Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
March 22, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with Eric Bischoff playing the acoustic guitar in the middle of the ring. The fans boo Bischoff and then he grabs the microphone and claims he put that together back when he was running with the bulls in ’92. He says the name of the song is “What You Dont Know About Me” and that there is alot of things we don’t know about him. Bischoff says he is a classicly trained musician and that may be part of the reason he has such a problem with Jeff Jarrett. He says he honed his craft on the guitar until his fingers bled and it makes him sick that Jarrett just uses his as a ‘silly prop.’ Bischoff then says maybe Jeff can actually play the guitar so he thought he would give him a shot. He calls Jeff out to the ring and Jeff comes out to the ring and Bischoff tells Jeff to play the guitar. Jeff doesn’t say anything and Bischoff says he knew Jeff didn’t have the guts to come out there and prove anything. Bischoff says if Jeff can’t play the guitar then he should sing us a tune and sticks the microphone in Jeff’s chest. Jeff says if he thinks he can embarrass Jeff he has another thing coming. Bischoff says Jarrett doesn’t have the guts to knock him out and says he can’t get the job on him. Jarrett turns away and Bischoff screams at him not to turn his back on him and then dares Jeff to knock him out. Jeff snatches the guitar from Bischoff and asks the fans if they want him to do it. Jeff acts like he’s going to blast Bischoff with the guitar but he stops as the fans boo and Bischoff laughs. Jarrett says to Bischoff, “you’re not going to beat me.” Jarrett walks off and Bischoff says he knew Jeff didn’t have the guts to do it. He says the best thing for Jeff to do is go home and tell his daughters that he doesn’t have the stones to do what needs to be done. Bischoff says that’s why Jeff isn’t running TNA anymore and he is. Jarrett stopped in the middle of the ramp and turned around and walked back into the ring! Jarrett picks up the guitar behind Bischoff and blasts him with it as he turns around! Night, night Mr. Bischoff!

*Just a note here. They never actually showed Bischoff playing the guitar, mainly just closeups of hands playing the guitar and those hands looked a bit bigger than Bischoff’s. It was kind of weird*

A replay of Jarrett destroying Bischoff with the guitar is shown and then we cut to the back where Mick Foley congratulates Jarrett as he walks to the back. They hug and Jeff asks him if he had any idea how good that felt. Mick says in fact he does know how good that felt.


Back from commercials more replays of Bischoff’s guitar to the head are shown. Back live Bischoff is scrambling around in the ring trying to get to his feet as a referee tries to help him. Bischoff grabs the microphone and says that Jarrett has crossed his line just Foley did last week. Bischoff says he can fire both of them for just the cost of a Fed-Ex but he won’t give them the satisfaction. He wants it to be fun for him so tonight Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett will go one-on-one! He says it will be Career vs. Career as the loser will be fired from TNA and the winner will be his b*tch! We cut to Jarrett and Foley looking on at the screen in the back. Jeff throws a bottle at the wall and they blame themselves. Foley says they both got caught up in their emotions and says this may be a fight that neither one of them can win. Foley walks off.

8-Knockouts Tag Team Match
The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, & Lacey Von Erich) & Daffney vs. Sarita, Taylor Wilde, Tara, & Angelina Love

Last night Daffney gave Tara a good fight but Tara came out on top to retain her title, but Daffney had the last laugh when she stole Tara’s pet spider Poison. Daffney has the spider with her as she comes to the ring and highlights from her and Tara’s match last night are shown. Tara doesn’t wait for her music as she comes straight to the ring, but she stops as Daffney threatens to stomp on the spider. She begs Daffney not to do it which allows BP to jump her from behind. The heels are beating on Tara 4-on-1 until the babyfaces make their way out for the save! Sarita tosses Lacey into the corner as we go to a break.


Back from commercials Angelina nails Madison with a big clothesline for a nearfall. Taylor tags in and hits a Flying Axe Handle Drop off the top onto the outstretched arm of Madison. Taylor follows up with an Atomic Drop and then she kicks Madison in the tale. Madison tags in Velvet and she goes for a clothesline on Taylor, but Taylor ducks and reverses into a Spinning Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Taylor tags in Sarita and she hits a Knee Strike and then locks in a Front Chancery, but Velvet counters out of the hold and kicks Sarita in the gut. Velvet follows up with a Snapmare Takeover and then kick to the back. Lacey tags in and hits a big forearm on Sarita followed by a kick. Lacey attempts to whip Sarita into the ropes but she reverses it and then Lacey floats up and over Sarita as she charged into the corner. Lacey celebrates the move only to eat a dropkick from Sarita. Lacey quickly tags Madison in and she charges at Sarita, but Sarita leg sweeps her and tags in Tara. Tara hits the Slingshot Somersault Leg Drop! 1…2…NO Madison kicks out! Tara locks in a Side Headlock but Velvet shoves her off into the ropes where Daffney hits Tara from behind. All the babyfaces try to get in after that but the referee holds them back which allows the heels to come in and and they all grab a limb and lift Tara up into the air and slam her to the mat! Madison covers Tara and gets a nearfal. Madison tags in Daffney who graps Poison and taunts Tara with it. Tara reaches up and grabs Daffney by the throat! Daffney is able to reach back and get a tag from Velvet who kicks Tara and then puts the boots to her. Tara comes back with right hands on Velvet only to have Madison come in and cut her off. Madison holds Tara as Velvet tags Daffney back in the ring. Madison & Velvet hold Tara as Daffney gets ready to do something but Angelina attacks her from behind! Sarita and Taylor come in and attack the rest of the heels! Sarita tosses Velvet out to the floor while Tara and Taylor knock Madison & Lacey through the ropes. In the ring Angelina hits the Lights Out on Daffney! Velvet comes in from behind and hits a DDT on Angelina! Taylor comes in now and Velvet goes for a clothesline but Taylor blocks it and hits a Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge! Madison comes in and breaks it up and then hits a Jawbreaker on Taylor onto her own knee! Sarita grabs Madison from behind and hits a Tiger Bomb! Lacey runs in and Chokeslams Sarita now! She celebrates it and then turns around into the Widows Peak from Tara! Tara sees her pet spider and goes to get it but Daffney grabs her from behind and hits the Lobotomy for the pin!

Winners: Beautiful People & Daffney via pinfall (Lobotomy)

After the match Daffney grabs the spider and leaves with it again.

We cut to the back where AJ Styles is getting out of a van. AJ has his arm in a sling and is walking on a crutch while Flair is in a wheel chair still yelling “woo” and screaming for Chelsea. Tenay says that Hogan has a big announcement regarding Lockdown that is coming up next.


Back from commercials highlights from last nights incredible Ultimate X are shown along with highlights from the Abyss-AJ match which ended in a No Contest and AJ being put through the ring with a Chokeslam.

Hulk Hogan makes his way out to the ring alongside Abyss. Hogan is rocking what looks like a new Hulk Hogan-TNA t-shirt. Hogan is even rocking red and yellow Nike’s which actually look pretty cool (for his whole gimmick at least). Hogan says it sounds like Abyss has TNA on fire but he’s going to go ahead and cut to the chase. He says it got real personal between he and Flair. Hogan says Bischoff was right when he said Flair knew every button to push to get him back in the ring. Hogan says when he and Abyss were laying in the ring in a pool of their own blood it was personal. He says that Bischoff is learning himself it seems that the personal stuff doesn’t end so well. Hogan vows to all the TNA fans and Dixie Carter that he will get TNA back on track and it will be only business and not personal. He says that will start big time at Lockdown. He says Abyss will be the team captain of Team Hogan to take on Team Flair in Lethal Lockdown. Abyss grabs the microphone and says he really hopes AJ and Flair decided to stay back at the hotel and crash because that’s alot more healthy for them than showing up and crashing threw whichever part of the Impact Zone he sees fit. Abyss says thanks to his ring that he can’t begin to explain the feeling of power and energy that was rushing through his body last night when he picked AJ up and slammed him through the ring. Abyss says it was then that he realized it isn’t just Abyss, but he is the 6’8″, 350 pound pissed off Monster! Hogan was kind fired up like crazy as Abyss was going off on that promo. Abyss says he didn’t win the Title last night but he won his respect. He says it is a new day in TNA and at Lockdown he’s going to take care of business for Hogan in Lethal Lockdown. Abyss says he’s coming to get Team Flair and they won’t need anymore wheelchairs or bandages, they’ll need a mortician! Abyss asks what they’ll do when Abyssamania runs ‘fatal’ on them! Flair’s music hits and the Nature Boy comes bopping out on the stage in his wheel chair followed closely behind by AJ Styles. Flair tells the fans to shutup and then screams for his ‘damn music’ to be shut off. Flair says Abyss wants to talk about pissed off and points at his eyes and says those are what pissed off eyes look like! Flair says Lockdown is in St. Louis and in case Hogan didn’t know it St. Louis is in the middle of a little place he calls Flair Country! He says he is a Cage Match specialist and Abyss tried to kill he and AJ but he can’t do it. He says he and AJ aren’t mortals, they are wrestling Gods! AJ says he had Abyss beat last night until Hogan came down and screwed it all up. AJ says Abyss tried to cripple him out of desperation and calls Abyss an idiot. Flair screams at Hogan to listen to him and he says the captain for Team Flair will be none other than STING! The lights go out and Sting’s music hits! When the lights come on Sting is actually sitting on the top turnbuckle while Hogan is handcuffed to the top rope and AJ is standing behind Abyss! AJ blasts Abyss with the crutch as Sting points at Hogan with the bat! AJ laughs as he walks around the ring revealing he isn’t injured. AJ then spits at Hogan and continues to stopm on Abyss. Sting laughs at Hogan and points at him again before leaving the ring. AJ continues stomping Abyss and then The Pope’s music hits! Dinero hits the ring and lays into AJ with big rights and lefts and elbows! AJ turns around into a Big Boot from Hogan and then one from Abyss! Dinero hits the DDE on AJ adn then grabs the handcuff keys and frees Hogan. Hogan raises Pope and Abyss’ arms and then Hogan points at Flair and Flair decides to wheel himself on out of there. Hogan catches him though and pushes the wheelchair back down the ramp to Abyss who clotheslines the hell out of Flair! Pope walks up and sticks money in Flair’s mouth.


Back from commercials Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, & Shannon Moore arrive to the arena. Christy Hemme approaches them and asks what they have going on tonight. Jeff says they’re going to be having some fun but unfortunatley it’ll be at someone elses expense. He then points to his t-shirt and says he also has a new t-shirt to rock. RVD says something to Christy Hemme and walks off.

TNA Global Championship
Tomko vs. “Big” Rob Terry (c)

Terry gets right in Tomko’s face as he enters the ring and eats a forearm smash right to the mouth for his troubles! Tomko comes off the ropes and hits a Shoulder Block but Terry doesn’t go down. Tomko then slaps Terry in the face but Terry comes back and clotheslines the hell out of Tomko! Terry tosses Tomko into the corner and follows up with a Corner Splash as Tenay says that Bischoff has named Beer Money as Special Referees in the Foley vs. Jarrett match tonight. Terry whips Tomko into the oppoisite corner and charges but Tomko hits a back elbow. Terry shrugs it off and lifts Tomko up for a big Slam. Tomko gets to his feet and eats a Spinning Heel Kick from Terry! Terry grabs Tomko and hits the One-armed Spinebuster. 1…2…3 and Terry retains his title.

Winner & STILL Global Champ: Terry via pinfall (Spinebuster)

Footage of Foley shaving Bischoff’s head last week are shown followed by Jarrett laying him out earlier tonight. We then get a shot of Foley walking towards the entrance area as we go to break followed by a shot of Jarrett.

A great video package highlighting Foley and Jarrett’s history with Bischoff are shown. In the back JB is with Foley and Jarrett together. Foley says over the last several months he has talked about leaving TNA but he will go on his own accord not when Bischoff’s wants to leave. Foley says that he has been thinking of ways to get Eric out of TNA and that’s the thoughts that keep him going. Jarrett says he and Foley are both men and they both have pride but part of that pride is TNA. Jarrett says they both deserve to stay in TNA. Foley says they owe it to themselves in each other to show the fans exactly how much TNA means to them. Foley says he’ll see Jarrett out there. Jeff says that he was on the outs around TNA for quite a few months and it was Mick Foley and the fans that put the passion back in him so not only does he owe to the fans and his family but he also owes it to Mick.

Career vs. Career No DQ Match
Special Referees: Beer Money Inc.
“King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett vs. “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of having Special REFEREES for a match and David Penzer reveals that this will be a No DQ Match as Foley comes to the ring. Jeff still doesn’t get any music or pyro as he comes to the ring. Tenay mentions his long relationship with Jeff as Jarrett walks to the ring. Roode decides he’ll watch things from the floor as Storm handles things in the ring. Jarrett and Foley shake each others hands and then they lock up in the center of the ring. They stalemate and then lockup again. Foley forces Jarrett into the corner but Jarrett pushes him back only to get shoved into the opposite corner by Foley. Storm breaks them up and they lockup again in the center. Foley locks in a Side Headlock but Jarrett shoves him off only to eat a shoulder block from Foley for a nearfall. They lockup yet again and this time Jarrett gets the side headlock and Foley shoves him into the ropes. Foley connects with a back elbow for another nearfall. Jarrett kicks Foley in the gut as Foley shoots in for another collar-and-elbow tieup. Jarrett then attempts to whip Foley into the ropes but Mick reverses it and then goes for a backdrop. Jarrett counters with a Sunset Flip, 1….2…NO Foley kicks out! Foley comes back and hits a Backslide for yet another nearfall. Foley connects with a big right hand to the side of Jarrett’s head followed by another one. Foley connects with more clubbing right hands and then he drags Jarrett to the center of the ring and goes for the Double Arm DDT, but Jarrett counters into an attempt at the Stroke. Foley shoves Jarrett into the ropes where Robert Roode grabs his foot from the outside. Jarrett turns and asks Roode what in the hell he’s doing which allows Foley to blast Jarrett from behind and then kick Jarrett out of the ring to the floor. Foley follows him out and continues to beat on Jarrett as he tosses him into the guardrail. Eric Bischoff walks out to the broadcast table as we go to break.


Back from commerciasl Foley and Jarrett are brawling up on the stage now with Bischoff at the broadcast table. Jarrett shoves Foley down the ramp and then Suplexes Foley on the ramp! Back in the ring Jarrett lays into Foley in the corner with repeated right hands and then covers Foley for a nearfall. Jarrett with a big right hand again for yet another nearfall. Jarrett actually uses the ropes for extra leverage as he goes for another pinfall but still only gets a 2 count. Jarrett beats on Foley in the corner and then hits a Spike DDT! 1…2…NO Foley still kicks out! Jarrett goes out to the floor and grabs a steel chair! Jarrett threatens to hit Roode (who is the referee in the ring now) and then goes to hit Foley, but Foley kicks him in the gut and connects with the Double Arm DDT! 1…2…NO Jarrett gets his foot on the bottom rope! Foley pulls out that damn sock! He shoves Mr. Socko down Jarrett’s throat with the Mandible Claw! Jarrett actually gets his hand on the ropes but Roode kicks it away! Foley drops down on his back and body scissors Jarrett while holding onto the Mandible Claw! Jarrett continues to fight the hold and breaks it with several back elbows. Foley grabs the steel chair and charges at Jarrett but he kicks the chair into Foley’s face! Jarrett follows up with The Stroke onto the chair! 1…2…3!

Winner: Jarrett via pinfall (Stroke) and Foley is fired from TNA

After the match Jarrett looks upset while Foley starts to come to in the ring. Foley goes over to Jarrett and says that Jeff did what he had to do and then raises the arm of Jeff Jarrett. Jeff then walks over to Foley and raises his arm and then they shake hands and hug. Storm and Roode mock Foley and Jarrett from the outside as Bischoff does the same at the announce table. Foley leaves the ring as the fans chant for him. Bischoff waves and taunts Foley from the announce table and then grabs a microphone. Bischoff says Beer Money probably isn’t ready to go home yet so they should give Jeff a litle taste of their medicine. Beer Money jumps Jarrett in the ring! They put the beatdown on Jarrett and Storm sets a chair up in the corner. Roode then tosses Jarrett right into the chair! Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he and Rob Van dam hit the ring! Beer Money scrambles as Bischoff is pissed at those two spoiling things. RVD grabs a microphone and mocks Beer Money’s name and then introduces Jeff Hardy to them before doing his “Rob…..Van…..Dam” thing to the enjoyment of the fans. RVD says they’re just looking to have some fun and they agreed that bouncing Beer Money around the ring tonight would be a blast. They challenge Beer Money to a match! Roode says it’s on! Tonight it’ll be RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money! OH YES! Bischoff says he wants to know who allowed this to happen.


Footage of what just went down is shown and then we cut to the back where Mick Foley is being escorted out of the building by security. Foley is being wished goodbye by a bunch of the stars including Pope and Abyss and JB. Bubba the Love Sponge approaches him to a chorus of boos but Mick says now is not the time. He says if there was a list of people he wanted to talk to Bubba would be very last on that list (same here Mick). Bubba tells Mick not to let the door hit him in the a** and then calls him an old timer (what is Bubba some spring chicken here?). Mick turns around and grabs Bubba! He screams at Bubba and knocks him right the hell out with his best Awesome Kong impersonation! He punched the glasses right off Bubba’s face. He picks the microphone up and screams “Bang, Bang” before leaving the building.

We cut to Bischoff clapping his hands as he walks into Hogan’s office. Hogan asks what’s so great about Foley being gone and Bischoff says he got rid of a distraction. Hogan says that they could’ve talked and Foley could’ve been an asset. Hogan says that it was personal and not business just like his deal with Flair and Sting was. Hogan says it’s time to move TNA forward but no personal stuff anymore. He asks Bischoff to lay off Jarrett. Bischoff says he’s fine and now he and Jeff can have a fresh start. He starts to leave the room but stops and asks Hogan if he sent Jeff and RVD out there, but he stops himself and says never mind.

In the back Christy Hemme is with Storm & Roode who are pacing back and forth. Roode says they’ve been busy tonight but that’s the way they like it because they’ve had alot of time to sit around and wait for an opportunity in TNA. He says they had time to reflect on what was most important to them and that was to put Beer Money first. Storm says what Roode is trying to say is simple. He says unlike Jeff Hardy and RVD they don’t care about the stupid people in the crowd because they are the greatest tag team in the world! Storm says they may not know that but they’ll find out real soon, Sorry bout your damn luck!


Back from commercials JB is in the back with RVD and Jeff Hardy. Hardy is putting his stupid face paint on as they talk. Jeff says he knows a thing or two about tag team wrestling and after saving Jeff Jarrett he knew something like this would happen. RVD says this isn’t there first time around the block and they know exactly what they’re doing it. RVD says they’ll show everyone in TNA what makes them special and he refers to himself as “Mr. Monday Night” for the first time in TNA.

A recap of Hernandez and Morgan’s problems are shown including Morgan attacking Hernandez last night after they retained their belts.

“Super Mex” Hernnadez vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Hernandez attacks Morgan from behind as Morgan was making his entrance! Hernandez beats on Morgan and then tosses him into the ring and follows up with a huge shoulder block! Morgan rolls out to the floor where Hernandez follows and continues the beat down! Hernandez slams Morgan into the ring apron and then into the ring steps! Hernandez has a t-shirt hanging out of his trunks. Hernandez slams Morgan into the apron again and then tosses him back into the ring. Morgan begs Hernandez off in the ring and it looks like Morgan’s mouth is busted. He offers a handshake to Hernandez and he accepts but then kicks Morgan in the chest! Hernandez wraps the t-shirt around Morgan’s neck and tosses him across the ring! Hernandez tosses Morgan across the ring yet again! Hernandez follows up with a Corner Splash and then a Spinebuster! Hernandez whips Morgan into the corner and charges but Morgan is able to backdrop Hernandez over the top to the floor! Hernandez comes back and drags Morgan out to the floor! Hernandez htis a forearm and then goes for a clothesline but Morgan ducks and Hernandez nails his arm on the ring post! Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint sending Hernandez’s head into the ring post! Morgan rolls back into the ring and taunts the crowd. The referee rolls out and checks on Hernandez. He does the ‘X’ sign telling the EMTs to come out. Terry Taylor followed by medical staff make their way out to take Hernandez off.


Hernandez’s former tag partner Homicide even comes out to check on him. Homicide screams something at Morgan repeatedly as he leaves the ring still taunting the fans.


Back from commercials they are loading Hernandez up on the stretcher.


Back from commercials Hogan is looking on as Hernandez is being loaded up in the ambulance.

We then cut to footage of the reformation of the WolfPac/The Band officially last night when Nash turned on Young.

Main Event
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam & “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money Inc.

RVD’s new tights have TNA across the chest and I do believe “4:20” on one of the legs. Hardy and RVD were actually a short lived tag team back in the WWE around 2003 I believe (even competed in a Tag Team TLC Match I believe). Jeff and Storm will start this match off. Storm with a kick to the leg and series of right hands as the fans are freaking going nuts right now screaming for Hardy and Van Dam. Storm Storm whips Hardy into the ropes where Roode was waiting to hit him, but Hardy slides underneath the ropes (and Roode’s legs). Hardy yanks Roode off the apron slamming his head into it. Hardy then hits a shoulder block from the apron at a charging Storm followed by a backdrop that sends Storm over the top rope onto Roode on the floor! Jeff climbs down and pulls a ladder out from under the ring! He sets the ladder up between the ring and guardrail setting it up like a bridge.


We get a cut-in shot of RVD hitting the Guillotine Legdrop on the arpon on Roode during the commercial break. Back from commercials Roode comes back on RVD slamming him into the turnbuckles. Roode then whips RVD into the opposite corner and charges in at him, but RVD hits a back elbow followed a gorgeous Springboard Moonsault! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Roode comes back with a knee to the gut and then tags in Storm. Storm with an uppercut to the ribs as Roode held RVD followed by an uppercut to the chin. Storm comes off the ropes now but RVD catches him with a nasty spinning heel kick! RVD tags in Hardy and he connects with rights and lefts. Storm attempts a big right hand but Jeff ducks and then hits an Atomic Drop! Jeff then hits the Leg Drop to the groin! Jeff picks Storm up and hits the Front Sitout Suplex, 1…2…NO Roode breaks it up! RVD in now with some nice strikes that send Roode out to the floor. Jeff attempts to whip Storm into the cornrer but Storm counters it and then charges at Jeff only to eat at back elbow. Jeff climbs to the top rope but Roode crotches him in the corner! Storm and Roode put the beatdown on Jeff and Roode is in now choking Hardy. Roode hits a Neckbreaker on Hardy for a nearfall. Roode drags Hardy to the Beer Money corner and tags in Storm. Beer Money stands on Jeff’s throat and then Storm slams Hardy to the mat and taunts RVD by holding Jeff’s arm out at him. Storm locks Jeff in a headlock but Hardy fights to his feet only to get slammed back down to the mat. Roode tags back in and taunts RVD and then chokes Hardy as RVD tried to get at him. Roode locks in a headlock on the mat on Jeff as the fans get behind him. Jeff fights to his feet again and hits a series of back elbows and then a huge Jawbreaker! Jeff comes off the ropes but eats a Spinebuster from Roode! 1…2…NO Jeff kicks out! Storm tags back in and puts the boots to Jeff. Storm again taunts RVD with Jeff and locks in a Sleeper on Hardy. Jeff is able to get his feet and break the hold with elbows and then he comes off the ropes where Storm goes for a clothesline, but Hardy ducks and then they both go for Cross Body Blocks at the same time! Both men are down now! Hardy is just about to reach RVD when Roode quickly gets in the ring where the referee comes into to stop him not seeing the tag between RVD & Hardy. Roode then pulls Hardy back to Beer Money corner as the referee tells RVD he didn’t see the tag! Roode is in now (without a tag) and tells the referee he tagged out. Storm tags back in quickly and lays into Hardy with a big uppercut to the ribs. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm on Hardy but he blocks it and then tosses Storm into the top turnbuckle! Hardy quickly gets to the top and hits the Whisper In The Wind out of desperation! Hardy tags in RVD and Storm tags in Roode! RVD connects with a clothesline on Rodoe and then another one! RVD follows up with a huge Superkick to Roode and then he knocks Storm off the apron! RVD with a spinning heel kick to Roode in the corner followed by the Monkey Flip! RVD springs to the top and connects with teh Flying Back Kick! 1…2…NO Storm breaks it up! Storm connects with an uppercut and then he tries to slam RVD’s head into the top turnbuckle but RVD blocks it with his foot and connects with a kick to the face out of nowhere! RVD hits a Front Slam and then hits the Split Legged Moonsault! RVD turns around into the Lariat from Roode! Hardy jumps Roode and attempts to whip him into the corner but Roode reverses it. Storm nails him with a Leaping Enziguri from the apron! Beer Money grab Hardy and hit the Beer Money Double Suplex, but before they can do their taunt RVD lays into Storm with a forearm and then he goes for a roundhouse on Roode. Roode blocks the kick and hits a back legsweep. Roode then catapults RVD into a sickening Spike DDT from Storm! 1…2…NO RVD kicks out! Roode goes for the Payoff on Hardy but Hardy reverses it into the Twist of Fate! Hardy calls for the Swanton but Storm trips him up from the outside and pulls him out. Storm tries to whip Hardy into that ladder that he set up earlier but Hardy slides underneath it and then shoves it into Storm’s face! In the ring RVD hits the Rolling Thunder on Roode followed by the Swanton Bomb from Hardy! RVD up top and he connects with the 5 Star Frog Splash! 1…2…3 that was awesome!

Winners: RVD & Hardy via pinfall (5 Star Frog Splash)

After the match RVD and Hardy celebrate their win in the ring and then we see replays of the match. Eric Young comes out from the crowd and slides into the ring. EY grabs a microphone as Hardy and RVD wonder what in the hell is going on. EY says he’s going to keep this real short and sweet. He says he talked to management and he says next week we’re going to have a 6-Man Tag! It will be Kevin Nash, Syxx-Pac, and Scott Hall against him and his tag team partners…EY then raises the arms of RVD & Hardy! The WolfPac vs. RVD, Hardy, & EY in a 6-Man Tag! Impact ends with the babyfaces celebrating as the fans go nuts.

Final Thoughts

Wow, what a hot ending to the show tonight! Overall a very solid outing from TNA all the way around coming off of a solid PPV.

The opening segment with Eric Bischoff was nicely done and I like how they’ve built up to both Foley and Jarrett’s eventual blowups.

Very good 8-Knockouts Tag Match with all 8 girls getting their chance to shine. Not even Lacey Von Erich looked bad in the match. Tenay announced later on that Daffney will get another shot at the Knockouts Title next week, this time in a First Blood Match!

I absolutely loved the Flair & AJ/Hogan & Abyss promo. The set up with Sting was classic. Him just sitting on the corner while AJ beats the hell out of Abyss was awesome. Sting is playing this heel role so well right now, without saying a damn word! It was good to see Pope come out and save the day as well. Without hearing another word I’m predicting Sting, Wolfe, & Beer Money vs. Abyss, Hardy, RVD, & another mystery partner (I’m not sure about) for Lethal Lockdown.

Terry-Tomko was a dud and I hate seeing Tomko job out like that. I see where they’re going with Terry, trying to build him up and get him over by mowing through opponent after opponent (old school style), but if it doesn’t get over it will do more harm than good to all those guys he destroys.
Jarrett-Foley was a very good No DQ Brawl from the two. Nice little back and forth but I would hate for that to be forreal Foley’s finale in TNA. I fully expect him to make a return, possibly as Cactus Jack? Maybe as the fourth man in Lethal Lockdown!

God, I loved seeing Foley deck Bubba the Love Sponge (as I’m sure Awesome Kong did as well).
Morgan-Hernandez was turning into a Hernandez a**-whip fest until the injury angle. I’m not real big on injury angles where they go out of the way to make it seem like a shoot (i.e. Hogan asking someone if his wife had been called, etc.) especially with a guy like Hernandez who really has had neck problems. It was interesting to see Homicide out there and if this ends up bringing L.A.X. back together then I’m all for it.

The Main Event was hot from start to finish. Just a great tag team bout all around. All four guys busted their butts and put on a great effort. Good old school tag wrestling psychology from the heels and RVD and Hardy had the fans in the palm of their hands the whole way. Beer Money losing their hurts them not one bit in my opinion either.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Lethal Lockdown announcements/brawl

Match of the Night: RVD & Hardy vs. Beer Money (***1/2)

Overall Grade: A

Scheduled for Next Week:

-TNA Knockouts Title First Blood Match: Tara (c) vs. Daffney

-6-Man War: Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, & Eric Young vs. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, & Syxx-Pac

Lockdown Lineup (all matches competed inside the Steel Cage):

-TNA World Title: AJ Styles (c) vs. D’Angelo Dinero

-Lethal Lockdown: Team Flair (Sting, TBA, TBA, & TBA) vs. Team Hogan (Abyss, TBA, TBA, & TBA)