TNA iMPACT!: Turkey Day ’10
Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
November 25, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

First off, Happy Turkey Day to everyone! And what better way to spend Thanksgiving after a hearty helping of Turkey and all the other great stuff we all eat on this day, great Football all day long, and to end it with a little TNA Wrestling!

This special Thanksgiving edition of Impact opens up with a recap of last week and then we cut to earlier tonight where Fortune and Immortal were having their Thanksgiving feast. Bischoff makes a toast to them and then he says as thankful as they all are, he personally regrets how a few things happened this year. He says he is inviting someone to dinner tonight is former TNA President: Dixie Carter. Hogan is freaking out over this as we go to the Impact intro.

Back in the arena Matt Morgan makes his way out to the ring, dressed in a suit. Morgan says over the past 2 weeks he’s beaten up Fortune to get his rematch at Final Resolution and he even beat the man himself, Ric Flair. He says he won the privilege to make his own Special Referee for Final Resolution and he says what went down at Turning Point will NOT happen again. He says that the only reason Hardy is walking around with the belt around his waist is because of a mistake by a nervous rookie referee. Morgan says “shit happens” and he doesn’t even blame the referee because he should have annihilated Hardy so bad that he couldn’t move his shoulders for 3 days, let alone 3 seconds, SON! Morgan says that naming the right special referee is beyond important because it’s never going to be Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan, it’s always going to be Jeff Hardy & Immortal vs. Matt Morgan. Morgan says he needs a man that is not afraid of being bullied or calling it down the middle. He says he needs a man that is willing to kick ass and get the job done, kind of like himself. Morgan says there will be no excuses after the PPV and when it’s all said and done he will prove himself to the people and will give everyone a Champion they can be proud of. Douglas Williams music hits and he interrupts Morgan.

Williams walks out to the ring, fresh off turning on Fortune last week. Williams says Morgan doesn’t need to look any further for a special referee. He says his life has been hell running around with Fortune the last few months. He throws some shots at AJ saying he wants to be the next Ric Flair but he needs to lose his virginity first (DAMN!). Williams then says that Kazarian’s life long dream is to be America’s Next Top Model. He says James Storm is only happen when his Breathalyzer score is higher than his IQ and Robert Roode prides himself in enjoying the finer things in life, yet he bought his suit at a garage sale….Douglas Williams’ garage sale! Williams says Flair lives for yester year while he lives for now. He says he was there for Morgan last week and he can trust him to do the right thing again. Morgan agrees with him and says Williams showed balls of steel last week and he appreciates it. Morgan says Williams is definitely in the running for the Special Referee but there has been a few other guys that have stepped up to the plate to be the referee as well. He says he has to make his decision in the next 10 days and Williams will be the first person he tells. Fortune’s music hits interrupting the two new babyfaces.

Ric Flair leads his band of misfits out to the stage. Flair says the problem with Morgan & Williams is that they are on the outside looking in now. Flair says last week was definitely not his finest night but all it did was open his eyes. He says that Williams made the biggest mistake of his life last week by turning on them. Flair starts to get more pissed and takes his coat off. Fortune holds him back as he starts screaming that he’s pissed off. Kazarian grabs the microphone and tells Flair to chill out. Kaz says when he was a kid Thanksgiving meant to him was there was going to be live Pro Wrestling so they should continue that tradition tonight and calls Williams the “Queen of England” and Morgan “The Greenprint.” Kaz suggests Williams & Morgan find a couple of partners and let’s have a 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match! Morgan and Williams agree with it! Kaz then says he’ll go ahead and tell them their battle plan. They’re getting rid of “Dougy” first and then they’ll get rid of whatever 2 scrubs they find leaving it “Matty Matty Chicken Pattie” against Fortune all by himself. Kaz says the “DNA of TNA will be D.O.A.” come Final Resolution.

A EV2 video package runs and then we find out Dreamer will face Rhino in a match that’s being billed as “The Final Street Fight.”

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

In the back Fortune are talking about Williams & Morgan saying they are nobody. They “Ice” flair again and make him chug while Bischoff is on the phone with someone. Bischoff gets off the phone and he says it’s official, Dixie has landed in Orlando. Hogan says they need to talk about this as we cut back to the arena.

Street Fight
“War Machine” Rhino vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer attacks Rhino as he gets into the ring but Rhino turns it around on Dreamer and whips him into the ropes. He goes for a Hip Toss but Dreamer blocks it. Rhino then nails Dreamer with a series of right hands. Rhino then throws Dreamer into the top turnbuckle but Dreamer answers back with a series of right hands that sends Rhino out to the floor. Dreamer follows up with Baseball Slide Dropkick under the ropes onto Rhino on the floor. Dreamer then slams Rhino’s arm into the guardrail and pulls out a table! Dreamer slides the table into the ring but eats a series of right hands as he turns around. Rhino Suplexes Dreamer onto the Entrance Ramp and then he tosses some more weapons into the ring. Rhino then grabs a trashcan and blasts Dreamer in the head with it. Rhino flicks off the crowd as they get on him about missing the ring when he tried to throw a chair into it. Rhino tosses Dreamer into a sawhorse as we see blood on his forehead now. Back in the ring Rhino lights Dreamer up with a kendo stick and then he stomps on that injured wrist of Dreamer. Rhino wedges a trashcan in between the top and middle turnbuckle and then whips Dreamer into it in the corner. Rhino then charges for a Gore but Dreamer moves and Rhino slams into the trashcan! Dreamer picks up a cookie sheet and blasts Rhino with it repeatedly and now Rhino is busted open as well. Dreamer Leg Drops the cookie sheet on Rhino and then he goes for a Dreamer DDT but Rhino counters with a Release Northern Lights Suplex. Rhino sets up the table in the corner and then he picks Dreamer up. Dreamer pushes Rhino away and hits him with a bunch of right hands. Dreamer then whips Rhino in the opposite corner and charges at him but Rhino gets his foot up! Dreamer catches the foot and then kicks him in the balls! Dreamer goes for the Dreamer Driver but Rhino blocks it and then hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Rhino calls for The Gore but Dreamer nails him with the cookie sheet as he went for it and then he rolls Rhino up! 1….2…3!

Winner: Dreamer via pinfall (rollup)

Dreamer grabs a microphone and then he says if EV2 goes down they’ll go down with a fight. Dreamer suggests they kill the beef amongst each other and says they’ll be friends after this again. Rhino offers a handshake and Dreamer accepts it. They hug and then Rhino kicks Dreamer and puts Dreamer through the table with a Running Spinebuster!

RVD runs out with a chair and Rhino bails out of the ring. RVD calls Rhino a sellout and he says that Rhino thinks he made the right decision for his family but asks how his family will feel after RVD makes Rhino bleed at Final Resolution. RVD says busting Rhino open is all it’s going to be about and challenges Rhino to a First Blood Match! Rhino accepts it and it’s on!

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from commercials Matt Morgan and Doug Williams approach Samoa Joe in the back. Morgan says someone needs to take charge against Immortal and they need to be smart, all of them. Joe says there is no “we” and he handles his own business. Williams suggests that Joe has a “screw lose” and suggests that Joe is a madman. Joe says that Williams must have a screw lose if he’s speaking without being spoken to first (Joe is such a badass)! Joe says Williams has no idea what kind of madman he is and then smiles at them and says he’ll see them out there tonight. Joe walks away and Morgan tells Williams that Joe is their madman tonight.

At the catering table The Beautiful People are bitching about the food to the caterer when Ric Flair walks up. Flair tells them they are having an Immortal Party and they have better food there too. He says he promised the boys he’d bring back some “candy.” Angelina asks where the party is and then Mickie James walks up. Flair smiles at her and says that James Storm has his eye on her and then tells her not to be smacking him around tonight. Mickie thanks Angelina for their great match last week. Angelina ignores her but then Tara and Madison walk up and get in their faces. Tara shoves Mickie and she shoves Tara back. Mickie kicks Tara and then they start trading punches and forearms while Madison and BP just watch. Tara tosses Mickie into Madison! Madison then shoves Mickie back at Tara and they start brawling again! BP then attack Madison! All 5 girls are brawling now! Mickie beats on Madison and Angelina touches her shoulder and says “Mickie, enough.” Mickie reacts by throwing an elbow and nailing Angelina in the face! Mickie and Tara then start brawling again! Mickie and Tara continue to brawl into the parking lot where Tara throws her into a parked truck! Mickie slams Tara into the truck as well! BP and Madison start brawling again as they get to their feet and then Sarita comes up and jumps BP from behind with a food tray! She even hits Madison! Sarita beats the hell out of both Angelina and Velvet! Then Winter comes up and grabs Sarita by the hair from behind and tosses her away. She goes full blown psycho as she screams at Sarita to leave Angelina alone. Winter says Angelina is with her now and Sarita asks who the hell she is. Winter checks on Angelina and starts smiling at her.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from commercial at The Immortal feast Bischoff says it’s important that they learn and reflect at Thanksgiving. Bischoff says there is one person responsible for them being here and it’s time they give thanks to this person and then brings in the guest of honor and I’m just now realizing that Eric Young is a waiter for them. Jeff Hardy walks in and Immortal all greet him. Hardy says everything that he’s done in wrestling is because of his greatness and says that he is larger than life itself. He says some weird sh*t about being earth and being all things. He then smiles and says “I will eat” and then starts eating and chugging some liquor with Immortal.

They show highlights from the awesome Empty Arena Brawl last week on Reaction between The Guns & Generation Me (which really put this feud over huge in my eyes). If you didn’t see it I would suggest catching it on Youtube, as both teams beat the hell out of each other and though they did pull out cool moves like they always do they were more concentrating on just beating the snot out of each other rather than pulling out sick spots.

The Guns then talk about how great it felt kicking GenMe’s teeth down their throats last week and then they announced they’re having a Full Metal Mayhem Match at Final Resolution with GenMe! Madison Rayne runs up looking for Sarita but The Guns just kind of shrug her off. Madison says she’s going to kick Sarita’s ass. Sabin asks Shelley “would ya?” when she walks away and Shelley says no (what the hell is wrong with you Shelley?).

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

In the back Williams & Morgan approach my boy, The Pope, about being on their team. Williams says they may not like Pope, and he may not like them but they do have a common enemy. Pope asks who the 3rd member is and when they tell him Samoa Joe, Pope laughs and says, “Pope can trust Samoa Joe about as far as he can throw him…and trust me, Pope can barely lift the bastard!” Pope says just a month ago he was going against them when they were in Fortune plus he is being chased by a Monster wanting to put him in a casket. Pope then wishes them luck and starts to walk away but Morgan stops him. Morgan asks what happens if beats Abyss because then he has Jarrett and then Fortune and then still Jeff Hardy to deal with. Williams says Pope can’t beat them all by himself and Morgan says all the prayers in the world won’t help him overcome those odds. Pope says he’ll see them out there tonight because he wants to see how this thing works out.

Back in the arena Madison Rayne is walking out to the ring with a referee. Madison is screaming at him about something. Damn, Madison is getting thicker and thicker and looking good as hell in them jeans. Madison grabs a microphone and asks Sarita who the hell she thinks she is putting her hands on Madison. She says that she knows Sarita has been playing on the JV team on Xplosion the last few weeks but Impact is her show and she’s the champ. Madison says she’ll say this real slow because she knows Sarita is only fluent in “El Spaniard”… “get your ass out here…NOW!” Sarita doesn’t make her wait long as she walks out to the ring and taunts her. Sarita gets into the ring and accepts the match!

Madison Rayne vs. Sarita

The girls lockup and Madison grabs Sarita in a wristlock and screams “do you know who I am?” at her. Sarita then nails her with a forearm and Madison begs her off. Earl Hebner gets between them in the corner and Madison nails Sarita in the head over the top of Hebner to get the advantage. Madison then hits Sarita with a series of forearms and chops. Madison attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but Sarita counters into a Drop Toe Hold! Sarita follows up with a Oklahoma Roll! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out! Sarita taunts Madison causing her to get even more pissed and charge at her. Sarita side steps her and then hits the ropes and hits a Cartwheel into an awesome rollup! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out! Sarita taunts Madison somemore and Madison swings at her repeatedly but Sarita ducks every shot. Sarita hit as forearm and then she whips Madison into the ropes and goes for a Hip Toss, but Madison lands on her feet and nails Sarita with a clothesline in a nice sequence! Madison chokes Sarita on the middle rope and then she kicks her in the head. Madison hits the ropes and goes for a Running Knee but Sarita moves and rolls Madison up again! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out yet again! Sarita punches and kicks Madison and then whips her into the corner. Sarita charges but Madison moves out of the way. Madison then charges at Sarita and she gets her boots up. Madison catches her feet and then swings them into the ropes hanging Sarita up in them! She then grabs Sarita by the hair and slams her to the mat! 1…2…NO Sarita kicks out now! Madison puts the boots to Sarita and then she starts pulling Sarita’s hair. Madison then goes for the Pushup Facebusters but Sarita reaches up, grabs Madison’s arms, and pulls her down into another rollup! 1….2…NO Madison still kicks out! Sarita blocks a series of shots from Madison and then locks Madison in a wristlock. She leaps up to the top rope, almost stumbles but catches her balance, and then hits a Springboard Flying Wristlock Armdrag on Madison! Sarita follows up with a Running Dropkick and then she puts the boots to Madison in the corner. Sarita tries to whip Madison into the opposite corner but Madison counters into a Shortarm Clothesline attempt. Sairta ducks it and reverses it into a modified Side Suplex! Madison bails out to the floor to get away from Sarita but she is definitely not safe there! Sarita goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Madison moves out of the way and Sarita eats the floor. Madison taunts Sarita and then rolls her back into the ring. Madison taunts Sarita more and puts the boots to her. Sarita then trips Madison out of nowhere and hooks the leg! 1…2…3! Sarita just pinned the Knockouts Champ!

Winner: Sarita via pinfall (rollup)

In the back Immortal and Fortune are still celebrating Thanksgiving. Jeff Jarrett, dressed in MMA gear, talks about making weight. Jarrett says he wants to give back to everybody in the ring because without them he doesn’t know where he would be in his “MMA career.” Jarrett pulls out a special DVD for them to watch.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from the break Beer Money does their “Beer Money” taunt and then Eric Young tries to tell everybody what he’s thankful for but they tell him to shutup. Kaz makes fun of Dixie Carter calls himself the future of wrestling. AJ says he’s thankful for Flair. Abyss says he’s thankful for Janice and caskets because at Final Resolution that’s where The Pope will end up. Jarrett then thanks Bischoff for not inviting Samoa Joe because there wouldn’t be any food left and then he shows Immortal & Fortune show the DVD. It’s clips of Jarrett ‘teaching’ some kids MMA. Holy crap this is actually pretty freaking awesome! Jarrett submits the kids with ankle locks and knee bars!

Back at the feast Hogan says he is actually thankful of Dixie Carter and he cant wait to tell her how thankful he is later.

Jesse Neal talks about Jarrett claiming to be an MMA master and then he says Jarrett will find out what he’s all about tonight.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

MMA Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Jesse Neal

Footage of that atrocious MMA segment from Jarrett last week is shown. Both Jarrett and Neal are wearing MMA trunks but only Jarrett is wearing the gloves. Neal just has his hands taped. Jarrett and Neal circle each other as the fans tell Jarrett he sold out again and then they lockup. They brawl into the ropes where the referee breaks them up. They lockup again as Tenay says that Jarrett will have to face Samoa Joe in a Submission Match at Final Resolution. Jarrett gets Neal in a Waistlock but Neal counters with an armdrag. Jarrett takes Neal down and paintbrushes him across the head and then goes for a Cross Armbreaker, but Neal gets his feet in the ropes. Jarrett headbutts Neal and then starts reigning down shots on Neal and goes for then locks in the Ankle Lock. Neal fights it and gets to the ropes again. Jarrett beats on Neal some more but as the referee pulls him off Neal catches him with a series of forearms. Neal goes for a Spear but Jarrett pulls the referee into it! Jarrett rolls out to the floor and pulls out the trusty guitar. We haven’t seen him pull that out in awhile. Jarrett nails Neal with the guitar and then he throws the pieces out of the ring and locks Neal in a Rear Naked Choke. The referee comes to and calls for the bell.

Winner: Jarrett via KO (Rear Naked Choke)

Shannon Moore runs out and runs Jarrett off and then he checks on his partner.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from commercials Brother Ray is in the ring. He says he heard that some of the wrestlers in the back and the fans are pissed off that he kicked his brother in the head. He asks why they’re mad and asks if we realize that Devon deserves it and had it coming to him. Ray says Devon is the weak one and if it wasn’t for him he could have retired a World Tag Team Champion. Ray says that Devon lost them that match and it’s because he’s weak. Rays says he can understand it’s hard for the fans to swallow and that we’re wrestling fans so we’re not real bright so he put together a video package showing just how weak Devon really is and how Ray always was the leader of 3D. The video package runs showing clips of Devon being beat on and bleeding. He says he’s embarrassed to even watch that as the fans chant “you suck” at him. Ray then says he’s going to prove to everyone how he doesn’t suck and then he shows footage of Ray beating on people and getting wins. The fans chant “you still suck” at him and then he says the people just don’t understand and asks how they can possibly question him. He says he’s the one responsible for bringing the fans the greatest tag team of all time. Ray says that the word on the street is that Devon would like to talk to him and Devon is pissed. Ray suggests Devon come to the Impact Zone next week and if he has the ball he should meet him face to face. Ray then says if it wasn’t for him, Devon’s 15 years of fame would have been nothing more than 15 minutes. Ray’s new music then plays.

In the back a limo pulls him and Dixie Carter gets out.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back at the feast Bischoff tells Immortal that Dixie Carter is on her way. Bischoff tells them to hide all the liquor and everyone looks at him weird. Jeff asks “what is she? Our mother?” and Bischoff says “no, have you ever seen her drink?!” Hogan says when she walks in he won’t be responsible for what may happen when he sees her.

Main Event
8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Fortune (AJ Styles, Kazarian, Robert Roode, & James Storm) w/Ric Flair vs. Douglas Williams, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, & “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Pope and AJ will kick off the match tonight. AJ charges at Pope right off the bat but Pope catches him with an Atomic Drop and then a series of elbows! Pope then nails AJ with a big forearm and then he grabs AJ but AJ nails him with a chop. AJ hits the ropes but Pope catches him with a Hiptoss Slam! 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! AJ immediately forces Pope into the Fortune corner where Fortune beats on Pope 4-on-1. Storm then tags in and hits a Snapmare Takeover on Pope. Storm follows up with a Knee Drop and then a Leg Drop for a nearfall. Storm picks Pope up and beats on him corner with a big Uppercut. Storm grabs his cowboy cat and puts it on. Storm then hits a Running Clothesline on Pope and follows up with a Facebuster. Storm then hits the ropes but Pope catches him with a rollup out of nowhere! 1…2…3! JAMES STORM IS ELIMIANTED! Robert Roode attacks Pope from behind and puts the boots to him.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————–

Back from the break Fortune is still beating on The Pope. Kaz hits Pope with a Spinning Heel Kick and then rolls him into the Fortune corner and tags AJ back in. Kaz & AJ whip Pope into the ropes and then AJ lifts Pope up into the air and hits Pope with a Sidewalk Slam as Kaz hits a Slingshot Leg Drop at the same time! 1…2…NO Pope kicks out! AJ beats on Pope in the corner and lights him up with chops. AJ then charges with a Splash attempt but Pope moves out of the way and tags in Morgan! AJ tags Kaz back in and then before they can go at it the fans start chanting for Joe so Morgan tags Joe in. Joe nails a charging Kaz with jabs and then he whips Kaz into the ropes. Kaz springboards off the ropes with a Springboard Cross Body but Joe just moves out of the way. Joe then knocks AJ & Roode off the apron and whips Kaz into the corner and hits a Running Back Elbow on Kaz! AJ charges at Joe and Joe catches him in midair with a Rock Bottom and then hits a Leaping Enziguri on Kaz! That was an awesome, quick sequence! Joe knocks Roode off the apron again and he is fired up! Joe nails Kaz with headbutts and then tags Williams in. Williams nails Kaz with a European Uppercut and then goes for a German Suplex, but Kaz blocks it and Williams shoves him into the ropes. Williams goes for a clothesline but Kaz catches him by the arm, swings around the body of Williams, and hits a DDT. 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Kaz tosses Williams into the Fortune corner where they beat on him. Pope and Joe are arguing in the corner now. Kaz whips Williams into the corner and charges at him. Williams tries to float up and over Kaz but Kaz catches him on his shoulders and goes for an Electric Chair Drop but Williams counters it with elbows to the face. Williams then quickly hits the Chaos Theory! 1…2…3! KAZ IS ELIMIANTED! AJ runs in and goes for a clothesline but Williams ducks and hits AJ with a European Uppercut. Williams tries to whip AJ into the ropes but AJ reverses it and Roode trips Williams from the outside. AJ puts the boots to Williams and then tags in Roode. Roode and AJ double team Williams and then Roode throws Williams into the corner. Roode lights Williams up with chops and right hands. Roode hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Diving Knee Drop off the middle rope! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Roode goes for another Scoop Slam but Williams blocks it and nails Roode with a European Uppercut. Williams stumbles into his corner and both Joe & Pope tag Williams’ back. Pope and Joe argue over who should be in the match and this argument results in punches thrown! Joe tosses Pope out to the floor and they continue their brawl on the outside! They slam each other into the guardrail and then into the announce table. The continue brawling all the way to the back while Roode beats on Williams in the ring. Williams goes for the Chaos Theory on Roode but Roode blocks it. Williams goes for it a second time but AJ comes over and holds onto Roode causing Williams to slam back to the mat. Roode then whips Williams into the ropes and goes for a backdrop but Williams kicks him. Williams then hits the ropes again and goes for a clothesline, but Roode ducks and Williams nails AJ on the apron! Roode then hits Williams with the Spinebuster! 1…2…3! Morgan climbs into the ring and headbutts Roode but then AJ springboards off the top with a Flying Forearm on Morgan! Roode puts the boots to Morgan and then tags AJ in. AJ puts the boots to Morgan as Roode holds him. AJ hits an Elbow Drop as Impact comes to a close.


As Reaction opens AJ hits Morgan with the Pele! AJ drags Morgan closer to the ropes and then climbs out to the apron. AJ goes for the Springboard 450 but Morgan rolls out of the way! AJ rolls over and tags Roode in. Roode charges in but eats a series of right hands from Morgan and then he whips Roode into the ropes and nails him with a Splash followed by a Sidewalk Slam! 1…2…NO AJ breaks it up! AJ and Roode beat on Morgan and then whip him into the ropes only to eat a Double Clothesline! Morgan clotheslines AJ out of the ring and then charges at Roode but eats a boot. Roode dives off the top but Morgan catches him by the throat! Morgan goes for a Chokeslam but Roode blocks it with back elbows. Roode hits the ropes but eats a Spinning Clothesline from Morgan! AJ comes off the top with a Springboard Flying Forearm but Morgan catches him in midair and hits the Fall Away Slam! Morgan sets up for Carbon Footprint but Jeff Hardy runs out and low blows Morgan! Jeff Hardy then hits the Twist of Hate on the referee! AJ, Roode, & Hardy beat on Morgan now.


In the back Immortal are waiting on Dixie Carter. She comes into the room and she thanks them for the invite and Bischoff says he didn’t think she would actually show up. Bischoff says they are grateful for everything Dixie started and giving them the opportunity to takeover. Hogan thanks Dixie and Bischoff suggests they can all walk together again and he says that paper clips need to be stocked back at the office in Nashville. Dixie says wants to toast to “this” and then hands Bischoff some papers. Dixie says it seems that Hogan has been busy signing some contracts that possibly he wants authorized to sign. She says the TNA Board of Directors agree that Hogan doesn’t have “signatory authority.” Dixie says that her lawyers have been at work and talked to a judge who has slapped an injunction on Hogan. Dixie tells Hogan to read the papers and then she takes a swig of Bischoff’s wine and says “I’ll see you guys in court” and walks out. Bischoff says, “she bought a freaking judge.” They both agree this is trouble.


First off, I got to say they absolutely ruined an excellent match in the Main Event with a horse sh*t finish (it was Russo-rific). Anyway, overall I thought tonight was pretty entertaining for the most part.

All the Immortal feast stuff was a little much but it did build to the eventual Dixie Carter stuff. The Dixie stuff is okay I guess, with her getting the injunction and I guess we’ll see where they go with this.

The opening segment setting up the Main Event was nicely done though Kaz came off forced a little. All of the segments where Morgan & Williams were recruiting partners were good as well especially Joe.

All the Knockouts stuff was great tonight. The brawl was excellent, they were all hot, Winter was nuts, and then Madison and Sarita had a great match against each other. Sarita is really getting put over in the last few months nicely. I actually saw some comments from people on Twitter about how stupid it was that Sarita was “good again all of a sudden.” My question is do these people actually watch TNA regularly? I think Sarita has had 3 or 4 wins on Impact in the last month or so plus a nice loss against Mickie. The Knockouts are being rebuilt nicely and I can only hope the rumors of TNA rebuilding the X-Division at the top of the year are true.

I really don’t like the Jeff Jarrett/MMA stuff because I don’t think it’s necessary. They can do the “I’m a submission specialist” thing but having fake MMA matches is unnecessary. With that said the little video of Jarrett tapping out kids was funny as hell. Twitter strikes again as I actually saw someone throw TNA under the bus for “promoting child abuse” with that video. REALLY?! That may be the stupidest f*cking comment I’ve seen in awhile. If that’s the case WWE promotes necrophilia because HHH supposedly screwed a corpse, or they promote attempted murder because of all the times HHH has hit people with sledgehammers or how about Undertaker “burying” Paul Bearer in cement. Yep, what I just said was stupid as hell but no more stupid than saying that TNA is “promoting child abuse” because of that joke segment. Get over it people and lighten the hell up.

Dreamer and Rhino wasn’t very good and man, am I over the EV2 stuff. Good lord, end it PLEASE!

Full Metal Mayhem at Final Resolution with The Guns & GenMe could be really awesome. For those that don’t know Full Metal Mayhem is TNA’s version of a TLC Match (since they can’t use that name because of WWE copyrights) but the official rules are “everything metal or that has metal in it is legal.” That means tables, ladders, chairs, chains, etc. are legal. Again, their Empty Arena Fight last week was awesome.

Like I said the Main Event was really good and entertaining until the dumb no contest finish. Joe and Pope have not been getting along for awhile so I’m glad their not just ignoring the past tension there too.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Knockouts brawl
Match of the Night: Elimination Match (***)
Overall Grade: B –

Scheduled for Next Week:

Final Resolution Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan w/Special Ref: TBA
– TNA Tag Team Titles Full Metal Mayhem Match: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me
– First Blood Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer
– Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett
– The Pope vs. Abyss
– TNA X-Division Title: Robbie E. (c) vs. Jay Lethal
– TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James