TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida
January 5, 2012
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The first Impact Wrestling of 2012 opens up with a recap of the Bobby Roode drama of late.

The first person to walk through the tunnel in 2012 will be Sting as he makes his way down to the ring. Sting asks Jeff Hardy to come down to the ring and the #1 contender doesn’t make him wait very long. Sting says he wants to tell Hardy that he has been very impressed with Hardy lately and he has watched Sting build the “bridge of trust” back one brick at a time with everyone. Sting says it isn’t that long ago that he was dealing with his own demons (Sting battled an addiction to pills back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s) and he made a lot of bad choices that almost literally took his life and this business away from him. He said he was given a second chance and that’s what he wants to talk about with him right now. Sting says he took his second chance and ran with it and he sees life coming out of Jeff Hardy now after he was lifeless for awhile. Sting says his fans look up to him and adore him and there are wrestlers in the back that look up to him. Sting says he respects Jeff and he gives him his full 100% endorsement, but before anything else can be said Bobby Roode makes his way down to the ring.

The World Heavyweight Champion has Bully Ray and Kurt Angle by his side as he comes down to the ring. Roode says he doesn’t know about Ray and Angle but he just about threw up having to listen to that. Roode asks Sting is he’s kidding and then says that Sting claims he calls everything right now the middle and does things fairly yet he walks out and endorses the embarrassment that is Jeff Hardy. Roode asks why not endorse him since he is the face of TNA right now. Roode says if he doesn’t endorse Roode then why not Kurt Angle and a few weeks ago Sting told Angle to “cowboy up” so Angle went to Tennessee “where that stupid redneck James Storm is from” and kicks the head off of a bunch of rednecks, and when he comes back to work what does Sting do? He puts him in a match with RVD to punish him. Roode asks Ray how many World Title shots he’s had and when Ray says “none” Roode asks Sting why that is and claims it’s because Sting picks his favorites. Roode asks Hardy if he’s just happy now that he finally has a friend in TNA. He then asks Jeff what he’s going to do as he gets in his face, and James Storm’s music hits!

“The Cowboy” makes his way down to the ring alongside Abyss! James tells Roode to shut the hell up because he’s sure the people are sick and tired of him running his mouth. Storm asks Angle if his jaw is wired after he kicked it off last week and he says he is the ONLY “Cowboy” James Storm. Storm says Angle wants to go to his hometown and beat up his buddies but a few weeks ago he looked across the ring at Angle and saw a man that wasn’t intimated by anything, but now he sees a man a little scared because he knows now that it only takes ONE kick to knock his lights out. Storm says since Angle likes to beat up his buddies he brought another one along with him tonight (Abyss) and he likes to drink a little beer too. Storm hands Abyss a beer and he chugs it. Storm says Angle looks like he’s about to pee himself and then Kurt starts to say something but Abyss snatches the microphone from him and tells him to shutup.

Abyss says for months Bully Ray & Immortal disrespected and took advantage of him, but now they realize they NEED him. He says he doesn’t need IMMORTAL anymore and all he needs is Ray in the ring with him at Genesis. Abyss says he’s going to make Ray suffer in Monsters Ball for all of the sins of Immortal.

Sting cuts Ray off before he can say anything and tells him to shut his mouth. Sting says it feels like we got ourselves a Main Event for tonight, 6-Man Tag! Abyss, Storm, & Hardy vs. Ray, Angle, & Roode! The 6 men stare each other down as Sting leaves them in the ring.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Earlier today Madison Rayne and Gail Kim are hanging out at the pool (Gail holding a handheld camera) when they see Traci Brooks. Madison starts messing with Traci so Traci jumps her in the pool. Gail jumps in and damn near drowns her ass. Madison screams at Traci not to touch her. Finally Mickie shows up and chases Madison & Gail away.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Gail Kim & Madison Rayne (c) vs. Mickie James & Traci Brooks

Traci knocks Gail off the apron as she starts to make her entrance and then Mickie Spears Madison! Traci brawls with Gail on the floor while Mickie & Madison brawl in the ring. Traci whips Gail HARD into the ring steps and Mickie hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker on Madison! Traci rolls Gail into the ring and then she and Mickie take turns hitting Gail with strikes. Mickie hits a Spinning Back Kick and then a Leaping Front Kick followed by a clothesline from Traci! Madison stumbles back in and Mickie & Traci toss Madison into Gail sending them both crashing through the ropes and to the floor!

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Back from the break Mickie is putting the boots to Madison in the corner and then hits a Monkey Flip! Mickie picks Madison up but Madison rebounds with a knee to the gut followed by a series of Forearm Smashes. Madison whips Mickie into the ropes but Mickie slides through her legs and then hits a Snapmare Takeover. Mickie hits the ropes but Gail kicks her in the back allowing Madison to come back and hit her from behind. Traci jumps Gail on the floor as Madison locks in a Side Headlock on Mickie in the ring. Mickie tries to fight out of the hold with back elbows but Madison hits her with a series of Knee Strikes. Madison then goes for a Running Mafia Kick but Mickie sidesteps it and then grabs Madison’s leg and makes her do a big split in the middle of the ring! Mickie then hits a Sliding Dropkick to Madison for a nearfall before Gail breaks it up! Traci comes in and Spears Gail! Mickie rolls Gail up and bridges into the pin, 1…2…NO Madison kicks out and then gets to her feet and connects with a clothesline for a nearfall of her own! Madison locks in a chinlock and then as Mickie tries to fight to her feet Madison slams her to the mat. Madison reaches down to pick Mickie up but Mickie surprises her with a rollup! 1…2….NO Madison kicks out! Madison gets back up and kicks Mickie and then starts taunting the fans. Madison chokes Mickie in the corner and then hits a Flying Hip Attack followed by a Bulldog. Madison goes for a 2nd Bulldog but Mickie tosses her aside. Gail tags Madison and then kicks Mickie before she can tag out. Gail goes for a Scoop Slam but Mickie blocks it and tags in Traci! Traci spears Gail in the corner and nails her with repeated Shoulder Blocks followed by a throw and then a series of Forearm Smashes. She hits a back elbow and then a Jawbreaker! Gail falls face first onto the middle rope and Traci hits a Running Knee to the back of Gail! Traci then goes for a clothesline but Gail counters into a Neckbreaker attempt! Traci blocks it and clotheslines Gail! 1…2…NO Madison breaks it up! Mickie dives off the top with a Diving Thesz Press on Madison! Mickie sells the landing like she injured her leg. As Mickie rolls to the floor selling the leg Traci reaches down to pick Gail up and eats a kick to the head from out of nowhere. Gail then hits the Eat Defeat! 1…2…3! Madison held Mickie back from getting into the ring to break it up as Gail made the pin!

Winners & STILL KO Tag Champs: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne via pinfall (Eat Defeat)

In the back Ric Flair pumps Gunner up saying he’s an “impact player” right now because he’s hurting people. He says nobody will want to wrestle him a month from now. He says tonight he’ll put someone else in the hospital when Sting walks up. Sting says tonight Gunner will face RVD and Flair won’t be allowed at ringside. Flair says Sting is pushing his buttons and Sting says he’s glad about that so tonight he can watch the match with Sting in his office, but he won’t be at ringside. When Sting walks away Flair tells Gunner to “kill” RVD tonight.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

In the back EY is searching for ODB because the halfwit thinks they’re still in the Tag Tournament. The camera dude reminds him that they lost but EY says it’s double elimination so they’re still in it. EY says he and ODB are two “kids in love” and they’re going to be come tag team champions, and then he takes off running for some reason.

In the back Magnus talks to Samoa Joe about the Finals tonight. Magnus says they don’t care who they go through and he knows Joe’s ready. As Magnus starts to walk away Joe turns him around and says “let’s do this” and shakes Magnus’ hand.

A video package highlights the Wild Card Tournament.

Kaz says he and AJ have the advantage over the other teams because they actually like each other. AJ says Joe & Magnus are big and strong but he and Kaz are quick and fast and they’ll use that to their advantage. He says they have trust and that’s how they’ll win.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

In the back Garret Bischoff is putting on a referee’s shirt when Sting walks up and he says the doctor has cleared him to return to work. He says he’s not going to let anyone push him around but Sting asks him what he’s doing with that shirt. He says he’s going to referee the next match but Sting tells him he’s not and tells him to take the shirt off. Sting throws the shirt away and says he isn’t a referee, he’s a wrestler and then hands him some wrestling boots. He says “welcome to the roster” and walks away.

EY walks into Gail Kim & Madison’s locker room looking for ODB and they scream at him. EY tries to lock up with them and eventually shoves Madison into a locker.

Gunner vs. “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

They lockup and Gunner forces RVD into the corner but RVD catches him in a side headlock. Gunner shoves RVD into the ropes and then connects with a shoulder block that sends RVD through the ropes to the floor. RVD slides back in but Gunner kicks him and then hits a clothesline. Gunner tries to slam RVD into the corner but RVD blocks it with his foot and then kicks Gunner. RVD hits a Springboard Back Kick and then a Springboard Moonsault onto Gunner! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Gunner gets to his feet and tries to clothesline RVD but RVD ducks and then the two exchange right hands. Gunner kicks RVD and then whips him into the ropes but RVD flips over Gunner as he went for a backdrop. RVD then rolls out to the floor as Gunner chased after him. RVD attempting to frustrate Gunner by using his speed.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Back from the break Gunner whips RVD into the ropes and connects with a stiff back elbow for a nearfall. Gunner puts the boots to RVD and then hits RVD with a series of Crossface strikes. Gunner slams RVD into the corner and then hits him with a back elbow. Gunner whips RVD into the opposite corner and then charges but RVD gets his boot up! RVD springs to the top and hits a Flying Thrust Kick! 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! Gunner gets back to his feet and clotheslines RVD for another nearfall. Gunner chokes RVD on the middle rope and then gets another nearfall. Gunner lifts RVD up onto his shoulder but RVD fights off and then hits a Stepover Heel Kick! RVD hits a Superman Punch and then comes off the ropes with a clothesline followed by a Spinning Heel Kick! RVD then hits a series of shoulder blocks in the corner followed by another spinning heel kick and then a clothesline! RVD hits a Standing Moonsault, 1…2…NO Gunner kicks out! RVD hits yet another Spinning Heel Kick and then follows up with Rolling Thunder! Gunner rolls out to the floor to get away from a pin so RVD follows him out with a Baseball Slide Dropkick through the ropes! RVD then sets up for an Asai Moonsault to the outside but Gunner grabs his leg and snatches him off the apron slamming him into the apron. Gunner pulls up the mat at ringside as the referee screams at him to stop. The referee DQs him as he doesn’t stop.

Winner: RVD via DQ

Gunner sets up for a Piledriver on the concrete but RVD blocks it and backdrops Gunner onto the concrete! RVD drapes Gunner over the guardrail and then attempts the Corkscrew Leg Drop off the apron but Gunner moves and RVD slams hard into the guardrail! Gunner goes to Piledrive RVD onto the concrete but TNA Agents Al Snow, Simon Diamond, & D-Lo Brown run out and stop Gunner from doing it.

In the back James Storm, Abyss, and Jeff Hardy cut a promo. Storm says they aren’t intimated by anyone or anything and that sets them apart from the rest of the roster. Hardy says it doesn’t get much better than the comments Sting said about him tonight and it will be a warmup for Genesis for him tonight. Abyss says he doesn’t need Immortal, he just needs Bully Ray and it starts tonight.

We cut to Roode, Angle, and Ray. Roode says it’s cute that Hardy has his little friends to help him tonight but he won’t have any friends at Genesis. Angle says Storm stole his title from him and at Final Resolution he “stepped into” Storm’s kick but tonight he’ll break Storm’s ankle and he won’t make it to Genesis. Ray says “screw you and you’re Monsters Ball” to Abyss and then says he’s going to “smoke you’re ass” in regards to a house show Friday night where he will face RVD.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Austin Aries & Kid Kash vs. Zema Ion & Jesse Sorensen

These four men will be involved in the Fatal 4-Way for the X-Division Title at Genesis. Zema takes Jesse’s football as they make their entrance and mocks Jesse with it. Kash jumps Jesse at the bell and beats on him early. Kash chops away at Jesse and then hits him with a headbutt. Kash whips Jesse into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Jesse ducks and then hits a High Knee followed by a dropkick. Zema blind tags Jesse and then walks into an Armdrag from Kash followed by a 2nd one! Kash hits Zema with repeated knees and chops and then slams him into the corner and tags in Aries. Aries & Kash whip Zema into the ropes and double sweep his legs. Aries hits Zema with right hands on the mat and then stomps on his head. Aries kicks Zema in the back and then locks in a side headlock. Zema tries to shove Aries into the ropes but Aries holds onto him by his hair. Zema then breaks the hold with an Atomic Drop followed by slamming Aries to the mat by his hair. Zema stomps on Aries’ head and then starts saying something to Jesse. Zema walks into a chop from Aries as he turns around and then Aries tosses Zema out to the floor. Aries hits the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes onto Zema on the floor! Kash then follows that up with a Slingshot Somersault Plancha over the top onto Zema! Kash rolls Zema back into the ring and Aries gets a nearfall. Aries picks Zema up and hits a Spinebuster followed by the Pendulum Elbow Drop for another nearfall. Aries allows Zema to tag out to Jesse and then slingshots Jesse into the ring. Aries then whips Jesse into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Jesse ducks and then hits a Flying Forearm followed by a High Knee. Jesse follows up with a dropkick and then he goes for the Rolling Cutter but Kash breaks it up. Kash tags back in and then beats Jesse down in the corner. Kash follows up with a Release Vertical Suplex for a nearfall. Aries tags back in and the heels whip Jesse into the ropes and go for a double clothesline but Jesse ducks and then grabs Kash and tosses him into Aries! Jesse gets to his feet and Zema blind tags himself in and then actually springs THROUGH the ropes into a NASTY Springboard Tornado DDT onto Aries! Zema mocks Aries and then attempts to whip Aries into the corner but Aries reverses it and then charges at Zema, but Zema floats up and over Aries. Zema then hits a Springboard Corkscrew Cross Body out of the corner! 1…2…NO Kash kicks Zema in the face to break up the pin. Aries & Kash attempt to Double Suplex Zema but he lands on his feet and tags in Jesse! Jesse dives off the top with a Double Cross Body onto the heels! Jesse hits a series of clotheslines and elbows on the heels and then hits a Neckbreaker on Kash followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker on Aries! Jesse kicks Kash out of the ring and then hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Kash on the floor! Jesse rolls back in but eats a knee from Aries! Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Jesse blocks it and then hits a Scoop Slam. Jesse climbs up top for something but Zema tags him before he can dive. Zema then climbs up top and goes for the 450-Splash but Aries rolls out of the way! Jesse blind tags Zema as Aries grabs him! Aries sets up for the Brainbuster on Zema but Jesse grabs him from behind and goes for the Rolling Cutter! He hits it! 1…2…3! Kash tried to break it up but couldn’t get there in time!

Winners: Jesse & Zema via pinfall (Rolling Cutter)

In the back Kaz is sitting in the locker room shaking his head at something when AJ walks in and says it’s “gametime” and Kaz walks off with him. As they walk out of the locker room Daniels emerges from the other room, that’s who Kaz was talking to. Daniels laughs as he looks on.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

In the back EY finally finds ODB and ODB tells him they lost so they’re done. ODB finally kisses EY and walks away as EY is confused. He says, “I knew it, we’re in love.” Yeah that was dumb.

Wild Card Tag Team Tournament Finals
Fortune vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

Joe and AJ kick the match off and lockup in the center of the ring. Joe forces AJ into the corner and then lights him up with jabs and knees to the gut. Joe tosses AJ into the heel corner and then tags in Magnus. Magnus picks AJ up and hits a Backbreaker for an early nearfall and then he tosses AJ back into their corner and tags Joe back in. Joe with a STIFF chop and then he hits a series of knees and then goes old school locking in an Abdominal Stretch. Joe then slams AJ to the mat and mocks Kaz. Joe turns around and walks into the Nipup Hurricanrana from AJ! AJ tags in Kaz and Kaz hits Joe with a dropkick followed by a series of Forearms. Kaz attempts to whip Joe into the ropes but Joe reverses it and then goes for a clothesline. Joe ducks the clothesline and then Kaz runs into a knee from Magnus. Joe then hits a Running Back Elbow on Kaz and tags Magnus back in. Magnus puts the boots to Kaz and then tosses him into the corner. Magnus goes for a Scoop Slam but Kaz blocks it and hits a series of leg kicks and forearms. Kaz tags in AJ and then Fortune whips Magnus into the ropes. AJ drops down and as Magnus leaps over him Kaz catches Magnus with a spinning heel kick! 1…2…NO Magnus kicks out! AJ follows up with a Snapmare Takeover and then a Knee Drop. AJ tosses Magnus in the face corner and tags Kaz back in. Kaz hits a series of forearms and then a standing dropkick for another nearfall. AJ tags right back in and hits another Snapmare Takeover and then he kicks Magnus in the back. AJ tags Kaz right back in and hits a round kick to the ribs of Magnus. Kaz attempts to whip Magnus into the ropes but Magnus reverses it and then goes for a backdrop but Kaz stops and kicks him. Kaz hits the ropes but Magnus follows him and hits a big Lariat! Magnus tags in Joe and the heels whip Kaz into the ropes and then Joe hits him with an Atomic Drop followed by a Running Mafia Kick from Magnus and then the Backsplash Senton from Joe! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! Joe picks Kaz up and hits him with jabs and forearms sending him into the corner. Joe follows up with a Snapmare Takeover and then he slaps Kaz on the back and kicks him in the front. Joe hits the ropes and nails him with a Knee Drop of his own for a nearfall. Magnus tags right back in and then whips Kaz hard into the corner. Magnus picks Kaz up and whips him into the heel corner. Magnus charges but Kaz is able to avoid him by sliding through the ropes to the apron. Kaz then tags in AJ and AJ nails Magnus with a series of clotheslines and back elbows. Magnus retreats to the corner and AJ charges in at him but Magnus backdrops him over the top rope. AJ lands on the apron and then nails Magnus with a right hand. AJ follows up with the Springboard Flying Forearm and then calls for the Styles Clash! Magnus blocks it with a back drop but AJ lands on his feet right into a Waistlock on Magnus! Magnus catches AJ with a back elbow and then goes for a clothesline but AJ ducks and hits the Pele! AJ goes in for the tag to Kaz as Daniels walks down to ringside but as AJ reaches for the tag Kaz backs away and then drops down from the apron! AJ looks surprised as Magnus tags in Joe! Joe catches a stunned AJ with a NASTY Running Back Elbow followed by the Leaping Enziguri! Joe Snapmare Takeover’s AJ into the Flying Elbow Drop from Magnus off the top! Joe covers AJ, 1…2…3!

Winners & NEW Tag Titles #1 Contenders: Joe & Magnus via pinfall (Flying Elbow Drop)

Daniels laughs at ringside and then he and Kaz leave together as Joe & Magnus celebrate their win.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

In the back Crimson & Morgan talk about Joe & Magnus winning the Tournament. Crimson says he’s glad the tournament is over because now they know who they’re beating up at Genesis. Joe & Magnus then walk in and Joe asks him if they saw what just happened and says that’s they’re future. Morgan shoves Joe and they all start shoving each other until TNA Agents come in to separate them. D-Lo tells them to save it for Sunday.

Taz & Tenay run down the card for Genesis with the only new match signed being RVD vs. Gunner in a rematch from tonight.

Main Event
6-Man Tag Team Match
Jeff Hardy, James Storm, & Abyss vs. Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, & Bully Ray

Boxing style intros here. Storm and Ray start the match off. They lockup and Ray forces Storm into the corner and then swings at him but Storm avoids it and connects with a series of Uppercuts. Storm then hits Ray with several elbows and tags in Abyss but Ray wants no part of the Monster. Ray quickly tags in Roode before Abyss can get his hands on him. Roode spits at Hardy and then kicks Abyss and follows up with right hands and kicks to the gut. Roode attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but Abyss reverses it and then charges at Roode but Roode gets his boot up. Roode charges at Abyss now but Abyss catches him with a Big Boot! Abyss hits the ropes but Ray kicks him from the apron and then Roode runs Abyss into the corner. The heels triple team Abyss in the corner and choke him down.

—————————————COMMERCIAL BREAK———————————————

Back from the break Angle is kicking away at Abyss’ legs. Angle hits Abyss with an elbow to the head and then starts kicking that leg repeatedly again. Roode tags back in and they both grab Abyss but Abyss shoves them away. Abyss then goes for a Double Chokeslam but Roode & Angle kick Abyss and then whip him into the ropes. Abyss explodes off the ropes with a Double Clothesline and then tags in Storm! Storm takes down Angle & Roode with right hands and clotheslines and then backdrops Roode! Storm attempts to whip Angle into the ropes but Angle reverses it only to have Storm explode off the ropes with a Flying Forearm! Storm then kicks Roode and walks into a clothesline from Ray! Roode puts the boots to Storm and then Angle hits Storm with an elbow from the outside followed by Ray standing on Storm. Ray tags back in and taunts Storm before slamming him into the corner. Ray then tosses Storm into the opposite corner and lights him up with a chop. Ray then picks Storm up and hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Ray stretches Storm on the mat now and then follows up with an Elbow Drop for a nearfall. Angle tags back in and puts the boots to Storm. Angle hits Storm with a right hand and then whips him into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Storm actually kicks his arm away and then connects with a Russian Leg Sweep! Both men are down now! Angle tags in Roode and Storm tags in Hardy! Hardy knocks Ray and Angle off the apron and then connects with a series of elbows on Roode! Hardy then explodes off the ropes with a Flying Forearm followed by an Atomic Drop and then a Leg Drop to the yambags and then a sliding dropkick! Hardy hits a modified Twist of Fate Stunner! 1…2…NO Ray breaks it up! Abyss comes in and hits Ray with a barrage of right hands and Storm brawls with Angle. Ray grabs Storm and starts beating on him all 6 men are going at it now and the referee can’t get them to stop. He finally throws the match out.


On the outside Angle & Ray brawl with Storm & Abyss while Roode beats on Hardy in the ring! Roode goes for a Slam on Hardy but Hardy catches him with the Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs up top for the Swanton but Ray crotches him on the top rope! Storm pulls Ray off the apron and then comes into the ring and hits the Codebreaker on Roode! Storm calls for the Last Call but Angle sneaks in behind him and low blows him! Angle then Superkicks Storm with his own kick! Abyss slides in and clotheslines both Roode & Angle! Abyss goes for the Shock Treatment on Angle but Ray comes in and hits Abyss in the legs with a big ass chain. The heels take control now and start beating on the babyfaces! Ray tosses Abyss over the top rope to the floor and then he wraps the chain around Abyss’s neck and starts choking him from inside the ring! Angle hits the Angle Slam on Storm while Roode locks in the Crossface on Hardy! Angle locks in the Ankle Lock on Storm while Ray continues to choke Abyss with the chain!


Decent go home show tonight that put a lot of emphasis on a few of the storylines for the PPV and not much on others.

The opening promo was a little long but did a nice job of setting up the Main Event and letting all of the 3 storylines get some airtime there, Storm was the one that truly shined in that one.

Knockouts Tag was solid that would have been really great had there been another solid worker in the match rather than Traci who just isn’t very good.

I like the idea of Flair managing Gunner since Gunner can’t talk to save his life. The match itself was decent but not something I want to see again despite them putting on the PPV as a rematch.

Garret Bischoff is now officially a part of the roster. I’m just filled with so much joy over this…yeah that’s sarcasms you sense.

ODB and EY…I don’t care. It’s just silly yet not funny.

Great X-Division action from the 4 involved in the Fatal 4-Way giving a nice preview for the PPV Match. All four guys looked good but Sorensen kind of sticks out like a sore thumb because the guy has absolutely no charisma or really even character. Zema is far and away better than him.

Nice ending to the Tag Team Tournament and it was great that the only two teams that looked to be worth a damn made it to the finals. Intriguing finish with Kaz surprisingly turning on AJ and presumably joining up with Daniels officially bringing an end to the Fortune era completely. Joe and Magnus have been surprisingly good and really work well together. It was a nice class of styles with the speed of AJ & Kaz against the power of Magnus & Joe. I would much rather Joe & Magnus as Tag Champs than Morgan & Crimson but sadly it’s probably a short term tag team.

Main Event had some good old school tag wrestling and was a nice way of putting 3 different feuds together. The no contest really didn’t matter and no one had to take a pin, and the heels got their heat at the end beating down the babyfaces. Nice visual at the end with Ray choking Abyss and Angle & Roode putting their submissions on Hardy & Storm.

1) TNA KO Tag Titles: Gail Kim & Madison Rayne (c) def. Mickie James & Traci Brooks to retain the titles!
2) RVD def. Gunner via DQ
3) Jesse Sorensen & Zema Ion def. Austin Aries & Kid Kash
4) Wild Card Tag Tourney Finals: Samoa Joe & Magnus def. AJ Styles & Kazarian to win the tournament!
5) 6-Man Tag: Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, & Kurt Angle def. Jeff Hardy, Abyss, & James Storm

Wild Card Tag Team Tournament
– Quarterfinals: Abyss & Scott Steiner def. Hernandez & Robbie T. (12/15)
– Quarterfinals: Samoa Joe & Magnus def. Robbie E. & Douglas Williams (12/15)
– Quarterfinals: AJ Styles & Kazarian def. Christopher Daniels & RVD (12/22)
– Quarterfinals: Eric Young & ODB def. Shannon Moore & Anarquia (12/22)
– Semifinals: AJ Styles & Kazarian def. Scott Steiner & Abyss (12/29)
– Semifinals: Samoa Joe & Magnus def. ODB & Eric Young (12/29)
– Finals: Samoa Joe & Magnus def. AJ Styles & Kazarian (01/05)

Promo/Segment of the Night: Roode/Ray/Sting/Angle/Hardy/Storm/Abyss
Match of the Night: X-Division Tag/Wild Card (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:

Genesis Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
– Kurt Angle vs. James Storm
– The Pope vs. Devon
– TNA X-Division Title Fatal 4-Way: Austin Aries (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Crimson & Matt Morgan (c) vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus
– Monsters Ball: Abyss vs. Bully Ray
– TNA Knockouts Title: Gail Kim (c) vs. Mickie James
– Gunner vs. RVD