Impact Results – 12/16/10

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
December 16, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with a recap of last week’s happenings.

We cut to the back ‘earlier today’ where Mr. Anderson is pacing around and looks at the card for tonight (on a white board). He gets pissed and kicks it over. Matt Morgan walks up to him and asks him what he’s so upset about. He says last week he told him that he’d be cleared so he figured that he’d be thrilled that he would be facing Jeff Hardy in a Tag Team Match tonight. Anderson says he’s fine and his word is his bond. Morgan says that’s not good enough but Anderson says it’s going to have to be, “partner,” and then walks off.

We cut to the arena where Matt Morgan’s music hits and he comes out to the ring in his ring gear. Tenay says Mr. Anderson & Matt Morgan (opponents at Genesis) will team up tonight.

Morgan grabs a microphone and says he is in the spot he’s in TNA because of a choice he made awhile back. He had to choose between being in Immortal and that guaranteed contract and standing up for Mr. Anderson when he had a concussion. He says he knows that he made the right choice. He says that tonight he and Mr. Anderson are supposed to be teaming up to face Jeff Hardy & Kazarian. Morgan says he’s done everything in his power to help Anderson. He says Anderson knows 100% that Morgan will have his back, but he needs to know that Anderson will be able to have his back as well. Anderson’s music hits and he comes out in street clothes.

Anderson says he appreciates everything Morgan has done for him but he’s a big boy. He says he can take care of himself. He says they’re both wrestlers and they are both in the Impact Zone tonight to WRESTLE. Anderson asks if Morgan needs a note from his “mommy” or his doctor to make sure he’s okay. Morgan says he needs to take his “nonexistent” doctors note and show the fans if he really has it. He says none of the fans want to see him wrestle tonight if that means it could hurt the next 20 years of his life. Morgan talks about the commitment they made to Chris Nowinski’s Institute. He says the commitment they made was when “little piss ant promoters like Eric Bischoff” tell them to wrestle with a concussion to piss off. Anderson says he did that for two months. Morgan asks him again if he can say 100% that he has his back. Before Anderson can answer Jeff Hardy’s music hits.

Jeff walks out onto the stage and Jeff asks Morgan why he doesn’t just propose to Anderson and they can just get married at Genesis instead of wrestle because they’re “acting like an old ass bitchy married couple.” Morgan asks if they are really hearing that from “Hulk Hogan’s little bitch boy puppet.” Anderson tells Jeff his makeup is running and then Morgan says Hot Topic is looking for Jeff’s belt too. Oh I about died after that little exchange. Hardy asks Anderson how he can know if Morgan isn’t still working for Immortal. Hardy tells Morgan to worry about his own damn self. He says that all the “marks” in the Impact Zone know that wrestlers are just conmen anyway and “this” (as he holds up the Title Belt) is all it’s about. Hardy says he and Kazarian will prove why they are badasses tonight and why Immortal & Fortune are great and then he says “your welcome PUNKS” and leaves.

Taz and Tenay talk about the show tonight at the announce table.

TNA X-Division Championship
Robbie E. (c) w/Cookie vs. Jay Lethal

This is a return match from Final Resolution when Lethal was DQ’ed in their Title Match. Highlights from the Final Resolution match are shown before the match. Cookie is definitely looking good tonight. Lethal attacks Robbie at the bell and nails him with right hands and then he attempts to whip Robbie into the ropes, but Robbie reverses it and Cookie trips him from the outside. Christy Hemme runs down and attacks Cookie! Christy has handcuffs in her hand and she cuffs Cookie to herself! In the ring Robbie is stomping on Lethal as Cookie & Christy continue to argue on the outside.

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

Back from commercials Lethal rolls Robbie up with an inside cradle for a nearfall! Robbie answers with a clothesline for a nearfall of his own. Robbie stomps on Lethal some more and then he whips Lethal into the ropes but eats a back elbow from Lethal. Lethal chops Robbie and then he attempts to whip Robbie into the ropes. Robbie reverses it and then goes for a backdrop but Lethal stops and kicks Robbie in the head. Lethal tries to whip Robbie into the ropes again but again Robbie counters, this time with a modified Russian Leg Sweep slamming Lethal to the mat hard for another nearfall. Robbie beats on Lethal on the mat and then he slaps Lethal repeatedly while talking trash to him. Robbie then locks Lethal in a Rear Chinlock. Lethal fights to his feet but Robbie slams him back down to the mat and locks in the Rear Chinlock again. Lethal fights the hold and breaks it and then Robbie & Lethal exchange big right hands. Lethal blocks Robbie’s last shot and nails him with repeated right hands and then a series of clotheslines. Lethal attempts to whip Robbie into the ropes again and again Robbie reverses it. Robbie then goes for a Backdrop but Lethal stops and then hits a Vertical Suplex! Lethal grabs Robbie and hits the Lethal Combination! Lethal climbs up top and hits the Flying Elbow Drop! 1…2…NO Robbie kicks out! Lethal charges at Robbie in the corner but Robbie nails him with a back elbow. Robbie then covers Lethal and puts his feet on the middle rope to get added leverage! 1…2…NO Hebner sees the feet on the ropes and stops the count. Robbie argues with Hebner and then climbs up top. Lethal nails Robbie with an uppercut and then climbs up top with Robbie and hits a Superplex! Both men are down now. Cookie kicks Christy on the outside and tries to hand Robbie the hairspray but Christy cuts her off and then sprays Cookie with it! Robbie looks on and backs into the Lethal Injection from Lethal! 1…2….3 NEW CHAMP!

Winner & NEW X-Division Champ: Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection)

After the match Lethal celebrates with Hemme as Cookie & Robbie freak out about him losing the belt on the outside. Lethal thanks Christy in the ring and then kisses her! Jay Lethal is now a 6-time X-Division Champion.

In the back AJ Styles and Eric Bischoff were watching that match. AJ says that “Robbie E. kid just can’t get it done” and he says he doesn’t have that “it” factor. Bischoff says irony is AJ standing there and talking about Robbie not being able to get the job done when it was AJ that dropped his belt to Williams. Bischoff asks AJ when he’s going to step up and be the “pound for pound greatest wrestler in the world” that everyone calls him. AJ argues that he held that belt for longer than anyone has but Bischoff emphasizes that he HELD the belt, not HOLD it. Bischoff says he needs him to get the belt and asks him when he’s going to get it. AJ says he’s got a rematch and he’ll get the damn belt back. Bischoff says he better because he can find anybody that can do a Ric Flair impersonation and he hears Jay Lethal can do a pretty damn good one. Bischoff tells AJ to earn his keep and AJ stares at him and then takes his glasses off and walks away shaking his head.

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

Douglas Williams arrives at the arena and the cameraman asks Williams about beating AJ with the Styles Clash. Williams says it was just a little salt in the wound. Williams then sees Magnus walking up and the two shake hands. They hug and Williams asks him where Chelsea is. Magnus says she’s “done” and he and Desmond Wolfe realized they don’t need him. Williams asks Magnus where Desmond is and Magnus says that he thinks Desmond got “this football thing out of his system” and he’ll be back to work “soon.” Williams tells Magnus to look after himself and he has to go get ready for the show tonight. The cameraman follows Williams into his dressing room asking generic questions about beating AJ and then out of nowhere AJ jumps him! AJ beats the dog sh*t out of Williams the whole time talking trash to him. Williams tries to make a comeback but AJ cuts him off quickly and flings him headfirst into a door. AJ continues to beat the hell out of Williams and even beats him into Madison & Tara’s dressing room as they’re getting dressed! They scream at AJ to get out but he just looks at them and keeps beating on Williams. AJ hits Williams with some stiff punches and slams him into the wall repeatedly. AJ sees a fire extinguisher and he blasts Williams with it! AJ slams Williams into several walls and then screams at Madison to “SHUT UP HOOKER!” AJ says he feels “refreshed” now and then stomps Williams one more time before finally spitting on Williams and leaving.

In the back Orlando Jordan is looking for Eric Young. Young shows up wearing the old TNA World Title belt (which he dug out of the garbage can) and two Hooters girls. Young walks into a room where Brian Kendrick is sitting inside of circle of candles. He asks Kendrick for some advice. Kendrick rants about some random crap and then he says “one man’s treasure is another man’s trash” (talking about the belt).

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

I really wish TNA would stop showing this TNA on Demand commercial, everytime I see it I miss “Primetime” Elix Skipper more.

Jeff Hardy backstage says there is a lot of bullshit going around in TNA and he says he’s getting into Anderson & Morgan’s head. He calls Kazarian one of the most “up and coming guys in TNA.”

Generation Me vs. “Showtime” Eric Young & Orlando Jordan

Footage of the brawl between GenMe & Eric Young is shown before the match. I love Hooters, and I’m not just talking about the Wings! Oh Jesus, Orlando Jordan is wearing a cutoff shirt and the orange Hooter girl shorts. I could have done without seeing that. Eric grabs the microphone from Borash as an “EY” chant erupts. Young says everyone knows he’s a fight champion so his belt is online tonight in the most dangerous match in wrestling, a battle royal! Young then runs into the ring and dumps Brian Hebner over the top rope! Hebner tries to explain to Young that this is a tag team match. Young then grabs GenMe and tosses them out of the ring and then he hits his partner, Jordan, with an Atomic Drop! Young then clotheslines Jordan over the top rope and thinks he won the match. GenMe climbs back in the ring and attacks Young. GenMe then see the Hooters girls and start spitting some game at them. Jordan comes in and clotheslines Max and backdrops Jeremy. Jordan hits an Atomic Drop on Max and then Jeremy comes back in and attacks Jordan. Jeremy Leg Drops Jordan and gets a nearfall. Max Backflips into a Head Scissors on Jordan where he holds Jordan in place as Jeremy nails him with a dropkick! 1…2…NO Jordan kicks out! Jeremy climbs out and starts spitting game to the girls again and Max follows him. Young tags in and dives through the ropes onto GenMe! Young tosses Jeremy back in the ring and hits a clothesline and then he tries to whip Jeremy into he ropes but Jeremy reverses it. Jordan blind tags Young and then nails Jeremy with a dropkick followed by a clothesline. Jordan hits a Spinebuster on Jeremy and then he locks in a submission move (kind of a Cobra Clutch) and Jeremy taps!

Winners: Jordan & Young via submission

In the back Mickie James approaches Eric Bischoff and wants to know who her partner is going to be tonight. Bischoff says her partner is going to be Ms. Tessmacher. Mickie says she’s not a wrestler and Bischoff says she wasn’t much of a secretary either.

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

A recap of BP advancing in the KO Tag Team tournament is shown before the next match.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles Tournament
Semifinals Match
Madison Rayne & Tara vs. Mickie James & Ms. Tessmacher

Highlights from the insane Steel Cage Match are shown as well. Madison and Mickie will start the match off against each other. Madison says she wants Tessmacher though so Mickie tags her in. Tessmacher shoves Madison so Madison shoves her back. Tessmacher then hits Madison with a series of armdrags! I must say, here, that Madison is wearing the most unbelievable ring gear I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s wearing some chainmail type of skirt (a LITTLE skirt) and some little flesh colored booty shorts underneath. Tessmacher ducks a clothesline and hits a hip toss followed by a dropkick! Madison comes back with a knee to the gut and then she slams Tessmacher to the mat. She then chokes Tessmacher in the corner and followed up with shoulder blocks. Madison locks in a Cravate on Tessmacher and then snaps off a Snapmare Takeover. Madison pulls on Tessmacher’s hair and then she just chokes Tessmacher with her hands. Madison follows up with the Pushup Headscissors Faecbusters. Taz says “sign me up for that” and I would have to concur. Madison mocks Tessmacher but this bites her back as Tessmacher rolls her up out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out! Madison then knocks Tessmacher down again and beats on her. Madison climbs up top and dives with a Flying Cross Body but Tessmacher ducks and tags in Mickie! Mickie nails Madison with a series of clotheslines and then she hits a Neckbreaker on Madison! Mickie gets distracted by Tara which allows Madison to nail her with body shots and right hands. Madison whips Mickie into the ropes and goes for a kick but Mickie ducks and then hits a Thesz Press! Mickie reigns down right hands on Madison and then she kicks Madison and goes for the Mickie-DT! Mickie drops Madison instead and goes over to Tara and grabs her by the hair. Tara uses that big brace on her elbow and nails Mickie with it! Madison then nails Mickie with a big right as she stumbled towards her and covers for the pin!

Winners: Madison & Tara via pinfall

In the back Kazarian talks about teaming with Hardy tonight. He then walks up on Rob Terry and he says he wants Terry to know that he has a big opportunity tonight and Bischoff & Flair are watching him tonight. Kaz says he can use all the help he can get in TNA. Terry says “screw you” and starts to walk off but Kaz cuts him off. Kaz says Terry can be “made” or be gone and if he doesn’t believe him he can ask Rhino. Kaz says it’s his call and then Terry walks off.

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

In the back some guy walks up to Pope and talks about more donations coming in. Pope counts it out and says it’s time to “tend to business.”

Brother Ray comes out to the ring and says no one has ever been worthy of being his tag team partner especially Devon. He says Devon calls him a bully and he’s damn right he is. Ray says tonight he starts his singles career and he chose the biggest, baddest, toughest guy in the TNA locker room to face! Amazing Red’s music then hits!

Brother Ray vs. Amazing Red

Ray attacks Red as soon as he comes into the ring. Ray then backdrops Red right into the lights. Bubba spears Red in the corner and then he chops Red. Bubba beats on Red and then he flings Red clear across the ring with a Biel! Bubba chokes Red and then hits him with an elbow. Bubba talks trash to Red, asking him if he’s going to fight back and then he gets down on his knee and begs Red to hit him. Red punches him in the mouth and then ducks a shot from Ray. Red climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick. Red follows up by charging at Bubba but eats a nasty Big Boot. Ray then follows up with the Bubba Bomb for the pin.

Winner: Ray via pinfall (Bubba Bomb)

After the match Ray grabs a steel chair and climbs into the ring but before he can hit Red with it Devon’s music hits and he runs down for the save. Bubba bails out and runs through the crowd.

In the back Jeff Jarrett talks about his MMA Challenge.

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

“The Freak” Rob Terry vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

RVD grabs a microphone and he says it doesn’t matter who or what Bischoff puts in front of him because he won’t stop until he gets what belongs to him: the TNA World Title and Jeff Hardy’s ass. Hardy and Terry lockup and Terry flings Van Dam across the ring. RVD then punches Terry repeatedly and hits a leg kick but then Terry grabs him by the throat, but RVD drop toe holds him and then hits a series of sliding dropkicks followed by a Corkscrew Elbow. RVD hits the ropes and goes for a Cross Body but Terry catches him in midair and hits a Front Slam. Terry beats on RVD in the corner and then slams him to the mat and gets a nearfall. Terry hits a shoulder block in the corner and then he whips RVD into the opposite corner and charges. RVD gets his boots up and then follows up with a Springboard Back Kick! RVD hits the ropes but then eats a Spear!

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

Back from commercials Terry knocks RVD off the apron and RVD hits the guardrail. Terry climbs out to the floor and slams Van Dam into the apron. Terry rolls RVD back into the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Terry hits a Backbreaker but holds onto Van Dam and follows up with a Scoop Slam for another nearfall. Terry locks Van Dam in a Bear Hug. Van Dam fights it off with elbows and slaps but Terry locks him in a Waistlock. Van Dam breaks it with a crazy Hook Kick and then he hits the ropes and nails Terry with a Spinning Heel Kick. RVD climbs up top and hits a Diving Back Kick! Van Dam then follows up with Rolling Thunder! RVD climbs back up top again and hits the 5-Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: RVD via pinfall (5 Star Frog Splash)

Footage of Jeff Jarrett doing the MMA stuff is shown.

The Pope pulls up to a building, someone is filming it. The building he walks into is called “Rachel’s Adult Entertainment.”

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he comes from underneath the stage using Kurt Angle’s entrance. Jarrett has a big entourage walk him down to the ring. Some fan at ringside screams several expletives at Jarrett as he’s getting Vaseline put on his face. Its time for another Double J MMA Submission Challenge. The $100,000 prize still stands. Some guy wants to be in it but Jarrett says the only thing that guy can submit is a Chinese Buffet. Some other guys want in but Jarrett says they need a metal detector and says those “thugs” need to get out. The “thug” actually tries to come over the guardrail (with Jarrett still talking shit to him). Jarrett sees a guy in a green hat and tells him to come down. Jarrett calls some lady in the crowd “Shamu” and says this is Universal Studios, not Sea World. The kids name is Jose Rios from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jarrett asks the kid who his favorite wrestler is and he says Mickie James. The kids from Puerto Rico but he’s wearing a skull cap that says “Mexico” on it. Jarrett slaps the kid and then shoves him and nails him with a bunch of Knee Strikes. Jarrett nails him with rights and lefts on the mat and then locks him in a Rear Naked Choke. The kid taps out.

Some big guy at ringside was going nuts trying to talk shit to Jarrett and get to him.

————————-COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

Main Event
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy & Kazarian vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & Mr. Anderson

Hardy & Kazarian come out together while Anderson & Morgan come out separate (to show Immortal is together while Anderson & Morgan are not). Anderson does his usual introduction. Hardy holds the belt up to Anderson and then the bell rings. Anderson and Hardy will start the match off. They start to lockup but then Hardy flicks Anderson off and tags in Kazarian. Kaz mocks Anderson stumbling around like he has a concussion. Anderson punches him in the face repeatedly and then whips him into the ropes but Kaz grabs him in a Waistlock and tries to roll him up, but Anderson holds onto the ropes. Anderson then nails Kaz with a Running Back Elbow and locks in a Wristlock. Anderson goes for a back Suplex but Kaz lands on his feet and nails Anderson with an Enziguri to the back of the head for a nearfall. Kaz punches Anderson in the head and then picks him up but Anderson nails him with a forearm and whips him into the corner and then both guys collide headfirst with each other. Anderson rolls over and tries to tag out but Kaz grabs his foot but Anderson is able to reach out and make the tag! Morgan nails Kaz with a series of clotheslines and then he whips Kaz into the corner. He grabs Kaz by the back of the head and slams him into the corner and follows up with the Body Guillotine as Kaz was draped over the top rope. Morgan tosses Kaz into a corner and nails him with the series of Back Elbows. Morgan follows up with a Corner Splash and then a Sidewalk Slam. Morgan nails Kaz with a series of right hands and everytime Kaz grabs the referee and says Morgan is hitting him with a closed fist. This allows Hardy to toss Morgan out to the floor and then throw him into the ringsteps. Back in the ring Hardy tags in and stomps on Morgan. Hardy then Leg Drops Morgan between the legs and follows up with a sliding dropkick. Kaz tags back in and beats on Morgan in the corner while Hardy chokes him at the same time. Kaz knocks Anderson off the apron! Hardy tags back in and beats on Morgan in the corner and then tags Kaz back in. Kaz & Hardy go for a Double Suplex but Anderson comes in and clotheslines both guys! Back elbow to Kaz and then he goes for the Green Bay Plunge, but Kaz blocks it and shoves Anderson into the referee! Anderson turns around and hits the Green Bay Plunge on Kaz and Morgan hits a Leg Drop on him! Hardy comes in and attacks Anderson & Morgan. Anderson hits a Jawbreaker on Hardy which Tenay points out may have not been very smart since Hardy’s jaw came down onto the top of Anderson’s head. Morgan then nails Hardy with a big Lariat. Anderson climbs up top as Morgan chokes Kaz in the corner. Rob Terry runs down and knocks Anderson off the top rope crotching him on the ropes! Morgan grabs Terry but Terry snaps Morgan off the ropes and Morgan bounces into the Twist of Fate from Hardy! 1…2…3!

Winners: Hardy & Kazarian via pinfall (Twist of Fate)


Tonight was just not good AT ALL. Very few highlights and a lot of low lights tonight.

The opening was okay with Hardy trying to get into Anderson & Morgan’s heads but they are beating this concussion thing to death. Not so much the concussion in general but Morgan saying “are you okay” and the sympathetic stuff. It’s getting old, we get it, you went to bat for another wrestler.

Lethal-Robbie was easily the best match tonight and thank God Lethal has the belt. Now, maybe Robbie can go somewhere else. Give us a damn feud with Lethal and somebody like Kaz so this belt can have some legitimacy again.

The brawl with AJ beating the sh*t out of Williams was excellent. I love the intensity that AJ is showing and I really think things are going to eventually come to a head with AJ being the guy to go against Immortal (and hopefully Fortune with him). I love that they showed Magnus again and alluded to Desmond. I wonder where they’re going there. Did Magnus set Williams up or is he going to team with Dougie again?

Generation Me goes from feuding for the Tag Titles to losing to freaking Orlando Jordan & Eric Young? There isn’t anything I can say to describe my frustration with this.

The Knockouts match was predictable as hell but Ms. Tessmacher actually did NOT horrible. The Finals of the tournament seems pretty predictable to me too but I guess we’ll have to see. Mickie-Madison should pick up next week too.

I have no idea where they’re going with The Pope so I guess I have to wait and see before I say anything.

How does Red go from X-Division Champion to Bubba Ray’s bitch in less than a year? This is absolutely pathetic. A guy with that much talent does not deserve to be treated the way TNA is treating him. He hasn’t been on TV in months and the first time back he gets absolutely destroyed by Bubba freaking Ray? More frustration.

Terry was boring like always, God I do not want to see him in Immortal. How damn random would that be?

The Jarrett stuff was whatever, I like the heat it’s drawing, but it’s the same thing every week. Just bring Kurt back and start the damn feud already.

The Main Event was okay too but nothing special at all, pretty short in fact. I do like that they are playing off the concussion in the match and not just having him take DDT’s and shrug it off like nothing happened.

We went from pretty good last week to pretty bad this week. TNA is just so inconsistent right now.

Promo/Segment of the Night: AJ and Dougies brawl
Match of the Night: Lethal vs. Robbie (***)
Overall Grade: D –

Genesis Lineup:
– TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan
– TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James
– Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon