TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida
December 15, 2011
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Off the heels of Sunday’s “Final Resolution” PPV Impact Wrestling opens up with a quick recap of Genesis focusing on Hardy’s win over Jarrett in the Cage and the draw between AJ & Roode. AJ calls Roode a coward while Roode says that he outsmarted the “stupid redneck.” Sting says the crowd wanted 5 more minutes so this week we’re going to start off the show “with a bang.” Roode says he’s said it before, he spits in the face of authority and you can ask Dixie Carter about that one.

Mike Tenay says that Sting has ruled that we will open Impact up with a special “overtime match” stemming from the Iron Man Match Sunday night. If you didn’t catch it (you could always check out my recap here on WrestleView) AJ and Roode tied up at 3-3 in the 30-Minute Iron Man Match when AJ started to get some big momentum despite a knee injury, but Roode spent the final minute or so literally running from AJ (who couldn’t give chase very well because of the injury) resulting in the draw.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
5-Minute Overtime Match
Bobby Roode (c) vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Taz pretty nicely compares Roode “running the clock out” to that which teams in football and other sports do rather than the cowardly way that AJ has described it. Tenay reminds us that this is a “sudden death” type of overtime, first fall wins. Roode decides to return to his ploy at the end of Genesis by taking off as the bell rings but AJ gives chase and blasts Roode with a big right hand. AJ then hits a slingshot cross body from the apron! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! AJ follows up with big right hands that send Roode into the corner. AJ then whips Roode into the opposite corner hard and then whips him again back into the other corner. AJ then hits a big backdrop for a nearfall. AJ hits a side headlock takeover on Roode but then Roode counters with a head scissors. AJ gets back to his feet and hits another side headlock takeover and gets another nearfall. Roode again counters with a head scissors and again AJ gets back to his feet and hits a side headlock takeover. AJ gets another nearfall and Roode again counters with the head scissors. AJ escapes the hold and goes for another side headlock takeover but this time Roode lifts AJ up into the air. AJ reverses with a rollup going over Roode’s back! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Roode begs off AJ and wants a timeout but AJ is having none of it. Roode is able to catch AJ though and take him down with a single leg takedown. AJ kicks Roode off and then lights Roode up with nasty chops in the corner. AJ stays on the attack putting the boots to Roode but as the referee pulls him away Roode kicks AJ in that injured knee and then drags his knee out to the floor and is about to slam it into the ring post. AJ is able to kick Roode away and into the guardrail. AJ then goes for a Slingshot Plancha but Roode moves and AJ is able to catch himself on the apron. Roode sees this and sweeps the leg of AJ causing him to crash and burn on the apron. AJ rolls back into the ring as Roode tried to get the countout win and then Roode grabs AJ’s leg and slams it into the mat repeatedly. Roode then puts the boots to the knee but AJ is able to come back with the Nipup Hurricanrana sending Roode into the corner! AJ goes for a splash but Roode sidesteps him! Roode then goes for a splash of his own but AJ catches him with a back elbow. AJ sets up for the Phenomenon in the corner but Roode sees him going for it and grabs AJ’s leg. AJ kicks Roode with the free leg and then flips out of the corner into the Phenomenon! Under a minute AJ pins Roode, 1…2…NO Roode is able to get his foot on the bottom rope! AJ losses his sh*t and gets to his feet and dares Roode to get up. AJ goes to grab Roode and Roode pokes him in the eyes! Roode looks at the clock on the screen and rolls out of the ring. AJ gives chase and Roode rolls back into the ring. Roode decides to climb BACK out of the ring on the other side but Roode didn’t see AJ quickly sliding into the ring and then back out and he nails Roode with a CRAZY Pele from the outside sending Roode back in! AJ goes for the Springboard 450 but he overshoots Roode and lands on his knee! The clock runs out! ANOTHER draw! The fans chant for 5 MORE minutes but Roode wants no part of AJ.

Winner: DRAW

Sting’s music hits and walks out onto the stage! Sting says they can do this all night long! Another 5 minutes! We WILL have a winner this time!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
5-Minute Overtime Rematch
Bobby Roode (c) vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Roode immediately chop blocks that knee of AJ as he was turned looking at Sting on the stage! Roode then grabs the knee and puts on the sickest damn Half Crap I’ve ever seen in my life bending AJ slam in half! AJ fights it for a long while but finally can’t stand the pain and taps out!

Winner & STILL World Champ: Roode via submission (Half Crab)

Tenay and Taz mention that AJ had to tap out or force further permanent damage to the leg so he has nothing to be ashamed of. Roode kisses his belt as he looks down at AJ rolling around in pain.

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

In the back Roode says it doesn’t matter how long it takes, it matters if you get the job done and he says he did once again. AJ says that he had Bobby Roode’s number and he knew it that’s why he ran and then clipped him from behind. AJ says he was THAT close to beating him but Roode says he gives AJ credit but he couldn’t get the job done. Roode says again that he spits in the face of authority so it doesn’t matter how many times Sting throws his authority around. Roode says if Jeff Hardy wants his shot then good because he’s ready.

Over the next four weeks a wild tournament called the “Wild Card Tournament” will be held where tag teams that have been randomly drawn together (which means it could be enemies teaming with each other) and the winning team will get a shot at the Tag Team Titles at Genesis.

In the back Steiner approaches Abyss and says he’s under orders from Bischoff tonight to make this team with Abyss work tonight. Abyss says nothing and just stares at Steiner.

Wild Card Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
“Super Mex” Hernandez & Robbie T. w/Rosita & Sarita vs. “The Monster” Abyss & “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Mex tells Robbie that he’ll handle this and start the match off. Steiner kicks Mex and tosses him into the corner and then lights him up with chops and a big right hand. Steiner whips Mex into the opposite corner and then nails him with a big running clotheslines. Steiner goes to pick Mex up but he kicks Steiner and then uses the ropes to flip himself up onto the top rope. Steiner cuts Mex off and then Belly-to-Belly Superplexes Hernandez off the top! Robbie comes in but eats a Belly-to-Belly Suplex as well! Steiner hits a Steinerline on Hernandez and then the Steiner Elbow! 1…NO Steiner stops and mocks Mex with the pushups. Steiner tries to tag in Abyss but he refuses. The time he wasted allows Robbie T. to catch Hernandez with a big clothesline and then Hernandez chokes Steiner with his wifebeater. Hernandez tosses Steiner into the corner and slams into him with shoulder blocks in the corner. Hernandez tags in Robbie and then whips him into a Corner Splash on Steiner! Mex then follows up with his own Splash on Steiner! Hernandez whips Steiner into a slam from Robbie and then Robbie actually Front Suplexes Hernandez into a Splash on Steiner! 1…2…NO Steiner kicks out! Hernandez tags back in and then the they whip Steiner into the ropes and hit him with a big double shoulder block! Abyss was able to blind tag himself in as they whipped Steiner into the ropes and then double clotheslines Hernandez & Robbie! He then hits a Corner Splash on Hernandez and one for Robbie! Abyss Chokeslams Hernandez! Robbie hits Abyss from behind and then hits the ropes but eats the Black Hole Slam from Abyss! Abyss then points at Steiner and tags him into the match so he can get the pin. Steiner covers Robbie, 1…2…3!

Winners: Abyss & Steiner via pinfall (Black Hole Slam)

Abyss grabs Steiner after the match and raises his arm! Steiner looks extremely confused at this.

In the back Kurt Angle says he’s had enough of Sting and it’s time for him to do something about it.

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

Back from the break Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring looking pretty pissed following his loss to James Storm at Final Resolution. Angle tells Sting to get his ass out to the ring because he has a few things to get off his chest. Sting doesn’t make the Olympian wait very long either. Angle says for the first time in Sting’s life he’s going to shut up and listen right now. He says that first Sting books him in a World Title Match against Storm with less than 90 minutes to prepare and then Storm hits him in the chin with a “loaded boot” and screws him out of the title. Angle says he finally gets his rematch with Storm and what happens? Same “loaded boot” and same result. Angle says he’s “Kurt freaking Angle” and he’s the master of ever submission move known to man. Angle says he could take Sting down right now and make him cry for his mommy, but he won’t do that because all he wants from him is another rematch with Storm.

Sting laughs and asks if Kurt is kidding. Sting says Angle needs to “cowboy up” and realize that Storm beat him fair and square and now Storm needs to move onward and upward and get his rematch with Roode. Angle says it seems like Sting has it out for he and Bobby Roode. Angle says that Sting likes how Angle “plays the cowboy” so maybe it’s time for Kurt to be a cowboy. Kurt says that maybe it’s time for him to go to James Storm’s hometown and start beating the crap out of everyone there, and just maybe Storm will accept his rematch and he will prove to everyone that he is a way bigger bad ass than he ever will. Angle walks out as Sting says “wow.”

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

To crown a NEW #1 Contender to the X-Division Title TNA will be holding a special Best of 3 Series over the next few weeks between two very young X-Division stars.

Best of 3 Series Match #1
Tony Neese vs. Zema Ion

The winner of this series will earn a shot at Austin Aries and the X-Division Championship in January at Genesis. Zema and Tony lockup and Neese gets Zema in a Waistlock and then takes him down with a Gutwrench Suplex. Zema fights back to his feet and breaks the hold with back elbows. Zema then hits the ropes but Neese catches him with a quick armdrag. Tony then follows up with another armdrag and then as he goes for a third one Zema is able to avoid it. Zema then goes for a Leg Drop but Tony rolls out of the way. Tony hits the ropes and connects with a Shining Wizard! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Tony picks Zema up and twists his arm with a wristlock but Zema counters with a knee to the gut. Zema hits the ropes and Tony leapfrogs Zema and then as Zema bounces back off the ropes Tony catches him with a nice back heel kick. Tony follows up with a clothesline and then he goes for a second one but Zema ducks it and kicks him in the gut. Zema hits Tony with an elbow and then hits the ropes but Tony shows off his speed by quickly sliding under the ropes before Zema had even bounced off of them. Tony trips Zema and then hits a Springboard Moonsault from the apron and into the ring off the middle rope! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Tony hits a Running Hip Attack in the corner on Zema followed by a DISGUSTING Running Knee Strike to the face that sends Zema flying through the ropes to the floor! Tony then shows off his hops as he hits a gorgeous looking Somersault Plancha over the top onto Zema on the floor! Tony tosses Zema back into the ring and then hits a Springboard Flying Clothesline! 1…2…NO Zema kicks out! Zema retreats to the corner and Tony charges at him but Zema is able to get his foot up. Zema then climbs to the top and grabs Tony for a Tornado DDT but Tony blocks it. Tony then hits a Leaping Enziguri to the head of Zema! Tony springs to the top rope (where he literally went from standing flat footed to the top rope in a flash) but Zema shoves him off to the mat! Tony comes right back with a Rolling European Uppercut! Tony springs back to the top and goes for a Superrana but Zema holds onto the ropes and then hits a big Missile Dropkick! Zema follows up with an Atomic Drop and then he falls down to his back while holding Neese’s arms. Zema then uses his feet to kick Tony up into the air and down onto a kick to the face! 1…2…NO Zema pulls Tony’s head up and screams that he has one more for him. Zema then picks Tony up and hits the Hostile Makeover (Back Suplex lifted into a Facebreaker)! 1….2…NO Tony kicks out again! Zema says this is the “grand finale” and then climbs up to the top rope. Zema hits the 450-Splash! 1…2…3!

Winner: Zema via pinfall (450 Splash)

Taz says that if he was Tony Neese he would be pretty pissed off when he watches the tape back. Zema looks into the camera and says, “it’s my time! I’m sick of waiting”

Jeff Jarrett and Karen arrive to the arena and continue to b*tch about the added stipulation Sting put on the match with Hardy. Karen says that she is going to volunteer to Sting to be fired but someone walks up to them and says Sting wants to see them in about an hour. Jeff says he’s going to quit before Karen can.

Zema says he has the “prettiest wrestling gear, prettiest moves, and tonight you saw the prettiest match by the prettiest wrestler in this company.” Zema says he’s sick of sitting at home and waiting for opportunities and from now on “it’s about me, myself, and Ion.”

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

In the back Ric Flair pumps Gunner up and says that tonight he starts to make a name for himself and tonight he is to take Jesse Neal out and make an example out of him.

Gunner w/Ric Flair vs. Jesse Neal

Clips of Gunner Piledriving Little Bischoff on the concrete last week are shown as Gunner comes to the ring. Gunner trips Neal at the bell and starts hitting him with big right hands on the mat. Gunner then spears Neal into the corner and lays into him with kicks and punches. Gunner grabs Neal by the Mohawk and tosses him into another corner. Gunner kicks Jesse in the ribs and then tosses him to the floor. Gunner follows Jesse out and stalks him on the floor, I got a feeling this won’t end well. Earl Hebner tells Gunner not to do it but Gunner tosses Hebner away like a rag doll.

Winner: Neal via DQ

Flair grabs Neal and drops his knee on his balls. Flair then pulls the mat up again and Gunner DDTs him onto the concrete! Tenay mentions Neal’s past neck injuries as Gunner and Flair celebrate putting him out.

Jeff Hardy is shown walking backstage and he’ll speak next.

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

Karen Jarrett approaches Sting in the back and tries sucking up to Sting saying he looks really hot now and Sting mockingly thanks her and then asks her what she wants. Karen says that Sting cannot fire her (which is beyond hilarious after hearing her act like she was going to take the bullet for her husband earlier to his face). Karen says Jeff is great but there are 100 guys that could take his roster but when God created her he broke the mold. She says that Jeff can watch the kids while she helps Sting run the show. Sting says he’s known Jeff since he was a kid but there is no way he’s going to do this without hearing Jeff out too. Karen says “we’re good though right?” and Sting sarcastically says they are so Karen hugs him and walks away. Sting says “gosh, poor Jeff” as she walks away.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the new #1 Contender to the World Title makes his way down to the ring. Clips of the wild Steel Cage Match at Final Resolution are shown as Jeff comes down to the ring. Jeff says his body is still sore from the Cage Match but he’s the #1 Contender! He says on January 8th the creatures will become champions. He says he will do everything in his power to make 2012 the most memorable of his career, but before he can say anything else Bully Ray’s music interrupts him.

Ray makes his way down to the ring and says Jeff is an awfully good mood for somebody who has no clue who they have to fight tonight. Ray mockingly asks Jeff if he got the memo or “tweet” tonight and then makes fun of Hardy and his twitter follows. Ray says tonight Jeff has to fight the biggest, baddest, and most feared guy in TNA…him! Ray says he knows Jeff better than just about anyone else because he’s been kicking his head in for the past 15 years. Ray says he’s not that pissed off at Jeff because he has to thank him. Ray says back at the PPV that Jeff had his “little problem” the very next day Ray took over Immortal or took over Jeff’s spot. Ray says he’s better than Jeff and tonight he’ll prove it. He says he’s not Jeff’s stepping stone, he’s a freight train and Jeff is standing on his tracks. He shoves the microphone into Jeff’s chest and then walks away.

In the back Samoa Joe says he doesn’t know Magnus and he doesn’t care to know him, he’s only hear for one reason. He says Magnus is just an anchor tied to this opportunity for Joe. Joe says he doesn’t politic or kiss ass to get opportunities. He says if Magnus gets in his way it will be the worst thing he could do. Magnus tells Joe to back up out of his face and then says Magnus doesn’t get much of an opportunity himself either. Magnus points at himself and Joe and says he has no problem with “this” and says he doesn’t want to be Joe’s best friend either. He says he doesn’t care about friendship, he just wants a shot at those titles and then walks away.

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

Wild Card Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
Douglas Williams & Robbie E. vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & Magnus

Williams and Magnus are, of course, former Tag Team Champions together as the British Invasion but are now on opposite sides here in this odd tournament. The former partners will kick this match off against each other. Williams and Magnus lock up and Williams puts Magnus in a Waistlock but Magnus reverses into a wristlock. Williams grabs Magnus by the leg and trips him and locks in an ankle lock, but Magnus fights to his feet and counters into a wristlock and then transitions into a side headlock takeover. Williams quickly reverses out into a headscissors. Magnus gets to his feet and Williams catches him with a side headlock takeover and this time Magnus gets Williams in a headscissors. Both men get to their feet and stare each other down. Williams gets Magnus in a wristlock and then slams Magnus’ arm down onto Williams own shoulder and then tags Robbie in. Robbie kicks Magnus in the arm and then attempts to whip him into the ropes but Magnus reverses it. Magnus goes for a backdrop but Robbie stops and kicks Magnus and then taunts him. Robbie this the ropes but Magnus destroys him with a clothesline and then he hits the ropes but his former partner hits him in the back with a knee. Robbie clotheslines Magnus on the back and then Williams tags himself back in. Williams whips Magnus into the corner and hits a Running Knee followed by a Snap Suplex and then tags Robbie back in. Robbie climbs up top and hits the Fist Pump Drop! 1…2…NO Joe breaks it up with a boot to the face. Magnus hits Robbie with a few right hands and then hits the ropes but Robbie catches him with a body shot and then a Russian Leg Sweep for a quick nearfall. Robbie puts Magnus in a Front Facelock but Magnus quickly backdrops him. Robbie rolls over and tags in Williams who runs in and stops Magnus from tagging Joe. Williams goes for the Chaos Theory but Magnus blocks it and catches him with a clothesline. Joe tags in and nails Williams with a clothesline and then a forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Running Mafia Kick followed by the Backsplash Senton! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Joe picks Williams up but Williams catches Joe with a Forearm Smash and then hits the ropes only to eat a Snap Powerslam from Joe! 1…2…NO Robbie comes in to break it up with an Elbow Drop but Joe moves out of the way and Robbie hits it on his partner! Joe then kicks Robbie and whips him into the corner. Joe charges at Robbie but Robbie catches him with a back elbow and then climbs up top. He dives off the top but Joe simply walks away and Robbie eats the canvas. Joe hits Robbie with a Running Back Elbow and then an Enziguri! Joe Snapmare Takeovers Robbie out of the corner and as soon as Robbie hit the mat Magnus dove off the top rope with a Flying Elbow Drop! Williams climbs up top but Magnus crotches him and then Joe grabs Williams and hits the Muscle Buster! 1…2…3!

Winners: Joe & Magnus via pinfall (Muscle Buster)

In the back Jeff Jarrett approaches Sting and says Sting looks great tonight. Jeff says he knows Karen is anxious and for her to be publicly fired is going to be a hard thing for her. Jeff asks Sting to let her down gently and says that really women have no place in this business. Jeff says that Karen wants to be home with the kids and Sting sarcastically says “SHE DOES?!” Sting asks Jeff if he’s sure that she wants to be home with the kids and asks if she’s looking for someone to watch the kids.

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

In the back EY says Sting told him he’s in the Tag Tournament and as he’s rambling out about really nothing ODB walks up behind him and slaps him on the ass. ODB says it looks like somebody’s been doing some squats and then says he guesses that Sting sent her to tell him who his partner will be, but ODB says it’s her. ODB slaps him and says she’s his partner. She points at her boobs and says “BAM” and says he’s probably never seen a pair like those. EY wants to lock up with ODB so she does and says that she likes it rough and tosses EY into the wall. She says that she’ll see EY out there.

Devon makes his way down to the ring. Clips of the Tag Title Match this Sunday is shown as Devon comes to the ring. Devon calls Pope out and Pope makes his way down alongside Devon’s kids. Devon says he doesn’t know why his boys are with Pope but they are HIS boys and he raised them since day one and like any parent he will take a bullet to make sure their safety is number one. He says he was there when they were born and when they were sick and he was there to put clothes on their back and put food on their table. Devon says he’s the one that’s training them now and he will train them the way he wants to train them and Pope has nothing to do with it. Devon says he doesn’t mean any disrespect to Pope but this thing with his kids and Pope is over. Devon tells them to leave with him but Pope stops him.

Pope tells Devon not to go anywhere yet and he says that he listened to Devon so now he needs to listen to him. Pope says these boys want a cool dad and someone that is able to be with the times and not afraid to move forward. Pope says the difference between he and Devon is that he wants to chauffer them while Pope gives them a limo and lets them be chauffeured. Pope says Devon wants to show them old tapes of him and Bubba in a Bingo Hall but asks what the hell they’re supposed to learn from that. Pope says Devon can lose all the weight he wants but he will never be as fly or as pimping as the Pope. Devon again tries to leave but Pope tells him not to walk away from him like his wife did! Pope says that those boys should have been his seed, but tells them not to worry about that because he and their mom are working on that!

Devon punches Pope in the face and beats him down in the corner. His sons pull Devon off of Pope and then he hugs his kids but Pope comes up behind him and kicks him in the nuts! Devon’s kids laugh and then Pope starts beating down Devon as Devon’s kids put on Pope shades. They pick Devon up and then Pope puts baby powder on his hand and pimp slaps Devon. Pope screams “they’re mine now” and punches Devon. Pope is pimping.

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

Karen & Jeff Jarrett talk backstage and Karen tells Jeff that she told Sting that Jeff was irreplaceable and that she is replaceable and she belongs at home with the kids. Jeff claims he told Sting that Karen is a star and that women are put on a pedestal now. Some dude approaches them and says Sting wants to see them both now.

Madison Rayne vs. Traci Brooks

Traci spears Madison on the ramp and starts beating on her even before the match starts! Traci then slams Madison into the ring apron and then whips her into it. Traci tosses Madison into the ring and then comes in and tosses Madison across the ring by the hair. Traci charges Madison in the corner but Madison gets her foot up. Traci actually catches Madison’s foot and then hits her with a clothesline. Traci chokes Madison in the corner and then grabs her by the foot but Madison holds onto the ropes and then grabs Traci by the tights and tosses her throat first into the ropes. Madison then chokes Traci on the ropes while screaming at her. Madison stands on Traci’s neck while choking her on the ropes and then hits a Neckbreaker on the middle rope that sends Traci out to the floor. Traci crawls back into the ring and Madison slams her to the mat for a nearfall. Madison slams Traci into the middle turnbuckle and then chokes her with her boot. Madison charges at Traci with a Running Hip Attack but Traci moves and then hits a Jawbreaker followed by Running Knees on Madison in the ropes. Traci follows up with a clothesline and then picks Madison up but Madison catches her with a knee followed by the Rayne Drop. 1…2…NO Traci kicks out! Madison kicks Traci in the head and then covers her again and this time Traci doesn’t kick out.

Winner: Madison via pinfall (kick to the head)

——————————COMMERCIAL BREAK————————————

In the back Sting tells Karen & Jeff that he knows they are filled with anticipation right now and Sting says that he’s sure that neither one has seen a single segment tonight. Sting says that earlier he thought both were saying the complete opposite of what they’re saying now. Sting snitches on Jeff about what he said and Karen is not happy. Sting then snitches on the “there’s 100 Jeff Jarrett’s” line and Karen calls him a liar. Jeff says Sting is just trying to stir the pot. Sting then actually shows footage on a big screen of what they were saying about each other. Karen tries to turn it off and Jeff freaks out when he hears the “100 Jeff Jarrett’s line.” Sting shows Jeff Jarrett now and Karen flips out when he says the thing about women in the business. Sting laughs while they continue to argue but then gets between them and tells them to shutup. Sting says he’s going to solve this whole thing right now and says that you can’t have Karen without Jeff and if they can’t have both of them then they’ll have none of them because THEY’RE BOTH FIRED! Sting laughs and screams that they’re fired! Both of them freak out as Sting leaves. Taz and Tenay laugh about what just happened.

Bobby Roode’s music hits and he comes to the announce table for the Main Event.

Main Event
“Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

After the introductions Ray attacks Hardy and beats him down in the corner. Ray headbutts Hardy in the ribs repeatedly and then slams his forearm into Hardy’s ribs. Ray hangs Hardy upside down in the corner and then continues the assault on Hardy’s ribs which are “injured” from the Cage Match. Ray hits a Vertical Suplex on Hardy and then locks him in a Bearhug. Hardy breaks the hold with elbows to the head and then hits the ropes but Ray lifts Hardy WAY up into the air with a backdrop for a nearfall. Ray covers Hardy again and gets another nearfall and then goes for yet another pin and again gets a nearfall. Ray picks Hardy up and hits a Scoop Slam in the corner. Ray climbs up top and goes for a big Splash but Hardy rolls out of the way! Hardy blocks a right hand from Ray and then connects with a big right hand. Hardy attempts to whip Ray into the ropes but Ray reverses it only to eat a Flying Forearm from Hardy! Hardy hits a clothesline and then a Flying Clothesline for a nearfall of his own! Hardy attempts to whip Ray into the corner but Ray reverses it and then charges at Hardy but Hardy springs himself into a Spinning Headscissors Takeover on Ray! Hardy then goes for a clothesline but Ray counters into an attempt at the Bully Bomb! Hardy blocks it and reverses it into a Twist of Fate! 1…2…NO Ray kicks out! Hardy hits the ropes but Ray catches him with a Sidewalk Slam! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out! Ray follows up with a Splash attempt but Hardy rolls out of the way and hits a second Twist of Fate! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Twist of Fate)

After the match Hardy’s celebration ends abruptly when Bully Ray attacks him from behind. Hardy fights him off but Bobby Roode runs down and jumps Hardy! Bully Ray sets up a table in the ring and Bully Bomb’s Hardy through it! Sting runs down to the ring and gets in Roode’s face so Roode hits him with the World Title belt!


Overall another fun show from TNA tonight.

We opened with a match for the first time in forever and though it was short I think AJ and Roode could probably entertain me in a 2 minute match. This should have been done at the PPV and I understand wanting to get ratings by saying you’re going to have the overtime on Impact but that really sucks for those of us that order the PPV. I hate to see this feud end too because it has been great from the jump. I really hope that Hardy ends up losing the match at Genesis and we go back into AJ-Roode down the line, but I fear Hardy might take the belt (which is WAY too soon) and then we go into Roode-Storm.

I commend TNA for trying something different with this tournament especially since the Tag Division has been really dead but I don’t know that this is the route to go. A tournament that reestablishes a team like the British Invasion probably would have worked better. With that said I can see them attempting to find a fresh team here and the team of Samoa Joe & Magnus were obviously the only team that looked really strong. They finishing sequence to their match was EXCELLENT and that team could surprisingly end up really good. AJ & Kazarian is the only team that seems in the least bit interesting going forward as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again, save us Motor City Machine Guns! Sabin’s knee should be just about ready to come back too. Joe won a match!

The Angle/Sting promo was short but extremely effective. Angle seems to be reenergized from his little break he took and the feud with Storm which has been excellent as well.

Zema Ion and Neese had a really good match and Neese looked extremely impressive. That guy has great strength along with being very athletic. He just needs to show some more character which is something that Zema Ion HAS done. That pretty boy gimmick definitely works better as a heel.

Madison did her best with Traci but Traci has NEVER been good in the ring.

Pope is really being wasted with this awful storyline with Devon. It sucks now, it sucked 3 months ago, and it will suck 3 months from now. Just end this thing and give him something meaningful to do!

Bully Ray and Hardy put together a nice promo, primarily because Ray is an excellent talker. The match was solid but too short.

I like this thing with Gunner finally starting to get some heat back by taking out guys, and if you haven’t heard that was a way to write Jesse Neal off since he’s leaving TNA.

1) TNA World Title Overtime Match: Bobby Roode (c) fought AJ Styles to a DRAW (Roode retains)
2) TNA World Title 2nd Overtime: Bobby Roode (c) def. AJ Styles to retain the title!
3) Wild Card Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: Abyss & Scott Steiner def. Hernandez & Robbie T.
4) Best of 3 Series Match #1: Zema Ion def. Tony Neese
5) Jesse Neal def. Gunner via DQ
6) Wild Card Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: Samoa Joe & Magnus def. Douglas Williams & Robbie E.
7) Madison Rayne def. Traci Brooks
8) Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray

Wild Card Tag Team Tournament
– Quarterfinals: Abyss & Scott Steiner def. Hernandez & Robbie T. (12/15)
– Quarterfinals: Samoa Joe & Magnus def. Robbie E. & Douglas Williams (12/15)
– Quarterfinals: AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. Christopher Daniels & RVD (12/22)
– Quarterfinals: Eric Young & ODB vs. Shannon Moore & Anarquia (12/22)
– Semifinals: TBA (12/29)
– Semifinals: TBA (12/29)
– Finals: TBA (01/05)

Promo/Segment of the Night: Angle/Sting
Match of the Night: Zema Ion vs. Tony Neese (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B –

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Best of 3 Series Match #2: Zema Ion vs. Tony Neese
– Wild Card Quarterfinals: AJ Styles & Kazarian vs. Christopher Daniels & RVD
– Wild Card Quarterfinals: ODB & Eric Young vs. Shannon Moore & Anarquia

Final Resolution Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
– TNA X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs. Ion/Neese winner
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Crimson & Matt Morgan (c) vs. Wild Card Winner