Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 14, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Off the heels of the shocking turn by Jeff Hardy Sunday night at Bound for Glory, Impact opens up with a recap of what went down at BFG. Quick rundown for those that don’t know “they” was revealed to be Hogan, Jarrett, Abyss, and Bischoff and they came out and helped Jeff Hardy win the title. Hardy then blasted RVD with the title when he came out to try and find out what’s going on.

We cut to the parking lot where Eric Bischoff cuts off a guy in a suit who says he’s going to see his “client” which Bischoff says is Dixie. Bischoff talks about the contract that he had Dixie sign last week (that was supposed to fire Abyss) and the lawyer says that was not the contract he sent Bischoff to get her to sign. Bischoff mocks him and acts like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The lawyer says that she signed the contract under false pretences but Bischoff says she signed the contract in front of millions of people on television so if he wants to fight it out in court then ‘have at it, see you in about 6 years.’ Bischoff says this is his building and his show so he tells the lawyer to leave or he’ll have him thrown out. The lawyer tells Bischoff that this isn’t over.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he gets a mixed reaction from the Impact Zone. Hogan comes out on crutches again followed by Bischoff. A “you sold out” chant starts. Mike Tenay reveals that the contract that Dixie signed gives Bischoff and Hogan “majority share” of TNA. Bischoff introduces his ‘mentor and brother’, Hogan. Hogan welcomes us to his company and then he says that he and Bischoff decided it was time to take what was theirs and asks where Dixie Carter is. Bischoff taunts the crowd the entire time Hogan is talking. Hogan says there is a motive to the madness they’ve created. He says they tried to do it the easy way but Dixie didn’t want to do it that way. He says she conned Hogan to come into TNA and says that she promised to give him control but she didn’t want to do that when he came so he took it. Hogan says this company is now Hollywood Hogan’s and then says this company will live forever with them. Bischoff says what they did would be considered a hostile takeover in the business world but in their case it was a work of art. Bischoff says most people didn’t know it was coming so they’ll walk us through this master plan. Bischoff says it all started with Abyss and how people couldn’t understand how Abyss, a guy who Hogan took under his wings, turned on Hogan. He said nobody could understand it except them because it made perfect sense and then he welcomes out Abyss to the ring.

Hogan calls Abyss his ‘son’ and Abyss says “THEY’RRRRRE HERE!” Abyss says that for months he prophesized that they would come to TNA to takeover the company and all the ignorant sheep didn’t believe him. Abyss says believe this and they are in control of TNA now. Abyss says he is their soldier and he follows their orders. He says he will destroy anything and anyone that stands in their way. Hogan says it’s Abyss’ destiny to be with them. Bischoff says the next person they didn’t see eye to eye with from the beginning but they finally figured out they are the same. He says this person also knew where “all the bodies were buried” in TNA…JEFF JARRETT.

Jarrett comes out to the ring smiling as the fans boo him. Tenay talks about being disappointed in Jarrett and what he did to the company. Taz mentions that Jarrett threw Samoa Joe to the wolves Sunday night. Jarrett grabs a microphone and asks if we knew what it felt like to him personally that Dixie Carter took a company that he started right out from under him. Jeff says she used “daddies” money to run Jarrett out of his own office. Jarrett says it has been a pleasure to work with Bischoff and Hogan because they gave the entire Carter family what they deserved. Jarrett says everybody in TNA has to play by their new rules. Fourtune’s music hits!

Ric Flair leads his band of young guns out to the ring as Bischoff and company look surprised. Flair says that word of mouth should have told Hogan that TNA is run by Fourtune! He says they are the heart and soul of TNA. He says that for 25 years he and Hogan have hated each others guts and nothings changing. He says that tonight either he or Hogan walk out. He says that his boys are prepared to die tonight and asks if they are too! Hogan suggests that just he and Flair get it on! Flair ties his coat off and Hogan hands Jarrett his crutches. They square off and then smile and hug to a chorus of boos! Hogan raises Flair’s arm as the rest of Fourtune shake hands and hug with the rest of Bischoff and company. Bischoff says Flair and Hogan on the same team is 25 years in the making. Bischoff says the fact that Dixie Carter brought in a piece of used up garbage (EV2) and compared them to Hogan and Flair was the nail in her coffin. Who would’ve thought even in an angle that Bischoff and Flair would EVER hug? Hogan says this is destiny and design but in the master plan the greatest wrestler of all time (Ric Flair) was meant to be to make this plan happen. Flair says after this plan he’s going to love Hogan more than anything and Hogan asks if he loves more than his last 5 ex-wives and Flair says yes and wherever they are they can kiss his a**! Bischoff then introduces the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: JEFF HARDY!

Hardy is greeted by a crazy amount of boos as he comes to the ring. Tenay says that Hardy’s win, has cost Kurt Angle his career and Taz calls Jeff the “ultimate backstabber.” The fans chant “you sold out” at Jeff but he says he didn’t sell out, he sold IN! Hardy says popularity doesn’t mean a damn thing to him and he blames the fans greed for his pain and anger. Jeff says he destroyed himself for the fans to get nothing but herniated discs and pain in return. He says that the men in the ring care about his future. Jeff says that RVD is just an “a**hole that he knows that won’t admit to being an a** kisser.” He calls RVD just another politician but he says he doesn’t play that game. Hardy says that he is the “whole F’n reason” that Abyss destroyed RVD because he had to be removed. Hardy says they are Immortal and they live forever.

In the back Sting and Nash are shown watching on a monitor and Bischoff sees them on the big tron. He tells Sting and Nash to come on down. Hogan says they should let “bygones be bygones” and come on down. Sting and Nash start to walk out as we go to a break.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————

During the break Dixie Carter arrived with security surrounding her. Sting and Nash walk down to the ring now. Tenay mentions how Sting and Nash were trying to tell everyone about Bischoff and Hogan for months. Bischoff says TNA is a business and it’s about money and despite everything they’ve been through everyone in the ring is willing to put all that behind them to bring Sting and Nash on the team. Nash says it’s almost a perfect fit because his whole career has been about nothing about money. He says he hasn’t cared about anybody else and he took as much as he could, but a funny thing happened on the way to getting here. He says as he got older he got wiser too. Nash says the Bible says that gray hair is a sign of wisdom and with wisdom came compassion. Nash says the guys in the back that he would have took every dollar from in the past, they’re his friends now. Nash says this time he’s passing on the money and he wants nothing to do with them. He says if they want to run TNA into the ground they can do it without him. Sting says when he came to TNA 5 years ago he didn’t come for this and this is nothing that he bargained for. He says he came to TNA originally because he loved it. He says he wouldn’t have sacrificed his old body unless he loved TNA. Sting points at them and says this called a no-win situation. He says he won’t repeat history once again and says the answer is NO! Nash and Sting leave the ring together as Bischoff and company look on. Bischoff asks if they’re nuts and says it’s always been about money & power. Bischoff says if they change they’re mind they know where to find them: on TV, printing money and kick a** while Sting & Nash gets fat at home watching them.

Tenay and Taz talk about what just went down with Sting and Nash walking away from Hogan and company. In the back something is going down.

We cut to the back where The Pope walks up on Nash and Sting. Pope says they just got the ball rolling and now they’re walking out. Nash suggests Pope leave with them but Pope says he’s still getting paid and making money. He says he’ll take on Sting & Nash’s cause and fight them even if he has to do it alone. Pope walks off but Sting stops him and then shakes his hand. Dixie Carter walks up and says they can’t leave them. Sting says they tried to tell him but she says they were using cryptic language and if they would have talked to her she would have listened. Sting says she never would have believed them. They walk off as Dixie’s husband tries to follow them. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan then walk up to Dixie and she asks them what they’re doing. Bischoff cuts her off but she slaps the sh*t out of him! She says that it’s Bischoff’s fault and she wants to hear nothing from him. She tells Hogan to look her in the eyes and tell her that he’s screwing her over. She says that Hogan is stealing TNA from her. Hogan if she wants to have this conversation with him then they’ll have it in HIS office.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————

Dixie asks Hogan if he had planned this all along. Hogan says the answer is yes and says from day one Dixie said he would be the happiest he’s ever been. Hogan suggests that Dixie never listened to him and she says it’s his ego. Dixie tells him not to forget that she gave him his job in TNA. She says they won’t get away with this and says she never truly trusted Bischoff. She says they’ll take TNA from her over her dead body and then calls Bischoff a “little smug sh*t” (which got a pop from me). She tells the security guys to take them out but Hogan says they work for him and then he tells them to take Dixie out. Security drags Dixie out of the office! Dixie’s husband runs up but eats a right hand from one of the security guys.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from the break a chick in a car drives up, I believe that is the J-Woww chick of Jersey Shore. Yeah I could care less.

Tenay and Taz discuss what happened with Dixie.

Madison Rayne comes out to the ring with a referee. Footage of the 4-Way at BFG where Tara won the Knockouts Title is shown. Madison says that Sunday night on TNA’s biggest PPV she had a plan which involved her winning the Knockouts Title for the 3rd time, but that didn’t happen because her title is around the waist of Tara right now. The fans are killing her. Madison says the same person that has Madison to thank that she is back in TNA. She demands that Tara come back down to the ring and give her a Knockouts Title match right now. Tara’s music hits and the new Knockouts Champ walks out to the ring.

Madison reminds Tara that she’s the reason she’s back in TNA and if it weren’t for her she wouldn’t even have been in that match Sunday. She says that Tara owes her and they had a deal. Madison tells Tara to do the right thing. Tara agrees to the match!

TNA Knockouts Championship
Tara (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Madison demands that Tara lay down for her and she does it! The referee makes the count and Madison wins the belt as Tara looks disgusted.

Winner & NEW Knockouts Champ: Madison via pinfall

Madison celebrates like she actually did something as Tara claps but isn’t too enthused. Madison grabs the mic and screams “I DID IT! MOM, LOOK I DID IT!” as the fans boo her. Madison starts to say something else but Mickie James’ music cuts her off!

Mickie’s sexy self walks out and asks if Madison really calls herself a champion. Mickie says she finds that disgraceful and not just for her but for anyone that’s held a title. Madison says something but Mickie tells her to shut her mouth when she’s talking. Mickie says she made a mockery of that belt and then says she told her that she would be making history and she sees no better time than right now! Mickie heads down to the ring! Mickie slides in but Madison shoves Tara towards Mickie! Madison tells Tara to get her! Tara swings at Mickie but Mickie blocks it nails Tara with Forearms! Madison hits a Spinning Back Kick that sends Tara out of the ring and Madison slides out as well. She dropped her belt on the way out and Mickie picks it up and holds it up. Madison and Tara bail out.

In the back the Beautiful People are getting ready as J-Woww walks in and asks them where Cookie is. They hug J-Woww and then ask her why she’s here. She says some b*tch named Cookie has been talking trash.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————

BP are looking for Cookie in the back with J-Woww but they find Eric Young instead. Young spazzes out and calls her “Bow Wow” (priceless) and then asks her to feel of his chest. He says he’s a gorilla and he’ll be her chimp. Orlando Jordan walks up and says he would love to put his lollipop in her mouth. She drops it on the floor instead. Jordan says “Jersey Shore sucks” as they walk off. I would have to agree.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring with no music and grabs a microphone. Angle is holding his ribs as he comes to the ring. Angle says he was uninvited tonight but says before he officially makes his retirement statement he would like to get a few things off his chest. A “Please don’t go” chants starts. Kurt says he busted his a** at BFG and he gave everything he had. He says he dislocated his ribs again and reinjured his neck and he has stitches in his eye, but he what he wants to know is why Hogan and Bischoff screwed him over at BFG. He says he doesn’t expect them to come out right now but if he’s going to state his retirement he needs some answers. Angle says he didn’t win the title at BFG but he also didn’t get pinned either. Angle says he’s kind of in a dilemma right now but Jarrett’s music cuts him off. Jarrett walks out and asks Kurt what kind of dilemma could he have. Jarrett says it’s simple, Kurt said that if he didn’t win the title he wouldn’t wrestle anymore. Jarrett says he didn’t win the title so he shouldn’t wrestle anymore. He says he never heard Angle say that if he didn’t get pinned or got screwed that it wouldn’t count. Jarrett says he’s just making excuses. Jarrett mocks Angle by calling him the “Olympic hero, father, and husband…well, ex-husband.” A big “kick his a**” chant starts. Jarrett says he’ll never forget how Kurt made his life a living hell when he brought him into TNA. Jarrett says that he vowed one day he would turn the tide on Angle. Angle says that first off, he can have “that slut” (Karen Angle). Wow I bet that one stung. Angle asks how he made Jeff’s life a living hell, by putting TNA on the map, talking TNA up every chance he got, teaching the rookies all he knew, or was it really because after he came in it wasn’t just all about him anymore. Angle asks Jarrett how many TNA Titles before he came in and then says Jarrett held everyone down at his own expense but he couldn’t hold Angle down. Jarrett tells him to shut his mouth and says that has nothing to do with it and it has everything to do with taking back what is his. Jeff said he sold his soul to the devil because destroying Kurt’s career is more important than destroying his life. He says he’s taken everything in Kurt’s life and his career was the final nail in his coffin. Kurt drops his mic and goes after Jarrett!

Security cuts Angle off and they handcuff Angle as Jarrett beats on him! Angle spits at Jarrett and Jarrett punches him repeatedly in the head. Jarrett grabs Angle and tosses him into the stage headfirst (with Angle’s hands still cuffed behind his back)! Jarrett stops for a second but then gets right back on Angle and beats on him! Finally, Taz leaves the announce table and gets in Jarrett’s face and tells him that it’s enough and to get his a** in the back. Taz says he knows it has nothing to do with him but he went too far. Jarrett backs down as EMT’s come to check on Angle.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————

We see a shot of Samoa Joe in Daytona Monday. Joe says he made the biggest mistake in the world when he trusted Jarrett when he came to him begging and pleading for his help. Joe says Jarrett chose him for a reason to destroy everyone that Jeff put in front of him. Joe says that now Jarrett has to go home every night and sleep knowing that “that man” is looking for him.

“The Monster” Abyss vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Joe looks royally pissed as he power walks to the ring. Joe gets in the ring and goes right after Abyss with lefts and rights and jabs. Joe scares the referee away but that allowed Abyss to nail Joe with a knee to the gut. Abyss tosses Joe into the corner and charges but Joe moves and hits the Leaping Enziguri! Joe breaks out the Facewash on Abyss in the corner! As Joe hit the ropes, though, Abyss got to his feet and went for a clothesline, but Joe ducks and hits a Running Enziguri! Joe follows up with the Senton Backsplash and then he nails repeated jabs on Abyss. Abyss pushes Joe away and grabs Joe by the throat and hits a Chokeslam out of nowhere! Abyss goes out to the ring and grabs a steel chair but before he can get back in the ring Joe dives through the ropes with the Forearm Suicida sending the chair into Abyss’ face! Abyss crawls over to the ring bell and nails Joe with it! The referee disqualifies Abyss as he goes nuts.

Winner: Joe via DQ

Joe’s eye is busted open as Abyss continues to hammer him. Abyss tosses Joe back into the ring and Joe starts swinging wildly at air. Finally RVD’s music hits! RVD runs out to the ring and Abyss bails out. RVD checks on Joe and then stares Abyss down. A bloody Joe looks over at Abyss and stares. EMT’s come out to check on Joe but he shoves them away and looks at RVD before leaving the ring. RVD grabs a microphone.

RVD calls out Jeff Hardy and says that Jeff owes him and the fans an explanation. Jeff says they were friends and he had his full support but now he has his friendship. Jeff Hardy on the big screen cuts him off and Jeff says that friendship in this business is nothing but an illusion where you draw your competitors in close and devour them just like he devoured RVD. He says that Abyss carved RVD up and Jeff chewed him up and spit him out. Jeff calls himself the new Antichrist of Pro Wrestling and says that RVD wants him but they all do.

Eric Bischoff’s music cuts them off and he walks out to the stage. Bischoff says if RVD wants a shot at Jeff & the title, he’ll give it to him but only if RVD can defeat Mr. Anderson tonight in the Main Event! The winner gets a shot at the belt at Turning Point. RVD agrees to it and says that he’ll beat Anderson and then he’ll kick Hardy’s a**.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————

In the back Bischoff flirts with Ms. Tessmacher and he says he wants to have her over after the show for a cocktail and “talk about whatever comes up.” She agrees to it and then Bischoff says “it really is that easy with you isn’t it?” Bischoff says Pope and Nash know exactly how easy she is and then calls her a bunch of words they had to bleep out. He says that she almost screwed it up for him by talking to them. Bischoff says he can’t trust her and if she wants to be in TNA, she better find some boots and some tights and sling her a** around with the Knockouts. She no longer runs the Knockouts and then he tells her to get her 38 Double D’s out of his sight (come bring into my sight then!). Mr. Anderson walks up to Bischoff and shakes his hand. Anderson says he never thought in a million years he’d meet a bigger a**hole than him and says Bischoff is more of a douchebag. The whole time he has a hold of Bischoff’s hand and is squeezing. Anderson says Bischoff “ain’t gonna’ win this war” and then walks off.

Handicap Match
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. Fortune (AJ Styles, Douglas Williams, Beer Money, & Kazarian) w/Ric Flair & Matt Morgan

This is about as lopsided as it gets. Pope locks up with Morgan and forces him into a corner. Pope nails Williams with forearms and chops but Williams comes back with a knee and a European Uppercut. Williams hits the ropes and then a shoulder block. Williams hits the ropes again but this time he hits a Flying Forearm from Pope! Pope ducks a clothesline and then hits a series of Elbows! Williams tags in Kaz who eats a big Backdrop from Pope! Pope follows up with an Atomic Drop and then a Shoulder Block! Kaz rolls backwards and tags in AJ. AJ goes for a clothesline but Pope ducks and hits a chop. AJ is laid out over the middle rope and Pope hits the Coronation on AJ! Pope lands on the outside and he takes out Flair with a right hand! Pope then eats the Carbon Footprint from Morgan as he turns around. Fourtune have the referee distracted. They roll Pope back into the ring where Styles gets a nearfall but pulls his head up before 3. Roode tags in and throws Pope into the corner. He lights Pope up with chops but Pope answers with forearms only to get cut off by a knee. Storm tags in and Beer Money hit the Beer Money Double Suplex on Pope. Storm lays Pope out with a huge right hand and then tags in Kaz. Kaz whips Pope into the ropes and hits a dropkick for a nearfall but Pope kicks out. Kaz whips Pope into the Fourtune corner but Pope wakes up and lays all of them out with elbows. Kaz then grabs Pope and rakes his eyes. Kaz holds Pope as AJ springboards off the top with the Flying Forearm attempt but Pope moves out of the way. AJ lands on his feet and stops himself from hitting Kaz, but turns around and Pope goes for a clothesline. AJ ducks and then goes for the Pele but Pope move and AJ nails Kaz with it! Pope throws AJ into a charging Williams and then rolls Kaz (the legal man) up! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! The referee tries to get AJ out of the ring but while he’s distracted by that Beer Money runs in and hits the DWI on Pope! Kaz covers him and finally gets the pin.

Winners: Fortune via pinfall (DWI)

After the match Fourtune continues to put the boots to Pope.

In the back The Shore is walking towards the entrance.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————

Back from commercials The Shore (Cookie & Robbie E.) come out to the ring. I’m telling you, Cookie is thick as hell, dang. I want to slap him with that stupid Fist Pump dance. A big “who are you” chant starts before he even says anything. Robbie says we’re on at the same time as the Jersey Shore but after they debuted last week nobody wants to see those fake punks. Robbie says Jersey Shore is done and Cookie agrees. Cookie says nomore of The Situation or Snooki or “J-Coww”. Some more lame Techno sounding music hits and the Beautiful People come out with J-Woww. I’m sorry the few of you Jersey Shore fans that actually watch wrestling but I have no clue who this chick is (nor do I care). All I know is she is on the piece of crap show, The Jersey Shore. J-Woww gets in Cookie’s face and again Cookie calls her a cow and a poser. Cookie tells her to take her fake weave, fake nails, and fake dollar store fun bags and go crawl back to the whole she came out of and says this is their house. She slaps J-Woww but J-Woww takes her down and starts swinging at her and slamming her head into the mat! BP low blow Robbie and kick him out of the ring. BP then kick Cookie out of the ring as well.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————

A recap of what just went down is shown after the break.

Mr. Anderson is shown in the back stretching before his match with RVD tonight.

Main Event
TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
Mr. Anderson vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

Anderson and RVD trade right hands as the bell rings until Anderson chops RVD. RVD then kicks Anderson and Anderson tries to answer with a kick of his own, but RVD catches his foot and hits the Stepover Heel Kick! RVD hits Shoulder Blocks on Anderson in the corner and then he tries to whip Anderson into the opposite corner but Anderson blocks it and then hits a series of rights. Anderson attempts to whip RVD into a corner but RVD reverses it and then hits the Rolling Monkey Flip! RVD hits a Running Spinning Heel Kick in the corner and gets a nearfall. Anderson rolls out of the ring to catch a breather but he eats a sliding dropkick from RVD. RVD then slingshots to the outside but Anderson grabs him by the leg. RVD kicks him with the free leg and then hits a Standing Moonsault off the apron onto Anderson!


Van Dam rolls Anderson into the ring and climbs up top but Anderson crotches him. Anderson climbs up top with Van Dam and goes for a Superplex but RVD blocks it and shoves Anderson off. RVD sets back up but Anderson crotches him again. Anderson climbs back up and hits the Superplex! Anderson covers RVD, 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Anderson covers again and again gets a nearfall. Anderson puts the boots to RVD as the fans get behind RVD. Anderson steps on RVD’s head and then he whips RVD into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but RVD ducks but eats a back elbow for another nearfall. Anderson hits a series of Crossfaces on RVD and then follows up with a Rear Chinlock. RVD fights to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. RVD hits the ropes but eats a big knee from Anderson and another nearfall. Anderson puts the boots to Van Dam and then chokes him on the middle rope. Anderson tosses Van Dam into the corner and stomps him down. Anderson then grabs RVD by the legs and drags him to the center of the ring. RVD fights back with right hands on Anderson from his knees but Anderson nails RVD with a knee to the side of the head. Anderson whips RVD into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but RVD ducks and hits a series of clotheslines of his own. RVD then follows up with a Superkick and then he goes for Rolling Thunder, but Anderson quickly gets to his feet and catches Van Dam on his back (perfect timing) and goes for the Green Bay Plunge! RVD blocks it and hits a Front Slam followed by the Split Legged Moonsault! 1…2…NO Anderson kicks out! RVD tries to whip Anderson into the ropes but Anderson counters into the Green Bay Plunge! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Anderson climbs up top and goes for the Kenton Bomb but RVD moves out of the way! RVD climbs up top now and goes for the 5 Star Frog Splash but Anderson gets his knees up! Both men are down now. Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring and calls the referee over. He tells him something and then the referee walks out with Bischoff. Bischoff and the referee walk to the back as Van Dam and Anderson are struggling to get to their feet. Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he runs down to the ring with a chair. Hardy nails Van Dam with the chair and then nails Anderson with it! Hardy puts Anderson’s arm in the chair and Twist of Fate’s Van Dam onto the chair! Anderson starts screaming and rolling around in pain. Hardy smirks and looks down at what he’s done as the fans boo him.



First things first, please people don’t listen to others. Form your own opinion on things. After hearing what numerous people said after they read the Impact spoilers I was expecting this show to just be awful but it wasn’t at all in my opinion. That is part of the reason I don’t read spoilers anymore (I’ve never read spoilers and thought “man I got to see that” EVER). Now onto the show.

The biggest complaint I saw from people on Twitter was the lack of wrestling on tonight’s show. Usually you would hear me bitching about the same thing but tonight it was need. They had so much on so many different levels that they had to explain everything. As well as set things going forward.

The opening segment was so well done, it was really great. They tied in everything for everybody that maybe some still hadn’t got (including what Dixie signed last week). Dixie was also very good in her “pissed off bitch that just got screwed over” role.

They are definitely walking a fine line when it comes to Fourtune’s involvement in where it crosses over into being a complete NWO reformation. As long as Fourtune as seen as it’s own entity that is associated with Hogan’s group (which I’m hearing is officially called Immortal).

Jeff Hardy cut not one but two great promos tonight. They were both short and sweet but you can really tell that this dark, heel character is something Hardy has been wanting to do for awhile.

I despise a belt changing hands the way it was but it definitely got Madison even more heat. I’m still not sure whether they’re heading towards a Mickie vs. Tara or Mickie vs. Madison program right off the bat. They may go with Mickie vs. Tara and if Mickie can beat Tara she gets Madison.

Kurt and Jeff’s promo on each other was awesome as well. You can definitely feel the actual tension those two have and I think Jeff working this angle as the heel will work a lot better (because if you think of the personal stuff that happened between them he is most definitely the heel). The word is Kurt is going to take some time off and then come back which he will have an automatic feud built in. I have no doubt Kurt is staying in TNA and they definitely need him. Screw what some say about Kurt (which is asinine in my opinion). If those people can say anyone who likes TNA are “morons” then I can say anybody that thinks Kurt Angle is an ‘awful’ wrestler in any way is brain-dead.

Samoa Joe looks like a complete bad ass again. If their mission is to restructure Joe back to that badass he once was then mission accomplished at BFG and this week. It’s been the subtle things so far. When Jarrett bailed on him Sunday and Nash, Pope, & Sting told him to just join them he threw the middle fingers in the air and screamed “F*CK THE WORLD” and then jumped the then heels. He got beat down but he looked like a badass in the process. The same this week it took a ring bell for Abyss to slow Joe down but even then with his face covered in blood he screamed at the medical staff and said he needed no help. Joe and Jarrett could be good.

The Pope is another guy that can really benefit from this whole Immortal angle. He stood up to 5 guys and not only did he stand up but he got his licks in on them all. He only got one nearfall on them but he wouldn’t stay down before they finally cheated to beat him. Pope I think can be the “DDP” of this whole angle who refuses to conform and gets really over in the process always going against the ‘evil’ heels. I don’t really like how Sting and Nash seem to have just walked out of the angle. Rumor is Nash is done and Sting could be as well. Sting I could see coming back and doing something in the next month or two and that needs to happen.

The Shore stuff is just not good in my eyes. I hate the Jersey Shore show and J-Woww does nothing for me. I know it got them publicity this week (mission accomplished on that front) but The Shore is just annoying.

Anderson and RVD had a really good match all the way up to the No Contest. Hardy gets more heel heat there. I really don’t want to see another 3-Way Match but it looks like that’s where they’re going.

Things weren’t prefect tonight by any means but it was a solid show that really tied in a lot of things and moved forward to others.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Official formation of Immortal
Match of the Night: Anderson vs. RVD (***)
Overall Grade: C+

Scheduled for Next Week: