Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
November 04, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with a recap of last week focusing on the Matt Morgan/Anderson/concussion issue.

In the back Bischoff is dressed in Karate gear while Flair is pumping him up and a referee is trailing behind them. Bischoff’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring (in complete Karate Gi with fight gloves and everything) alongside a referee and Ric Flair. Bischoff grabs a microphone and says he has some major business to take care of tonight but right now he wants to address Matt Morgan. Bischoff says that they talked to Hulk Hogan earlier today and they all agree that Matt Morgan is officially kicked out of Fortune and Immortal. Bischoff says Morgan needs to do himself a favor and stay away from the Impact Zone. He even pulls out the “future endeavors” line. Bischoff mocks Mr. Anderson’s concussion and Flair says he’s not tough enough to be a wrestler. Bischoff says he’s going to give Anderson one more chance, if he wants the Title match against Hardy this Sunday he has to come out to the ring and pin Bischoff and then sign the contract. Bischoff says Anderson probably isn’t even at the arena tonight but if he doesn’t get his “skinny little white ass” out to the ring then he will never get a shot at Hardy. Bischoff says he’s about to give Anderson a sample of what he’s in for if he does decide to show up. Bischoff turns his attention to the referee who Bischoff says “prematurely” released Matt Morgan from the handcuffs last week and “put Jeff Jarrett’s career in jeopardy”. The referee defends himself saying he did everything right. Bischoff says that he just called him a liar and then Flair says he’s also talking back to him. Bischoff hands Flair the microphone and then hits a Judo Throw on the referee and kicks him out of the ring. He fires the referee and they mock the fans.

Backstage Fortune is clowning on Morgan as well as Williams, who is trailing behind them.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

Back from commercials Brian Kendrick is reading stuff from Mick Foley’s book to EV2 when RVD walks in. RVD still thinks Raven is Bischoff’s ‘boy’ but they continue to say he isn’t. AJ Styles and Fortune walk in and RVD thinks EV2 set him up. AJ tells EV2 to go ahead and kill each other because nobody wants them in TNA anyway. He also says that at Turning Point one of them will be going home anyway and he gets in every member of EV2’s face. Rhino gets heated and then AJ says he thinks they’ll fire “boring Rhino” after Fortune wins at Turning Point. Rhino tries to Gore AJ but he moves and Rhino hits RVD! Fortune back out and Dreamer asks Rhino what the hell he’s doing.

Clips of Hardy’s attacks on RVD & Anderson are shown as well as Hardy talking trash about Anderson.

At the announce table Tenay & Taz are joined by telephone by Anderson. Anderson says he has the worst concussion of his life right now and he can’t tell what’s going to happen this point forward. He says his short term memory was gone after a couple of days and he’s going to a clinic in Minnesota to be further evaluated. Anderson appreciates Matt Morgan stepping up for him but it’s hard to know if Morgan can be trusted still.

In the back Angelina and Velvet talk about Velvet’s match against Sarita tonight and how Velvet is going to kick her ass tonight. Velvet wants to prove something tonight so she wants Angelina to stay in the back and Angelina agrees. Velvet leaves and when Angelina turns around Winter is standing there and Angelina calls her a “creeper.” Winter says she won’t leave her and Angelina says she likes being alone and she’s going to go be alone right now. Angelina leaves the room and tells Winter to leave her alone.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

Velvet Sky vs. Sarita

Clips of Sarita pinning Velvet last week are shown as Sarita makes her entrance. Velvet gets Sarita in a Full Nelson at the bell but Sarita counters into a Waistlock. Sarita goes for a slam but Velvet lands on her feet and then kicks Sarita into the ropes. Velvet attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita reverses it only to eat a Hurricanrana from Velvet! Velvet follows up with an arm drag into an Armbar. Sarita fights to her feet and slams Velvet to the mat. Sarita chops Velvet in the corner and then goes for a clothesline but Velvet ducks it and hits a series of chops of her own. Velvet goes for a DDT but Sarita shoves her off and then kicks her to the mat. Sarita then rolls over Velvet and then grabs her by the hair but Velvet counters with a Jawbreaker. Velvet follows up with a Sliding Dropkick and then she goes for the DDT again but Sarita holds onto the ropes to block it. Velvet loses her temper and starts pounding the mat and ropes but eats a clothesline for her troubles. Sarita lifts Velvet up but Velvet shoves her into the corner and then goes for a clothesline but Sarita ducks it and shoves Velvet into the corner. Sarita beats Velvet down in the corner and then hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a rollup for a nearfall. Sarita beats on Velvet’s back but Velvet answers back with chops only to eat a back elbow from Sarita. Sarita lifts Velvet up and goes for the Tiger Bomb but Velvet blocks it and then attempts to whip Sarita inot the ropes but Sarita reverses it. Sarita goes for a Backdrop but Velvet stops and kicks Sarita. Velvet follows up with a Running Bulldog and then a clothesline. Velvet goes for a second clothesline but Sarita ducks and then lifts Velvet up into the air. Velvet shifts her weight and lands on top of Sarita in a Lateral Press for a nearfall. Velvet hits Sarita with another Jawbreaker and then she goes for the DDT for a third time but Sarita blocks it and flings Velvet through the ropes to the floor. Velvet again shows frustration as she starts to climb back in the ring. Sarita kicks her as she got back into the ring and then hits the Tiger Bomb! 1…2…3!

Winner: Sarita via pinfall (Tiger Bomb)

In the back Bischoff is sparing with Jarrett and then Bischoff asks if Jarrett thinks he should apologize to Samoa Joe (sarcastically). Jarrett says he does have a few words for Joe that he’s going to give him later.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

Douglas Williams and Kaz argue about their former X-Division Title feud. Flair says when the Horsemen had an argument inside the group they went to the ring and handled it there so tonight they’re going to do it “Horsemen style” as Kaz will face Williams one-on-one! Fortune walk away but Williams stays behind and approaches Christy Hemme. He has something to talk to her about.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Generation Me & Tara vs. Ink, Inc. & Mickie James

Tara’s shirt says “cougar” on it, oh my lord. I’d love for that cougar to bite me and lets just say those words look a tad bit better on her than they do on Vickie Guearrero. Some emo guys are sitting at ringside and Tenay says they’re some rock band. Have I ever mentioned how hot Mickie James is? Jeremy and Neal will kick the match off. They lockup and Jeremy forces Neal into the corner and then punches him in the face. Jeremy attempts to whip Neal into the opposite corner but Neal reverses it and Jeremy attempts to float up and over Neal, but Neal stopped in his tracks and goes for a Back Suplex. Jeremy lands on his feet but eats a back elbow from Neal. Neal springboards off the middle turnbuckle with a Cross Body Block! 1…2…NO Jeremy kicks out! Neal tags in Moore and then nails Jeremy with a Snap Suplex and Moore comes flying in with a Slingshot Somersault Splash. Moore follows up with a Spinning Armdrag and then an armbar. Tara and Mickie James start getting into it on the apron as Moore rolls up Jeremy! The referee is distracted by the girls and doesn’t seen the pin but finally turns around and Moore only gets a one count. Neal tags back in and Ink, Inc. whips Jeremy into the ropes. They hit him with a Double Back Elbow and then Moore Hip Tosses Neal into a Somersault Splash on Jeremy! Jeremy rolls to his corner and tags in his brother Max. Max goes for a clothesline but Neal ducks and hits a Forearm followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Max kicks out! Neal whips Max into the ropes but he holds onto the ropes and then backdrops Neal over the top as he charged at him. Neal lands on the apron but Tara grabs his Mohawk! Neal shoves her away and then blocks a clothesline attempt from Max. Max spins around and then backflips into a Headscissors on Neal! He holds Neal in place with the Headscissors as Jeremy then dropkicks him off the apron! Jeremy and Tara roll Neal back into the ring where Max gets a nearfall. Max shoves Neal into the corner and hits him with repeated Shoulder blocks and then Tara chokes Neal on the bottom rope. Max taunts Neal and then hits a Standing Dropkick and tags Jeremy back in. Jeremy stomps on Neal and tags Max right back in. Max hits a Snapmare Takeover and then locks in a headlock. Neal fights to his feet and breaks the hold with Forearms and headbutts. Neal hits the ropes but Jeremy trips him and drags him to the floor. Neal attempts to clothesline Jeremy but he ducks and Tara Superkicks the dog sh*t out of Neal! They roll Neal back into the ring and Max gets a nearfall. Max shoves Neal into the corner and tags Jeremy back in. Jeremy works on Neal’s arm and then tags Max back in. GenMe whips Neal into the ropes and then they go for a Double Clothesline but Neal ducks and then shoves Max into Jeremy which in turn sends Jeremy flying through the ropes down to the floor. Neal tags in Moore and he’s a house afire with a Spinning Heel Kick on Max and then he knocks Jeremy off the apron. Tara rakes Moore’s back from the apron as Max recovers and climbs up top. Mickie James crotches Max on the top turnbuckle and then she climbs up with him and hits a Superrana! Jeremy climbs back in the ring but Moore kicks him and then tosses him out of the ring to the floor! Moore then backdrops his partner Neal over the top into a Plancha on Jeremy on the floor! Moore ducks a clothesline from Max and then hits a Back Elbow. Moore climbs up top and hits a Diving Moonsault! 1…2…NO Tara breaks it up! Mickie comes flying n with a Thesz Press on Tara! Mickie beats on Tara but Tara reverses it and starts beating on Mickie! Mickie reverses it again and then she turns around where Max is standing there. He tries to grab Mickie but she ducks out of the way and then hits Max with the Mick Kick! Neal then lifts Max up on his shoulders and Moore dives off the top with the Mooregasm on Max! 1…2…3!

Winners: Ink, Inc. & Mickie via pinfall (Mooregasm)

After the match Ink, Inc. & Mickie’s celebration is short lived as Tara & GenMe attack them. The heels beat on the babyfaces and then they celebrate over the fallen good guys.

We cut to a scene of Orlando Jordan and Eric Young talking to some “specialist.” He asks them how long they’ve been in a relationship. Young thinks they need to find a double team move and Jordan says something about wanting to “be on top.” Young says some goofy stuff about being in the Scout troop and then talks about having a lot of partners in his career. Young says he “stretches” him out and keeps him loose, disturbing.

Jeff Jarrett is smugly smiling as he walks towards the entrance ramp.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

They show a clip of 3D and Machine Guns having a face-to-face where they talk about their upcoming match. Lots of “mutual respect” type stuff here. Both teams put each other over during the segment Bubba jokes that if they want to the Guns can leave their kicks at home because he isn’t looking forward to getting kicked in the face again. 3D says they’re taking the belts from the Guns and they’ll sleep with those belts afterward and The Guns say may the best in the world win.

Clips of the Jarrett/Joe stuff are shown.

Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring. Jarrett says he’s going to address Kurt Angle first tonight. He asks where Kurt gets off bashing out Bischoff’s limo windows and he says he knew Kurt was weak but he had no idea he was THAT weak. Jarrett asks if it was Bischoff or Flair who tried to cripple him, he says it was him and his issues are with Jarrett not them. Jarrett says if Kurt has all this anger then he needs to go home so he can be all alone. Jarrett turns his attention to Samoa Joe and he says he has one word for Joe: I’m sorry (that’s two words Jeff). Jarrett says if he had any idea that stage was as high as it was when he threw Joe off…then he would have thrown him off a hell of a lot higher! Jarrett says he’ll give Joe an opportunity this Sunday to face him. Jarrett says he’s been wanting to get something off his chest for a month. He says he doesn’t want to hear “you sold out” chanted at him again and then Jarrett says he didn’t sell out, he bought in. Jarrett drops the microphone and leaves the ring. Jarrett taunts the crowd but then as he walks up the ramp Samoa Joe comes out of nowhere from under the ramp! He actually bursts through the ramp and attacks Jarrett!

Joe beats Jarrett’s ass all around ringside and then tosses him into the ring. Joe throws Jarrett into the corner and nails him with a Running Knee Strike and then lifts him up on the top rope and sets up for the Muscle Buster! Security runs out to help but Joe takes them out with Forearm Smashes. Joe hits one with a Running Dropkick and then the other with a Snap Powerslam! Jarrett bails out and runs to the back as Joe stares at him. The fans chant for Joe as Jarrett cowers.

Security attacks Joe from behind again but Joe fights them off! Joe tosses one clear over the top rope to the floor and then hits the Muscle Buster on the other! He then stares down Jarrett again! Bad ass Joe is back!

In the back RVD talks about not knowing who he can trust anymore. It’s going to be RVD vs. AJ vs. Rhino in a Triple Threat tonight for the TV Title.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

TNA World Television Championship
Triple Threat Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) vs. “War Machine” Rhino vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

AJ tries to get RVD and Rhino to fight as the bell rings but RVD shoves him and then Rhino tosses him out of the ring. Rhino and RVD then get in each others faces but Rhino turns around and goes after AJ on the floor. Rhino tries to whip AJ into the ring steps but AJ reverses it! RVD hits a Sliding Dropkick through the ropes to AJ on the floor! RVD goes for a Slingshot move but AJ slides back into the ring and RVD lands on the apron. RVD then tries to springboard back into the ring but AJ dropkicks him in midair! AJ beats on RVD in the corner and then he tries to whip RVD into the opposite corner but RVD reverses it and then hits the Rolling Monkey Flip! AJ comes back with a poke to the eyes and then he puts the boots to RVD and follows up with a Scoop Slam. AJ hits the ropes but Rhino trips him from the floor and then comes back into the ring and whips AJ into the corner and nails him with a clothesline followed by a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Rhino sets up for the Gore but AJ moves out of the way sending Rhino into the corner! AJ stomps on Rhino but turns around into a Spinning Heel Kick from RVD! RVD hits a Scoop Slam and then goes for Rolling Thunder but AJ gets to his feet. RVD goes for a Scoop Slam but AJ blocks it and then whips RVD into the corner. AJ charges at him but RVD backdrops him over the top rope. AJ lands on the apron and then goes for a Springboard move but RVD kicks his feet out from under him and AJ hangs himself on the top rope! RVD goes to dive out onto AJ but Rhino stops him and then they start arguing back and forth. This allows AJ to hit the Springboard Flying Forearm onto both Rhino & RVD. AJ rolls RVD up, 1…2…3!

Winner & STILL TV Champ: AJ via pinfall (rollup)

Rhino and RVD continue to argue after the match until EV2 comes out to separate them. RVD knocks Raven down and then Dreamer asks for a microphone. Dreamer asks what’s going on with RVD’s head and RVD mockingly says he should trust them. RVD says Dreamer is the “brains” behind EV2 so maybe he should look no further than Dreamer. He asks Dreamer what he’s hiding and Dreamer is pissed that RVD is accusing him. Dreamer says RVD needs his head fixed so he challenges RVD to a match at Turning Point and RVD accepts!

In the back Williams and Kaz are getting ready for their match.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

In the back Abyss talks about Immortal never dying like Hulkamania.

Ric Flair will be at the announce boot for the next match.

Kazarian vs. Douglas Williams

They lockup at the bell and Williams locks Kaz in a Full Nelson and then transitions into a Hammerlock as Kaz fights it. Kaz reverses the hold but Williams rolls through and counters into a wristlock. Kaz grabs the top rope and flips through into a reversal and then trips Williams up. Williams kicks Kaz off and then Kaz kicks him off! The two stare each other down. Beer Money walks down to ringside now. Kaz hits a Shoulderblock on Williams and then taunts him. They lockup again and this time Williams locks Kaz in a Side Headlock and then hits a Takedown and holds onto the Headlock. Kaz rolls him over into a nearfall but Williams rolls back over only to have Kaz roll him over into another nearfall. Williams gets to his knees and holds onto the headlock. Kaz shoves him into the ropes and then locks in a headlock of his own. Williams counters with a Back Suplex but Kaz lands on his feet. Williams goes for a back elbow but Kaz ducks and then goes for a Sunset Flip but Williams sits down on him for another nearfall. They lockup again with a Test of Strength with Williams getting the advantage but Kaz bridges up and then forces Williams back. Williams bridges up now and Kaz trips him up. Kaz hits Williams with a series of kicks and then a spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Kaz beats on Williams and then whips him in the corner but Williams stops his momentum by putting his boot up to the turnbuckles. Both men charge at each other and collide heads. Both men get to their feet and Kaz goes for a clothesline but Williams ducks and hits a Spinning European Uppercut! Williams locks in a Waistlock and goes Chaos Theory but Kaz blocks it. Kaz then springboards out of the corner with a Flying Cross Body! Williams rolls through, 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! Williams hits a series of headbutts and European Uppercuts and then he whips Kaz into the corner. Williams follows up with a Running Knee and then a T-Bone Suplex! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out again! Williams slaps Kaz and then attempts to whip him into the ropes but Kaz reverses it sending Williams crashing into James Storm, who was standing on the apron taunting the crowd! Kaz rolls Williams up! 1…2…3!

Winner: Kaz via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Williams argues with Beer Money & Kaz so Ric Flair leaves the announce booth and comes down to the ring. Flair gets between them and shakes Williams hand. Flair then gets Williams & Kaz to shake hands.

Pope cuts a promo “earlier today” talking about their match tonight.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

Another stupid segment with Orlando & Young runs.

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Pope hits the ring, with his ribs bandaged, and takes it right to Abyss with kicks and punches. Pope hits Abyss with repeated right hands and then he hits a huge Uppercut followed by yet another one! Abyss never goes down so Pope hits the ropes only to eat a Big Boot. Abyss hits a Corner Splash on Pope and then he throws Abyss out of the ring to the floor. Abyss beats Pope around ringside and then he pie faces a fan at ringside! Abyss then drags another fan over the guardrail and punches him! The referee calls for the bell and then screams for security as Abyss punches yet another fan and then drags another one over the guardrail!


Abyss throws another fan over the guardrail as security and TNA agents run down to try and stop Abyss. Pope grabs a microphone and says if Pope wants to get the Congregation involved then they should have a Lumberjack Match at Turning Point where members of the Congregation are the lumberjacks! Abyss accepts the challenge it!

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————-

In the back Robbie E. and Cookie are talking about the X-Division Title Match at Turning Point. He calls Lethal a disgrace to Jersey.

A Turning Point ad runs hyping the card.

A cool, creepy Jeff Hardy vignette runs calling himself the “anti-Christ” of wrestling again.

Eric Bischoff comes back out to the ring to see if Anderson will accept his challenge, he’s holding the Title Match contract. No one comes out so Bischoff suggests Jeremy Borash vs. Bischoff! JB wants nothing to do with this so Bischoff stomps his foot and then shoves JB over and starts kicking him and punching him on the mat. Finally, Mr. Anderson’s music hits! The lights go out and when they come back on nobody is standing there.

Bischoff turns around and Matt Morgan is behind him! Bischoff looks like he’s about to sh*t himself and Morgan nails him with the Carbon Footprint! Morgan covers Bischoff and the referee counts the 3! Morgan then picks up the contract and signs it! Morgan vs. Hardy at Turning Point!

Ric Flair comes out after Morgan leaves and says Morgan is good at attacking someone from behind and then says in 3 days Morgan has to face Hardy now. Bischoff doesn’t look happy at Flair confirming this. Flair says Morgan will bleed, sweat, and pay the price Sunday and then helps Bischoff up.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Bischoff/Morgan
Match of the Night: Williams vs. Kaz (**1/2)/Mixed Tag (**1/2)
Overall Grade: C –

Turning Point Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Team 3D
– TNA X-Division Title: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Robbie E.
– Fortune vs. EV2 (winning team can fire a member of the losing team)
– Tara vs. Mickie James
– Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer
– Lumberjack Match: Abyss vs. The Pope
– Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett