds on again. RHINO is up next! Angle eliminates Kaz. Rhino goes right for Abyss as AJ sees that Kaz got eliminated. With his back turned Dreamer tries to eliminate AJ but AJ holds on. AJ dumps Dreamer over the top but Dreamer holds on. Abyss eliminates Rhino! Joe tosses Angle out but he holds on as well. Jarrett goes for the Stroke on Pope but Abyss grabs him by the back of the head and tosses Jarrett over the top! Pope with the Pimp Slap on Abyss and then a Shoulder Block! Pope charges at Abyss but Abyss tosses him over the top!


Shelley goes for the Sliced Bread on Abyss but Abyss blocks it and throws him over the top! Abyss is going nuts! Dreamer lifts AJ up and tires to dump him out but AJ holds on and locks Dreamer in a sleeper. Joe charges at Abyss but Abyss drops down and Joe goes flying over the top! Beer Money grab Dreamer and hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on him. They then grab Abyss and hit it on him as well! Roode then grabs Storm and tosses him out! Storm holds onto the ropes and skins the cat back into the ring. Storm asks Roode what the hell he was doing and shoves him. Roode shoves him back and then they shrug and hug each other. Priceless. Abyss goes to clothesline them, but Storm ducks and Roode goes flying over the top! Storm charges at Abyss but Abyss backdrops Storm over the top rope down onto Roode on the floor! Abyss grabs AJ by the head but AJ swats his arms away and hits the Pele out of nowhere! Dreamer spins AJ around and hits the Dreamer Driver! Abyss grabs Dreamer and tosses him over the top! Abyss grabs AJ and Press Slams him over the top down to the floor! Angle goes for a German Suplex but Hardy blocks it and hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs up top and hits the Swanton Bomb! Abyss grabs Hardy and tosses him out as Hardy got to his feet! It’s down to just Anderson, Abyss, & Angle! Anderson goes after Abyss with kicks and strikes. Abyss whips him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Anderson kicks him. Abyss then grabs him by the throat and hits the Chokeslam! RVD’s music hits! RVD is the next out! RVD bid his time on this one! RVD hits Abyss with a shoulder block as Abyss came after him. RVD then hits the Flying Back Kick off the top! RVD then charges and dives at Abyss with a Cross Body and both go flying over the top rope so Abyss and RVD are both eliminated! It’s down to Anderson and Angle now. Anderson and Angle trade right hands on their knees and then fight to their feet as RVD & Abyss fight to the back. Angle shoves Anderson into the ropes but eats a shoulderblock. Anderson then hits the ropes and goes for the Green Bay Plunge but Angle blocks it and then goes for the Angle Slam but Anderson blocks it. Anderson goes for the Mic Check but Angle fights it off with back elbows! Anderson goes for a clothesline but Angle catches him with an Angle Slam over the top rope to the floor! Angle wins!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Final Thoughts

This was an AWFUL way to go into a PPV. Horrible build towards the PPV in my opinion. Just awful. They really dropped the ball with the live show tonight and not only that but Dixie still didn’t say what the damn “change” was going to be. So frustrating at times.

The opening thing with Abyss and Dixie was stupid and ridiculous and Dixie’s acting was horrid. The way she reacted the rest of the night actually seemed better so I don’t know what that was. Yes, it was goofy but if you’re going to sell Abyss as a nut job then sell it all the way I guess. The same people that scream “why isn’t he arrested” never question when someone hits a wrestler with a sledgehammer or crucifies the bosses daughter on a big cross in another company. I’m just saying. The way you sell why didn’t Dixie just fire Abyss, they went with the whole thing about her wanting Bischoff to humiliate him and then RVD intervening saved it. The way Bischoff was reacting is really making me believe more and more that he and Hogan (and Jarrett) are ‘they.’

The promo from Sting and company was just as pointless. They said absolutely nothing new except that Hogan won’t be able to go. I really wish they would have added a replacement for Hogan instead, I cannot stand Handicap Matches. It does nothing for anybody.

The Knockouts Match was okay but I’m glad Angelina & Velvet went over. Nice ovation for Mickie in her debut but I’d rather her in a match than as a special referee but Kurt Angle also was a special referee at BFG before he made his debut match. She looked great as always as well.

Foley and Flair was extremely entertaining and those guys were busted their a**es out there. I’m sure there is certain people that will cry and whine about it being ‘two old guys bleeding’ but whatever I could care less. If you weren’t entertained by that, stop watching wrestling. Flair actually hit a top rope spot for once too.

The Jordan & Young stuff was pointless and just sucks. Young can be funny but this stuff just isn’t for me. That match is absolutely usless on the PPV. Why the hell guys like Amazing Red aren’t on the show but freaking Orlando Jordan is just blows my mind.

The Shore was awful, just awful.

I hate Battle Royals and this one is no different. I will say that it started to pickup near the end and Abyss looked like a complete monster in it. There were some nice spots in it as well. I just think having a Battle Royal where you cram all the storylines and feuds into it was pointless when you could have cut The Shore crap, the pointless Jay Lethal vignette, and the Jordan match and did something else on the show with those guys.

Not a good way to build towards the PPV.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Mickie James debut
Match of the Night: Foley vs. Flair (***1/2)
Overall Grade: D –

Bound for Glory Lineup:
– TNA World Title 3-Way: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy
– Monsters Ball: RVD vs. Abyss
– Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage Match: Fourtune vs. EV2
– Handicap Match: Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting, Kevin Nash, & The Pope
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me
– TNA Knockouts Title Fatal 4-Way: Angelina Love (c) vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara w/Special Referee: Mickie James
– TNA X-Division Title: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Douglas Williams
– Ink, Inc. vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young