Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 21, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

This week’s Impact opens up with a quick recap of the happenings last week focusing on Immortal’s takeover.

We cut to the arena and Mr. Anderson’s music hits. Anderson has his arm in a sling (obviously a result from Hardy’s attack on his arm last week). Tenay says he has a separated shoulder and a hyper extended elbow due t the Hardy attack. Anderson isn’t in a joking mood tonight as he doesn’t even do his usual intro. Anderson ‘begs’ Hardy to “take your little testicles out of Hulk Hogan & Eric Bishchoff’s purse, sack them babies up, put your little mascara on, your little panties on your arm, and get you’re a** to the ring right freaking now!” Only a couple minutes in and I think we have the Quote of the Night! RVD’s music hits and RVD comes out instead of Hardy.

RVD picks up the microphone that Anderson dropped and he asks Anderson what the matter is, asks if he’s mad that he got screwed out of a chance to get a shot at the title that he (RVD) never lost. RVD says he doesn’t know how long Jeff’s been playing him and Anderson can wait in line to go after his “best friend.” Hardy shows up on the big screen and says that forgiveness is in everyone but very few are willing to give it. Hardy says that everyone does everyone wrong and everyone is messed up because it’s human nature. Hardy admits that he did RVD and Anderson wrong and then asks them to forgive him and then does a little mocking smile and laugh. Eric Bischoff’s music hits and then he walks out onto the stage.

Bischoff says that he’s glad RVD & Anderson are in the ring together because he has a special invitation for both of them. He says that on Reaction tonight he and Hulk Hogan will tell in detail how they orchestrated the takeover of TNA. He then says that he’s had a lot of time to think and he feels a little responsible for Anderson’s predicament and he says he too wants Anderson to forgive him. He says that he feels that maybe he didn’t give Anderson the opportunity to win the Title. Bischoff says to show how sincere he really is he’s going to give him a match with Kazarian, in an X-Division match, and to show him how fair he really is he doesn’t even have to beat Kazarian and by doing so win a shot at the TNA Title. Bischoff then says, “if anybody can grab that X it’ll be you” teasing that it will be Ultimate X. He then turns to RVD and laughingly talks about Hardy serving him up to Abyss like a “Ham Sandwich.” Bischoff says that his e-mail and phone have been blowing up because everybody wants to be a part of Immortal and he can see how Jeff turning on him could make him a little paranoid, but he doesn’t want any of that to weigh on him especially tonight since RVD has to team up with a guy that RVD “thinks” is a great friend in Sabu to face Beer Money. Bischoff sarcastically says RVD should put it out of his mind because surely Sabu wouldn’t turn on him. Oh that is awesome mind games.

After the Impact intro hits Tenay hypes the card tonight which will feature Mickie James TNA debut against Sarita plus Beer Money vs. Sabu & RVD. Also, it’s official Kaz vs. Mr. Anderson in Ultimate X.

We cut to a shot of TMZ cameras catching up to Robbie E. and Cookie outside of their hotel talking about the J-Woww situation.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

In the back D-Lo Brown is trying to calm down RVD as he storms into the EV2 lockerroom. He wants to know which one of them has been talking to Bischoff and which one is going to turn. Raven pretty much calls RVD a paranoid pothead so RVD jumps him! EV2 has to separate the two. Dreamer tells RVD not to let Bischoff get to him but RVD just walks out. Sabu follows him.

Clips from the J-Woww/Shore confrontation are shown. We didn’t see this crap enough last week? The TMZ footage is shown as well.

The Amazing Red vs. Robbie E. w/Cookie

Red’s entrance isn’t even shown which isn’t a good sign. Red is back to wearing the old school Asylum days Red gear. Did Tenay just say “my dude?” My god. Red gets the crowd behind him as the bell rings but Robbie attacks him from behind. Robbie puts the boots to Red and then hits a Shortarm Clothesline. Red comes back with a left hand to the ribs and then a spinning back kick. Red hits the ropes but eats a back elbow from Robbie. Robbie charges at Red in the corner but Red gets his boot up. Red then charges at Robbie but Robbie catches him with a shoulder and slams him into the corner. Robbie whips Red into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Red ducks it and then hits a Headscissors Takeover. Red follows up with a running Double Tap Dropkick on Robbie in the corner. Red goes for a Roundhouse Kick but Robbie ducks and Red spins right through into an Enziguri! 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out! Red climbs up top and dives off with the Red Eye attempt but Robbie blocks it. Robbie does that stupid fist pump and then hits a Diamond Cutter and gets the win. How bad do you feel for Red? Going from X-Division Champion and hanging with Kurt Angle in a match to jobbing to this clown? The X-Division continues to go down, down.

Winner: Robbie E. via pinfall (Diamond Cutter)

After the match Cookie comes into the ring with a microphone and hands Robbie one. Robbie tells Jay Lethal to look what he just did to his “homeboy” Red and then he says he’s going to do the same to Lethal and then “bling out” the X-Division Title. I think if that happened I would probably vomit all over my TV. Robbie says they’re “tan, hot, and bro, you’re not.” Cookie then does her lame “Jersey’s in the house, b*tches” line. The fans chanting boring pretty loudly during that promo.

Earlier this week Pope was getting a table dance in New York from some chick and then he turns to the camera and talks about Immortal. Pope says it’s funny how when “The Wolves” (Sting & Nash) left the building he had to face Fourtune in a Handicap Match. He calls it gang warfare and then says that’s something he knows all about. Pope says he intends to fight this fight even if he has to do it by himself. He says he’s starting at the top, not the bottom. Pope says he’s starting with AJ Styles and says he’s calling him out. Pope challenges Pope to a “fight” and then turns back to his table dance.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Footage of Mick Foley’s book signing from last week is shown. Brian Kendrick was in attendance and he asks a question about something in the book. Kendrick is just weird.

In the back Fourtune are discussing the matches for tonight. Storm calls RVD “STD” and then says Fourtune is the greatest. Kaz says if a “one legged man can’t win an ass kicking contest then how can a one armed man win an Ultimate X”. AJ mocks Pope and accepts his challenge and says it’ll be a Street Fight AND he’ll put the belt on the line. They “ice” Flair again. How is it I’m in college and never heard of this drinking game until seeing it on TNA? Flair does the “Woo” dance after downing the beer. Bischoff walks up and says in fairness to Pope tonight and AJ asks “when’d we start that?” Bischoff says if Fourtune interferes in the match tonight they will strip AJ of the belt and give it to Pope. Flair says to Bischoff that they just bonded so what’s the deal. Bischoff walks up and Flair fires the troops up again.

In the makeup room BP are getting ready when Ms. Tessmacher walks in. She needs their help but Velvet says they haven’t forgotten her “mouth.” Tessmacher wants to learn how to wrestle from them and she says she’ll do anything. Velvet tells her to kiss her ass and then tells her to get out. Lacey says she deserves a 2nd chance but BP doesn’t think so. Velvet and Lacey walk out leaving Angelina. When Angelina looks up in the mirror KATIE LEA BURCHILL is behind her! She smiles and says she didn’t mean to startle Angelina. She says her name is Winter and is a great admirer of Angelina and she waited a long time to meet her. Angelina says “ooookay” and then shakes her hand, Katie Lea is just staring eerily into the mirror the whole time. Velvet walks back in and asks Angelina who she’s talking to and when Angelina turns back around Winter is gone. Velvet says Angelina needs to get more sleep or something. Angelina says maybe she does. That was awkward.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

TNA World Television Championship
Street Fight (if Fourtune interferes, Pope wins the belt)
“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c)

Pope waited for his Pope Dinero to fall down from the rafters but it never did, apparently Hogan & Bischoff want no fan fare for him. Both AJ and Pope are wearing street clothes for this one. Pope is taping his hands as AJ makes his entrance and then AJ stops on the ramp and dares Pope to come after him. Pope does and they start brawling on the stage. Pope hits AJ with an elbow and then throws him into the side of the stage. AJ answers back with a big right hand and tries to throw Pope off the stage but Pope nails AJ with a back elbow and then betas him down the ramp. Pope tries to hit AJ with the TV Title but AJ ducks and nails Pope with a BIG right hand! AJ continues with the right hands until Pope blocks one and then tosses AJ into the ring steps. Pope then catapults AJ into the ring post! Pope slams AJ into the apron and then nails him with a right hook. Pope chokes AJ with a piece of the tape around his hand as Taz and Tenay bicker on commentary. Pope rolls AJ into the ring but as he was getting in AJ nails him with a series of right hands and then kicks Pope in the nuts! AJ puts the boots to Pope and then beats on him from corner to corner. AJ hits a Snapmare Takeover and then a Fishhook (not literally a fish hook, the move) in the side of Pope’s mouth. AJ screams “in the mean streets of Gainesville this is how it’s done!” That is too priceless. Pope fights to his feet and stomps on AJ’s toes and then hits a series of body shots and then some big forearms. Pope follows up with a clothesline and then a back elbow but AJ answers with a poke to the eyes. Pope swings wildly but everytime he does AJ easily ducks and nails Pope with a right hand of his own. AJ screams that he’s too fast for Pope and then Pope feigns a right and when AJ ducks he nails AJ with a crazy combination of body shots and then a right hook that lays AJ out. Pope covers AJ and gets a close nearfall. Pope’s hand speed is so nice. That boxing background really shines when he shows it. Pope grabs AJ but AJ shoves him through the ropes and he lands hard on the floor on the outside. AJ shakes off the big shots and then sets up for a dive but when he went for the Slingshot Plancha Pope moves out of the way! Pope then hits a clothesline and tosses AJ back into the ring. The fans are really behind Pope in this match. Pope taunts AJ but then Abyss comes up from behind and attacks Pope! Abyss is NOT part of Fourtune. Abyss beats on Pope as AJ laughs and then tells Abyss to “kill him.” Abyss hits Pope with the Black Hole Slam and in a hilarious moment AJ thanks Abyss and then slaps him on the ass and Abyss quickly turns his head back at AJ and stares. AJ looks at Abyss then quickly turns around and pins Pope.

Winner & STILL TV Champ: AJ via pinfall

After the match Fourtune comes out to celebrate the win and then Bischoff comes out and laughs and celebrates with Abyss and Fourtune.

Earlier tonight Sarita was stretching and preparing for her match against Mickie tonight. Sarita says it’s too bad that they couldn’t put Mickie against an easier Knockout and finishes with “Welcome to Impact, Mickie.”

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

In the back Pope bumps into Joe and asks if he enjoyed seeing him get destroyed out there. Joe tells Pope to adjust his tone when he talks to him or he’ll catch a second beat down tonight. Joe asks why he would even think that he would help him. Pope says the point is they can do it alone or together and have each others back. Joe says he has nobodies back and walks off. Pope says it’s bigger just than he and Joe. Pope says, “everybody needs somebody every now and then.”

In his office Bischoff is on the phone with Hulk laughing about what just happened with Pope. Bischoff says that Hogan told him to tell Ric that he’s not only the dirtiest player in the game but also the smartest. Flair and Bischoff laugh about pulling one over on everybody again.

Taz and Tenay then talk about Immortal. Taz questions Pope wanting Joe to “fight his battles.”

We cut to a package of Team 3D talking about their announcement. Bubba says he and Devon have been thinking about this for a long time and Devon says they figured it was time to hang it up as a team because there is nothing left for them to do. Bubba tells a story about Alexander the Great and when he ‘realized’ there was nothing else left to conquer, he started to cry. Bubba says at Turning Point 3D is done for good and it’s their last match. He talks about their Wrestling School and says that Devon wants to spend more time with his family and Bubba is looking to get into music (how laughable is that?). Bubba says it will be a win-win at Turning Point because either they will retire as Tag Champs or the Guns can be known as the team that put 3D on the shelf. Bubba says picking the Guns was easy because they are currently the best team in the world. Bubba says they may not be the #1 Contenders right now but they have earned the right to request this one last match. Devon says the Guns can say that they put out the best Tag Team in wrestling history which would be a hell of a notch in their belt.

Earlier Today the camera guy tries to get Sabin to say yes or no to 3D’s challenge as he and Shelley were tossing around a football and Velvet was flirting with Sabin. Finally Sabin turns around says what as one of GenMe intercepts his pass to Shelley and starts messing with Shelley. Max then throws the football and hits Sabin in the back of the head! The two teams then start shoving each other as Velvet gets between them. GenMe mocks them and says they’re hiding behind a girl. The Guns then shove Velvet out of the way and attack GenMe!

Footage of Reaction from last week with Jeff Jarrett talking about Angle is shown. Then Joe is shown talking trash about Jarrett. Joe looks extremely bad ass standing there screaming about “murdering fools that dare to cross me” with blood streaming down his face.

Jarrett is in the back saying how he’s regretted doing what he did last week and he’s going to go out and talk about it next.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Footage from Jarrett’s attack on a helpless Kurt Angle from last week was shown. A big “you sold out” chant starts as Jarrett gets in the ring. Jarrett says he’s out tonight to publicly apologize for what he did to Kurt last week. Now a “Jarrett sucks” chant starts and Jarrett just puts his head down followed by a “King of Nothing” chant. Jarrett says if Kurt was standing in front of him tonight he would tell him how much he deeply regrets….not kicking the hell out of Kurt more than he did! Jarrett looks at the fans and says the King is back on top of the mountain once again and now Kurt is gone from TNA forever! Jarrett says just like many before and surely many to come in TNA he made Kurt and he also broke him. Jeff says the ironic thing is out of his kind heart he’s the one that gave Kurt a job when no one even wanted him. Jeff says he’s stripped Kurt of everything: his dignity, his pride, his honor, and his career. Before Jarrett can continue Samoa Joe’s music hits and he power walks to the ring! Security bum rushes Joe but he shoves them away. Jarrett hits Joe as he was trying to get into the ring. They try to handcuff Joe but he fights them only to finally have the 3 overpower him and handcuff him. Jarrett screams at Joe and continues to beat on him but then Joe grabs Jarrett and actually wraps his handcuffed arms around Jarrett’s throat and drags him up the ramp! Joe chokes Jarrett while security attack him and then Jarrett comes back and tosses Joe off the stage! Jarrett looks at the fans and then over at Taz and Tenay. Tenay stands up and asks what the hell has gotten into Jarrett. Tenay says for 8 years all Jarrett screamed about was how they had to be a team and now he’s turned his back on TNA. Jarrett turns around as damn near every fan in the arena boos him. Jarrett then looks down at Joe laid down prone on the floor below him and then he smiles. Jarrett says, “looks like Joe needs a little help.”

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials what just went down with Joe and Jarrett is shown.

Beer Money Inc. vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam & “Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal” Sabu

I believe this is the first time Van Dam and Sabu have teamed together in a several years. Taz talks about Sabu & RVD’s history together as not only former partners (and Tag Champs) but also being trained together by the original Sheik. RVD and Storm will start the match off. They lockup and Van Dam gets Storm in a waistlock and then he shoves Storm into the ropes and goes for a Hip Toss, but Storm blocks it and goes for one of his own. RVD blocks it and then kicks Storm in the head! RVD then hits the Rolling Monkey Flip! Van Dam tags in Sabu and he then leaps off the back of RVD with Air Sabu on Storm in the corner! Sabu then whips Storm into a Spinning Heel Kick from RVD! Sabu covers Storm, 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Storm comes back with a poke in the eyes and tags in Roode. Roode and Sabu exchange right hands and Roode goes for a clothesline but Sabu ducks and then nails Roode with a right hand. Sabu hits the ropes and nails Roode with a clothesline but Roode doesn’t go down. Roode dares him to do it again so Sabu hits the ropes but this time he hits a Sliding Dropkick into Roode’s knees! Sabu whips Roode into the corner and then connects with a Running Clothesline for another nearfall. Tenay & Taz’s bickering is getting annoying. Sabu attempts to whip Roode into the ropes but Roode reverses it and Roode lays Sabu out. Roode puts the boots to Sabu and then slams him into the corner and tags in Storm. Storm nails Sabu with a big right hand and then an uppercut. Roode tags back in and Beer Money whip Sabu into the ropes. Roode hits an Atomic Drop and then a Snap Suplex. Roode follows up with a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Roode rakes the eyes of Sabu and then he tags Storm back in. Storm beats on the ribs of Sabu as Roode held him. Storm then throws Sabu intot he corner and rakes his eyes some more. Storm whips Sabu into the opposite corner and charges but Sabu gets his boots up. Sabu springboards off the ropes with a Springboard Tornado DDT! Storm tags out to Roode and Sabu tags in RVD. RVD nails Roode with a series of Running Clotheslines and then he hits a big Superkick! RVD then backdrops Sabu into a Moonsault on Roode followed by a Standing Moonsault from RVD! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! RVD hits a Scoop Slam on Roode and then they hit the Rolling Thunder/Springboard Splash combo on Roode! 1…2…NO Storm breaks it up! Sabu comes in and knocks Storm out of the ring. In the ring Roode counters a clothesline into a Spinebuster on RVD! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Storm slides back in and Beer Money go for the DWI but RVD kicks Storm in the head and then Roode holds Van Dam in a waistlock. Storm tags a swig of his beer and spits it at RVD but RVD ducks and Storm spits it in Roode’s face! RVD nails Storm with a Forearm and then rolls Roode up! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Sabu climbs into the ring with a chair as the referee screams at him but Sabu ignores him. Sabu throws the chair at Storm but Storm ducks and it nails RVD! Storm tosses Sabu out of the ring and Roode covers RVD for the pin!

Winners: Beer Money via pinfall

After the match Tenay questions whether that was on purpose or not. RVD is apparently questioning it as well and argues with Sabu in the ring. RVD shoves Sabu and Sabu shoves him back! They tease going at it but EV2 runs down to separate them.

Earlier this week Mickie James is on the back of a fake bull and she says that she knows Sarita is a world class athlete but Mickie is a world class champion “and that’s no bull.” Lucky stupid bull.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

In the back Bischoff and Flair are hyping Kaz up. Flair says Kaz is on the path to greatness.

Mickie James vs. Sarita

This is, of course, Mickie’s TNA in-ring debut. Excuse me while I drewl all over my keyboard as Mickie makes her entrance. Got to give Tom Van Stone a special shoutout as he sent me some preview picks of Mickie’s “new look.” For those unlucky to not have seen it, she’s now wearing some daisy duke short shorts and a shirt, well not much of a shirt actually and of course she’s looking as thick as ever! Anybody that thinks that woman is “fat” or a “pig” should seriously think about giving women up all together. I think Mickie just did the “hook em Horns”, you’re from Tennessee Mickie not Texas. Mickie and Sarita lockup and Sarita gets the advantage with a wristlock but Mickie rolls through it and then nips up to her feet and slaps Sarita’s arm away followed up by a Monkey Flip. Mickie and Sarita get in each others face and Sarita shoves Mickie. Sarita swings at Mickie but Mickie blocks it and then hits a Spinning Back Kick. Mickie locks Sarita in a Side Headlock but Sarita shoves her into the ropes only to eat a Shoulderblock from Mickie. Mickie hits the ropes and then cartwheels over Sarita as Sarita drops down to the mat. Mickie then follows up with a dropkick and she gets the first nearfall of her TNA career. Mickie locks Sarita in a waistlock but Sarita gets to the ropes and bumps Mickie off. Sarita then grabs Mickie by the head and slams her to the mat. Sarita kicks Mickie and then climbs up top and attempts a Springboard Splash but Mickie moves out of the way and then dropkicks Sarita through the ropes to the floor. Mickie goes for a Sliding Dropkick under the ropes but Sarita blocks it. Mickie counters with a Spinning Headscissors on Sarita on the floor! Mickie goes to grab Sarita but Sarita grabs Mickie by the shorts and slams Mickie to the ring steps. Sarita rolls Mickie back into the ring and covers her for a nearfall of her own. Sarita covers Mickie again for another nearfall and then she slams her knee into Mickie’s back repeatedly. Mickie fights back with shots to the ribs but Sarita slams her to the mat again and puts the boots other. Sarita taunts Mickie and then throws her into the corner and hits a Running Knee followed by another. Sarita lifts Mickie up on her back in a crazy Reverse Spinning Bow & Arrow, but Mickie is able to counter her into a rollup! 1…2…NO Sarita kicks out! Mickie comes back with Forearms on Sarita and then she ducks a clothesline from Sarita and hits a series of her own. Mickie grabs Sarita but Sarita shoves her into the corner. Sarita then charges at Mickie but Mickie nails her with a back elbow. Mickie then lifts up into a head scissors on Sarita and hits the Mick-A-Rana! Mickie climbs up top and dives off with a Diving Senton! Mickie then hits the Mick Kick! 1…2…3!

Winner: James via pinfall (Mick Kick)

After the match Tara runs out and nails Mickie from behind! Tara slams Mickie to the mat repeatedly and then screams at her. Tara picks Mickie up and hits the Widow’s Peak! Tara then wipes her feet on Mickie and screams “you’re in my house now!”

In the back Anderson talks about Jeff attacking his arm last week. He says he’s going to “whoop the sh*t” out of Hardy.

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

In the back Mickie walks out of the arena and says she’s going to Hogan & Bischoff’s office. Mickie says if Tara wants to play games, she’s playing with the wrong girl.

As Anderson was getting ready to make his entrance Fourtune jumps him! They drag him onto the stage and continue to beat on him! As Kazarian makes his entrance he acts shocked at Anderson being laid out on the stage but then smiles and walks to the ring. Tenay puts over that Kazarian was involved in the very first Ultimate X back in 2003.

Main Event
Ultimate X Match
Kazarian vs. Mr. Anderson

Kazarian immediately climbs up to the cables and starts scaling them but Anderson runs down to the ring and pulls Kaz down! Anderson then nails Kaz with a clothesline and a back elbow. Anderson hits a elbow drop and then another one. Anderson rolls out of the ring and looks under it. Kaz hits a Sliding Dropkick onto Anderson on the floor!

————————COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————–

Back from commercials Kaz is on the X cables again as Anderson tries to pull him down. Kaz kicks him off and then goes for the X but again Anderson grabs him by the leg and starts swinging Kaz back and forth causing him to hit the mat hard. Anderson climbs up top and reaches up to grab the cable with one arm and tries to hold himself up with the other arm but can’t and he falls to the mat. Anderson goes back over to Kaz and goes for a clothesline but Kaz ducks and hits a roundhouse kick to the injured shoulder of Anderson. Kaz then hits a Hammerlock Slam on that same arm followed by a Slingshot Leg Drop over the top rope onto that arm again. Kaz picks Anderson up but Anderson answers with a Jawbreaker! Kaz pokes Anderson’s eyes and then charges at Anderson but Anderson sidesteps him and slams Kaz into the corner. Anderson then charges at Kaz but Kaz moves sliding through the top and middle ropes onto the apron. Kaz follows up with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope on Anderson. Kaz then climbs up onto the X cables and almost gets to the X again. Anderson grabs him by the leg but Kaz kicks him off. Kaz reaches up for the X but Kaz pulls him down right into the Mic Check! Both men are down now. Anderson rolls out of the ring and pulls a ladder out from under the ring! Anderson sets the ladder up under the X and climbs it and starts to pull it down until Fourtune runs down and attacks him! Morgan Powerbombs Anderson off the ladder! Kaz then climbs up on Morgan’s shoulders and Morgan stands under the X allowing Kaz to pull the X down.

Winner: Kazarian via pulling the X down

After the match Anderson actually climbs under the ring for some reason as Fourtune celebrates. Anderson reemerges with a pipe Scott Steiner style! Anderson nails Morgan with the pipe and then Williams as the rest of Fourtune bails out! Jeff Hardy runs down with a chair as Roode distracted Anderson! Hardy with a disgusting chair shot to the back of Anderson’s head (I think he was supposed to hit Anderson in the back but he clearly nailed him right in the head unprotected). Anderson is busted open as Hardy stares down blankly at Anderson. Oh man, that blood is just gushing out of Anderson. Hardy puts Anderson’s arm in the ladder and then slams the ladder into the ladder! Hardy then does his own version of Hogan’s pose as the fans are just raining down boos on him. Anderson’s head looks disgusting right now. Hardy goes down to ringside and starts screaming at the fans and actually tearing up some of their signs.

In the back Flair and Bischoff are walking into the parking lot and into an SVU. The SVU pulls off but then stops as Kurt Angle is standing in its way! Angle pulls the driver out and then starts beating on the SVU as Bischoff and Flair lock the doors. Angle busts out the back windshield with a pipe and then security runs up as Bischoff screams at them to get Angle out. security has night sticks and Angle backs up slowly as Flair and Bischoff continue screaming. Security pulls them out of the SVU and Flair tells them to call the cops and lock Angle up. Flair screams “I’m bleeding again, I’m not even wrestling tonight and I’m bleeding again!”


I really thought tonight’s show was extremely entertaining. They mixed the wrestling with the backstage stuff and promos a lot better. The show felt kind of ADD moving too fast at times but when you have one 2-hour show a week to get over everything that tends to happen.

The open was really good with everybody involved coming off well. Anderson was great with the revenge on his mind and looking like he was in no mood to play. Hardy had another eerie promo and Bischoff was great planting the thoughts of paranoia into RVD’s head (which played in later as well).

First off, a negative. I hate the bickering between Taz & Tenay. It takes away from what’s going down in the ring. I’m all for a heel commentator but that was annoying.

God, I hate Red jobbing to that clown Robbie. Let alone jobbing in under 2 minutes. They are really screwing the X-Division over. With all the crazy stuff going on at the top of the card they really need to have the X-Division showcasing some great athleticism to counter all the storyline stuff. Robbie E. does absolutely nothing for me. The guy was decent for what we saw in the ring but the gimmick is awful and the promos they cut are awful. Just let guys like Red and Lethal go out there and have great matches. It’s not complicated.

AJ and Dinero had a fun little brawl until Abyss got involved. That feud was short lived earlier in the year and I think it could be a great one for Pope. Pope and Joe should be the guys that they are really pushing forward as going against Fourtune.

As for Joe, he came off looking like a badass yet again going after Jarrett and still nearly choking him out with handcuffs on. I just don’t know where they can go after throwing the guy down 2 stories to concrete. Jarrett cut a great heel promo as well.

Katie Lea’s debut was weird but I think it could be cool if done right. I don’t know if they’re going with a witch type thing with her or what but she’s another solid addition to the Knockouts.

Mickie and Sarita put on a solid match and it was good to just see Mickie go out there and show that she can still go when given decent opponents and not just models that have had 3 months of training. And good lord is she hot or what?

The 3D video package was really good but a little long. They put over the Guns nicely. I was a little confused that they went from that to more feud stuff between the Guns and GenMe. I really think that if they go through with the 3D-Guns match the Guns need to go over CLEAN and possibly GenMe getting involved, screwing the Guns out of the title worries me.

Beer Money/RVD & Sabu was a decent little tag match with the story of course is Sabu going to turn on Van Dam? RVD & Sabu worked well together like they always do and it’s actually a solid win for Beer Money.

I hate them giving throw away Ultimate X Matches with no build. One of the biggest successes in terms of creativity in TNA has been Ultimate X and doing stuff like this just disappoints me. Yes, it was perfect to put a guy with a screwed up arm in a match where you have to scale cables like a jungle gym. It didn’t make Kaz look necessarily look to great that he needed Fourtune to not only beat Anderson up before the match but also during the match for Kaz to win in “his match.” Anderson looked good in it though.

Apparently Anderson will get his shot at Hardy despite losing because he “survived the match.”

That shot that Anderson took after the match was nasty and man is Hardy pulling in some great heat. Him messing with the fans after the match was perfect too. Hardy as a heel is working right now.

I loved Angle showing up at the end. It shows everyone, hey Angle isn’t going anywhere and that he’s going to be a pissed off Olympic hero.

In short, some things I like how they’re going, some are confusing me, some are disappointing me.

Side not, the detailed run down of Hogan & Bischoff’s plan on Reaction is perfect.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening segment
Match of the Night: AJ vs. Pope (**)
Overall Grade: B-

Scheduled for Next Week:

Turning Point Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Mr. Anderson