Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
December 02, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up 3 days away from “Final Resolution” with highlights from last week including Dixie Carter serving Hogan with the papers. And then we cut to the ring where the opener is already under way!

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match
Non-Title Match
Ink, Inc. vs. Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money Inc.

Shannon dropkicks Max off the apron and then Jesse tosses Jeremy out to the floor as well where The Guns are already laid out. Shannon Moore then backdrops a charging Neal over the top rope with a Plancha onto GenMe! Moore then hits an Asai Moonsault off the apron onto GenMe & The Guns on the floor! Ric Flair is at the announce table right now as well. Beer Money attack Ink, Inc. from behind now and toss them into the guardrail. Roode rolls Moore back into the ring and we see that Kaz & AJ are also standing behind Flair at the announce table. Roode tosses Moore into the corner and then Beer Money put him up on the top rope. Beer Money sets up for a Double Superplex but Neal hits them from behind and then we get the Tower of Doom! Neal Double Super Bombs Beer Money off the top as they Superplex Moore at the same time! Jeremy hits a Slingshot Facebuster on Neal over the top rope! Jeremy then rolls out to the apron and attempts a Moonsault off the apron onto the Guns but they move out of the way! Jeremy lands on his feet, though, and then attempts a clothesline on Shelley. Shelley blocks it and then holds Jeremy in position as Sabin hits him with a Leaping Enziguri to the back of Jeremy’s head and Shelley hits a Flatliner onto the ring apron at the same time! On the outside The Guns pull out a ladder but Max attempts them from behind. GenMe attempts to throw Shelley onto the ladder but he blocks it and whips Jeremy into it but Jeremy is able to stop himself from hitting the ladder. Max swings at Shelley but he ducks but then Max lifts Jeremy up into the air on Shelley but Shelley catches him! Shelley then shoves Jeremy into Max sending them both onto the ladder. Jeremy rolls off of his brother but Max is still lying on the ladder. Sabin hits him with a Flying Forearm and then Shelley leaps off of Sabin’s back with a Flying Forearm of his own slamming Max into the ladder! Sabin comes flying with a Back Elbow on Max and then The Guns attempt to Double Suplex Max onto the ladder but Jeremy comes over and cuts them off. Max then backflips into a head scissors on Shelley where he holds him in place as Jeremy throws a chair and hits Shelley in the face with it! The referee continues to try and get control but that ain’t happening. GenMe sets the ladder up at ringside and then they try to hang Shelley up in the ladders steps and DDT him onto the concrete but Shelley blocks it and then nails each with slaps and chops. Shelley then kicks them and out of nowhere Sabin dives off the top of the ladder (I didn’t even see him climb up) with a Plancha onto both members of GenMe! Back in the ring Ink, Inc. hits a Double Back Elbow on Roode and then they set up for another move but Storm trips Neal and pulls him out to the floor. Storm slams Neal into the ring steps which distracts Moore allowing Roode to grab him and hit a Fireman’s Carry Slam. 1…2…NO Moore kicks out! Roode slams Moore into the corner and then hits him with Shoulder Blocks and chops. Storm tags in and Beer Money puts the boots to the Mohawk man. Storm hits a Snapmare Takeover and then locks Moore in a rear chinlock. He releases the hold and knocks Neal back off the apron and tags Roode back in. Roode stomps on Moore’s hands and then Moore comes back with right hands of his own. Moore attempts to whip Roode into the corner but Roode reverses it and Moore springboards out of the corner with a Flying Cross Body! Storm then, from the apron, grabs Moore by the Mohawk and slams him to the mat! Storm tags back in Storm lays into Moore with an uppercut and then a series of right hands. Storm knocks Neal off the apron again and tags Roode back in once again. Beer Money whips Moore into the ropes and then they go for a Double Backdrop but Moore stops and kicks Storm in the face. Roode goes for a clothesline but Moore ducks and then tries to kick Roode. Roode catches his leg and then he trips Moore’s other leg and Catapults Moore into a Spike DDT from Storm! 1…2…NO Moore kicks out again! Beer Money argue with the referee and this allows Moore to come from out of nowhere and roll Roode up! 1…2…3!

Winners: Ink, Inc. via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Beer Money grabs the referee (the same referee that screwed up in the Hardy-Morgan Title match). The rest of Fortune run out and hold the referee while Roode screams at him. Roode says he has become a major pain in their ass. Roode says he put his hands on Jeff Hardy last week and now he blew call after call tonight screwing Beer Money in the process. Storm slaps the hell out of him and then Flair tells him to hit him harder but Matt Morgan’s music hits and he walks out and puts Flair in a headlock! Morgan grabs the microphone and says if they touch the referee one more time he will choke the life out of Ric Flair! The fans chant “do it” but Fortune let the referee go and then he tells Flair that if he or Fortune touches the kid ever again he’ll rip their heads off and shove them down their own throats. He tosses Flair to the side and then walks to the back with the referee. Flair picks the mic back up and tells Morgan not to run and hide and he says that Morgan will go down tonight. Flair loses his sh*t and starts throwing his jacket around and screaming about Morga.

In the back Mickie James talks about being excided to perform her entrance music tonight as Eric Young and Orlando Jordan walk up. Young talks about Mickie performing tonight and then she asks what she thinks about you think about country music. He says “cowbell” and then starts hitting a cowbell and he walks off. Jordan says that was special and she agrees that it was definitely “special.”

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

Back from commercials Mike Tenay says that Ric Flair will handpick Matt Morgan’s opponent tonight and also Morgan will reveal who the special referee at Final Resolution will be! Also, tonight in a 3-Way Dance Angelina Love, Sarita, & Madison Rayne will go at it! Plus, Jeff Jarrett & Abyss teaming up to face Samoa Joe & The Pope in the Main Event.

Jeremy Borash introduces Mickie James to perform her new single “Hardcore Country” (also her entrance music). Oh my lord that dress that Mickie James is wearing. I am thinking a lot of things right now but I don’t think I can repeat a single one of them. Eric Young decides to come out and ruin by dancing around like a retard in assless chaps. If I die tomorrow, I want to be resurrected as Mickie’s dress, good lord. Why couldn’t it be Mickie that’s wearing assless chaps? Though, that little tight dress is damn fine enough. As Mickie is singing (and it wasn’t AWFUL by any means I may add) Tara appears behind her and attacks her! Tara slams Mickie’s face into one of the speakers and then Eric tries to help Mickie but Tara hits him from behind with one of Mickie’s shoes! Mickie and Tara brawl more on the apron and Mickie’s dress comes down! she was able to hold it up over her breasts sadly as she and Tara continue to brawl. Oh wow, as she pulls her dress up to cover her breasts it reveals that glorious ass! CAT FIGHT! Security runs out to separate the two and Tara screams “you’re mine!”

In the back the referee, Janson Jackson, walks up to Morgan and asks him to allow Morgan to referee the match at Final Resolution. He says he wants to be the one to raise his hand when he wins the belt. Morgan says he’s not going to put him in harms way with those guys again and he tells him to be patient. Morgan says he’s a one man army and he’ll handle the revenge himself.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

Ric Flair is in the back talking trash about the rookie referee again and Matt Morgan. Flair says if Morgan doesn’t name a referee tonight then he will get to name who the referee will be.

The history of Doug Williams and his problems with Fortune are shown.

In the back Williams talks about facing Kazarian tonight and he says that Kaz may have a 10 million dollar face but he has a 10 cent brain. Williams says he will give Kaz yet another lesson on how to wrestle tonight.

Kazarian vs. Douglas Williams

A clip of Williams pinning Kaz last week in the Elimination Match is shown as Williams comes out to the ring. Kaz jumps into the ring but eats an arm drag right off the bat. Williams then ducks a clothesline from Kaz and hits a Corkscrew European Uppercut! Williams puts the boots to Kaz and follows up with another European Uppercut. Williams follows up with another European Uppercut in the corner and then he whips Kaz into the opposite corner. Williams hits a Running Knee and then a Snap Suplex. 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out. Williams goes for Chaos Theory but Kaz grabs the ropes to block it. Williams then charges at Kaz in the corner but Kaz slides through the middle and top rope causing Williams to hit the turnbuckles. Kaz then hits a Slingshot Leg Drop! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Kaz taunts the fans and then locks Williams in a Cravate and then he hits a series of Knee Strikes followed by a Hangmans Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Williams comes back with a series of punches and headbutts but then Kaz cuts him off with a rake of the eyes. Kaz goes for a Scoop Slam but Williams blocks it and goes for a German Suplex but Kaz blocks it and counters with a throw. He then follows up with a spinning heel kick! Kaz taunts Williams and starts talking trash and slapping him in the face. He then chokes Williams with his knee and then he chokes Williams on the middle rope. Kaz whips Williams into the ropes and hits a Dropkick for another nearfall. Kaz drops an elbow onto the head of Williams and Williams fights back with right hands but Kaz nails him with a big right hand and then chokes him in the middle rope again continuing to talk trash. Kaz whips Doug into the ropes but Doug holds onto the ropes and backdrops a charging Kaz over the top rope. Kaz lands on the apron and then hits a shoulderblock through the ropes and then attempts his Slingshot DDT, but Williams counters by grabbing the arm of Kaz and then grabbing Kaz in a Waistlock. Williams rushes Kaz into the corner and rolls out going for Chaos Theory but Kaz blocks it and goes for a rollup, but Williams blocks it and sits down on the shoulders of Kaz! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! Williams goes over to grab Kaz but he walks right into the Wave of the Future from Kaz! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Kaz spits at Williams and then sets up for the Belly-to-Back Piledriver but Williams block it and counters into a rollup. Kaz rolls through and then goes for a clothesline, but Williams ducks and absolutely obliterates Kaz with the Chaos Theory! 1…2…3!

Winner: Williams via pinfall (Chaos Theory)

Damn, Kaz sold the hell out of that move.

In the back the gorgeous Mickie James is looking for Tara.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

In the back Matt Morgan approaches Douglas Williams in the locker room. Morgan says he has a big favor to ask of Williams for this Sunday but from out of nowhere AJ Styles jumps Williams! Beer Money then attacks Morgan from behind! Fortune beats the hell out of Morgan & Williams until agents and security run in and break it up. Williams tells AJ to come back and try it again anytime.

Tenay & Taz discuss the Main Event for Final Resolution and then they announce The Pope vs. Abyss officially in a Casket Match this Sunday! Plus, Jarrett vs. Joe in a Submission Match is official!

3D’s music hits and Brother Devon power-walks out to the ring. The fans chant for Devon and he says that last week Bubba said if Devon came this week then Bubba would be here. Devon then says he’s here so Bubba needs to get his ass down to the ring so they can settle this thing once and for all. Devon waits for Bubba to walk out but he never does. Devon says that problem is that he’s standing in the ring and Bubba is being the coward he is and not showing up. This brings Bubba out to the stage finally. Bubba stops before he gets in the ring and Devon tells him to get in the ring but Bubba says he isn’t going any further. He says that he can hear Devon from there. Devon says for many years Bubba has bullied a lot of people and for the past 15 years Bubba has been nothing but a bully and a coward. He says that Bubba wants to tell everyone that Devon is the weak link and he says if it wasn’t for him there would be NO Team 3D and he better never forget it. Devon points at Taz and says that he gave them the opportunity to wrestle in ECW those many years ago but Bubba says Taz is a piece of crap. Bubba points at Taz and says, “LOOK AT HIM! Sitting at that table, he’s washed up and a loser just like you!” Devon says it was Taz that gave them the chance but before he can continue Taz cuts him off. Taz has a microphone and says he hates getting in the middle of family business but he couldn’t help but notice Bubba calling him washed up. Taz says that Bubba and Devon have none him for a long time and it sucks to see Bubba handle it this way. He says that Bubba disrespects him and Devon tells him to get in the ring and he needs to cross the line and get his ass in the ring! That got a nice pop from the crowd. Taz says that Bubba is right, he is washed up but Devon isn’t so Bubba needs to get his ass in the ring!

Bubba finally starts to get in the ring with Devon waiting on him but he fakes everybody out and walks back to the ramp. Devon says Shannon Moore was right a few months ago, Bubba really is a douche bag. A “douche bag” chant starts now. Devon says every single company they’ve ever been no one ever liked Bubba (that’s a shoot) and it says he was the reason they lasted as long as they did not Bubba! Devon says Bubba should show the real video of the group, he says that HE is the worker of the group. Bubba screams that Devon is weak but Devon says the only thing that’s weak is Bubba’s breath. Devon says he’s a piece of crab and he always will be. Devon says Bubba kicked him in the back of the head a few weeks ago and he suggests that Bubba get in the ring right now and do it now. Bubba screams “I kicked you in the back of your black ass head.” Bubba then continues to scream about Devon being Marty Jannetty and then Devon says he understands why they were as successful as they were. A “he’s a chicken” chant starts now. Devon says there is an old saying, “if you want some, come get some.” Devon says he wants some and then he goes out to go after Bubba but Bubba grabs So Cal Val and throws her into Devon and then runs away!

Holy crap did Devon just got a great promo?

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

In the back Pope and Joe are talking about their match. Pope asks if they’re going to beat the hell out of each other or are they going to team up? Joe says beating the hell out of each other sounds good to him. Pope says Joe must be the stupidest Samoan he’s ever seen. Joe says he doesn’t like Pope or anything about him. He says he doesn’t want to be his friend or his partner and if he didn’t think Pope could be a good punching bag for his opponents to wear themselves out on tonight he’d be whipping Pope’s ass all around the locker room right now! Pope says Joe is nothing more than a pimple on Pope’s backside because whenever he’s ready to jump on “this” then “POOF” he’s gone, just like that. Pope says he’s down for whatever and they can do things Joe’s way and he’ll see him out there tonight.

Knockouts 3-Way Dance
Non-Title Match
Sarita vs. Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne w/Tara

Footage of Sarita beating Madison last week is shown as she comes out to the ring. Damn, Madison must be eating her cornbread regularly because she gets thicker each month (and that is NOT a bad thing). She is looking good tonight. Before the match even starts Mickie James comes from out of nowhere (now, sadly, wearing a shirt over her dress) and attacks Tara at ringside! Mickie slams Tara into a wall nearby and her and Tara brawl all around the Impact Zone! Mickie’s skirt keeps getting pulled up showing off that glorious ass too! As Mickie & Tara brawl to the back, the referee is busy watching that and Madison hits Sartia with the Knockouts Title! Sarita falls out to the floor and then Angelina Love Hip Tosses Madison into the ring! Angelina follows up with a clothesline and then a Bulldog. Angelina this a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Sliding Dropkick for a nearfall. Angelina picks Madison up but Madison knees her in the gut and then slams her to the mat repeatedly by the hair. Madison pulls on the hair of Angelina and then she locks her in a Rear Chinlock. Angelina fights up to her feet and then breaks the hold with back elbows but then Madison slams her to the mat by the hair again. Madison sets up for the Headscissors Facebuster but Angelina kicks her in the face and then hits a Clothesline off the apron followed by a Front Slam! Angelina attempts to whip Madison into the corner but Madison reverses it and then Angelina reverses it right back sending Madison into the corner. Angelina then charges at her but Madison stumbles backwards causing the two women to hit each other in the head. Madison falls out to the floor as Sarita is climbing back on the apron. Angelina reaches through the ropes to pull Madison back in but Madison hits her with the Knockouts Title as the referee was checking on Sarita! Madison rolls back into the ring but Sarita knocks her back out of the ring and covers Angelina! 1…2…3!

Winner: Sarita via pinfall

Madison is furious at Sarita after the match but Sarita just taunts her as she walks up the ramp.

In the back Ric Flair is in the back talking to someone behind a cracked door. He is talking about this persons contract and he tells that person to get things done tonight and then they’ll talk about that persons contract.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

In the back Angelina Love is pissed about losing again this week and is asking herself what is wrong with her. Winter then comes from out of nowhere and sits beside Angelina. She says there is nothing wrong with Angelina and, in fact, she’s perfect. Winter says now that they’re together she’ll never have to lose again. She says that “we” will never lose. Angelina tells her to explain “we” and then Winter grabs her by the hand and says they need to talk and they walk off.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. “War Machine” Rhino

So it was obviously Rhino who Flair was talking to in the back. Rhino and Morgan circle each other and then lockup but Morgan shoves him away. Morgan goes for another lockup but Rhino kicks him and then punches him. Morgan shoves Rhino into the ropes and hits a shoulder block. Morgan nails Rhino with a series of right hands and then the Running Body Guillotine on Rhino draped over the top rope. On the outside Morgan tries to roll Rhino back in the ring but Rhino punches him in the gut and throws Morgan into the ring post. Rhino rolls Morgan back into the ring and then puts the boots to him. Morgan’s head is busted open and Rhino continues to punch him on the forehead. Rhino chokes Morgan on the middle rope and screams about doing this to RVD this Sunday. Rhino chokes Moran with his boot now and then he kicks Morgan in the head. He covers Morgan and gets a nearfall. Rhino locks Morgan in a Rear Chinlock. Morgan starts getting fired up as the fans chant for him and he fights to his feet but Rhino cuts him off and then slams him into the turnbuckles. Rhino punches Morgan in the face but it looks like that it woke Morgan up. Morgan wipes his forehead and sees the blood. Morgan then goes nuts on Rhino with punches and clotheslines. Morgan then hits a Corner Splash and then a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Morgan goes for a Chokeslam but Rhino blocks it only to eat a Discus Clothesline for a nearfall! Morgan nails Rhino in the corner with Back Elbows. Morgan then goes for a Splash in the corner but Rhino hits a back elbow and then a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Rhino sets up for ht Gore but Morgan moves out of the way and then Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint! 1…2…NO Fortune run out and attack Morgan!

Winner: Morgan via DQ

Fortune beat down Morgan and then Rhino joins in. RVD’s music hit and RVD comes out and Rhino and RVD meet on the ramp throwing bombs at each other! RVD grabs a chair and chases Rhino to the back as Fortune continue to beat the hell out of Morgan. Jeff Hardy’s music hits now and the World Champ makes his way out to the ring with a steel chair. Fortune holds Morgan up and then they turn him around and AJ tells Hardy to hit him in the back of the head. Mr. Anderson music hits!

The crowd explodes and MR. ANDERSON runs out to the ring with a pipe! Fortune and Hardy can’t believe it and they bail out! The mic drops down from the ceiling as we go to a break.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

Back from commercials Mr. Anderson is still in the ring with Morgan. Anderson says he’s been in the wrestling business for about 11 years and he’s going to do something right now that he’s only done a handful of times and then he turns to Morgan and says, “thank you.” Anderson thanks Morgan for having his back and in the process having everyone else’s back. Anderson they may hate each other and pound the piss out of each other in the ring night after night but there’s a certain code in wrestling that you just don’t know like hitting someone in the back of the head with a chair. The new Jeff Hardy does whatever he wants and then he mocks Jeff’s little dance that he does to the ring. Anderson says what he’s been doing for the last month is…he doesn’t really remember and that’s a “shoot.” Anderson says he’s not bitching or whining because this isn’t ballet and every once in awhile you’ll get a “boo boo.” He says he wants Jeff Hardy to know exactly what he’s got coming for him because it may not be tomorrow or next week but he might see Jeff’s ass in a grocery store. Anderson says Hardy may be the one to pull up at a stoplight and have Anderson pull up behind him. Anderson says that he heard Morgan might need someone to maybe referee his match at the PPV this Sunday. Anderson says since Morgan helped him out then maybe they can put their heads together and think of somebody that could help him out with this. An “asshole” chant starts and he says his doctor hasn’t cleared him to wrestle yet but he might know somebody who can referee the match for him. Morgan agrees and Anderson says he’ll call the match right down the middle (sarcastically). Anderson looks into the camera and tells Jeff that he thinks the “bigger man” will win this Sunday.

In the parking lot Mickie & Tara are still brawling! They are throwing bombs at each other and Mickie runs Tara into a fence. They continue beating the hell out of each other with neither one really getting the advantage. Tara even throws Mickie into an old truck nearby but Mickie answers her by slamming her into the same truck! Tara backdrops Mickie into the bed of that truck as we go to a break!

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

Jeramy Borash is in the ring to host a “Fist Bump Showdown.” Crap, this show just went way down. Robbie E. comes out o the ring with Cookie. There’s a small cage that they’re calling a “Shark Cage” and Tenay says that cage will contain Cookie at the PPV and hang it above the ring so she can’t interfere? What the hell? Is this 1994 or something? The guy that will be facing Robbie in the Fist Bump Showdown is his opponent for Sunday, Jay Lethal. Lethal just shakes his head as he’s coming out to the ring, obviously not happy about this ‘contest.’ Taz says that Lethal is “dressed like a farmer”, priceless. Robbie says he wants to remind Lethal that he’s a disgrace to Jersey and that he’s never been a club in his life and he definitely doesn’t know how to fist pump…my dude. Robbie says that he’s going to embarrass him tonight and then on Sunday. Cookie grabs the microphone and screams about being claustrophobic and not wanting to be in the cage. Lethal covers his ears so not to hear that awful screaming. Robbie does that stupid fist pumping dance and I want to slap this guy more and more with each second. Lethal says that Robbie makes him feel embarrassed to say that he’s from New Jersey. Lethal says that if Robbie came to his part of Jersey he would get laughed at, beat up, then they’d still his ugly ass shows and hang them from a telephone pole. Lethal says everyone knows that if it wasn’t for Cookie Robbie would NOT be the X-Division Champion. He says at Final Resolution he won’t have to worry about her because she’ll be suspended above the ring inside the cage and he says that he doesn’t know why she’s so upset because from the looks of it her parents kept her in a crib that looked a lot like that cage. Lethal then asks the fans if they really want to see him do the fist pump and the idiots cheer. Lethal turns his hat sideways and he actually starts doing that stupid as fist pump but then he punches Robbie in the face! Lethal then clotheslines Robbie out of the ring and then follows him out and continues beating him! Lethal chases Cookie away and then he tells Robbie to take “this Fist Pump” and beats him all the way to the back. Lethal tosses Robbie over to wear Christy Hemme was conducting interviews and Cookie runs over and shoves Christy away from Robbie. Cookie then jumps on Lethal’s back but Christy pulls her off and then tosses her into some nearby trash! She and then Lethal then start to lock her behind a door when Robbie attacks Lethal from behind and slams the door into Lethal repeatedly. Robbie then holds the belt in Lethal’s face and screams that he will never get that title back again and then he slams the door into Lethal one last time.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

In the back Jarrett and Abyss talk about their match tonight and talk about proving everyone wrong. Jarrett says he’s going to make Joe tap tonight and then again on Sunday. Abyss says he and his girl Janice love caskets and that casket will be Pope’s final resting place.

A great video package runs hyping up Final Resolution. The full card will be below at the end of the recap.

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————

Main Event
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vs. “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett & “The Monster” Abyss

Jarrett is wearing the MMA gear again this week. Tenay points out how Abyss & JJ are on the same page while Pope & Joe are far from it. They show footage of Joe and Pope brawling last week. Joe circles around Pope as he gets in the ring staring him down. Pope and Jarrett will start the match off and then they lockup. Jarrett gets Pope in a Waistlock and then Pope counters it into a throw and locks in a arm lock. Jarrett reverses with a head scissors but Pope transitions right back into an armlock and then into a side headlock. Jarrett gets to his feet and shoves Pope into the ropes but eats a shoulder block for his troubles. Pope punts Jarrett in a Front Chancery but Jarrett gets to his feet and shoves Pope into the corner. Jarrett then starts throwing rights and lefts at Pope but Pope covers up and then grabs Jarrett and throws him into the corner. Pope shows that amateur boxing background by throwing rights and lefts and body shots at Jarrett. Pope grabs Jarrett and tags Joe in by slapping him on the shoulder. Jarrett gets away from Pope and tags in Abyss. Joe screams at Pope to hold onto him and then tells him to get out of the ring. Joe and Abyss lockup and then Abyss throws Joe into the corner. Abyss charges at Joe but he gets out of the way and hits a Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri! Joe then does the Facewash on Abyss in the corner and as he hits the ropes to do the Running Facewash Pope blind tags himself in. Pope then gets right on Abyss and starts beating on him but Joe pulls him off and they argue about Pope tagging himself in. This allows Pope to come from behind with a Double Clothesline. Abyss then hits a Corner Splash on Pope and tags in Jarrett. Jarrett paintbrushes Pope across the back of the head and then as Pope uses his arm to shove Jarrett off Jarrett grabs the arm and tries to lock in the Cross Armbreaker. Pope blocks it and then Joe comes in and kicks Jarrett in the back! Jarrett tags Abyss back in and Pope nails Abyss with a series of rights and lefts but when he hits the ropes Abyss nails him with a Big Boot. Jarrett tags back in and locks Pope in a Rear Naked Choke. Pope fights to his feet and breaks the hold with a Back Suplex!


As Reaction picks up Pope and Jarrett are both down. Jarrett tags in Abyss and Joe tags Pope! Joe comes in and nails Abyss with jabs and rights and then an Atomic Drop followed by a Mafia Kick and a Backsplash Senton! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Joe attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but Abyss reverses it and then goes for a Corner Splash. Joe hits a back elbow and then climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Leg Lariat! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Joe picks Abyss up but Abyss nails Joe with rights and lefts and then hits the ropes but Joe lifts up the big man for the Snap Powerslam! 1…2…NO Abyss kicks out! Joe kicks Abyss and then charges at him but Abyss catches him by the throat and hits the Chokeslam! Pope then Pimp Slaps Abyss as he turns around and nails him with a big uppercut! Pope hits the ropes and clotheslines Abyss over the top to the floor! Pope sets up for a dive to the outside but Jarrett trips him and locks in the Ankle Lock! Pope fights it and gets to the ropes but Jarrett pulls him off. Pope then rolls through sending Jarrett into the referee! Pope then Slingshots himself over the top with a Plancha onto Abyss on the floor! Jarrett rolls out to the floor and pulls out the guitar! He then swings it at Joe but Joe kicks it away! Joe picks up the pieces and slam them on the mat and scream at Jarrett that he’s not going to hit him with it. The referee runs in and sees Joe with the guitar and DQ’s Pope & Joe!

Winners: Jarrett & Abyss via DQ

Joe is pissed and he shoves the referee into the corner and then lifts him up onto the top rope for the Muscle Buster, but Jarrett comes over and low blows Joe! Jarrett then locks Joe in the Rear Naked Choke as Abyss throws Pope into the casket on the outside that Abyss brought out earlier. Abyss climbs into the ring and Jarrett tells him to throw him into the casket. Jarrett and Abyss drag Joe over to the coffin but the casket opens up and its Kurt Angle! Abyss & Jarrett turn around and see Angle! Angle gets into the ring and takes out Abyss with the Angle Slam! Angle then sees Jarrett and Jarrett bails out and runs out through the crowd!

Angle checks on Joe and Pope.

We cut to the back where Jeff Hardy cuts another eerie promo. He says he is greatness and after everything he’s achieved he’s reached a level that no one has ever seen before and he can’t be beaten. Hardy says Morgan is just another faceless victim for the Antichrist and then he says Anderson won’t get up this time.


Wow, tonight was really, really fun and entertaining! This was probably the best Impact since the Summer. There really wasn’t much of anything that I hated tonight which is a surprise for any show. Absolutely every match for the PPV was built up tonight which is great to see for once.

The opener was nice and that they went right into it as the show started was good. It was a really fun, match with both tag matches for the PPV set up. Beer Money & Ink, Inc. went at it as did GenMe & The Guns even bringing in the ladder and chairs. Hopefully after Sunday we will get Beer Money vs. The Guns Pt. 2 in another great feud. GenMe vs. The Guns has been EXCELLENT and they just might have their best match against each other this Sunday and that will be a nice little finish to that feud. I just hope they keep building GenMe up because they could fall right back into oblivion after this if they do. Set them up with a feud against a team like Ink, Inc. or something.

Mickie James’ performance of her song was okay I guess (in terms of the song) because I don’t like Country at all but she looked GREAT! Yet another great fight between her and Tara as well and they continued it throughout the night which I like. They went back to that brawl later on and the physicality between these two has been just tremendous.

Sarita got yet another win over not just the current Knockouts Champ but also a former multi-time Knockouts Champ this week. They are pushing her nicely and she brings some nice depth to the division that they are really rebuilding well. Sarita as a tweener (not really heel, not really face) is great and the feud with Madison should be good.

I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with Winter & Angelina and how Velvet will be involved.

Williams & Kaz put on another excellent match together tonight as they always do and Williams needed to look strong going into the match with AJ. Williams vs. AJ is the types of matches AJ needs to help put that belt over.

I really liked Devon’s promo and the involvement of Taz as well. Devon has not been much of talker over his 15+ year career but he showed tonight that he can do it when he needs to it and actually made me care a little about this feud.

Morgan and Rhino was a pretty decent big man’s match and I like that Rhino made Morgan bleed and kept screaming RVD’s name saying that he was going to do that. Also, RVD came out and he and Rhino continued their feud. Mr. Anderson’s return was a nice surprise and the fans loved it. Adding him to the match is a nice addition but I just hope we don’t see another turn (which I don’t think we will).

The Fist Bump stuff was pretty stupid but it did put over the match at the PPV and gave them a chance to talk trash and Lethal to knock him in the mouth. I liked the intensity that Robbie showed later as well.

The Main Event was a pretty decent tag match but it was really about Angle coming out and attacking Abyss & Jarrett. The fans pop everytime he shows up, I just wonder how he’ll get involved at the PPV since it’s a submission match. Maybe just keeping Gunner & Murphy out of the ring or something.

Anyone good go-home show and nice build to the PPV and a really enjoyable show tonight.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Mickie-Tara brawls
Match of the Night: Tag 4-Way (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B

Final Resolution Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Matt Morgan (SPECIAL REFEREE: MR. ANDERSON)
– TNA X-Division Title: Robbie E. (c) vs. Jay Lethal (Cookie is suspended in a cage above the ring)
– TNA Tag Team Titles Full Metal Mayhem Match: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me
– TNA Television Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. Douglas Williams
– Falls Count Anywhere: Mickie James vs. Tara
– Casket Match: Abyss vs. The Pope
– Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett
– TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match: Beer Money vs. Ink, Inc.