Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
November 18, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with clips of evil Jeff Hardy.

As we come into the arena Ric Flair’s music hits and the 16-time World Champion makes his way out to the ring (solo tonight). Flair says he has a hot topic on his hands right now and that’s Matt Morgan. Flair says that since Matt Morgan decided to make the mistake of punching him last week, he talked with Bischoff & Hogan and they decided to appoint a Special Referee for Morgan’s rematch with Hardy! The special referee will be RIC FLAIR! Morgan says he doesn’t want Morgan to go around backstage complaining about this, he wants Morgan to bring his “lanky, big ass” out to the ring and complain to him.

The former Fortune “enforcer” doesn’t make Flair wait long as he walks out to the ring. Flair asks Morgan what he used to call him and that is “Naitch” but that privilege is revoked because only his friends can call him that. Morgan looks to the crowd and Flair tells him to not turn his face away from “God” and that when he goes to “wrestlers Heaven” he’ll have to go through God. Flair says that he could have Fortune come out right now and kick Morgan’s ass just like that if he wanted to and Morgan starts looking to the tunnel and Flair responds by telling Morgan to not look away from God. Flair says he’ll give Morgan another choice and face him tonight and if he does then Flair won’t be the special referee at Final Resolution! Morgan says that wrestling Flair is #1 on his Bucket List anyway so “hell yeah” he’ll accept the challenge! Flair takes off his jacket and starts getting fired up and says that he slept with Zenyatta (the race horse) last night because that’s what it takes to get him going. That dude is nuts. Flair says he’ll kick Morgan’s ass and make him regret the day he walked away from Fortune to become some “kiss ass good guy.” Flair says last week if he would have been standing next to Hogan that Hogan would have bitch slapped him. Flair says that when Morgan’s nuts start to shrink up when he gets to the back he’ll know why, because he’s wrestling God tonight! Flair throws his jacket at Morgan and says “I got your Bucket List!” Morgan says he’ll do his talking in the ring tonight when he shoves his size 18 boot up Flair’s ass! This makes Flair come UNGLUED as he starts running the ropes and shadow boxing before saying “I’ll see ya’ tonight!”

In the back Generation Me are walking backstage when Tara walks up to them. She wishes them good luck and when they start to walk away she slaps Jeremy Buck on the ass. The cougar strikes! Max tells Jeremy “alright Jer!” and then they start to walk off again and Tara slaps Max on the ass this time.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from the break Tenay & Taz hype the card for tonight which features Jeff Hardy vs. Raven and if Raven loses he’s fired! Also, Abyss has issued an Open Casket Match Challenge plus Morgan vs. Flair.

8-Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal, & Velvet Sky vs. Generation Me, Robbie E., & Cookie

Chris Sabin sits down right at the ropes as Velvet makes her entrance (lucky him) and then Tenay reveals that Sabin and Velvet are actually dating (even MORE lucky him). Taz says that’s why he hates Sabin. Max and Lethal will kick the match off but Lethal wants Robbie. Max teases tagging Robbie in but turns around and charges at Lethal only to eat an arm drag! Lethal follows up with a second one and then he reaches back to throw a punch which causes Max to flinch. Max then turns around to tag out but Lethal grabs him by the leg and pulls him back. Lethal puts Max in a wristlock and then tags Shelley in. Shelley climbs up top and drops an elbow on the outstretched arm of Max. Shelley locks Max in a side headlock but Max shoves him into the ropes, where Sabin blind tags Shelley, and then Max leapfrogs Shelley and stops in his tracks as Shelley was going to punch him. Max then turns around and eats a right hand from Sabin. Max spins around into a right from Shelley and then one from Lethal and finally one from Velvet! Shelley hangs Max upside down in the corner in the Tree of Woe and then The Guns and Lethal knock the heels off the apron. Velvet then stands on Max’s nuts in the corner! Lethal & Shelley hit Double Sliding Dropkicks to Max’s face and then Sabin hits the Hesitation Dropkick on Max all while Velvet was still standing on his damn nuts! That kids going to need some ice tonight. Sabin drags Max to the center of the ring and gets a nearfall before Robbie & Jeremy break it up. Sabin tags Shelley back in and Shelley sets up Max for a Superkick but from the outside Jeremy trips him and pulls him out to the floor! Jeremy swings but Shelley blocks it and lights Jeremy up with a chop! Robbie then grabs Shelley from behind as Max goes flying through the ropes with a dropkick to Shelley sending him into the guardrail! Robbie and Jeremy put the boots to Shelley and then roll him back into the ring where Max gets a nearfall and then tags Cookie in. Cookie puts the boots to Shelley and then tags Robbie in. Robbie puts the boots to Shelley now and then whip Shelley into the ropes and hits a Back Elbow. Robbie drags Shelley into the heel corner and tags Jeremy in. Jeremy chokes Shelley in the corner and then tags Max in. Shelley shoves Jeremy back and then nails Max with a chop. Shelley Forearm Smashes Jeremy and then Max locks him in a Waistlock. Shelley nails Max with back elbows and then charges to the face corner but Jeremy cuts him off and nails him with a series of knee strikes followed by a Gutbuster! Jeremy holds Shelley over his knee as Max comes flying in with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Max covers and gets a nearfall but Sabin breaks it up. Jeremy tags back in and then he whips Max into Shelley in the corner but Shelley backdrops Max over the top rope! Jeremy runs over and puts the boots to Shelley again but then Shelley counters with a Jawbreaker! Jeremy falls backwards into his corner and tags Robbie in, who cuts Shelley off from making a tag again. Robbie grabs Shelley by the leg and taunts him and dodging rights and lefts from him. Shelley then hits an Enziguri! Robbie falls into his corner and tags Jeremy back in! Jeremy grabs Shelley by the leg to try and stop him from tagging out but he was able to reach out and tag Lethal! Lethal nails Jeremy with a clothesline and then one for Max and then a back elbow to both men. Lethal follows up with a Springboard Cross Body onto Max! Lethal chops Jeremy and then attempts to whip him into the ropes but Jeremy reverses it only to eat the Handspring Back Elbow off the ropes from Lethal! Lethal drags Robbie into the ring and nails him with a big right hand. Cookie comes into the ring and tries to slap Lethal but he blocks the slap. Jeremy comes in and goes for a right on Lethal but he ducks and then hits Jeremy with the Lethal Combination! 1…2…NO Jeremy kicks out! Sabin tags back in and hits Jeremy with the Springboard Flying Clothesline! 1…2…NO Max breaks it up! All hell breaks loose as everybody hits the ring and starts going at it! Robbie, Shelley, Lethal, and Cookie spill out to the floor. In the ring Sabin hits Max with an Atomic Drop and then Velvet nails him with a Spinning Headscissors Takeover! The Guns stack GenMe up in the corner and then Shelley whips Sabin into a Flying Forearm on GenMe in the corner and then Shelley dives off of Sabin’s back with a Flying Forearm of his own! Sabin then dives off Shelley’s back with a Flying Back Elbow on GenMe! Sabin clotheslines Max over the top to the floor and then The Guns hit the Machine Gun Sandwich (Running Mafia Kick from Sabin and an Enziguri from Shelley on the apron on the outside) on Jeremy in the corner! The Guns set up for the Skull & Bones and Cookie comes in to stop them but Velvet spears her and then starts slamming her head on the mat! The Guns then connect with the Skull & Bones on Jeremy! Shelley tries to cover Jeremy but he’s not the legal man so he turns around and hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Robbie on the floor! The referee tries to break the cat fight up as Sabin covers Jeremy. Max slides into the ring and sprays hair spray or something in the eyes of Sabin! Jeremy then rolls him up and holds onto the tights! 1…2…3!

Winners: Generation Me, Robbie, & Cookie via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Jeff Jarrett is warming up in MMA gear.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

In the back Generation Me are celebrating the win when Machine Guns come in and tell them that they didn’t beat anything. Shelley says they’re the champions because they don’t HAVE to cheat and he has an offer for them. Shelley suggests the four of them settle this in an empty arena on Reaction tonight! GenMe accepts it!

We cut to Jeff Jarrett talking to Gunner & Murphy. He says Hulk & Eric want him to give a demonstration of his new found MMA skills (after choking Joe out) so he’s going to do it tonight. Jarrett wants them stationed outside to keep Kurt Angle out of the building. Jeremy Borash walks by and Jarrett stops him. Jarrett says Angle has no integrity left because he said he would retire if he didn’t win the title and he’s still running around there. Jarrett cuts Borash off from saying something about Hardy and then he slaps Borash and tells him to get that smirk off his face. Jarrett says he has a point to prove to Joe tonight and he’s going to display that tonight and Borash better in the ring describing the pain he inflicts word for word. Borash asks what happened to Jarrett and Jarrett screams at Borash that he didn’t sell out and says TNA is run correctly now.

A video package hyping Kurt Angle and his beef with Jarrett is shown.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from the break Jeremy Borash introduces the 6 “students” that Jarrett will be demonstrating on tonight. They line up on the ramp and then Jarrett comes out decked in MMA gloves and even MMA trunks and taped feet. Jarrett slaps Borash again as he gets in the ring. The first move performed will be the Juji-gatame Armbar. Jarrett says this is a very simple move and then the first MMA student throws a punch at Jarrett, he blocks it, and locks in the Armbar. He pulls back on it and tells the guy to tap when it’s too much. He tapped but Jarrett held the hold on for longer and the fans are already chanted boring. The next move is the Japanese Knee Lock. Jarrett mentions that Frank Mir made Brock Lesnar tap out to this move. Jarrett is holding onto the holds longer and longer after the students tap. The next move is the Ankle Lock. Jarrett says this move was perfected by Ken Shamrock. The next move is the Rear Naked Choke (Coquina Clutch) and Jarrett says he learned this move from Royce Gracie. Samoa Joe’s music hits!

Joe walks out onto the stage with a microphone and says that Jeff is a “sad, silly son of a bitch” and instead of wasting the peoples time he should “spar” with Joe. Jarrett says he has two students left and if Joe goes through them then he’ll get Jarrett one-on-one tonight in a Submission Match! Joe accepts it!

Samoa Joe vs. 2 Scrubs

Joe circles the white kid first and Joe traps the kid in a Rolling Armbar and he taps immediately. The black guy is up next and Joe slams him to the mat and then locks him in a Shoulder Lock and he taps!

Winner: Joe

Jarrett comes into the ring and shoves one of the students into Joe so Joe greets the student with a Front Kick! Jarrett shoves another into a Forearm from Joe! Jarrett then shoves a third into a clothesline from Joe! A fourth swings at Joe but Joe ducks and hits a T-Bone Suplex! Jarrett bails out of the ring and runs up the ramp. Joe screams at Jarrett to get into the ring but Jarrett says “not tonight.” The black guy then shoves Joe from behind and then eats a series of nasty body shots and then Joe puts him up in the corner and hits the Muscle Buster! Joe looks back at Jarrett and Jarrett runs down the tunnel!

In the back Raven is getting ready for his match and Stevie Richards tries to pump him up. Dreamer then tries to hype him up and then Brian Kendrick incoherently rambles about birds or something. Raven then says someone needs to give the bird to Immortal and then flips off the camera.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Jeff Hardy vs. Raven

If Raven loses this match, he’s fired. I remember a few years ago these two were in a feud in TNA. They had a Tables Steel Cage Match at Lockdown back in ’05 and then were supposed to have a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match but Hardy no showed (and was replaced by Syxx-Pac). I believe Hardy wasn’t in TNA for much longer after that. Jeremy Borash reads the special introduction that Eric Bischoff wrote for Hardy. Borash does this big, long winded special introduction for Hardy and then says “and introducing his opponent…Raven” and walks out. That was kind of funny. Hardy and Raven lockup and Raven gets Hardy in a Side Headlock but Hardy shoves him into the ropes. Raven comes off the ropes with a Shoulder Block on Hardy and then covers him for a nearfall. Raven grabs Hardy but Hardy counters with a Jawbreaker. Hardy charges at Raven but he side steps him and Hardy spills out to the floor. Raven follows and Russian Leg Sweeps Hardy into the guardrail. Raven rolls Hardy back into the ring and climbs to the top. Raven then hits a Flying Knee off the top to the back of Hardy’s head and gets another nearfall. Raven rolls out to the floor and pulls out a steel chair! Raven wedges the chair in between the top turnbuckle and the middle turnbuckle and tries to whip Jeff into it but Hardy reverses it sending Raven crashing into the chair! Jeff follows Raven out to the floor and slams him into the apron and then screams at the fans. Back in the ring Hardy attempts to whip Raven into the corner but Raven reverses it. Raven then charges at Hardy but eats a back elbow from the World Champ. Hardy then climbs up top and goes for the Whisper In The Wind, but Raven moves out of the way! Raven then nails Hardy with a series of jabs and then a Spinning Clothesline DDP-style. Raven picks Hardy up and whips Hardy into the corner and then hits a Running Clothesline followed by the Running Bulldog! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Raven sets up for the Evenflow but Hardy reverses it into the Twist of Hate! Hardy then climbs up top and hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…3 and Raven is fired.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

Dreamer, Richards, and Kendrick come out and check on Raven and then Hulk Hogan walks out onto the ramp and stands by with Hardy. Hogan says Dixie Carter had the gall to say that the worthless EV2 meant to wrestling what he did. Raven starts to come up the ramp but Stevie stops him. Hogan says, “you’re fired, Raven, quote the Hulkster nevermore.” Damn.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from the break Dreamer is still in the ring, great another teary eyed Dreamer promo. Dreamer calls Rhino out to the ring and after a few seconds he makes his way out. Rhino says all the EV2 members knew that his contract with TNA expired after Turning Point but none of them cared. He says the only person that cared was Eric Bischoff. He says that Bischoff gave him a choice and that choice was employment or unemployment. Rhino says at first he told Eric that he could kiss his ass but he realized that he was in TNA years before Dreamer or RVD and when they came they stole the spotlight which was something they always did. Rhino says he just became an afterthought and maybe his actions last week will make them realize that he doesn’t take a back seat to anybody. Dreamer says he thinks that Rhino is one of the greatest athletes to ever step inside a TNA ring and then says Rhino is the “War Machine” for a reason but before he could say anything else Rhino cuts him off and says he’s the “War Machine” because he kicks ass and if Dreamer pisses him off then he’ll kick his ass too. Dreamer says that he and RVD came to TNA because they wanted to prove that TNA is the best wrestling company today and because they believe in TNA. Dreamer says the fact that Rhino’s contract expired is just part of the business and they cant help that. He says Rhino sold his soul and sold out his friends for money. Rhino asks if Dreamer is going to take care of his family and says that desperate people do desperate things. He says all Dreamer and Van Dam think about is their selves and from now on all he thinks about is himself. Dreamer says he’s right and he understands about taking care of his daughter. Dreamer says they all are in this thing together but Raven & Sabu went down with a fight while Rhino quit. Rhino grabs Dreamer’s injured wrist and then nails him with a clothesline. Rhino stands on his wrist but then Van Dam’s music hits and he runs out to make the save! Rhino attacks RVD but he comes back and hits Rhino with a Spinning Back Kick! RVD then checks on Dreamer but eats a nasty Gore from Rhino as he turns around!

Abyss is rolling the casket around backstage.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

In the back Matt Morgan talks about his match with Flair.

Casket Match
Shannon Moore vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Moore avoids Abyss for a few seconds and then attacks him with rights and lefts. Moore then tries to toss Abyss into the corner but Abyss blocks it and then he tries to slam Moore into the corner but Moore blocks it and shoves Abyss into the turnbuckles! Moore then follows up with a series of right hands and kicks. Moore hits a Forearm Smash and then he goes for a Running Back Heel Kick but Abyss blocks it and slams Moore to the mat. Abyss tosses Moore out to the floor and then Abyss tries to place Moore into the casket but Moore blasts him with a couple of right hands. Abyss nails Moore with a forearm and then tosses him back into the ring and goes for a Corner Splash but Moore gets out of the way. Moore charges but Abyss backdrops him over the top. Moore lands on the apron and hits a shoulder block through the ropes followed by a Forearm. Moore climbs up top and dives off with a Diving Bulldog! Moore tries to roll Abyss into the casket but Abyss stops before he could get him in it. Abyss punches Moore and then gets to his feet but Moore nails him with a series of rights and then he hits a Running Forearm! Moore goes for another Running Forearm but Abyss grabs him by the head and tosses him over the top rope to the floor! Abyss beats Moore around ringside but Moore comes back with rights and lefts of his own! Moore lays Abyss’s face in the casket and slams the top on him! Moore then hits an Asai Moonsault over the casket onto Abyss on the floor! Moore rolls Abyss into the casket but he couldn’t get Abyss’ legs in and Abyss kicks him off. Abyss shuts the casket lid but Moore attacks him from behind! Abyss grabs Moore by the head and tosses him into the guardrail! Back in the ring Abyss goes for a Chokeslam but Moore fights it with Back Elbows. Moore then hits the ropes but Abyss nails him with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss drags Moore to the casket and opens the lid but The Pope is laying in it! Pope sits up and gets in Abyss’ face and attacks him! Pope is on Abyss like “stank on sh*t!”


Pope nails Abyss with a series of Pimp Slaps and then Moore dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick on Abyss! Abyss bails out of the ring and Pope stares him down.

In the back Angelina Love talks about her match with Mickie James tonight.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Match
Mickie James vs. Angelina Love

Mickie isn’t wearing the chaps that she was wearing at Turning Point but you can’t hate on this little shorts. They lockup in the center of the ring and Angelina gets Mickie in a Waistlock and then takes her down with a Front Slam. Angelina rolls her over and gets a one count. Angelina then trips Mickie again and gets another nearfall. Mickie then hits an Oklahoma Roll of her own for a nearfall. Mickie with a Waistlock on Angelina and then a Rollup! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out! Mickie and Angelina stare each other down and then shake hands. They lockup again and Angelina gets her in a side headlock. Mickie tries to shove her into the ropes but Angelina holds onto the headlock and drops down to the mat still with the hold on. Mickie fights to her feet and hits a nice throw but Angelina gets right back up and locks on another headlock. Mickie breaks the hold with a forearm to the ribs and then she shoves Angelina into the ropes only to eat a Shoulderblock from the former Knockouts Champ. Angelina hits the ropes and then Mickie gets to her feet and goes for a Hip Toss but Angelina blocks it. Angelina goes for a Hip Toss of her own but now Mickie blocks that and then Monkey Flips Angelina! Mickie follows up with a dropkick! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out! Angelina slaps the turnbuckles in frustration. They lockup again and this time they brawl into the corner where the referee tells them to break. Angelina nails Mickie with a Forearm and then she attempts to whip Mickie into the opposite corner, but Mickie blocks it and puts her knee into the abdomen of Angelina. Mickie hits the ropes but eats a clothesline from Angelina! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Angelina follows up with a Front Slam for a nearfall. Angelina locks Mickie in a Sleeper but she gets to her feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Mickie then goes for a Back Suplex but Angelina lands on her feet and shoves Mickie into the ropes. Angelina goes for the Botox Injection but Mickie ducks it! Angelina shows more frustration and then Mickie offers another handshake but this time she slams Mickie to the mat as she grabbed her hand! Angelina covers Mickie and gets yet another nearfall. Angelina picks Mickie up but Mickie backs Angelina into the corner and hits her with a series of shoulder blocks. Angelina lifts her body up and locks in a Headscissors on Mickie and then brings one of her legs down on the top of Mickie’s head repeatedly! Angelina then kicks her off and follows up with a Rollup as Mickie charged her! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Angelina whips Mickie into the corner and then charges but eats a back elbow from Mickie. Mickie traps Angelina in a Headscissors of her own in the corner and then hits the Mickiecanrana! Mickie follows up with a Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Angelina kicks out! Mickie climbs up top and dives off with a Senton but Angelina moves out of the way and Mickie lands on her feet! Mickie turns around and walks right into the Botox Injection! 1…2…NO Mickie kicks out! Angelina goes for the Lights Out but Mickie blocks it with back elbows and then hits the Mickie-DT! 1…2…3!

Winner: James via pinfall (Mickie-DT)

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

In the back Angelina Love is going nuts over the loss. She throws around a chair and some other junk. She breaks what looks like one of James Storm’s beers. Someone grabs her shoulder and then says “it was destiny that made you lose that match, Angelina” and when she turns around it’s Winter. Angelina asks her what she wants and Winter says everything is happening exactly like it was meant to. Winter says everything will fall into place now and then tells her to relax and now it’s time they get to know each other. That chick is creepy yet hot at the same time.

Footage of Brother Ray attacking Devon is shown. We cut to the ring where Bubba has a microphone. He says everyone is asking him why he attacked Devon last week and he says he did it because he can. Bubba says he’ll give everyone an explanation because he’s in a good mood. Bubba says 15 years ago he created the greatest Finishing Move in the history of Tag Team Wrestling and he says that move could beat any team in any kind of match. He says that move won him 23 Tag Team Titles, the Dudley Death Drop (3D). Bubba names off the list of people they beat with the 3D: Dreamer, RVD, Sabu, Taz, Funk, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, APA, The Rock, Jarrett, Samoa Joe, and even Kurt Angle. Bubba says no one ever kicked out until Chris Sabin at Turning Point. Bubba says he didn’t kick out because Sabin was better, he kicked out of it because Devon was weak. Bubba says Devon has always been the weak link in 3D and he says he was the star of Team 3D while Devon was a costar. Bubba says Devon never stood beside him, he always stood two steps behind him where he belonged. Bubba says he’s the Shawn Michaels to Devon’s Marty Jannetty. Bubba then says, “to all those people going ‘who the hell is Marty Jannetty?’…EXACTLY.” Bubba says if it wasn’t for him Devon would have never gone anywhere and he says any one of their brothers could have been his partner. Runt, Big Dick Dudley, any of them. Bubba says Devon is just a sidekick and he’s nothing more than a guy that “got my tables.” Bubba drops the microphone and leaves the ring.

—————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Main Event
“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

So all of a sudden they’ve changed the stipulations. If Morgan wins, he gets to choose the Special Referee and if Flair wins then Morgan doesn’t get his shot (what happened to Flair being the referee?). Morgan and Flair lockup and then Morgan tosses Flair back across the ring. Flair kicks Morgan in the knee and then lights him up with Flair Chops. Morgan shrugs them off and then nails Flair with chops of his own. Morgan whips Flair into the ropes and hits a Backdrop. Morgan whips Flair into the corner and then hits a Corner Splash followed by the Back Elbows. Flair drops down face first on the mat and then Morgan sets up for more back elbows but Flair shoves him into the referee. Flair then kicks Morgan in the nuts as Morgan looked down at the referee. Flair hits Morgan with right hands and chops and then he hits the ropes but Morgan grabs him by the throat! Flair then pokes him in the eyes and then tosses Morgan out of the ring. Flair follows out and chops Morgan some more. Flair tires to slam Morgan into the guardrail but Morgan blocks it and then slams Flair into it. Looks like Flair’s head is busted open as Morgan punches him repeatedly and then bites him! Morgan continues to beat on Flair and then rolls him back into the ring where Flair begs him off.


Morgan continues to beat on Flair in the ring and then he whips Flair into the ropes and hits a Sidewalk Slam. Morgan calls for a Chokeslam and then he hits it! Fortune runs out to the ring and attacks Morgan! Doug Williams is with them despite them bailing on him last week. He doesn’t help them attack Morgan though. AJ tells him to join in but Williams refuses to and then he decks AJ! Williams headbutts Kaz and then tosses Storm out of the ring! Roode decks Williams and asks him what the hell he’s doing! Roode turns around right into a Spinning Clothesline from Morgan! Morgan then lays Kaz & AJ out! The referee starts to come to and Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint on Flair! 1…2…3!

Winner: Morgan via pinfall (Carbon Footprint)

Fortune went nuts at ringside at Williams turning on them.


First thing I have to say is TNA really, REALLY sucks at making anything feel special. Tonight is a prime example. Mickie James vs. Angelina Love for the first time ever in a #1 Contenders Match, nobody knew until right before. A Casket Match that was never hyped up before tonight. A match where someone would get fired if they lost and last but not least arguably the greatest wrestler ever in a rare wrestling appearance. That’s just poor. I mean why not at least hype some of this stuff in commercials or something or not do random stuff like that at all. Hype it up for the next damn week.

The opening segment was solid with Flair and Morgan with Flair dropping some nice one-liners.

The Mixed 8-Person Tag was decent while it lasted and GenMe vs. Guns continues to be a good feud. Lethal vs. Robbie is again set for Final Resolution. If you haven’t heard TNA just signed former TNA X-Division Wrestler Puma aka TJ Perkins/TJP for a few dates in January (and hopefully more after that) so MAYBE they are going to truly start giving the X-Division some more shine.

The Jarrett-MMA stuff was just so stupid. I understand so many people wanting to introduce elements into wrestling but not that. Joe came off looking like a badass again and he was actually able to pull off the MMA submissions like they’re supposed to be done (since he actually has MMA training). Just end this feud already, we all know its leading into Angle vs. Jarrett, give Joe something else to do. Why not a feud over the TV Title with AJ? You know make that belt actually mean something!

Hardy vs. Raven wasn’t bad but yet another painfully short match. I am so sick of Dreamer’s ’emotional’ promos. Dude, we get it. You love ECW, you love TNA, you’re heart is in wrestling. You don’t have to damn near break down every week in the ring.

The Casket Match was okay and made Moore look pretty good in it. The way I heard people explaining that Pope magically appeared in the casket made me roll my eyes but it wasn’t to the point they were saying. They didn’t try to act like he magically appeared, more like he hid under the ring and crawled out underneath it. But whatever, Pope looked strong in that segment at least.

Mickie vs. Angelina was EXCELLENT but yet again they just acted like it was nothing big. That should have been a PPV match. Madison vs. Mickie should be good.

Bubba Ray’s promo was solid heel work.

Morgan vs. Flair was not very good and yet another example of them not making it feel special when Flair makes a rare wrestling appearance. Good win for Morgan though.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening segment
Match of the Night: Mickie vs. Angelina (***)
Overall Grade: D

Scheduled for Next Week:

Final Resolution Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan
-TNA X-Division Title: Robbie E. (c) vs. Jay Lethal
-TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James